I am oh so tired today think it is time for a nap


What a day it has been not because I have been busy or anything but becasue staying awake has been difficult yeah I am tired and yes I did sleep pretty good but I am not feeling the best today. Last night I started to feel achy all over and this morning from the time I woke up I have been aching all over from the top of my head to the tips of my toes ache.  I really do feel like going back to bed and I think after I write and post this I  might do just that go back to bed for a nap.

At least I don’t have to go out today, although Kathy and the girls are coming over for a visit sometime this afternoon and Natasha and Blain are suppose to be coming over as well. If she asks if Blain can stay tonight I think we will be saying no as I am just not feeling well enough.
 I love my grandkids but today I am really not up to dealing with them so I hope she understands.
This year we are not doing anything much for Easter we usually either go over to my parents place for Sunday lunch or I have Sunday lunch here but as I said  am not feeling well so we are doing nothing.

Anyway I am just letting everyone know I am still here, although the fact that I may have visisted you and left a comment on your blog this morning would tell you that, I have managed to read and comment on something like 40 blogs this morning…………..now I am done for the day and thinking about a nap.


Good Friday a special day for me at least


Well today is Good Friday what does that mean to people, for me it is day you don’t eat meat you eat fish instead and in my whole life 50yrs I can only remember eating a bit of meat once on Good Friday and that was way back when I first meet Tim and forgot it was Good Friday and then I felt aweful for eating meat.

Now I know there are many religions out there and not everyone is Christian and that is all good and well I have nothing against other religions as long as they don’t have anything against me and my religion.  I am not a church goer I use to be when I was younger but not so much anymore.  I no longer feel that I have to go to church in order to pray and talk to God.

Now I don’t eat meat on Good Friday and I raised my girls to not have meat on Good Friday and now they are all grown and out on their own I have no control over what they do and don’t eat but I do hope they still don’t eat meat on Good Friday.  Now I know they are not very religious but I hope they don’t eat meat on Good Friday as I feel it is one day during the year how hard is it to go without meat on this one day, and by meat I mean all meat not just read meat and yeah I know there are those who think white meat such as chicken and pork don’t count as meat………….well I you call it meat then it is meat……………..you don’t call fish meat…………..I was raised you don’t eat meat on Good Friday none of this it is only red meat you don’t eat that is bullshit…………….yes I said bullshit…………it is all meat and it is one bloody day of the year.

I don’t know why it is so important to me but it is and I hope my daughters can do it for me, even though I am not a church goer. I am a believer, I do pray and I do trust God to guide my life. I don’t need to go to church to converse with God I do it most nights when I go to bed before I drift off to sleep at night.

Thankfully the shops are pretty much all closed on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday as these are the most important days over the Easter period and even though Sunday is what my youngest refers to as “egg day” it is in fact more than just the day you get Easter eggs and other goodies………

This is my type or is it you tell me………………….


I saw this on another bloggers blog and thought I would go and see what my type was and here is my result. So I wonder if others think this sounds like me, do I think it sounds like me well yes I do………………… https://www.archetypeme.com/



51% Caregiver

A Caregiver is someone who lives to give and needs to be useful.

16% Intellectual

If you’re an Intellectual, you’re always seeking knowledge and wisdom.

13% Fashionista

Innately stylish and drawn to beauty, the Fashionista makes an effort to look her best and isn’t afraid to let the world know she tries.

So does anyone think this sounds like me? I think it does as I know I am a carer I care about my family and many other people I am connected to it is just part of me. I take after my mother in that regard she is a carer.




I’m Nanna not her


On Friday night while Leo was here he wanted an Iron Man toy which he didn’t have any way Tim decided to calm him by promising to take him shopping on Saturday to buy an Iron Man toy, so Saturday morning comes and of course Leo hadn’t forgotten he wanted to know when the shops would be open for papa to take him to get his Iron Man toy.  So anyway we did take him shopping and he did find the Iron Man toy he wanted, after he got his toy and we were coming home we called in at my parents place for me to pick something up and while we were there my sister Sue asked him if he (Leo) would give Daemon a hug from his nanna when he (Leo) went home. 


My niece Kelli and Jono along with Daemon are staying with Jess on and off while they look for another place to rent. Anyway not the point of this post, the point is that why Sue was talking to Leo I didn’t think Leo was taking much notice, however, yesterday afternoon he comes to me and asks if that lady was really Daemon’s nanna. I told him she was and that she was also my sister, he goes “your sister” yes my sister and Daemon’s nanna………..he then tells me she isn’t nanna, I am nanna and there is another nanna and another nanna when I asked him if the other nanna’s were the ladies in the photo on my wall he says yes they are nanna and you are nanna but that other girl isn’t nanna.


I explained again that she is Daemon’s nanna not his nanna I am his nanna but Sue is Daemon’s nanna and again he goes NO she is not nanna YOU are nanna not HER………….he would not have it that she was Daemon’s nanna…………………..s

Mammograms for women & men or just women

Yesterday afternoon I went and had my first mammogram it was about what I expected it to be not painful or not even that uncomfortable but it took a lot quicker than I thought it would.  I am not one who likes to have afternoon appointments if I can avoid it I much prefer to have a morning appointment, this also I get from mum she is the same. I know some people don’t care what time of the day their appointment is and there are even people who would prefer an afternoon appointment but not me. I don’t like going out in the afternoon if I don’t have to.


While I was there I had a thought breast cancer doesn’t just effect woman which I think everyone knows but what type screening test do men have………….none that I can think of…………..maybe men who have men boobs can have a mammogram but most men don’t have (Gynecomastia) so is there some kind of test they can have done.


670odd emails, a car and swimming lessons


Yesterday afternoon I suddenly thought why don’t I try using a different email program so that is what I did I set up Windows Live Mail and guess what it works and I am now getting my emails. Before I could get it set up I had to ring tech support and get a new password for my email account, which I did and now all is good and I am getting my emails again so I am now a happy camper…………..

Not that I ever go camping because I do not like camping I like a bed and not a blow up thing on the ground oh and I have to have a toilet and a decent shower although I would prefer a bath but anyway lets get back to the point. Which is I am getting emails again, I had to sort through over 670 emails most of which I just deleted but I did read I think 7 emails which was blogs sent to me via email. Ok most of the 670 odd emails were blogs but I wasn’t reading all of them…..lol

So what has happened since my last post well………..nothing much………….Kathy did get a new/second hand car it is Michael’s fathers old car they paid $3,500 for it his dad sold it to them for what he would get if he traded it in. Now they have 3 cars and at first they were talking about selling Kathy’s old car but Kathy told me today that Michael has realised it makes more sense to sell his sports car and he can use the new car and Kathy can keep using her old blue Nissin which she owns. They are hoping that they get pretty much enough from the sale of the sports car to pay off the loan for it.

Oh yeah I also went with Kathy to watch Sydney-May’s swimming lesson this morning and afterwards I watched Summer here while Kathy took Sydney to the park for an hour so they could have some time just mummy & Sydney. I loved watching Summer and she was good for me.

Back to Kathy’s car we now have the blue car here for a while since she didn’t want it just sitting at her place as she doesn’t live in the best area and she was worried about having it just sit at the top of her driveway.

No News Just Rambling


Today started out wet and now it is quite warm maybe I could even say it’s hot, hot enough to have the air conditioner on.

I was up early again today at 6am with Little Leo this is the second day in a row I am not one who likes getting up early, that said I am able to do it when I have to do so without getting upset or edge because I had to wake early even if I have had a terrible night’s sleep.

I have just changed seats in the lounge room moved from my lounge chair to Tim’s so I can watch Leo who is out the front playing just so much easier as I can see outside from Tim’s chair. At the moment he is outside talking to Lisa I wonder if he is driving her crazy………as he is full of questions.

At the moment I am watching Murdoch Mysteries while keeping an eye on Leo he just came inside and asked if he could have “cheese ice cream” I had no idea what he was talking about be discovered he meant “cheesecake” I gave it to him and he tastes thinks and says yeah I like this and wonders off to the bedroom to eat his cheesecake and watch tv.

Yesterday afternoon I was in a right foul mood no reason for it I just was and it carried over till the night thankfully I am in a much better mood today although I have started yawning a bloody lot and that is annoying.

Oh well you can tell it is now 2.55pm and I am starting to feel tired but no chance of a nap while I have Leo here. Although he also just came and told me that he was feeling tired and when would mummy be back to take him home. When I told him I was also tired he said “well you can’t sleep till mummy gets back”

Oh yeah Lisa (neighbour) told me that she thinks he is quite a smart little boy and would make a good lawyer because of the way he states his case (her words)………….tell me something I don’t know……………lol

No Emails a New TV aka Nothing Much


For some bloody reason I have not be able to check my emails yesterday and again today so I am now waiting in the cue for some dill for tech support to answer the phone and help me get it sorted out, I keep getting this stupid message:
An error occurred during a connection to mail.bigpond.com:995.
You have received an invalid certificate.  Please contact the server administrator or email correspondent and give them the following information:
Your certificate contains the same serial number as another certificate issued by the certificate authority.  Please get a new certificate containing a unique serial number.
(Error code: sec_error_reused_issuer_and_serial)

What the hell it was fine on Monday, I would had rang tech support yesterday but I was in and out of the house a fair bit and didn’t have the time to sit in a cue for who knows how long waiting for some dill to answer.

Ok after waiting for over half an hour they answered and the guy says I have to transfer you to someone else who can help you then I get music followed by nothing then more music and I am stuck waiting again………

Ok I get someone woman/dill who tries this and that and in the end did nothing she hang up on me……..why………well I think it was because she had no answer and didn’t know what to do so just hang up and let me ring back and get someone else………….lol Which I did the second woman told me that the problem is with Bigpond and there is nothing I can do from my end to fix it and all she could suggest is try checking it periodiclly and at some point the problem she be fixed and I will get my emails…………….so bloody helpful……………..lol

Anyway no emails mean I didn’t check in with a lot of blogs yesterday or this morning oh well such is life and hopefully this problem will not last long………and I can still do other things online

Oh yeah I was going to show you a photo of my new tell…………..so here it is……………….it’s a 47″ 3D set and yeah I know I said I didn’t want a 3D set but hubby did so I agreed it didn’t cost that much more to get the 3D set then it would have to get a normal set and we had the money.

Stairs or lift what do you prefer to use


Do you like to take the stairs, or do you prefer to use the escalator or maybe youalways use the lift/elevator. Up until the last year or so I would always take the stairs but I am trying to get back into use the stairs more, when I use the escalator I prefer to use them like stairs if no one is in front of me walking either up or down.

Do you get annoyed when you see a bunch of young fit people waiting for the lift and filling it up while the older more unfit have to wait or those with prams or trolleys also have to wait. I do I will often look a them and thing can’t you walk the short distance and use the escalator and leave the lift for those of us who can’t use the escalator.

I remember when my girls where little and I had a pram I would never take the pram on the escalator  I did it once or twice when I first had Kathy but didn’t feel comfortable doing it. I would see many people doing just that but I was always worried if I did it the escalator would stop while I was either half way up or down…………..lol

Now days we also have what they call travelators which are moving walkways so instead of useing the lift when you have a pram or trolley you can use a travelator and yes I have used the ones at the Charlestown Square a lot even though it is a bit of a walk and the lift is often closer I take the time to walk around to the travelator and use it instead leaving the lift for those who are not able to walk as far.

I have also notice many shopping centres and other building don’t have stairs located in a place that is easy to find/see thus people who may prefer to use stairs don’t because they don’t know where the stairs are.

Getting Dressed and Outfits………………..


How long does it take you to get dressed when you are going out is it the same has how long it takes you to get dressed……….you may think the two are the same but for me it’s not I can be dressed and out the door within 15minutes but of a Friday when I go out I get up at 7.30am and I am ready to leave by 8.30am. This is because on Friday’s I take my time getting ready and also have times when I can’t decide what to wear, or I end up finding that what I thought I would wear makes me look fat even if I wore the same outfit only a week or so before………or sometimes what happens is that I pick an outfit based on what I expect the weather to be only to find out that it either hotter or colder then I thought it would be.

Do you wear the same outfit two days running or are you like me and that is something you rarely do. I will wear the same clothes a second day but only if on the first day I had only wore the clothes for an hour or so.

My mum often wears the same outfit two days in a row and there have been times when I  have thought why? She has plenty of clothes so there is no reason to do so, Tim is also the same he will wear the same clothes two or even three days in a row but with Tim it is even more yuck since he works up a sweat and should never wear the same clothes for more then one day.


One exception would me the outfit I wore Friday for 2 hours and again today all day, this is a photo of what I was wearing……………You will notice that I suck at taking my own photo……..lol