It is Tuesday and I am drenched in sweat yet again, anyway here is this weeks extreme creature the Scanty Frog.

This frog is only 2cms long which is pretty small, it is Australia’s smallest frog and can be found in the rainforests of north Queensland.



Here we are at another Monday, a cool but dry day here in my part of the world. Well since it is Monday I guess I should share some facts.

The longest place name in Britain is in Wales: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantyssiliogogogoch. It means “St Mary’s Church in the hollow of the white hazel near to the rapid whirlpool of Llantysilio of the red cave”

Pound for pound, hamburgers cost more than new cars…..really

It takes 3,000 cows to supply (by dying) the U S National Football League with enough leather for a years supply of footballs.

On average 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year.

A group of cows are called a “murder”.

Life Here Last Week

I woke at bloody well 4am again, I did not want to get up but I had too. While going to the loo I started to sweat by the time I was done I was drenched in sweat and not going back to bed. It took 30 minutes for my body to dry that’s with both doors open and my siting pretty much under the fan.

Kathy dropped the girls off while her & Michael went shopping.

Tim thought because of the weather we should go shopping next weekend.


Last night I had Tim wake me before coming to bed so I could pee.

So this morning I slept till 4.55am much better then waking at 3 something.

A cold wet morning.

Kelli and Freya turned up at 7 something and whiles she was here she vacuumed and cleaned Leo’s room, I appreciate that so much.

This afternoon I had a bath before bed, the first bath I have had since 2019, it felt great. Not something I will do often as it was difficult getting out.


Slept in till 5.15, that’s good, cold and wet this morning and yeah I have been sweating.

A restless morning, unable to concentrate for more then a few minutes at a time.

Did bugga all today.


Another bloody early start woke at 3.30 needing to pee managed to go back to sleep kinda to 4.30 when I got up. I had my wash and moisturised my body when Tim got up for what I don’t know but I was able to ask him to help me dress. Not having to struggle to dress myself is a big help.

Tim had a Dr appointment nothing serious and all good. He decided to contact the chemist about his Covid jab as it was only showing his first jab online meaning he couldn’t prove he was double vaxed. It is now sorted out so all good.

Raining on and off all day, cool but not cold today.


Another good nights sleep, woke at 4am up at 4.30, washed, moisturised then rang Tasha.

At 10am sitting here I noticed that Kelli’s dog was attempting to get over the fence. Tim yelled to Tasha just as the dog got over the fence and she was able to catch the dog and return her to the yard. She also discovered how the dog managed to get over the fence. Tasha also rang Kelli who came straight home to sort it out.

Jess not working today, don’t know why she isn’t saying all we do know is Jono drove her somewhere this morning and that she has been gone all day. Tim asked be a few times where she went but like him I do not know. She will tell us when she is ready.


Slept well woke at 5am, Tim remembered to wake me last night in order to pee.

I have bugga all motivation today but managed to do the grocery shopping.

Kelli came over this afternoon and decorated my letters with Christmas stamps, this I really appreciated. She also folded the laundry for me.


Woke at 4.30 but laid there till 4.55am. Woke to the sound of rain, looks like being a wet day.

Tim took car too auto electrician to have some kind of light fitted, Jono followed him to the electrician and drove him home again.

He also has a specialist appointment at the John Hunter Hospital, he borrowed Jess’s car to go over to that as it is still raining.

Kelli came down to help me with decorating envelopes and then gave me a terrific body message.

Kelli also helped Tim set up the new security camera.

Jess got half her arm tattooed black, with bits to still fill in, Tim is not impressed. She wants to cover what was there. Not something I would do but it is her body.



Love’s Language

Ella Wheeler WilcoxBy Ella Wheeler Wilcox More Ella Wheeler Wilcox

How does Love speak?
In the faint flush upon the telltale cheek,
And in the pallor that succeeds it; by
The quivering lid of an averted eye–
The smile that proves the parent to a sigh
Thus doth Love speak.

How does Love speak?
By the uneven heart-throbs, and the freak
Of bounding pulses that stand still and ache,
While new emotions, like strange barges, make
Along vein-channels their disturbing course;
Still as the dawn, and with the dawn’s swift force–
Thus doth Love speak.

How does Love speak?
In the avoidance of that which we seek–
The sudden silence and reserve when near–
The eye that glistens with an unshed tear–
The joy that seems the counterpart of fear,
As the alarmed heart leaps in the breast,
And knows, and names, and greets its godlike guest–
Thus doth Love speak.

How does Love speak?
In the proud spirit suddenly grown meek–
The haughty heart grown humble; in the tender
And unnamed light that floods the world with splendor;
In the resemblance which the fond eyes trace
In all fair things to one beloved face;
In the shy touch of hands that thrill and tremble;
In looks and lips that can no more dissemble–
Thus doth Love speak.

How does Love speak?
In the wild words that uttered seem so weak
They shrink ashamed in silence; in the fire
Glance strikes with glance, swift flashing high and higher,
Like lightnings that precede the mighty storm;
In the deep, soulful stillness; in the warm,
Impassioned tide that sweeps through throbbing veins,
Between the shores of keen delights and pains;
In the embrace where madness melts in bliss,
And in the convulsive rapture of a kiss–
Thus doth Love speak.



tA warm and wet day here, since it is Tuesday it is extreme creature day, today’s creature is the Little Forest Bat. Being small does not have to mean weak, in fact sometimes being small is a great advantage, it is much easier to hide.

One of Australian’s smallest bats is the Little Forest Bat weighing less then a sheet of paper it has a wingspan of up to 15cm.

It finds its way around by using echolocation, putting out special sound waves and using their echoes to create a picture of its surroundings.


Hello world, here we at another Monday so here are another few facts.

Light can travel around the Earth at its equator seven and a half times in one second.

Earth’s oceans are an average of two miles deep

On his way home to visit his parents a college student fell between two trains at the station in Jersey City, New Jersey and was rescued by an actor on his way to visit a sister in Philadelphia. The student was Robert Lincoln heading to Washington, the actor was Edwin Booth the brother of the man who would murder the students father, President Abraham Lincoln.

Before ancient surgeons made their first incision, they would sometimes cover their patients with wet clay. They realised that sick people were often hot around the part of them that was causing trouble, as bodies heat up when they fight off diseases. When surgeons smeared clay they found it often dried quickest over the poorly body parts, thus giving them an idea where they should do their work.

Every time you lick a stamp, you’re consuming one tenth of a calorie.


Slept in to 5.15am, got up and opened the house up and started my breakfast then rang Kathy to see when she would be here.

Kathy looked sick when she was here but she showered me as usual then she left.

Jessica is working today, so Leo is here all day.


Slept in till 5am, Tim at work today.

Kelli & Freya came over around 7am so Freya could have have breakfast, Daemon came over later.

At 9am Kathy dropped Summer off, so I had a house full of people mostly children till after 2pm.

Kelli helped me with the Christmas cards which was a big help.


Awake and up at 4.45am, managed to dress myself with little effort.

Kathy said that Summer had a blast here yesterday.

Kelli came over and hung my towels on the line and she found the box of Christmas stuff. Her and Freya put up a few decorations, we will do more on Wednesday.


Woke at 3.30 needing to pee thought it is too much effort to get up and go, so decided to wait but at 3.50 I had to get up and go. I had intended to go back to bed but didn’t. So a real early start for me today, on my 59th birthday.

Went shopping with Jess, I found the scooter I hired was too large and wouldn’t fit down many aisles so only went to Kmart.

I am going to ask Tim to take me back with my scooter which is much smaller.

Had a small cry due to the frustration of not being able to change out of my dress.

All in all a good day.


Had a pretty damn good sleep,woke at 4.35 straight up and washed and dressed for the day.

Had to have a nap at 10.30 slept till 11.50.

Not doing much today.

Kelli brought over my birthday present, motivation cards, a photo frame and a box of Ferrero Rocher which I love.


Woke at 4.10 got up washed and dressed for the day.

Sent Leigh a birthday message.

Jess, Tasha and myself went out to lunch at Warners at the Bay for my birthday. We all agreed that it was a shame Kathy was at work. I hope she understands.

Lunch was bloody great I had chicken schnitzel and chips with a Southo & Coke.


A new day and I was out of bed at 4.10am.

I was in the kitchen unpacking the dishwasher when Leo walked in upset, he had a bad dream someone he loved died in the dream.

Mum & Dad’s wedding anniversary also the anniversary of my Nan’s passing.

Kelli and the kids came down and hung Christmas decorations.

Kelli also putting me to bed.



Living With Dementia

© Emma L. Buckley

Published: October 27, 2021

My mind is not what it once was:
wilting like a rose.
One thing you must remember:
this is not the life I chose.

Memories grow more distant
each and every day.
I never once considered
that I’d end up this way.

So please hold judgement.
Let me be.
Please be patient.
I am still me.

It takes a little longer now for me to understand
but with your help, I will.
My moods and symptoms vary,
but I am human still.

Dementia comes in many forms,
we need to spread the word.
Make everyone you know aware,
as they may not have heard.

I hope we find a cure one day,
for I feel like I’m stuck.
Researchers work very hard,
I pray they have some luck.

My mind is not what it once was:
wilting like a rose.
One thing you must remember:
this is not the life I chose.