Mental illness is a real illness there are many who do not seem to think so, to me it doesn’t matter if it is depression or something like bipolar it is real and if a person is prescribed medication for it they should take said medication. It bothers me when I hear certain people I know say that some family members do not need their medication, would they say that if the person had a heart condition, high blood pressure of even diabetes.

Just because a person seems ok, doesn’t mean they don’t need their medication, the reason they seem ok is because they are taking their medication. So stop saying they don’t need their medication, they do……………… it………………

Thankfully there are no people in my family with bipolar but if there was I would still love you just the same, it would not change how I feel about you, you would still me my loved family member.

Sometimes when I see things on television about people with mental illness they seem to focusing on the negative aspects of the condition and not how many people who have a mental illness, take their medication and live normal productive lives.

So here is the question does anyone know someone with a mental illness and if so are they treated just like everyone else.


When No Get Turned Into Yes

I love all my girls but sometimes they are stressful, my special girl…………Jessica always tells me if I don’t want to do something I should just say so. So today when she rings and asks if I can watch Leo for a few hours this afternoon, for no reason other than he said he wanted to come to nanna’s place for a while, I didn’t feel like having him here so I said no but she went on and on till I said yes. So he was here for 3hrs while his mum went home to do nothing………….is it any wonder that I feel like I really can’t say no. When I do it makes no difference and I get talked into changing my mind and saying yes.

A new twit is running the country now………….

As many will know here in Australia last weekend we had to vote in our federal election, well we voted and Tony Abbott and the Liberal party got in, the above little poem sums up my feelings about this. I don’t like the guy, I don’t trust him and I know Kevin Rudd wasn’t a whole lot better but I liked Kevin more. I guess only time will tell what having this twit running the country will pan out.

Tony Abbott our new Prime Minister……….

Do you read?

Are you are reader, do you have an all-time favourite book or not?

Maybe you are like me and love to read but rarely find the time to do so, which is why I listen to books on cd while I am driving in the car.

I don’t have an all-time favourite book but there have been many books that I have read and I do have favourite authors, and I love to read a number of different types of books, I like Danielle Steel which are romance type books and I love Dick Francis who’s books are mostly cantered around horses and racing, he passed away in 2010. Then there is Robert B Parker who writes crime stories he doesn’t anymore since he passed away in 2010 as well. So two of my favourite authors have died recently, makes one wonder who will be next and will I have to find new favourite authors.

Another author that I loved when I was younger was V C Andrews who passed away in 1986 but she wrote so many awesome stories and many stories have been written by a ghost writer since her death.

I have never been a fan of mushy romance novels, as I guess you can tell by the authors I like and the books I read. I have always been a reader from a young age, I often get lost in the books I read.

Now Tim he is not a reader, never has been and I doubt he ever will be but then again I don’t remember my dad reading books as a child and now he reads all the time so maybe I shouldn’t say never.