Monday’s Report

Monday not

Good afternoon everyone, it is now Monday afternoon for me, I had a somewhat busy weekend. Friday was Dawson’s end of year presentation and I as always went thankfully it was held in the morning and I was able to go and do food shopping afterwards and on Saturday I went and did other shopping and paid my layby’s and such.

On Thursday just pasted I went to the appointment with the specialist over at the hospital and got no bloody answers, it is too soon to tell what is really causing the tremor although the doctor has prescribed medication that may help control it this I will pick up this afternoon or tomorrow morning. The chemist I see didn’t stock it and had to order it in so that is why I am late getting it and starting it.

This morning I had to go and have three teeth filled cost us $897 for three fillings and I still need two more done next week. I don’t handle seeing the dentist well, for many years now I find after the stuff they inject to numb you up wears off I start to feel unwell and get a headache and don’t feel like doing much.

Over the weekend Natasha started to move a lot of her stuff in her bed is here now but the fridge, washing machine a lounge and some other stuff is still at her place her dad will move the fridge tomorrow along with the washing machine. She isn’t keeping the washing machine she is just going to move it out of her house and leave it on the side of the road someone will claim it, her fridge is coming here though.

Seems I will not be having Blain here this week, since his dad and Kelli found out that I let him use his Xbox while grounded, so he is going to Jessica’s place. Yesterday I was feeling betrayed this was because I felt that Kelli shouldn’t had been snooping around the bedroom and she could had said something to me instead of telling his dad, also I was accused of encouraging Blain to lie to his dad and yeah I get that it seemed that way. I did tell Blain not to volunteer the information about using the Xbox, I did say don’t lie if asked but if not asked don’t say anything.

Also I heard from Jessica that I would not be having Blain not from Jono or Kelli or even Natasha but Jessica, Jessica went on and on about how I can’t be trusted to discipline the child and how I let him do stuff he wasn’t allowed to do. I have always been soft when it comes to discipline this is not new, also Kelli told me that I am not to ask for her help again I assume she means with Blain so I won’t.

So yesterday I was in a right mood, I snapped at Jessica, I snapped at Tim and I felt like I had been punched in the gut, not that I have ever been punched in the gut so really don’t know how that feels but you get my meaning. Kelli said she doesn’t know if Jono will forgive me but you know what if he does he does if he doesn’t he doesn’t, I am not going to tie myself up in knots stressing over it, I can’t change what has happened. It is what it is, was I wrong yeah I was, this I know.

Sometimes we do things we shouldn’t do, but we can’t go back and change anything and what’s the point in holding grudges and stressing over stuff, Jessica said yesterday that I hold grudges, who the hell is she thinking of, being pissed off for an hour or so isn’t holding a grudge, it’s being pissed off for a bit that is all, by the afternoon I was over it and had moved on.



i didn'tdo it

Good morning world, yes it is still morning here, I was thinking this morning about writing a little about blame and then when I was busy reading blogs I came across Louise’s blog well came across isn’t right as I usually read her blog anyway she can be found here:

Now what made me think about blame this morning was of course two little boys who like to blame each other for every little thing although they are cousins they fight like siblings.

Anyway I was thinking this morning when I was a child was I quick to blame my siblings for things and you know what I reckon I was, why, well because I think blaming others comes naturally.

I don’t know why it does it just does, even many adults are quick to blame and I wonder what it is that we are afraid of that makes us want to blame someone else for things that go wrong in our own lives. Not that blaming ourselves is ok either as at times we are quick to put ourselves down and that type of blaming is not good.

I know when my girls were little I use to tell them that I would not always take the word of one child over another without investigating more, meaning don’t come and dob on your sister for no reason or to just get them into trouble as I will not stand for it. Blain and Leo have a habit of dobbing on each other just to get the other one in trouble, ok have to be honest Blain does it a bit more then Leo does. Leo seems to have a bit more empathy then Blain does.

I agree that there are cases when telling on someone is the right thing to do but we as parents and adults have to teach our young when it is right to tell and when it isn’t, we also need to teach them that when they do something wrong they will be punished and the punishment will be just, I have never been a fan of telling a child you are grounded till I say other wise, ok it is ok to say that in the heat of the moment but once we have had time to calm down we should spell out to the child what their punishment is and for how long, we don’t lock up people without telling them for how long, you can’t throw someone in jail saying they will stay their till you say otherwise, they have to be given a time frame and I think the same applies for children when we ground a child we should say how long they are grounded for.

If you do something wrong, make a mistake or even deliberately do something wrong admit it and if you are punished for it than so be it accept your punishment and move on. That said the punishment has be fit the deed, I remember many times when the girls would get punished by Tim for something they did wrong that he would go in my opinion too far such as grounding them for far too long I use to say that what they did wrong was like pinching a lolly from a shop and he was acting like they held up a bank both deeds wrong but one worse the the other.

I feel that often now days children/teenagers commit offences and when they get arrested and go to court nothing happens they get let off sometimes with a fine they don’t pay or community service which they don’t do and this happens over and over again or they blame not having a stable home for their behaviour over and over again and that is a cope out. There is no accepting what they did was wrong,instead they just blame someone else and as such do not learn to deal with things.

When we blame others all the time we don’t learn how to deal, to accept we screwed up and how to move on from that and not screw up again.

Yes when I was younger and I would say drop a glass and break it I would automatically say look what you made me do, when in fact no one made me do it, it just happened, now that I am older I don’t stress over things like a broke glass or a spill drink. I no longer feel the need to blame someone else for things that happen, I can accept it happened it may have been my fault it may not have been but really what is more important is how I deal with what has gone wrong.

I think teaching our children to not look for someone to blame is the better way to go as sometimes things happen and no one is to blame.

55yrs and a lost gift card plus a bit more

Good afternoon all it is Monday afternoon and pretty late in the afternoon at that and I am just getting around to writing a post spent the morning reading a heap of posts but only now getting around to writing one.

I had to take Leo to school this morning then I had to go to the Dept of Housing to hand in the forms applying for Natasha and Blain to live here, then I had to go back to Kmart to return a pair of light weight harem type pants. Yesterday I bought a pair after trying them on but then decided I didn’t want the ones I tried on instead I would get the pinkish ones and of course I didn’t check them I just pick them up the size on the hanger was 14 when I got home I realised they were only a size 12, so I had to go back and exchange them for the right size. I also had to return a Lego set that Jessica had bought for Leo that I already bought at the start of the year for half what she paid for it.

Oh yeah yesterday when I went to pay for my goods at Kmart I discovered that I was missing the $50 gift card Kathy gave me for my birthday, I was somewhat upset, on the Saturday Leo had been playing with my phone and a bunch of cards fell out and I think the Kmart card was amongst them. I rang my mum and her and Dawson went and searched the area Leo said they fell out as well as around the house and Dawson even checked the rubbish bin but no luck couldn’t find it. Jessica said she would replace it but at the time I was somewhat upset, I was lucky I had other money to pay for the stuff with.

On Saturday we had a party for my parents 55th Wedding Anniversary at their house so they didn’t have to worry about driving anywhere and mum could have a few drinks, I was up at 6.30am cooking and took over most of the food. My brother also prepared some food his awesome chicken and his fettuccine dish.

There was a good turn out pretty much all that were invited turned up except for my mothers brothers and their families and none of my sister Sue’s children were able to make it, but all in all it was a good day and mum and dad were surprised which is what I wanted. I of course did all the planning for the day and thus I was happy that it all turned out ok.

Thankfully Saturday was a nice day weather wise after Friday which was in the mid 40’s Saturday’s nice 23°c was just that nice. No rain either although around 2pm it started to get a bit cold but that was ok by then people were leaving and mum and dad could go inside and chill.

I want to get the Christmas decoration out and start decorating the house, wanted to do it today but didn’t get around to it so hopefully tomorrow I will do it, I also have to go through my stock pile of presents and see what I have.

Five things Friday, yes I am posting, what a bloody shock

pink and green

Hello Friday don’t everyone faint that I am not only posting on a Friday but I am doing it on a Friday morning, this is because with Leo still off school and Blain gone to his fathers so he also is having the day off there is no children to either hog the computer or take up my time I find myself up dressed and ready to leave 45 minutes before I need to do so.

So without further ado here are this weeks five things for Friday

My birthday

A trip to the hospital


A wedding anniversary

Stinking bloody hot

My Thursday & My Parents Wedding Anniversary


Damn it’s hot here, temp in the high 30’s and the air conditioners are going so inside the house is pretty ok, but outside you feel like you are going to melt, tomorrow it’s suppose to be 43°c damn not looking forward to that.

Both Blain and Leo are home from school today, Leo because of the conjunctivitis and Blain well I feel he was ok to go to school but his mum let him have the day off, yesterday he went on a school excursion to Merewether baths and at lunch while running around playing in the park he ran into another boy splitting his lip and splitting the other boys forehead, the school rang Natasha and told her he had an accident and that they had called the ambos this naturally freaked her out and she rang me to meet her at the hospital. We spent over 2hrs at the damn hospital and in the end when he was seen they said they would do nothing it would heal on its own, so his mum let him have the day off school.


At the moment I have both the boys here while both their mothers are at work and had to tell both of them we didn’t want them to go outside and play as it is far too hot outside for them to be running around. Blain doesn’t like it when he gets hot and sweaty and Leo loves getting hot and sweaty and running around.

Oh yeah yesterday when I arrived at the hospital I stumbled and fell flat on my face, hurting my knees and hands a bit but all in all not really hurt, I was getting to my feet when I heard someone running up to see how I was and when I turned around it was Natasha she was the only person who came to see if I was ok, after she came up a taxi driver stopped to see if I was ok but honestly I don’t think he would have stopped if Natasha wasn’t there.

I was stumbling a bit yesterday and again this morning when I went for a walk I was also stumbling a bit but thankfully I don’t fall over very often. I have the occasional bad day when like yesterday I stumble a lot, maybe the bad days will become more frequent but I will deal with it when and if it happens.

Also today is my parents 55th wedding anniversary and this has made me think about their marriage they after all this time they are still happy together they rarely fight although they did bicker at times like all couples.

Photo Wednesday and more

Dave and Leigh

Hi Wednesday, what the hell happened to Tuesday, oh yeah Jo-Anne kept getting distracted each time she sat to try and write a post. Leo had to go to the doctor as he has conjunctivitis, so off school till Monday but at least he doesn’t need drops or anything as it is suppose to be viral. The weather is pretty hot, Blain is going on a school excursion to Merewether Baths hope he has a good day.

Tim and I went out this morning looking at caravans, he was surprised at how much they cost, more then he wants to pay so he said we will just keep looking, however, since we will need to replace the car next year as it will need a lot of work for it to pass for rego again so Tim said we will just trade it in and get something newer. So if we are going to do that I think the caravan can wait it is not a must have like the car is or a newer motorbike for Tim.

Anyway since it is Wednesday I will post a photo for photo Wednesday, this week it is of my brother and sister in-law as it is Leigh’s birthday today.

53 and counting


Hello Monday and what a nice Monday it is shaping up to be the rain has cleared and the sun is out.

It was 53 years ago that I came into the world weight only 4lb 2ozs and being only 12 inches long, so tiny and frail that some thought I would not survive. Wouldn’t think so if you saw me now hardly tiny and not frail although with all the problems with my arm and balance I am not as good as I could be but I still wake up each day and set out to enjoy life.

Have received a number of text messages wishing me a happy birthday, and called in to see my parents on the way home after I dropped Leo off at school, the gave me some ornaments for my yard and new watch and a nice pendant.

Tim wished me happy birthday but hasn’t got me anything as yet he said he couldn’t find anything on my list so he may just give me money to go and get something.

I had hoped the girls would had done something last weekend for my birthday but didn’t happen, maybe they will do something next weekend, only time will tell.

Leo was quick to wish me happy birthday this morning when I picked him up to take him to school and Natasha also wished me happy birthday but didn’t give me anything as yet either.

Now sometime during the next week or so I will have to dig out my Christmas decorations and decorate the house for Christmas. I do love Christmas just as I do love my birthday.

I don’t see my birthday as me getting old, it means I have been around for another year to see my grandchildren grow, and my daughters grow and spend time with my family who all in all are pretty great. Yes they can be annoying at times but over all I am lucky to have a pretty great family.

Life is what we make of it, we can have setbacks, and knock downs and disappointments in life but we can chose to take a breath, to dust ourselves off and carry on. Tomorrow is a new day, and we have no idea what that day will bring.

So I am 53 and counting

A wet Sunday at Jo-Anne’s Place


Hello Sunday and what a wet Sunday you are, this morning I woke up when Tim’s alarm went off at around 6ish and spent the morning reading and writing blog posts as well as doing a load of washing which because it is raining has gone in the dryer.

Tim is at work and I am home with Leo as Jessica wanted to go and do some shopping this morning without Leo which is ok as long as she isn’t late getting here to pick him up I would like her to get him around 12.30 at the latest, so I will be able to go and have a nap as I get so very tired so very easy now days.

My mum said I should tell the girls that my weekends as child free so I have been thinking that I might suggest that once a month I will have a child free weekend not sure how Jessica is going to feel about this as she does like me to have Leo one night of a weekend.

However, as mum says no one watched her children just so she could have a night off, and no one watched my children so I could have a night off, what is this crap about wanting a night off, Jessica says that I had her dad to help with the looking after the children and she is on her own but let’s be honest here Jessica your dad wasn’t a big help all the time, yes he was here but I d id 90% of the work looking after you girls that was just the way it was.

I have been feeling like shit lately my arm is aching so much and when I am tired my balance is shot and all in all I just feel like shit, I have had a few nights when I lay in bed crying from the exhaustion and the aching arm.

I am scared of what the specialist is going to say about my arm, I am scared of getting worse, of becoming a burden on my family and yes I know they don’t think that way but it doesn’t stop me feeling the way I am feeling as I sit and type this my arm is aching and my hand shaking when I stop typing.

It is only just after 11am and I am so tired I would love to be able to go and have a nap but can’t do that just yet as still have Leo here.

Anyway that is all for today’s post I am too tired to think much and finding it difficult to stay awake.