Sickness and Laundry and One Lazy Husband……………


As many people will have noticed I have not been around much ok at all in the last week and half why is this well if you don’t know already I have been as sick as all hell but I am now on the mend although I think it will be a long and slow road to recovery.

Today I have been feeling better and even managed to make something for lunch honey soy chicken kebabs and home made chips that I cooked in the airfryer and I am still eating a lot of fruit since it helps with the dry mouth and drinking a lot of water.

If anyone wants to read more about my sickness then pop on over to my blogspot blog……………

However I will ask how do you deal with sickness?

 Me well I think I deal pretty good while I was really sick I was in bed and did nothing for days on end now, I am coping even though I do still want to sleep a lot but at least I am out of bed and of course I still have to do the normal household chores such as the laundry and packing and unpacking the dishwasher. Do I want to do these things NO but if I don’t who will……..

Speaking of laundry let me tell you about the saga of Tim and the washing I took sick on a Friday and on the following Sunday I throw a load of washing in the machine and and told Tim to peg it out on the line but around 6pm Sunday night he comes in and says to me I forgot about the washing do I have any clean shirts for work. He had one and I told him to throw the clothes into the dryer and he said he would he took the clothes and put them into the dryer……………..on Monday when Kathy turned up to take me to the doctor I asked her to get the clothes out of the dryer she comes back and says dad didn’t turn it on grrrrrrrrrrrrr………… she turned it on for me…………

 In fact Tim did very little to anything while I have been sick he didn’t feed the dog, didn’t pack the dishwasher didn’t do anything……………..the house looked like a bomb hit it till my daughter Natasha came over and cleaned the kitchen and bath and vacuumed out for me.


Mother In-Laws……………………………


Mother in-laws do you have one? Do you get along with her? Does she think you are good enough for her child? Does she like you?

My mother in-law passed away a couple of years ago, did we get along well kind of we didn’t see her very often since she lived 2 ½ hours from us and we only ever went to visit her once or twice a year. This had a lot to do with the fact that her house stunk her toilet was so bad it made me want to throw up and Tim felt the same way. In fact when we would visit we would stop at McDonalds to use the toilet before getting to her place then we would go back there after the visit to go to the toilet…

 Also I never felt that she liked me much, in fact I think most of Tim’s family felt that I thought I was better than them and in some ways I did. This was because Tim’s family are all Bogan like for those of you who are thing what the hell does “Bogan” mean it means this………………….lol

Bogan: person who takes little pride in his appearance, spends his days slacking and drinking beer

Now Tim’s relationship with his mother in-law aka my mum is very different they have a great relationship and mum is always the first one to defend Tim she will never stand for someone to say anything bad about Tim………………….

Tim has called my parents mum & dad since before we were married…………………….they both think of Tim as their son and are very proud of him………….

I don’t think I ever called either of his parents mum or dad and in fact most of the time didn’t call them anything I would say like hi, how are you but I don’t think I ever added the word “mum” or “dad” or “Betty” or “Ron” ……………….I just didn’t



Ok saw this on Facebook and I think most of us can relate there has been so many inventions in the last 100 years or so and sometimes I think there are some young people who take all these things for granted but let us thing of just a couple of big inventions for a moment. Electricity being a big on where would we be without it there would be no computers since they run off electricity no television no hot and cold running water since for many people their water is heated via electricity no refrigeration which is also powered with electricity so electricity is a big invention………..another big one is the telephone remember the internet is connected via the telephone line if the telephone hadn’t been invented there we wouldn’t have mobile phones either since they came by way of people trying to make it possible to take the telephone with them and not just have it in their home.

So what other big inventions have led to other inventions, you tell me……………………now I bet some of you may really have to think about it

Talk or Text


I think pretty much everyone has a mobile phone now days but here is a question how do you use your mobile do you just make and receive phone calls, or do you like to send text message, do you use your phone for Facebook or to surf the web?

Me I make and receive phone calls and I send text messages and I have even used this new phone I have to get on Facebook while I am at home watching TV at night but I connect through the house internet and not the phones internet.  

 Now there are times when I prefer to send and receive text messages over making and receiving phone calls, this is while I am watching telly that way I don’t have to pause the show I’m watching instead I can just read and answer the text.

I never answer my phone while I am driving my car, I will pull over and answer it or if I get a text I will pull over and read the text but I know many people are not so careful my mother has a habit of answering the phone while she is driving but she is getting better at learning to stop and answer it.

I have a daughter who is for ever answering her phone while driving or sending text messages while driving and she has even got a fine for using her mobile while driving but it hasn’t stopped her, to me it is not worth the $300 fine.


What Does “In Love” Mean…………………


What does being “in love” mean to you………………I think a lot of young people ok not just young people but people in general feel if they are not having those feeling of euphoria, and occasionally a feeling of being overcome with emotion and/or a desire to be with a person, then they are no longer “in love” with someone. I do not agree that feeling of euphoria is something you have at the start of a relationship but over time that fades……………and is replaced by a much deeper and stronger love.

Love that lasts and stands the test of time involves making compromises and accepting that your partner may piss you off or annoy at times and will have different interests to you but that is ok. If you have a man who likes to come up and give you a cuddle but you don’t want a cuddle think is it really that hard to give into the cuddle, however, if you if you find that your partner is forever annoying you with wanting a cuddle and when I say a cuddle I mean just that a cuddle nothing  more but you are not  one for cuddles and hand holding you need to explain it to them that sometimes you find it nice but you are just not into hand holding and cuddling all the time.

I have been with Tim 29yrs and I am still “in love” with him but do not have the desire to be with him all the time and to be all huggy and kissy all the time but I still say that I am in love with him, why well because I still enjoy is company and I cannot imagine my life without him.

I feel that this is one of the reasons that some people move from one relationship to another because they want to have that euphoria feeling all the time and that is not what love is all about, well not for me it isn’t.


A Little About Depression

ImageDepression is a terrible condition that affects many people myself included and it should not be taken lightly but too many people do just that. Now most people think if someone has depression they will be sad and cry a lot and will have suicidal thoughts but that is not the case. Depression can affect different people in different ways, I do get sad and I do cry a lot and things do get to me easy when I am not taking my medication, however both Tim and Kathy are different both of them get angry and moody and all in all they are not nice to be around. They both have times when they want to stop taking their medication, in fact at the moment Tim is cutting back how often he takes his medication because he no longer things he needs it. I said only time will tell and if I say to him I think he needs to increase it again I don’t want him arguing with me about it………

Sometimes depression or a depressed mood may have no apparent cause and sometimes it may be caused by a number of factors (by themselves or in combination), such as:

  • Genetics or a history of depression within your family. 
  • Biochemical – In normal brain functioning, neurotransmitters (which regulate mood) jump from one nerve cell to the next, with the signal being as strong in the second and subsequent cells as it was in the first. For people who have depression, the mood regulating neurotransmitters fail to function normally, meaning that the signal is either depleted or disrupted before passing on to the next nerve cell, thus resulting in a lowering of your mood. In non-melancholic depression, it’s likely that the transmission of serotonin (which improves mood) is reduced or less active, whereas in people with melancholic and psychotic depression, the neurotransmitters noradrenaline and dopamine are more likely to have failed or be functioning abnormally. 
  • A stressful event or chain of events such as a family break-up, abuse, ongoing bullying at school, rape, a death, a relationship break up, family conflict.
  • Personality style – Certain personality types are more at risk of depression than others. This includes people who tend to be anxious, have low self-esteem, are perfectionists or are shy.
  • Having a baby (called post-natal depression).
  • Other mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.

I remember when Kathy was first prescribed medication for her depression it was explained to me that it was felt that her brain wasn’t producing enough serotonin and because she was so young (14) that this could be a lifelong problem with her and only time would tell if she would ever be able to stop taking the medication.  

I was also told that if the depression was caused by genetics or chemical or through something like schizophrenia then it would most likely be a lifelong condition, the other causes of depression are different and after having medication for a short while it will no longer be needed.

If a person had a condition like a heart condition or epilsey no one would be saying you have been taking medication for a while now and maybe you don’t need it anymore, so why do people thing depression is different. It is as if they don’t think it is a “real” disease.

I know that some people will only suffer from depression for a short period of time or are able to stop taking medication for it and if that is you then that is awesome, but it is not me nor is it my daughter Kathy or my sister Sue. 

Also some people may not be suffering from depression but are in fact burnt out. Here is the difference between depression and burnout………………


Depression                                                                         Burnout

Flat and Numb                                                                  Drained and Defeated

Tired all the time due to low mood                         Exhausted by you relentless responsibilities

Withdrawn & Disinterested                                       Overwhelmed & Unmotivated

Enjoyable activities are no longer enjoyable      Frustrated you don’t have time to do anything enjoyable

Life keeps bring you down                                          Life seems unfair and full of pressures

Worried that you’ll never feel happy                     Worried that you won’t get onto of things



Hope………….Relay……..What I Hope For


I was tagged by Marie over here:  in a Hope relay so this is my Hope post. So let’s start with what is hope, Hope: The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.

Now I know many people may hope for world peace or the end of suffering but come one let’s be honest here that is really not possible, it would be great if it was but it’s not so that is not what I hope for. My hopes are smaller and shock horror is centred on my family…………….lol

I hope my sister, niece, daughter and nephews mother all have healthy babies, I hope those babies along with all babies realise they are a gift from God and are raised in loving and caring environment.

I hope that parents step up and teach their children manners and respect and boundaries, since so many young people now days seem to have little to no respect and have no idea about boundaries. They also seem to think the world owes them something and they shouldn’t have to start at the bottom and work hard for stuff.

I also hope that people in general could learn to treat each other in way they would like to be treated themselves, if they do this then there will be more respect in the world and less rage.

I hope my siblings know how proud I am to have them as my siblings and my parents know how blessed I feel to be their child.

I hope the doctors find out why I am so low in iron and can fix it so I am no longer tired all the time.

Now it’s time to tag somebody else. I am tagging fellow bloggers…………..






I Have Cold & Sweaty Feet How About You…………….


You know one thing I really hate about winter…………cold feet…………………and I suffer from cold feet a lot in winter, in fact while at home I wear two pairs of socks and my feet still oftern feel cold………..what the hell is that all about……

It is also very annoying and painful when you hit your foot against something, anything it hurts and you hell and you swear and or is that just me………….lol

While on the topic of feet, what is with somepeople wearing shoes without socks if you are wearing jockers wear socks firstly they stop your shoes from smelling and they help prevent blisters so go out get some socks and wear them…………..If you are a parent then put socks on your child they are learning from you and if they say they don’t want socks be the parent and tell them they have to wear socks…………… me I have to wear socks or if I am wearing heels I wear knee high stockings or ankle high stockings because my feet sweat a lot and I mean a lot the only shoes I can wear without something covering my foot first are thongs……….which I wear all the time in the summer months in fact thongs are the only flat shoes that I can wear, yep I can’t wear flats and not because I am short but because they make my legs ache.

My youngest daughter Jessica has just started to wear heels herself she is 23yrs old and it makes me feel like she is growing up…………lol, her sister Nataaha use to always wear heels all the time but recently she has stopped doing so. Kathy my precious first born wears heels from time to time but more often then not she is in heels……..


Do People Take Advantage Of Me………………….Maybe…………………

I am a loving and caring person, this I have no doubt about I don’t judge people and I try to always be there for my family when they need me.

Now because of these traits I also believe people take advantage of me from time to time, so my question today is do you think people with big hearts and who are willing to help whenever they can get taken advantage of or is that just something in my own mind…………………..

Now don’t get me wrong this hasn’t happened in many years but there was a time when it seemed the case, many years ago I allow a couple of friends of my daughters to move in and live here for a few months and at the time a number of people would say that they were taking advantage of me. Maybe they were I don’t really know, was it a mistake to allow them to live here I don’t know, what I do know that those days were some of the happiest in my life maybe it was because I felt needed.

I do like to feel needed which maybe while I am always willing to do stuff for my daughters, like take them places go with them to appointments if they need me too. That said I think most people like to feel needed, it is normal and I am normal more or less anyway………lol

I know there are those who think my family will take advantage of my loving caring nature and my wiliness to do things for them, ok that is a bit vague so let me go into some detail I do make sure that my sisters have presents for our parents when it is their birthday, or mother/father day and of course Christmas yes I go out and buy the present and will wrap it and get a card. Recently we have had a few baby showers in the family and I have made sure my daughters and sisters have had presents and cards for the person this is just something I do so are they taking advantage of my kindness in allowing me to do this instead of doing it themselves……………I don’t know……………….

What I do know is that if they are taking advantage of me then I am allowing them to do so and is it such a bad thing, I know many people would think it is a bad thing but I don’t.  It would be a bad thing if I was unaware of it but I’m not in the dark I am a grown woman and I have a voice and if I wanted to say NO than I could I chose to say nothing so really are they taking advantage of me if I am ok with doing all these things. This is me this is who I am and for the most part I like who I am……….

Back to when Brodie & Aaron lived here they did pay rent and such not a lot of rent but what I asked for, the problems with them started after they moved out of here and into a flat that was in my daughter’s name she sublet it to them and they ran up a big phone bill and left before the lease was over and there was some other things that caused a rift between us and we no longer have anything to do with them. Now I know that hubby has said he would no longer open our home and hearts to people like that again but I am not so sure I think maybe I would.  That is just the way I am……………..

Yes I know this post is here there and everywhere but hell this is how I am at times my mind jumps all over the place……………lol