Nothing Much


Good morning world, there was no post on Friday or yesterday because both days I was as busy as and by the time I found myself with time to write a post I was just too tired to do so.

Yesterday I went and bought some Christmas decorations for Kelli and when Tim saw them he says “why do you keep buying those things” I told him they were for Kelli and that she had given me money to get them for her, that shut him up but really if I wanted to buy more for myself why should he give a rats ass.

Friday was a lovely day hot but nice and yesterday was pretty much the same hot but nice today is going to be another hot day as well. I have the girls coming over for lunch I made a casserole for Jessica in the new slow cooker.

I have moved the laptop back to the computer desk and will try using it here for a while and see how I go, the reason I stopped using the desk was because sitting in the computer chair makes my back hurt but we will see.

I wonder if I should do a load of washing today, properly I will do that when I get up from the desk as I have just got comfortable. I asked the girls not to get here before 10am as Tim didn’t get home to late last night and I don’t want him woken too early.

I have also printed off 8 letters to put in with Christmas cards that I want to write this afternoon. I have two letters to answer as well but I have to read the letters first and highlight what I want to reply to in them so I might answer them either tomorrow or sometime during the week.

I do have to go out today as I need needles for my Byetta I am out as I keep forgetting to get them till I have used the last one.

Ok so not much of a post but shoot me, ok don’t shoot me as I do not like pain and don’t want to die but you could shoot me with a camera that would be ok but no gun please.




Guess what today I had to wear long pants when I went to see nanna be it light weight long pants but still long pants after all the bloody hot days we have had who would had thought.Jess and Kel

Jessica has had a house guest the last few days with Kelli staying, I don’t know why other then Kelli wanting to spend time with her cousin. It has been nice for Jessica she likes spending time with her cousin, in a lot of ways they are more like sisters then cousins.

I have thought back to when I was younger and my relationship with my cousins and you know I don’t think I had much of a relationship with any of them I don’t know if it was because my main cousins I had contact with were boys not girls.

Samantha and Hayley retouched

Out of my girls Natasha and Samantha were close when they were teenagers and now Jessica and Kelli are super close and have to say Kelli also get on well with Natasha but Kathy and Kelli do not get along in fact they can barely stand to be in the same room as each other. This could cause me some upset if I allowed it but I don’t so it doesn’t they are both adults and their battle is just that their battle and not mine I just keep out of it and thankfully neither of them have asked me to take sides because I wouldn’t do that.Grandchildren

Now also I want to say that Sydney-May and Blain are super close and adore each other and Blain and Leo can act like brothers at times which is nice. I think it is good to be good friends with your cousins because lets be honest here when it comes to sleepovers mum and dad would feel better if it is at a family members house when it first happens

I don’t know how my parents dealt with me wanting to sleepover at my friend Stacey’s place all the day she lived two houses down from us and we slept at each others house a lot this was before we went into high school, our friendship died once we both went to high school I think because we went to different high schools.

Kelli Jes & Tasha

Giving my old laptop to mum and more news

Blain tattooframed

Good morning, yes it is morning here in Newie on this lovely Wednesday and guess what I am not going to see my nan today because mum has to wait at home for Chrisco.

Had Blain here last night he went to sleep on my armchair but during the night he came and got into bed with me and papa and this morning I can take him to school since I am not going to see nanna.

I also want to get over to mum’s today I am giving her my old laptop so she can learn about using a computer. Of course I am giving her a computer bag with it and an exercise book for her to write down how things are done so she has a record that I think when you are starting to learn is a must you can write down which program to use along with step by step instructions to refer to till you get the hang of things.

On another topic as I look around my house this morning all I can think is that I need to get more Christmas decorations out and I think I need to buy more of the wall stickers to go on the walls. Tim thinks I over do it but really let’s be honest here the man has no idea what over doing it is my house is mildly decorated compared to many others.

Blain tattooframed

He also thinks I over do it with Christmas presents as in I give to much and to too many family members, I feel that after 30 years he should know this is me and it is who I am and I am not going to change any time soon if at all.

An update about Tim he got a written warning at work about the cutting the guy off thing so he is feeling better but has learnt his lesson I hope and will not do it again. I have never thought about ringing up and complaining about a bus driver in my life and I have had some right bastard bus drivers and I have been cut off by them time and again. I just curse them and move on.

Do your children wear pyjamas


Good morning world, well it is morning here in my part of the world and I have to say at 9.45am I have been up for hours had to get up early and go and buy bread so Tim could make sandwiches to take to work for his lunch.

It is a nice day here not hot at all quiet pleasant I have to say, no need for the air conditioner as yet and I have just got the towels on to wash and the sheets off the bed.

I have Blain here tonight which brings me to the topic of today’s post.


Pyjamas, do you make children wear them Blain doesn’t like them and will not wear them. He prefers to sleep in his clothes and this really gets up Tim’s nose. I asked Natasha if he wore them at home and he doesn’t so if it is good enough for his mum it is fine with me.

I would prefer him to wear pj’s but I am not going to get in tiss over it. Tim, however, does and goes on and on about it.

When my girls were little I went through the whole I don’t want to sleep in pyjamas stage with each of the girls and they all outgrew it so I feel Blain will be the same.

Life is too short to stress over something so trivial.

Blain tattooframed

I, however, would like to get Blain and Leo to start sleeping in the spare room and not with me and papa but it is hard they both like to sleep with us. However, on New Year’s Eve I will have both boys here first Leo then around 10ish Tasha will drop Blain off by that time Leo will be in bed asleep I hope and I would prefer that both of them sleep in the spare room. I have a queen size mattress in the spare room so big enough for both boys.

Blain & Leo

If you don’t want a baby…………..please do not throw it away like rubbish


Good morning world suppose to be another hot day here in Newie, I have been up and busy this morning as I am most days. I have to go out during the day, I want to take my old laptop over and give it to my mum I think it is time mum had her own computer to play around with yes dad has a computer but mum doesn’t like using it so I am giving her my old one so she can decided if she wants to buy herself a computer.

Big news here is that a woman has been charged with attempted murder after she dumped her newborn baby boy in a drain in Sydney’s west.

It is believed that the baby was in the drain for 6 or 7 days, before he was found on Sunday morning (yesterday) by a couple of cyclists.

safe haven

So now the call has gone out for safe havens to be set up so that people can drop off unwanted babies but really I wonder how successful these are. I know they operate in some American states but I do not know how successful they are or how they work.

What do others think, are they are good idea?

I do not think it would had made a difference in this case as the baby was hidden in a drain and the drain covered with a large slap of cement, which makes me feel she wanted the baby to die and not just wanted to get rid of the baby.

As everyone knows I love babies and children and don’t understand how anyone can harm a child but I know it happens there are some terrible people out there and many people who should not have children.

safe haven sign

It’s bloody hot here again

Good afternoon world, another bloody hot day here in Newie I turned the air con on as soon as I got up and as such didn’t realise how bloody hot it was till I want down the road to do some shopping. Jessica and Leo have been here since around 10ish I am expecting them to be here for another couple of hours since it is cooler here then at their place. I also had Sydney-May & Summer for a couple of hours while Kathy-Lee & Michael went to do some Christmas shopping they were going to stay for lunch but didn’t as Natasha & Jerry was going over to their house for a soak in their inflatable pool.
I am now using my new computer and it is great, I have started to resubscribe to blogs using a different email address it will take me a while to resubscribe to all of them but it will.
It isn’t even summer yet and we are having temperatures in the high 30’s and low 40’s today it is currently 35°c and it is suppose to get as high as 44°c today. I wonder how hot summer will be if it is this hot in spring.
As everyone knows I prefer the in between seasons I don’t like it too hot or too cold but but as long as I have air conditioning I can cope with the heat and if we have heaters we can cope with the cold. I do wonder how people coped before air conditioning, I do remember the days before we had air conditioning it involved many sleepless nights as it would often be cooler outside then in. I am glad those days are passed.
sum corner

Five Things Friday……………No Internet


Good afternoon all it is another bloody hot day in my part of the world, well it has been a while since I have been around blogland. This is because I had no internet for 3 days, it was late yesterday afternoon when we got it back and I was just so worn out then that I didn’t feel like doing a post.

Also I am unable to get into my emails so unable to read all the blogs I follow via email, so over the next week I am going to try and get to your blogs and resubscribe using a different email address.

Anyway here are this weeks 5 things for this bloody hot Friday.

Christmas decorations going up but more I want to do

Leo excited to see all the decorations

Starting to write my Christmas cards

Feeling like there is so much I want to do and so little time to do it all

Feeling to tired to make a start on things I want to do

52 Years ago today I came into the world

Today is my birthday it was 52 years ago at 4.05pm on a Friday afternoon that I was born. I came into the world 6 weeks early and as such I was in a humidicrib for 4 weeks weighing only 4lb 2oz’s, I was only 12 inches long..

I was 5 weeks old when I was able to go home with mum and dad. However, that was not the end of my time in hospital at 3 months of age my parents were in a car accident I suffered a fractured skull and was in hospital for about 5 days along with my dad, then at 6 months of age I was hospitalised with pneumonia I was in hospital for 6 days that time.

I was so tiny and frail when I was born that the doctors thought I wouldn’t survive the night and because of that my nanna wanted me to be baptised so I was baptised when I was only hours old.

A number of years after my birth my mum had a there but for the grace of God thought about me, you see when mum was pregnant with me she suffered terrible morning sickness and was prescribed thalidomide but mum felt funny taking anything while pregnant she just didn’t feel right about it and decided against taking it. Of course thalidomide has since been linked with birth defects, so I am lucky that mum didn’t take the drug.

I was an only child till I was around 6 years old when mum & dad had my sister Jeannie followed by my sister Sue and then of course when I was 15 they had Sandra and then David.



5 Things Friday…………Heat

Here are this week’s Five things

Bloody stinking hot…….it is currently 34°c aka 93°f
down from a top of 40°c aka 104°f

Tim stuck in a bus all day without air conditioning

Three air conditioners going in the house

Sore and swollen feet due to the heat

A cool bath at the end of the day


Laptop problems

Afternoon all, another lovely day here in my part of the world. Well I am having computer problems, yesterday I was using the laptop and it started making a strange noise it sounded like the fan. Well after about 15 minutes it shut down and wouldn’t reboot, I left it for a little while and tried to reboot it and it has been going alright since.

So I go and tell Tim that it is stuffed and I will need a new laptop, I was expecting him to complain but he didn’t instead he tells me he was planning on getting me a new laptop for my birthday anyway.

Yes it is my birthday on Sunday I will be 52yrs old damn how did that happen………….