Another Week done with

Had a better night sleep, leg not as stiff.

Kathy arrived at 8.30 to give me a shower, Syd is with her dad so we will see her next weekend I expect. I had Kathy wrap Syd’s present.

A bloody hot day had air con on from 9.30am.

Around 2pm I was standing and had a shot of pain shoot through my left knee, it then started to throb with pain.

By 3pm I am falling asleep.

A good start to the day managed to get up at 6am, Tasha arrived shortly later and dressed and fed me, like a dog…………lol

We received notice a couple of weeks back about a power outage from 8 to 4 today. At 8.20 I was feeling so tired I decided to go lay down, we still had power but lost it around 8.50am.

Of course it is a stinking hotish day, I am listening to a book on my CD player.

Damn it’s hot.

Woke at 6am after a good nights sleep managed to do a few things before Tasha arrived.

A bloody hot day but at least we have power so we have air conditioning.

Mum was ok was talking about her & dad when they were young and how back then Uncle Arthur & Tom called dad “Mick” she doesn’t know why they did, they just did.

I woke up at 6.10 got up opened t he house found clothes for the day.

I then started breakfast and up doing it all and was eating it when Tasha arrived. She had fallen back asleep.

Tim’s 60th birthday today, Sandra rang to wish him happy birthday. Kathy & the girls came to see Tim but he had already left for work. They left his gift on his bed for him.

It is another stinking hot day, 36 degrees today.

Woke up at 6.30am, when Tim’s alarm went off, not as hot today but very sticky I expect.

Had to turn the air con on as I was drenched in sweat

My GP rang so I could ask for 2 scripts. One of the good things to come from Covid.

Mum was happy and sounded good although she told me tree times that Sandy & her girls had stayed at Dave’s why though I have no idea why, either her & Ed had a fight or the girls wanted to stay over and she decided to stay with them, or as she said last she didn’t know why.

Woke at 5.36 needing to pee and since I was up I stayed up. I opened the house to a nice cool and wet day. It hasn’t stopped raining since I got up 2hrs ago.

I rechecked when school goes back for the boys it is Monday, however, when she spoke to his driver he said that he will pick Leo up tomorrow morning. I told Jess that he doesn’t go tomorrow.

She is listening to someone who sounded like a dotting old fool, (her words.

Leo is here for the night.

Another wet day, up at 6am, Jess made a good point Leo is in a special ed class and they may go back today. I can’t take him up due to it raining.

Leo has gone to school, Jess rang and spoke to the school yes he doesn’t start back till Monday but he is able to stay there today. This made Leo happy.

It has rained all day, so I was unable to meet Leo this afternoon.

Jess suppose to be me to bed but at 4.40 I just wanted to lay down, so sent Tasha a text telling her so. The next thing she was here to get me ready for bed.

Jess arrived 10 mins later.


Indestructible Stuff……………Carbon Fibre

Here we are at another Tuesday, and another indestructible stuff post today we are talking about Carbon Fibre.

The element Carbon gives toughness and hardness to diamond, graphene and steel. Now it’s showing its super strength as part of a modern multi-purpose material called Carbon Fibre.

In carbon fibre, tiny woven or twisted strands of carbon are combined with plastics to make a super-strong, tough, light and flexible everyday modern material.

Found in sport gear, such as skis and pole vaults, bicycle frames and baseball bats. Formula 1 racing cars,tool handles, toys and even musical instruments.

Although we have had plastic for a bloody long time its never been strong enough to build reliable flying machines with carbon fibre that changed.

Monday = Facts

Hello Monday again so that means it is facts day again, so here we go:

The nearest neighbour galaxy to our own Milky Way is called “Andromeda”

The oldest pantomime stories are Aladdin and Cinderella, both tales date back well over a thousand years.

Aladdin originated from Syria and Cinderella from China

Cinderella’s slippers were originally made of fur, they became glass ones due to a dodgy translation some time in history

A cow can give about 200,000 glasses of milk in her lifetime.

Another Week That Was

Saturday has arrived after an average nights sleep, woke at 4 to pee then had to have a small drink which meant removing mt Cpap mask, only to not be able to get it back on, had to wake Tim to do it.

After I opened the house I was shaking so much I sent Tasha a text asking for help. I really try not to ask her for help on Saturday but felt if I asked Tim he would be snappy.

Kathy came and showered me and did the ironing.

Tim went and ordered the new speedo for his bike, cost him around $650. He also bought a new rear guard for the bike.

Mum was sounding like herself told me about seeing Tasha 4 times.

I woke at 4,40am again needing to pee, thankfully I didn’t need a drink so no need to remove mask.

Out of bed at 6.15 opened house and Tash arrived.

Tim is off today.

Feeling like shit I am shaking a lot and doing anything is so bloody hard.

Kelli, Jono & kids are at Jess’s working on her back yard, along with Jess.

Tasha was pissed that no one helped her do her yard, she paid someone only $20 to do her yard and he did a half ass job, said it would cost more to do more this I get.

I woke at 6 thought I will get up in a moment then it was 6.30 and I am getting up.

Open the house and sent Tasha a text, before starting my breaky I was finished toasting the banana break by the time she arrived. She had fallen asleep.

My left leg is hurting top to bottom. Or bum to foot.

Had a very bad night, got up at 2.30 to pee and wet myself due to the amount of pain I was in with my left leg. I ended up sitting on the loo crying in pain and frustration. Tim ended up coming t o find me, I returned to bed but sat on the side unable to lift my legs again Tim came and lifted my legs into bed.

This morning I am still in pain and called Tasha to come and shower me.

At 1.30pm I went to the loo and because I was sweating so much it was very difficult and this had me crying. Blain found me crying the hallway and went and fetched his mum and Jess & Leo. All came and checked I was ok.

Had to tell Mum twice about it as she forgot and asked me twice how I was today.

Had a better night, Jess came and messaged my leg as I went to bed.

So I slept ok.

A much cooler day thankfully.

Tim home for a few hours split shift.

Had a lay down but didn’t sleep just laid there.

My leg pain has been a lot less today.

Had a reasonable nights sleep as the pain returned during the night.

I got up when Tim left for work with his help. I managed to make my own breakfast, before Tasha arrived.

The pain has returned to my leg I applied my deep heat this morning.

Jess is going to message it again before I go to bed.

I had a horrible night due to the pain in my leg every time I tried to move it. Had to get help from Tim during the night as I fell partly out of bed trying to get up out of bed.

Leo spent last night here and woke at 10ish.

Been in pain all day, using the walker makes it easier to walk.

Managed to do a load of washing and hung half of it on clothes hoist before needing to ask for Tasha’s help.

Wednesday = Poem Day

That Someone Special

© Richard N. Cook More By Richard N. Cook

Published: June 2007

She is the apple of my eye,
The reason that I live.
She is all that I could wish for.
My heart to her I give.

It is for that someone special
These words that I do pen,
To thank her for always being
My wife and my best friend.

She has the will to live until
The last breath she does take.
There is the love within her heart,
Such good memories to make.

She is the sunshine in my morning,
The star that’s in my sky,
And if I should ever lose her,
Then I would surely die.

She stands always at my side,
No matter what comes our way.
She comforts me with steadfast love
Each and every day.

She carries many burdens,
And her heart is sometimes broken
By all the thanks she never gets
And all the words unspoken.

I know her life is not her own.
I always seem so needy,
And asking her to do one more thing,
I feel so really greedy.

How can I ever thank her
For all she has done for me?
I can only give her all my heart
And love her to eternity.

I hope that when the end comes,
And she meets God face to face,
He will tell her that in Heaven
She has a special place.


Monday is fact day

Hello Monday again so that means it is facts day again, so here we go:

More than 75% of all the countries in the world are north of the equator.

Oak trees do not have acorns till they reach 50 years of age.

The average iceberg weighs 20 million tons

The English Channel gets a foot wider every year.

The Eisenhower interstate road system in America requires that one mile in every five must be straight. These straight bits are for use as airstrps in times of war or other emergencies.

Jo-Anne’s Week That Was

I woke and got up at 6am but just after I opened the house as I was getting my walker out I stepped backwards and fell over. I called Tim and he came straight away but I also called Tasha who had just stepped out of the shower, however, she got her dressing gown on and came straight away.

However, I managed to get up with Tim’s help.

I have a sore tailbone and knees my right is also sore. Kathy messaged ice gel into my knees and arm.

It is painful to sit.

Tim has installed the new dishwasher without any problem.

Mum was rambling a bit about Sandra not sure if there was something she was going to tell me but forgot and just rambled about her wedding.

Slept in to 6.40, I am still in pain with my tailbone but not quiet as bad as yesterday.

Tim back at work today

Kelli and Daemon at Jess’s place so Kelli could help Jess clean her backyard. Daemon is now staying the night.

Will use the dishwasher for the first time tonight.’

A later start to the day being 7am when I got up, Tasha walked in a couple of minutes after I opened the house.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the dishwasher was the dishes were still dirty.

Before I could look into why Tasha said it was shower time.

After showering & dressing I found the book to the dishwasher to find out what I did wrong, answer nothing. Tim forgot to turn the water on.

After that it worked just fine, how it’s suppose to.

Been a warm and sticky day.

Up at 6 and opened the house and went to get breaky stuff ready only ti notice my choc milk was missing. Tasha had it.

Still in pain, Tasha said I have a big bruise on my bum.

Feeling very tired this afternoon

couldn’t concentrate when talking to mum, she was also very tired. So only talked for 25 minutes.

Tim home early but he started early as well.

He had a complaint about failing to stop for a woman, he told me the woman was on her phone and didn’t signal.

Awake and up by 6.15 and opened the house got breaky stuff out and had my morning wash before I sent Tash a text telling her I was up.

Mum rang and asked if I could give Sandy my card to her account as her card wasn’t working and she was getting a new card sent out.

When Sandy came to get the card she also took birthday presents for Temika and Liarna and the bottom rack from my old dishwasher.

Oh and the problem with the card was mum has either lost or cut up her card because she thought it had expired, it hadn’t.

Tim has a split shift home for 3ts.

Been a hot day thankfully Tasha turned the air con on early.

Had a good nights sleep woke at 6 and got up opened the house and was having a wash when I got a text from Tash saying she will be here in 5 mins and she was.

Going to be a hot day.

Tim home early as he had an appointment to have his eyes checked and also to see his GP to have his medical to keep his job.

A new day up at 6.10, opened house and Tasha arrived. Leo spent last night here.

Air con on early, going to be hurt.

Tim has a split shift today so home for 3hrs.

Mum was sounding much more like herself

It’s 3pm and I have bugga all concentration so Jess came and helped me get ready for bed so I could just chill listening to my book. A little early but that’s ok.