Do you vote?

I had to vote this morning, here it is compulsory from the age of 18. I take my vote seriously unlike some I know. My daughter and husband say can’t see the point in voting as their vote doesn’t change anything, so why bother.

We vote roughly every three years or so in federal elections and of course we have state elections as well as council elections.



Do you allow your children to be bored ?

Do you get bored?

Saw on Sunrise this morning a story about how it is good to allow children to feel bored and figure out for themselves how to over come it. Too many children say they are bored and expect mum or dad or nan or pop to fix it, by giving them a phone or tablet to play with or to interact with them instead of finding something to do themselves. Although I personality don’t have a problem with a child using a tablet to entertain themselves or even a Playstation or Xbox as this is the 21st century.

Growing up I don’t remember ever feeling bored, I would be outside playing either with friends or on my own and I loved to read and would spend ages sitting and reading. Even now I don’t get bored, I can always find something to do.

Leo rarely says he is bored and on the odd occasion he does feel bored it doesn’t last long, he manages to find something to do so not to feel bored..

On Sunday when Kathy-Lee & Summer took me over to see my dad Summer was complaining she was bored and wanted to leave. That I got because there wasn’t anything for her to do, although she was playing with her mum’s phone.


Hello everyone, how is everyone? I have yet another stinking bloody headache, I have had a headache every day for close to a month.

Last Friday my dad asked my sister Sandra if he was going to die, she held his hand and said yes dad you are, he asked when and she explained we don’t know when but he is very sick. Shortly later his GP arrived to check him over and he asked the doctor the same question. The doctor looked at Sandra who said he just asked me that before you arrived and I told him yes. So the doctor told dad that Sandra was right, dad asked the doctor when would he die and he was told that he is very sick and could die at any time there is no way of knowing when.

All my siblings have commented on how I do not go and see dad, I did manage to get over to see him on Sunday, but it is hard for me as I cannot drive and have to rely on others. It isn’t that I don’t care because I do care more than words can express but I do find it difficult to get there.

The first thing I say to mum each night is how is dad.

On Sunday Kathy-Lee drove me to see dad we had Summer with us and seeing Summer would make dad’s day as for dad family is everything and he loves the young ones in the family.

Dad is a fighter, he had lung cancer in 2009 and was told that he would be lucky to survive for 5 years post lung cancer and when he was going through the lung cancer it was knowing that in January 2010 he would have 2 more granddaughters and a great-granddaughter.

I love my dad so much and he has always been my hero a man who could do anything.