I am so excited………………….

Well I have less than a week to go before we leave for our holiday to New Zealand; yes you read that right we are going to New Zealand flying out at 9.30am Saturday morning. Tim surprised me with the holiday for my 50th birthday, what can I say other than I love that man he can be so generous at times, because we have no luggage my awesome brother David http://www.facebook.com/dave.jenkins and sister in-law Leigh http://www.facebook.com/leigh.jenkins. who by the way is also awesome gave us luggage well really they gave me the luggage for my birthday so it is all my luggage not mine and Tim’s…………………..lol

I now have to get in the mood to pack ok maybe I should just open the bag and start putting stuff in it and I will get in the mood………………….

I hope to be able to go on a lot more holidays now that I have new luggage to use, and Tim also says he would like to take more holidays………………………so hopefully that will happen but first we are off to New Zealand………………….






Chest Pain is a Pain……………

So I am so over this chest pain that I have so much off, I have been told I have GORD (Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease) and I take Acimax tablets twice a day for it but they are just not doing the trick and when I mentioned it to the doctor at my last appointment he told me to lose weight and left it at that so I am going to go back and see someone else as that is just not good enough.

I know some people have been worried that the pain is from my heart but I have been told that isn’t the case, and I had my Gallbladder out in 2005 so that isn’t the cause of the pain. The pain goes from my chest through to my back and it is an ache and at times it is like there is pressure on my chest.

I have tried taking Mylanta but it does nothing or very little but mostly nothing so no point in taking it.  I have also had a headache for the last few days and sometimes it is pretty bad but most of the time it is just there.

I am also very tired all the time which reminds me I have to go and have more blood tests done as I got a referral for blood tests in the mail from the blood specialist no letter of explanation just the referral, so I will have to get down and have that done either this afternoon or tomorrow. I have been having a nap most days even just an hour helps.

All Soldiers Should Be Honoured

Ok I haven’t been around much the last couple of days been a bit busy with life, but this has been on my mind since I saw it on the news the other night. http://www.nbnnews.com.au/index.php/2012/11/09/push-to-honour-those-whove-served

Here in Australia those soldiers who are killed on peace keeping missions are not honoured by having their name added to the wall at the Australian War Memorial and I feel that it is just so wrong they are wearing the Australian uniform, they are still Australian Soldiers and they have died while serving and so they should be honoured http://www.awm.gov.au

It isn’t like the soldiers have a choice of where they serve they go where they are told and if they die where they are serving they should be honoured.

What is it like in other countries do you recognise and honour your peace keeping soldiers the same as you do those fighting in war zones?

Today is also Remembrance Day it is always observed on 11 November, regardless of the day of the week, and is not a public holiday; it is a time when people can pay their respects to the substantial number of soldiers who died in battle. Some institutions observe two minute’s silence at 11 a.m.

Are You Happy With Your Job

Are you happy with the job you have or if you could do something different would you and if so what would that something different be…………….

I love my job it doesn’t pay at all and the hours are long and I don’t get time off unless I am sick as all hell and can’t crawl out of bed but I love it and it is the only job I have ever wanted to do.

Why is it that some people act like if a woman has a job other than being a mother then she is doing something special, when if a man has a job other than just being a dad it is considered the norm…………..and yes I know that women do most of the work around the household but it still bothers me I feel like some people don’t think being a dad is as important as being a mum which is a load of shit…………….



Suicide is Serious…………..Always

Suicide not something people like to talk about but something that has been on my mind this morning and no I do not want to end my life, I have a great life but I have a sister and yes I am sure everyone is thinking Sue…………………and yes I am talking about Sue…………………..anyway she has a habit of posting Facebook statuses like this one “I want to go home. My eternal home and be with my heavenly Father I’m ready Lord! Please take me home”
Now everyone in the family worries about Sue because she does seem to have this thing about death and even though she is annoying at times we love her and do not want to see anything happen to her. That said when I read this status on Friday my only comment was “WTF” maybe not a concerning or helpful comment but sometimes we do feel that she posts statuses like this to get a reaction out of us and that is wrong we shouldn’t feel like that we should always take her seriously because if she did do something to harm herself we would all feel awful and guilty.

My questions to other readers is do you ever see or hear statements like this so often that you become immune to them, because that is what I think happened with me on Friday I just felt like I had heard it before and she doesn’t mean it and well “WTF”……………..

Sue if you are reading this I don’t feel like “WTF” at all I love you and I worry about you but you have shut yourself off from me and others and that is not good. I would hate to see you harm yourself in any way shape or form…………………… Please remember sis that no matter how angry or pissed off we maybe with each other you are an important member of this family and NO you are not the black sheep of the family the only person who thinks that is YOU……………………You are Sue a one of the kind person loud and over the top at times but loving and sentimental as well…………


What does your bedroom look like? Is it is neat and tidy with everything in its place? Or is it an organised mess? What made me ask this today?

Well I just went into my bedroom to change into my long pyjama pants why well because they are warm and comfy and I am not going anywhere so why not………………..but when I went in to change I took off the ¾ pants I was wearing and folded them and put them on the floor beside my bed which made me think that my bedroom is more and organised mess and not neat and tidy but my side of the bed is a lot neater then Tim’s side………………yes his side is a terrible mess and he can’t find anything unlike me I don’t have much trouble finding my stuff when I want something I can go and get it straight up without having to ask Tim were it is………………………….of course he has to ask me were stuff is whenever he is after something and most of the time it is right under his nose he just doesn’t move stuff when he is looking……………..but then he is a man and most men don’t move things…………lol

Tim has two rooms our bedroom and his office/room where he has his computer and tv and that room is also a mess and he often complains he can’t find something in there and blames Leo for getting into his stuff but the truth is the room is just a mess…………………and he is lazy I will say to him that I am respecting his space which is why I don’t go in and tidy it up unless he asks me too……………

Children usually have a messy room I remember when my girls got to be teenagers I would often just close the door and not go into the room unless they said it was ok for me to go in and clean it for them…………..

5 Words

Bloody hell it is hot here today have the air con going since around 10ish and I am in a good mood today a really good mood I feel all happy and bubbly inside……………

Let’s move onto today’s post many years ago me and my sisters were chatting can’t remember how it all started but anyway we each had to come up with 5 words to describe each other and what 5 words did my sister Sue use to describe me Aggressive, Abrupt, Rude, Judging and Insensitive this was a shock for me as I had never thought of myself as being judging or insensitive yes I could be abrupt or rude at times aggressive well I don’t know about that one either.

Anyway after that I decided to try and change my ways and I think I have done so, I no longer answer the phone with “yeah what do you want” unless I am in a bad mood and you are an overseas telemarketer who may not speak English well then I may snap when I answer the phone…………….lol

I think I did a post about this a few years ago but after doing the post about my grandfather “Tom” the other day, that got me thinking about those words said so many years ago and now I am wondering what 5 words will they use to describe me now days……………

So family members what 5 words would you use to describe me now…………………………..