670odd emails, a car and swimming lessons


Yesterday afternoon I suddenly thought why don’t I try using a different email program so that is what I did I set up Windows Live Mail and guess what it works and I am now getting my emails. Before I could get it set up I had to ring tech support and get a new password for my email account, which I did and now all is good and I am getting my emails again so I am now a happy camper…………..

Not that I ever go camping because I do not like camping I like a bed and not a blow up thing on the ground oh and I have to have a toilet and a decent shower although I would prefer a bath but anyway lets get back to the point. Which is I am getting emails again, I had to sort through over 670 emails most of which I just deleted but I did read I think 7 emails which was blogs sent to me via email. Ok most of the 670 odd emails were blogs but I wasn’t reading all of them…..lol

So what has happened since my last post well………..nothing much………….Kathy did get a new/second hand car it is Michael’s fathers old car they paid $3,500 for it his dad sold it to them for what he would get if he traded it in. Now they have 3 cars and at first they were talking about selling Kathy’s old car but Kathy told me today that Michael has realised it makes more sense to sell his sports car and he can use the new car and Kathy can keep using her old blue Nissin which she owns. They are hoping that they get pretty much enough from the sale of the sports car to pay off the loan for it.

Oh yeah I also went with Kathy to watch Sydney-May’s swimming lesson this morning and afterwards I watched Summer here while Kathy took Sydney to the park for an hour so they could have some time just mummy & Sydney. I loved watching Summer and she was good for me.

Back to Kathy’s car we now have the blue car here for a while since she didn’t want it just sitting at her place as she doesn’t live in the best area and she was worried about having it just sit at the top of her driveway.


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