Tour Guide/Lisa


During our China trip we had two tour guides the first was a woman named Lisa, she was a nice lady talked a lot but that was part of her job even though there was this one man who made stupid smart ass comments about how much she talked.

During the 4 days with her we learnt that she was married with a 12yr old daughter and that she lived in the suburbs of Beijing in a two bedroom apartment but pretty much everyone lives in an apartment except the rich who can afford to live in a house.

She was concerned about me trying to walk suggesting that I stay in the bus or wait in a coffee shop but what she didn’t think to do was contact her bosses and get them to pass on to the next tour guide that there was a disabled woman on the tour and to see what could be done to make things easier for me. That said she did what she could to make things easier for me arranging for me to be picked up and dropped of close to the bus when possible.


China/Pearls & Sore Feet


Our first night in China was spent on a rock hard bed that was like sleeping on the ground, we where up and dressed in fresh clothes by 6.30am, we go down for breakfast which was only so so not a lot there that appealed to me.

After breakfast we headed downstairs to meet the tour guide a lovely lady named Lisa, we then went to a pearl factory to learn about pearls and to buy some if we wished, I did not wish. I found it hard to stand and a nice Chinese gentleman found me a chair.

My feet where swollen and sore, I had chosen to wear by grey shoes as I thought they would be good for walking, I was wrong.

China Day 1 arrival

We are home from China, had a great time but we are not planning on returning there any time soon or any time later, it was a nice country but I have no desire to return there.

The flight over there was ok, it was long and of course we flew economy and we were in the centre seats so no room to move. I slept for most of the flight and of course it was hot when we arrived and it was close to 1am when we arrived at the hotel, all I wanted was to have a hot shower and go to bed.

However, when we arrived I ended up just passing out on the worse bed I have ever slept on it was rock hard and really uncomfortable and of course we had to get up at 6.30am to have breakfast and ready to leave on our first day of tours.

Breakfast was so so not great but eatable, we had nothing else to eat for the rest of the day.

Off to China

Just a quick post today, yesterday was spent packing and such and today will be spent travelling same for tomorrow.

Tim & I are going to China for a holiday, it is a 10 day guided tour cost us $1998 for the two of us that includes air fare, accommodation, tours and some meals, so a pretty good price.

I will not be posting much while away but when I get back there will be heaps of post trip posts.

Leo dragged out a large suit case and asked if we could pack him in it and take him with us…………..

When asked what he wanted me to bring him back from China he said Papa safe……………….

Thank you Sue

Hello everyone it is a cold and wet morning here in Newie although it looks like it might become fine at some point.

I am waiting for someone to come and do a housing maintenance walk through too document anything that needs repairing in the house. They are suppose to be here by 11am but we will see.

Mum said her and dad are doing much better, so much so that my sister Sue who has been staying with them for the last six weeks has spent the last few nights at her own flat, when she told dad that she was going back to her flat on Friday night he said NO you can’t go I need you here. She talked to him and said she had to go home at some point and he said NO you have to move back in here. That said he coped fine without here and she spent a few nights in her own flat and still went and got him up in the morning.

Mum has told me often that Sue has been fantastic and she doesn’t know how they would have coped without her there.

I have been so thankful to Sue as well, it has been a weight off my mind knowing she was there with them.

You do it or let some else do it

What’s one thing you’d rather pay someone to do than do yourself?

One thing? How about many things such as house work and lawn care when I was younger I was fine doing these things well not the lawn care I have never done lawn care, Tim always took care of the outside of the house. Now days he prefers to pay our next door neighbour to do the lawn he is in his 60’s, Tim who is 57 finds it too much hard work.

Even though I would prefer to pay someone else to do my housework I still do 90% of the housework such as the laundry and the vacuuming and the dishes because that is just the way it is.

So what about you?