Home Sweet Home


Today it is another hot and muggy day and I have done very little except strip David’s bed and wash the sheets and then remade the bed then I cleaned his bath tub then I checked me emails and read some blogs while I waited for Kathy to come and pick me up and bring me home again…………….

Oh how I have missed my bed and my bath and my telly with Foxtel that doesn’t drop out except in really bad weather……………………

Kathy brought me home and Sydney wanted to stay with nanna for a while which she did Kathy has just come and picked her up they have to go to the shops before returning home, Kathy left Summer with her dad (Michael) while she came her to get Sydney.

After getting home I had to unpack the dishwasher and vacuum the house and tidy the spare room and of course I had to make Sydney some lunch and then I made myself some lunch, hot chips for Sydney and fried rice for me.

Tim will not be home from work till around 7pm so for a while it will be just be me here for a while this afternoon. Strange how being home alone is different when I am in my own home compared to someone else’s home I didn’t mind staying at my brothers but it feels good to be home again…………

I look forward to having a nice long hot bath this afternoon. David just rang to say they are home and to thank me for staying and watching the dogs, he asked how I managed with the dogs they were fine didn’t have a problem. Although I said that the dogs only just started getting us to me yesterday coming up and wanting me to pat him and of course I left today………………..lol


Sweet child I remember a year ago today like it was just yesterday! Waking daddy up and him responding with “no no no snooze now” waking up your brother so we could drop him off at his mothers, rushing to the hospital each contraction getting steadily more closer and painful!
I remember the lead up, and holding daddy’s hand and him comforting me, and when he had to leave I was scared and then another contraction came and I very awkwardly asked if I could hold the midwives hand, I remember daddy pushing back my hair as I vomited and the look of worry but proudness on his face as I went through that pain, but it was such a short experience after convincing my midwive to let me off the stupid monitor so I could shower I was up against the wall yelling to together that “daemon is coming!!”

I everyone is in disbelief as I was only 6cm dialated,  I crawled back onto that bed and closed my eyes, and pushed you on out, the few minutes they had you to check you were ok after the complications was the most petrifying minutes of my life, but when you were layed down in my arms everything went silent and it was just you and me, you grasped my pinky with your whole hand and snuggled into me, that was the best day of my life……..

You were so little and fragile I was just so scared I’d break you it felt like everything I read and already knew had been forgotten, and I was a lost little girl again and then when you latched onto me for the first time that was it, it felt real, I felt strong and confident, I had daddy by my side whispering to me how amazing I was and how proud he was of me.

Through out the past months we have together watched our baby grow and learn amazing new things, I’m so proud of you baby I don’t how time went so fast!! Happy first birthday Daemon Joseph  xoxoxo

Written by my niece………….. Kelli-Jayne

Summer is here………………


What a day Summer is here……………yes Summer is here……………..now you may be wondering what I am on about as here in Aus we are heading out of summer and into autumn but I am not talking about the weather here I am talking about my granddaughter.

Yes my precious first born Kathy-Lee gave birth to her second daughter Summer Dawn at 8.05am this morning.

Last night well this morning really as it was 2.20am when my mobile rang by the time I got out of bed and found my phone it had stopped ringing so I thought bugga I am going to have to find my glasses and find out who rang. Since we all know you don’t get calls at 2.20am unless it is important and I knew what the call would be about, anyway before I had a chance to do anything the phone rang again. It was Michael ringing to tell me that Kathy-Lee was in labour and only 5cm’s dilated but thought he would let me know what was happening.

So I go back to bed all excited and 10 minutes later my phone rings again this time it is Kathy ringing to make sure I know to take Sydney to day care today. When I picked Sydney-May up to take her to daycare she was excited when I told her next time she saw mummy, mummy would have Summer with her and not in her tummy.

Anyway i was at the plaza this morning when I sent Michael a text and asked if Summer had been born, this was at 8.45am and I was wondering what was happening he replied and told me that she had been born at 8.05am. I was a little annoy as I would had liked it if he had told me sooner, I couldn’t help wondering if I hadn’t texted him when would he had told me.


Summer Dawn

Born: 08:05 21/02/2013

Weight: 7 Pound 3 Ounces

Length: 52 Centimeters




There a numberous names for us grandparents such as grandmother/father, grandma/pa nanna, pop, gramps and papa just to name a few and then there are other names unquie to a persons culture.
I am nanna to my grandchildren as I do not like to be called grandma “grandma” makes me feel old…………..lol
Tim is called papa because he doesn’t like the name “pop” for the same reason.
So here is my question to you if you are a grandparent what do your grandchildren call you, who picked the name you or the child.
Growing up I called all my grandparents nanna & pop my mother’s parents where just called nan and pop always and if I was talking about my father’s parents the it was poppy Jenkins and his mum was called “big nan” and his grandmother my great grandmother was always know as “little nan” because she was just that little she only stood around 4’6″. Little nan was the best she was just awesome. This is a 5 generations photo taken when Kathy-Lee was only 7 weeks old, little nan pased away a few years later.Image
My girls all call my parents nanna & pop and they called Tim’s mother grandma and they used to call his father grandpa but recently they have taken to calling him Ron as they said they do not respect him enough to call him grandpa if Tim “isn’t his son” then he “isn’t their grandfather”.
I have alway been close to my nan & pop but not much to dad’s parents although I did see poppy Jenkins a lot but rarely saw dad’s mum as she lived in Sydney and we just didn’t see her much. Anyway as child I spent a lot of time with my nan & pop and even though poppy Jenkins was often at our place I never felt like he liked me much, this I blame on the fact that he often said things that made me feel that way and when I was 14 he told me that my sister  Sue was a better girl then me. This is one of those things that have stuck in my head.

Heros and love


Do you ever get annoyed when you hear sports people being called heros? I do they are not heros in my eyes they are just people good at a sport. To me a hero is someone who knowingly puts the lives at risk in order to help another, it is someone who rushes into a burning building to rescue someone. It is not a footy player who is good at the sport or some awesome cricket player.
Fire personal, soliders, police offices and ambos are heros they choice to do a dangerous job, yes there are other heros out there those are jus the ones that come to mind. You maybe wondering what has inspired this post and to be honest I don’t really know but hell that is the case with most of my posts…….
Let’s move away from heros and onto people we love………….do you get annoyed when you hear people saying they love somone they have never meant and never will. At times it just annoys me that we say we love someone so easly when in fact we don’t love them we admire them we think they are cool and we love the work they do but we don’t really love them how could we, we don’t them.
It also annoys me when I hear people say they fell in love at first sight, I don’t believe in love at first sight……………you can be madly attracted to someone at first sight, you can be in lust at first sight and you can know straight off that you want to get to know someone a lot better but I do not think you are truly in love with someone as soon as you meet them. I knew straight off that I wanted to get to know Tim a lot better straight off the bat, I think we clicked when we first met but I do not think I was in love with him at first sight.

Thank You Diana and a little about my niece Heather

I want to say a big thank you to Diana from:  http://talktodiana.wordpress.com/ for picking me for her Friday Picks.


Now that is done I want to chat about something a little more important what can be more important you wonder……well I will tell you……………my niece Heather who is a beautiful young woman and a wonderful mother to her 3 children, annouced today on Facebook that she is now officially engaged. Sometimes I forget that Heather & Paul are not married as they have been together for so long.

Heather was not always the best child but she has grown into a lovely woman, but hell many people give their parents headaches and cause them a fair amount of worry but if the child grows into someone you are truly proud of then you know you have done good.

Heather is one of those people I think she knows that her Aunty Jo is proud of the woman she has become and her mother my sister Sue is also proud of her, even when they are fighting…….lol

Heather comes across to me as a woman who can stand on her own two feet, and support and care for her children and takes responsabilty for her own mistakes.


Koombahla Nursing Home


As everyone knows my grandmother is in a nursing home and I go with my mum to visit her every Wednesday the place she is in is called Koombahla it is local takes us only 10 minutes to drive there which is great. The name Koombahla is Aboriginal and means “gum trees” not that there are any gum trees around the place well not that I have noticed.

The place is nice it doesn’t smell well generally it doesn’t smell there have been a couple of visits that we have noticed a smell. The rooms are either single rooms or double rooms Nan was in a room with a woman named Shirley but since Shirley passed away over the weekend and they have asked if it would be alright to move Nan to another room so a married couple could have her room. They want to move her into a room with a lady they know is quiet since Nan doesn’t deal well with people who are loud.

The only problem mum has with them moving Nan is that she is worried that Pop who passed away 4th November 2012 will not know where Nan is, yes I know some of you may think this is strange but my granddaughter Sydney-May and my niece Temika both have said they have seen Pop in Nans room since he passed away.  I told mum he will follow her to the new room and we will know since Temika looks for him at each visit.