Hello Friday what a cool start too the day, Friday is the day for my thoughts and what are my thoughts this day, I don’t know let me think for a bit.

Ok let’s talk about bread as in what type of bread do you like?

There are many different types of bread now days around a pond a time there was little to no choice. In fact now days there are over 200 different types of bread around the world. Here in Australia there are around a dozen different types mainly bought.

Once here in Australia a type of bread called damper was common place, not so much now days except around Australia Day. Damper is a thick soda bread usually round in shape.

I am boring and like plain white bread or raisin or fruit loaf but really don’t like sourdough bread and yes I have tried it. When I was a child my Nan use to get brown bread which I ate but didn’t like much.

Google tells me that Egyptians eat the most bread in the world which I did not know.



Here we are at Thursday and this Thursday it is somewhat cool bordering on cold this morning haven’t broken into a sweat at all so far.

Well it is time for the word of the week and this week it is….nondescript which of course means, lacking distinctive characteristics and not easily defined or classifed.


Tuesday here in Newie and my creature for the creature post is the Mimic Octopus.

This Octopus uses colour matching and shape shifting this cleaver creature avoids the jaws of its predators, it imitates many different creatures including a poisonous flatfish scooting along the sea floor and a lion-fish swimming with its toxic spines erect.

Maybe its most incredible morph, however, is when imitating the venomous banded sea snake. It conceals six of its arms in the sand and raises the other two now z,covered in thick black and beige stripes, in opposite directions to resemble the snake.

The mimic octopus was discovered in 1998 off the coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Most sightings have come from that country, though it’s been spotted as far afield as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Mimic octopuses reach about 60cm in length and are typically brown and white striped. Mimic octopuses have been observed shifting between impersonations as it crosses the ocean floor to return to its burrow.


Good morning all here I am at another Monday here in Newie and Monday means facts and this week we are still in Queensland.

The state receives an average of 261 days of sunshine every year – hence its nickname, The Sunshine State.

Queensland has more than 200 national parks – so many to explore

Queensland boasts some of the oldest dinosaur footprints in the world, and they can be found in the outback town of Winton.

There are over 100 islands off the Queensland coast including Stradbroke, Whitsundays and Magnetic Island.

Queensland is home to the world largest sand island. The World Heritage listed Fraser Island.

WEEK 12 OF 2023

Had a good nights sleep awake at 4 and up at 5am, going to be another hot one.

Did the online food shop, Coles has a new website looks good.

Rode the scooter up to speak to Tasha.

Kathy and Summer arrived at 11am to do some housework and to shower me.

Awake at 4 and up at 5am again, it is a sticky morning but the breeze feels nice. Not suppose to be as hot today. It is very windy this morning.

Sandy called in to drop off a load of washing she will come back later to pick it up.

Much cooler today even a tad cold this arvo.

Awake at 4.20 to pee and up at 5am, I have nothing for breakfast so sent Tasha a text seeing if she could call into Macca’s on her way home from the gym for me.

Tim up at 6.30am which was as surprise and annoying as no book this morning, he has the TV on.

Much cooler this morning but it warmed up by 10ish.

Tim rang the Perm about a transaction on his account he didn’t recognise and after some talking he realised he had signed up to something he didn’t mean to do. He still cancelled the card and will get a new one in the mail.

A new day has arrived going to be a warm one I am already dripping sweat. I have the doors opened and there is a slight breeze but still I sweat.

Tim’s surgery is this afternoon at Warners Bay Private Hospital he needs to be there by 3.30pm.

Cleaners here this morning they will do what they can in a hour. They will be in a fortnight. The did a decent job.

What a night I had, it started yesterday arvo around 3pm. I just felt like I was going to throw up and by 3.30 I was standing over the toilet waiting to throw up. I was shaking and sweating and really felt like shit, so I rang Tasha and said help me. She sent Blain who so caring and when he didn’t go back home she came to see what was happening. By 4pm I had thrown up and was starting to feel more with it. I went to bed and slept till 8.45pm when something outside woke me and of course I had a bad headache not that there are good headaches. By midnight I was still tossing and turning and still had the headache, so got up and took a couple of paracetamol tablets and around 1ish I went back to sleep till 5am when I got up for the day. After having breakfast I am feeling ok.

Found a message from Tim he had his surgery and was back in a ward.

We are in for another pretty warm to hot day with a temp of 30 degrees.

Sam’s phone is going to voicemail so I sent Tasha a message which she did not reply to so after 15 minutes I rang her. She didn’t answer but rang me back and went on about him being old enough to himself up without me ringing me.

Sandy came over to use the washing machine while she was waiting for it to finish she hung some photos for me. So the house is looking more like home.

At 10ish Tim rang to get Tasha to pick him up.

Dr Babu my neurologist rang at 12.30, she has increased my medication again. I now take 2 for times a day.

Had a much better night thankfully awake at 5am as usual. We had a storm last night that I slept through. Suppose to be a cooler day.

At just before 9am I looked up and saw my brother’s friend Moran standing outside and wondered what the hell he was doing here. It turned out he was looking for the car that hit his car and pissed off.

Tim felt like pizza so ordered some pizza, of course he looked at the price and wanted to know what I ordered but as I said I don’t have pizza very often so wasn’t going for just the cheap pizza.

Woke to rain nice steady rain, suppose to rain all day.

Last night Jess told me that she asked Tasha for help with sorting out an OT Assessment for Leo and she keeps forgetting and Jess was in tears. I told her to send me the info and I will sort it out.

It is NSW state election day so Tim will have to walk down and vote

Kathy brought over some home cooked meals for me and Tim to have during the week.


Well yesterday I started a post for word of the week but then my sister Sandy turned up and I forgot about it not the end of the world.

So what to talk about or should that read write about today, it is Friday and that means it is my thoughts day but what are my thoughts.

Ok I think this week’s topic will be photos most people take photos of family and scenery but what do you do with them after you take them. Do you print them and store them in an album, or do like me hang many of them on your walls. Before we had all the work done to the house my walls were covered in photos but then we had to take them all down for the house to be painted.

Maybe you have an electronic device that displays digital photos, I have thought about getting one but they have to be plugged in and that means adding to our electricity bill, so no I think I will pass on that.

My daughters are so different from me as they have little or no photos on their walls and use to say I had too many.

My Mum had a lot of photos own her walls and scattered around her loungeroom floor. I will admit I was the one who hung many of the photos at my parents house as I thought the walls looked bare.

I will share photos of my walls on Wednesday as ya know that is photo day.


Welcome Tuesday it is creature day and this week’s creature is the Wreathed Hornbill if you haven’t guessed it’s a bird.

This distinctive bird has specialised ridges on the top of its beak called casques, they signify dominance and gender. he males throats are yellow and the female is blue.

They mate for life and have a breeding practice akin to an ancient Egyptian burial. When the female is ready to lay its eggs she builds a nest in a tree cavity, the male then entombs her in the cavity, sealing it with mud, fruit and faeces and leaving only a slender hole through which he feeds her and their chicks.

For about four months time the female and her offspring are dependent on the male for survival.


Here we at anther Monday so it is Aussie fact day and today we are looking at Queensland.

Queensland is the second largest state in Australia it is on the East Coast, the coastline stretchers around 7,000kms. It’s total area is 1.853 millions square kilometers. It has a population of over 5.185 million.

It is home to the worlds largest coral reef known as the Great Barrier Reef.

The city of Cairns is a gateway to the reef and tropical Daintree Rainforest.

The capital, Brisbane, is flanked by the surfing beaches of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

Queensland separated from the Colony of New South Wales in 1859 becoming a self governing Crown colony and in 1901 became one of the six founding states of Australia.