Another Week Gone By

Here I am on Sunday afternoon feeling oh so tired but hanging in there.

I was up at 7am a cool day, Tim took the car.

Jess & Leo called to show me her new car, while they were here Kelli arrived to drop off Blain. It was nice seeing them all.

Natasha helping me tonight, going to be a early night I am extremely tired.

Monday I was up at 6.45am, been thinking about aqua, I want to go but have a lot of pain in my left arm and neck and my left knee isn’t good either.

I did go to aqua it was good.

Not much else today, just wrote letters and read blogs.

Tuesday I woke at 6am to go to the loo but it was so dark in the house that I want back to bed till 6.30

Had a hour long nap at midday as I was falling asleep at computer.

Leo is here for the night.

Again I am done in my 6pm.

Thursday I was awake at 6am, up & dressed by 6.40am, found Leo awake in the lounge room on his ipad.

I medicated Leo at 10am. He is off again today.

Sandra came and picked up cards so Tim could give Mum money.

Leo is feed up with Blain and crying in frustration, he took his meds early.

Friday I woke at 6.15, got up went to the loo and sat on the bed thinking about what to wear today.

I managed to do my own make up.

Tasha drove me to Charlie and stayed there till Jess arrived. However, I didn’t see her, she went and did her own thing.

I like Jess’s new car, very nice.

I am very tired yet again.

Saturday I slept in till 7.30am, Jess arrived with Leo around 8.30 she will be back around 6pm.

Kathy & girls came over and I had a list printed for Kathy with household jobs I would like done. She did most of them without complaint.

Tasha came down and wanted me to give her the gift cards from Skin Kandy but I was strong and said NO even though she pleaded.

Jessica arrived around 6pm and was able to help me get ready for bed. Which was good as Natasha went out for the night and didn’t tell me.

Now it is time to post yet again.


Poem Day

Into all our lives, in many simple , familar,

homely ways, God infuses this element of joy

from the surprises of life, which unexpectedly

brighten our days, and fill our eyes with light.

BY:  Longfellow

Another week gone by

Before she left last night Jess put the chicken on too cook in the slow cooker.

I am in a stressed mood snapping at everyone. I just have no patience with anyone.

Felt really hot around 3pm and I turned on the air con.

Tim bought himself a new computer and I am annoyed because if it was mine that died I would have had to wait longer.

I am exhausted by 5.30pm

I was awake at 6am but laid in bed till 6.30am, I went to aqua. I really need new swimmers as the ones I have are 2 sizes too big.

It has been another very warm day

Monday now and yesterday it was very warm,today it is dark and wet when I woke up at 7am the house was very dark, I thought it was earlier.

Had to go to bed for an hour at 10.30am.

Tuesday it has been raining heavy all afternoon.

Leo is here for the night

Wednesday saw heavy rain all morning, I have given Leo an umbrella even though he has managed to destroy three of them already.

Didn’t do much else for the rest of the day.

Thursday I was up at 7am still wet outside, I have a Dr’s appointment.

I have been referred to a specialist about the rheumatoid arthritis as the blood test isn’t conclusive.

This afternoon Leo walked down to Coles with Blain and on returning he went to Blain’s to hang out and play Xbox.

Also at school today he was hit in the head with a metal gate, thankfully he is ok and not hurt.

Up at 6.45am, managed to dress myself and do my own make-up before going to Charlie to meet mum and others for breakfast.

Tasha was in a mood this morning complaining about having to get Mum’s scooter each Friday.

Kelli & Freya met Jessica and me at the square and Jessica drove me home in Kelli’s car.

Jessica bought me another fancy eclair this one was strawberry, it was nice but a bit sickly.

Jess got Leo out of school early so he could go back to Kelli’s for the night but he didn’t want to go so just stayed at home while Jess was at work.

Jessica & Tim went and bought her car, now I have to find insurance for it.

Saturday and I woke at 7.30am this morning and it was an effort to get up but of course I did and had Tim help me get dressed.

I helped Tim with his new computer and did more research for car insurance. It is comprehensive insurance we need, for Jessica’s new car.

Tim and I went out for lunch to the Eastern Tiger for lunch as it. is our 35th wedding anniversary tomorrow. No gifts exchanged we don’t do that.

Kathy brought the shopping over and got the clothes off the line but didn’t do the bed.

Sunday now and the time has come to post this.

Just Another Week

Another week gone, another week started.

Tim went to take Mum’s car to work and it wouldn’t start again. He took the bike to work.

It has been a nice day spent alone.

Monday I slept in till 9am as I just didn’t feel like getting up. Tim was lent a battery pack starter by a guy at work which he used to start Mum’s car.

Sandy came over to print something.

She was annoyed that Tim has Mum’s car. He drove it to work.

Managed to write 3 letters.

Monday I woke up at 8.20am this morning was surprised by the time.

Sandra came and picked up Mum’s car she will return it on Thursday morning before I need it to go to my appointment that morning.

Leo had to walk to school on his own because Tasha is fed up driving him each morning.

Leo is here tonight, Natasha was suppose to ring Leo this morning and tell him to leave for school but forgot. She also said she was going to get him out early but thankfully she didn’t.

Kathy’s birthday I sent her a voice message.

Wednesday I was up at 6.30am this morning, just before Tim got up. Leo got up around some time and left for school on time.

Been a nice day, haven’t done much all day.

Up at 7am and had a nice hot bath took the heater from the lounge room into the bath room, so I was warm.

Sandra dropped off Mum’s car, Sue picked Sandy up.

Tim and I went to counselling the lady was nice, although she was very soft spoken and I found it annoying. I go back next month.

She thinks I should see another neurologist and has a problelm getting her head around how long I have had the tremor.

Leo came home from school today as he had a sore throat and was so tired. Jess said that as soon they got home he laid down and slept for a couple of hours.

Up at 7am to Natasha knocking on the door.

Last night Leo asked if he could connect his laptop to Papa’s computer and we said sure. However, Tim’s computer screen chose that time to pack it in. of course Tim blamed Leo but after he spoke to Michael he realised that Leo did nothing.

I didn’t wear make up today.

Kathy & the girls turned up with shopping at 4.45. I gave her a birthday present and she seemed to like it.

Up at 7am dressed and ready for Jess to drop off Leo Tim is at work so just me and Leo for the day.

I had a diabetic turn with low BGL Leo had to give me so honey.

Tasha was trying to move photos from her phone to her hard drive but it wasn’t working.

Well that is it for this week, time to post.

Another Week D one and Dusted

Father’s Day today, our first without Dad. Went to Mum’s for lunch it was a nice outing. Dave & Leigh with Sue & Sandy went to see Dad and took the card I got for Dad and left it on his grave.

Monday I woke up with a headache but other wise I am ok. I ended up going back to bed for 1.5hrs at 9.15am.

Tim was here when I got up at 10.45am, he left at 1.30pm to go back to work.

I did two loads of washing today.

Tuesday, I woke up at 6.45 but stayed in bed till 7.20, Tasha came and helped me get dressed.

At 8.45 the power went out, it may be out till 4pm while Ausgrid do some work. We received notice this would happen a few weeks back.

At midday I went to have a lay down and I am surprised that I slept for 2hrs. However, I woke feeling lightheaded and foggy, so I ate and then I was fine kinda.

At 2.30pm the power came back on.

Leo is here tonight

Thursday I woke up at 6.15, tired as……..

I have had too have two naps today.

I am going to sleep watching telly so off to bed for me

Woke up at 6.15, tired as……..

I have had too have two naps today.

I am going to sleep watching telly so off to bed for me

Friday saw me up again at 6.15am, Tasha rang me at 7am and came to help me get dressed.

It was nice at breakfast 2 sisters and 2 nieces and 1 great-niece turned up, with Tasha and Mum of course.

I have felt tired all day again.

Jessica bought me a Legacy bear.

Been very windy and a hot wind at that, all afternoon, had to turn the air con on for a while.

Saturday and Jessica is working but we don’t have Leo as he is going to Kelli’s for the day.

I slept in till 7.20am, Tim is off today.

Mum is worried about Dawson going out and not arranging a lift home in advance. Although on Friday he arranged for Sam to pick him up but tonight she was unable to do it so Tasha went and got him before she got me already for bed.

Tim went out to start mum’s car to go down the road and it had a flat battery so had to get Tasha to jump start it.

A Better Week

Another week over another week started, let’s hope it is a better week.

Woke up feeling horrible and depressed.

Had a shocking day.

Tasha found me crying in the backyard because I felt like everything is too hard.

Monday morning I woke feeling a bit better then yesterday but still not great.

Spoke to mum around 2pm she was really upset and angry, her pension didn’t go in, it will go in on Wednesday.

I have asked mum if we could borrow her car for a few weeks, she said we can but only Tim can drive it.

Leo still here tonight, Jess should be home around 7pm.

I am pleased that Leo & Blain have been getting along.

Tuesday I woke feeling about 90% like myself.

Went with Jess to appointment with the child psychologists about Leo. They are going to go and observe him in class and then he will have to see him at the clinic.

Tim had a phone call from the Perm telling him that he has two credit cards we don’t know about it, one with Citibank and one with Latitude. Turned out one was the Coles Mastercard and the other was a Gem card we never received from an interest free loan.

Tim went and borrowed Mum’s car for a while she said that only him can drive it not Tasha.

Leo is at his house for a couple of nights.

Wednesday I was feeling a lot more like myself today thankfully. So I was able to clean the bath and do a couple of loads of washing.

Looks like Jess should have her car by Saturday.

Tim came home in a better mood.

Thursday morning now I slept most of the night, so woke up feeling good.

It started out nice but has been cold and wet since 2pm so I am glad Tim has a car.

Leo here tonight and he is getting along with Blain.

The Perm contacted Tim they want even more info for the loan. This is a joke.

Friday I was awake since 5.30am and it is wet and cold. I am glad Tim has a car to drive to work.

Jess isn’t getting the car now as the loan is taking too long to be approved.

She is disappointed.

I am in so much pain that I can’t sit or stand and Tasha isn’t here to help, I had a cry but I don’t know how much more I can take.

Saturday and it seems I had some people worried about me, due to my Facebook post yesterday. I woke up feeling a bit better.

Leo is here for the afternoon and night while Jess is working.

Tasha managed to get my Norspan patch at Guardian at Warners Bay.

So another week is done and dusted