Another week gone by

Before she left last night Jess put the chicken on too cook in the slow cooker.

I am in a stressed mood snapping at everyone. I just have no patience with anyone.

Felt really hot around 3pm and I turned on the air con.

Tim bought himself a new computer and I am annoyed because if it was mine that died I would have had to wait longer.

I am exhausted by 5.30pm

I was awake at 6am but laid in bed till 6.30am, I went to aqua. I really need new swimmers as the ones I have are 2 sizes too big.

It has been another very warm day

Monday now and yesterday it was very warm,today it is dark and wet when I woke up at 7am the house was very dark, I thought it was earlier.

Had to go to bed for an hour at 10.30am.

Tuesday it has been raining heavy all afternoon.

Leo is here for the night

Wednesday saw heavy rain all morning, I have given Leo an umbrella even though he has managed to destroy three of them already.

Didn’t do much else for the rest of the day.

Thursday I was up at 7am still wet outside, I have a Dr’s appointment.

I have been referred to a specialist about the rheumatoid arthritis as the blood test isn’t conclusive.

This afternoon Leo walked down to Coles with Blain and on returning he went to Blain’s to hang out and play Xbox.

Also at school today he was hit in the head with a metal gate, thankfully he is ok and not hurt.

Up at 6.45am, managed to dress myself and do my own make-up before going to Charlie to meet mum and others for breakfast.

Tasha was in a mood this morning complaining about having to get Mum’s scooter each Friday.

Kelli & Freya met Jessica and me at the square and Jessica drove me home in Kelli’s car.

Jessica bought me another fancy eclair this one was strawberry, it was nice but a bit sickly.

Jess got Leo out of school early so he could go back to Kelli’s for the night but he didn’t want to go so just stayed at home while Jess was at work.

Jessica & Tim went and bought her car, now I have to find insurance for it.

Saturday and I woke at 7.30am this morning and it was an effort to get up but of course I did and had Tim help me get dressed.

I helped Tim with his new computer and did more research for car insurance. It is comprehensive insurance we need, for Jessica’s new car.

Tim and I went out for lunch to the Eastern Tiger for lunch as it. is our 35th wedding anniversary tomorrow. No gifts exchanged we don’t do that.

Kathy brought the shopping over and got the clothes off the line but didn’t do the bed.

Sunday now and the time has come to post this.

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