Just Another Week

Another week gone, another week started.

Tim went to take Mum’s car to work and it wouldn’t start again. He took the bike to work.

It has been a nice day spent alone.

Monday I slept in till 9am as I just didn’t feel like getting up. Tim was lent a battery pack starter by a guy at work which he used to start Mum’s car.

Sandy came over to print something.

She was annoyed that Tim has Mum’s car. He drove it to work.

Managed to write 3 letters.

Monday I woke up at 8.20am this morning was surprised by the time.

Sandra came and picked up Mum’s car she will return it on Thursday morning before I need it to go to my appointment that morning.

Leo had to walk to school on his own because Tasha is fed up driving him each morning.

Leo is here tonight, Natasha was suppose to ring Leo this morning and tell him to leave for school but forgot. She also said she was going to get him out early but thankfully she didn’t.

Kathy’s birthday I sent her a voice message.

Wednesday I was up at 6.30am this morning, just before Tim got up. Leo got up around some time and left for school on time.

Been a nice day, haven’t done much all day.

Up at 7am and had a nice hot bath took the heater from the lounge room into the bath room, so I was warm.

Sandra dropped off Mum’s car, Sue picked Sandy up.

Tim and I went to counselling the lady was nice, although she was very soft spoken and I found it annoying. I go back next month.

She thinks I should see another neurologist and has a problelm getting her head around how long I have had the tremor.

Leo came home from school today as he had a sore throat and was so tired. Jess said that as soon they got home he laid down and slept for a couple of hours.

Up at 7am to Natasha knocking on the door.

Last night Leo asked if he could connect his laptop to Papa’s computer and we said sure. However, Tim’s computer screen chose that time to pack it in. of course Tim blamed Leo but after he spoke to Michael he realised that Leo did nothing.

I didn’t wear make up today.

Kathy & the girls turned up with shopping at 4.45. I gave her a birthday present and she seemed to like it.

Up at 7am dressed and ready for Jess to drop off Leo Tim is at work so just me and Leo for the day.

I had a diabetic turn with low BGL Leo had to give me so honey.

Tasha was trying to move photos from her phone to her hard drive but it wasn’t working.

Well that is it for this week, time to post.

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