Here we are at another Tuesday which is creature day and today’s creature is the Mantis Shrimp.

It’s body may look pretty but it is one fierce crustacean, it has a pair of club-shaped limbs that it uses to deliver the fastest punch of any creature. The force of the punch is so great it is capable of breaking the glass of an aquarium.

Fishermen consider it to be one to avoided as they have been known to cause injury to humans.



Here we are at another fact day aka Monday.

The height of the Eiffel Tower varies as much as six inches depending on the temperature.

For every person there are 200 million insects

The fist thing cooked in a microwave was popcorn.

“I am” is the shortest complete sentence in the English language.

The Christmas traditions of gift giving and spiced pies both commemorate the Three Wise Men coming from the East.

WEEK 4 OF 2023


Another wet day, Tasha bought me 2 new pairs of pants for everyday wear.

Fined up by lunch time and got quite hot.

Jess is getting me ready for bed tonight.

Monday again and I have a doctor appointment Tasha is going to drive me and Tim as he wants to come with me.

Turns out my appointment is next Monday, so that wasted trip.

Got stuck into Leo’s room it is a right mess and caused a disagreement between Tim and me.

Also a big fight between me and Tasha. The room is more or less half done.

I spent a lot of last night crying I feel broken due to the fight with Tasha. We made her a cold heartless bitch according to her and by we I feel she means me.

Tim hung a few photos last night to try and make me happy.

Tasha came down after the gym and we talked and we are now ok.

Tim has an appointment with the hand doctor this afternoon and Jess & Tasha have an appointment also, so I will put myself to bed.

At around 4pm Jess came over in tears one of their pet bunnies had died.

A new day has arrived suppose to be a stinking hot day but we will see. I am feeling much better then yesterday morning.

Tasha came down and finished off cleaning Leo’s room with only one issue when she wanted to toss his art books and I said NO. Sam also had something to say about it and took the large one home.

Sandy called in to pick up something Tim printed for her. I had a good cry on her shoulder.

Yes it has been bloody hot all day.


We are in for another stinking hot day.

My computer is giving me the shits this morning. I did, however, managed to do the shopping.

Kathy arrived at 11am in a foul mood partly because lunch wasn’t till midday. I asked if she could hang some photos in the bedroom, she had her girls clean the photos and hung one photo.

Tim hung 3 photos but that was all that was done.

This house feels like an oven because when the ceiling was replaced the insulation bats where removed and not replaced.

I am very depressed/sad mostly because I have been out of anti-depression meds for a week or two. I need a new script and haven’t been to see my doctor. I go on Monday.

Had a bloody hot night been up since 5am I woke and felt hot an couldn’t settle. Went to the loo and spent 5 minutes pulling my pants up standing in front of the bedroom air con. Slipped in the bathroom because there was wet towels on the floor and a wet floor.

A really hot day, Tim has been out all morning with a doctors appointment then to see a mate.

He told me when he got home he has another medical appointment on Tuesday and on Wednesday there is someone coming to the house.

I forgot to add yesterday that Tim’s Aunty Joan died. Her funeral is on Tuesday, we are unable to attend.

Another hot day I am drenched in sweat again pretty much since getting out of bed.

At 7am I turned the air con on which helps but not as much as when we had insulation in the roof.

Kathy came over at 1.30 to give me a shower. She always says I can say anything but when I told her that her tone sounded a little condescending she got upset and threatened to leave half way through my shower.

When I asked if she could apply moisturiser to my freshly shaved legs she said she didn’t see the point. She did do it.


Here I am on Tuesday morning and that means it is creature day and today it is the Mount Kaputar Slug heard of it, I haven’t.

These bright pink slugs are about 20cm long which for some it the distance between their wrist and elbow.

They hide during the day and at night climb trees to feast on moss and algae growing on tree trunks.

These slugs are found on Mount Kaputar here in Australia.


Good morning all I hope this week is more like what I like and I get to write blog post as usual. Well being Monday it is fact day so we go.

At a steady joggers pace of six miles per hour, it would take 173 days to jog around Earth.

Over 50 billion aspirins are taken worldwide each year.

The waters around Australia are home to more than half the shark species in the world.

Bamboo can grow 3 feet in a dsy

Banging your head against a wall can burn up to 150 calories an hour.

WEEK 3 OF 2023

Sunday is here and I am doing fine going to be another hot one. I opened the house when I got up but by 10.30 I had closed it up to shut the heat out. I also turn the air con much to Tim’s annoyance, but why should I have to sit drenched in sweat.

I had a small bowel of fruit for breakie with white chocolate dipping sauce.

A quiet day spent doing bugga all.

Monday again and suppose to be a hot one.

Tim had an appointment about his arm he was told that there is still swelling and the problem with his thumb is due to a tendon problem.

Jess had me ring to find out when Leo’s next appointment is. It is 28 March at 11am.

The painter came he will be back tomorrow morning to start work.

Woke up to find the lounge-room a cluttered mess with the furniture pilled in the middle due to the painter coming. They arrived at 7.15 and said they will start on the ceilings. I moved to the bedroom to be out of the way as much as possible.

At midday I went to the loo and had to move to sit outside in the carport till the painters left at 3.30pm. I sat in the wheelchair the whole time. By the time they left I was sweating and in distress.

Tim had to clean bed off so we could use it.

Up at 5.30 washed and fed before the painters arrived at 6.40am I am sitting out the back using the computer.

Sam came down to chat for a bit and get food.

Tim off to more doctors appointments and I am alone, Tasha has gone out and Jess is working.

Sitting out the back I noticed we have no guttering I hope that is fixed soon.

At around midday I managed to get myself to the toilet and then with help from Blain move into an area with my shade as I was in direct sunlight.

Tim rang to check on me, he also asked if I wanted food but I said no I was too drained to eat.

Although I did enjoy sitting outside in the shade. I even got sunburnt a bit on my forearms and chest.

The painting is done and the house has been left in right state. Tim is well and truly pissed off.

Woke to find Tim has done some work in the lounge-room making it able to move about and he set my table up ready for me to use.

Men came to do the gutter both front and back gutters need replacing. Well I noticed them ripping down the neighbours gutter and they replaced the whole of the front gutter over both units. They didn’t do the back. When the guy came to inspect the work he wasn’t happy as the back wasn’t done the neighbours side wasn’t suppose to be touched. Now more guttering needs to be order so the back can be done.

Kelli and Freya called in to see us and the state of the house.

Been much cooler today and wet as well. I got sunburnt yesterday so I am keeping that well moisturised.

Friday again and still wet a late start today as I slept in till 6.10am, I woke at 4.30 to pee and Sam was here so he helped me back into bed and the next thing I know it is daylight.

Been raining on and off all day, Tim went and bought new curtains for the bedroom.

Tasha cleaned off my dressing table and with my ok tossed out somethings.

Workmen came to check out where the ramp out the front is to go. That should be the next job.


Up washed and moisturised by 5.45 had toast for breakie again.

My sunburn has settled down looking more tanned then burnt.

Around 11am Cathy Haigh an old school friend turned up for a visit she stayed about a couple of hours.

Turns out Sydney-May’s birthday is tomorrow, as it turns out my calendar runs from Monday to Sunday, I usually have them starting on Sunday.

Fact Day

Morning world I have been up about 3 hours, visited some blogs and checked emails and now it is time for facts.

Not all your taste buds are on your tongue some are on your cheeks as well as the root of our mouths.

Fleas can accelerate 50 times faster than a space shuttle.

It is forbidden for aircraft to fly over the Ta Mahal in India.

Your heart beats 101,000 times a day, during a lifetime it will beat about 3 billion times and pump about 400 million litres of blood.

The term “the bogey man will get you” comes from the Boogy people who inhabit an area in Indonesia. These people were pirates and attack ships.

WEEK 2 OF 2023


Up early this morning 5.05am another cool morning.

Leo liked his gifts, a couple of bracelets I bought of wish for a grandson. Leo is a sensitive and sentimental child.

Saw Sandy she is very emotional at the moment and over Ed’s drinking.

Monday has arrived I had just got up at 5.20 and was walking to the lounge-room to get my walker when I heard the front door open and in comes Leo. He came to get something out of his room, he said he hasn’t been to bed but stayed up all night.

Not too hot thankfully was able to cope with just the doors open and fan on.

Tim off to see the hand doctor hopefully he will find out why he can’t move his thumb. I suspect ligament damage.

Well I was right about Tim’s thumb he may need more surgery he will find out on the 24th.

Workmen arrived at 9am to do the kitchen roof will take at least all day but it shouldn’t leak anymore.

Another very warm day with me sweating a fair bit.

Got up at 5.20am even though I still felt tired, I was unable to settle so I got up.

Workmen here at 8am they have been in and out all day, tearing down what’s left of the awning out the back. They also did a bit more in the kitchen.

Tim had another appointment with his counsellor he has been approved for 3 more sessions, due to his accident.

Tasha gave me a shower because I stink.

A new day nice and cool but it will get hotter as the day wears on.

Sandy called in and left with a bag of food, she is doing it tough at the moment.

Tim arranged for someone to do the back lawn. Only cost $35 as it was a friend of a neighbour.

Blain asked if I have a gift card he can use to buy a microwave oven which I did he is sick of having to come here to use ours. His mother things they are a waste of money, even though she will come down and use ours at times.

Jess getting me ready for bed tonight she worked all day doing traffic control.

Friday at last, I spent yesterday thinking it was Friday. Found Tim up watching TV but he went back to bed at 6am while I was having breaky.

Had a call from someone about the bathroom, informed the guy the bathroom is done. He then asked about the ramp which isn’t done and said he would be out to have a look.

Every Friday the is an issue with who is getting me ready for bed. Tasha doesn’t do weekends but I said Friday isn’t the weekend. She likes her weekend to start Friday arvo.

Saturday morning and Tim was up before me again, I have a damn headache, which is making me snappy.

Last night Tim said his computer died so he bought himself a new laptop. However, when Micheal came over with Kathy it took him 5 minutes to fix it. He unplugged it and plugged it back in and it works. I had to help him set up the new laptop an exercise in stress as he doesn’t listen and doesn’t read the instructions.

Kathy showered me while Sydney divided up my fruit for the week and Summer vacuumed out.