My Week No:4

Another week done and dusted, so let me start another week that was post. Tim went and picked up Leo and brought him here so he could cut Leo’s hair, in order to get rid of his head lice.

So this morning Tasha came down to help me get dressed and get the clothes off the line, while she was here Tim read allowed the text I sent him last night about Kathy. So Tasha sent Kathy a nasty text about the fact that she has a bloody good life and how dare she say otherwise.

Tim went over and got Leo so he could cut Leo’s hair. He had to borrow Tasha’s hair clippers as his were blunt.

Tim also replaced the bulb in his bike’s headlight.

Jessica came over with Kelli and her kids, so I was able to see Freya and give her the elephant I bought her.

It is a cold and wet day, here in my part of Newie.

Monday was another cold and wet morning, Tim on afternoons again. No aqua as it is far too cold. Tasha came up to borrow some liquid paper.

I found myself falling asleep at 9am so I went back to bed for 2hrs.

On Tuesday I had an appointment with the nurse at the doctors surgery. However, when I made the appointment the receptionist stuffed up and made it with Arun. The nurse still did the care plan anyway.

I have had a change in my medication, I know will only take 1 Diamicron daily as well as 1 Forxiga tablet daily and have to checked my blood often each day.

I woke up tired on Thursday morning and ended going back to bed at 8am for two hours. I still felt tired but could at least function.

Felt tired most of the day, had to go for another nap, Leo woke me up when he got home from school.

Friday I slept in till 8am as Leo isn’t going to school as he has an appointment with Dr Murry at the John Hunter Hospital.

Jessica arrived at 9am, she called in sick this morning.

Dr Murry was running an hour late, we ended up seeing her registrar but Dr Murry did come in and see us as well.

They now thing Leo may have something called, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which is something to do with how flexible he is. He is being referred to a specialist about it.

It looks like we may have to go private to have his autism diagnosed. I mentioned it to Tim he wasn’t interested but I will speak to him again.

Saturdays morning I went to Charlestown with Kathy and Summer.

Natasha & Kathy patched up their differences and Tasha dyed Kathy’s hair.

Last night I had a hypo attack and had to get help from Tasha.

After that I settled down and slept well.

Had another hypo attack Sat night and was in a right mess had to take some honey to make me feel ok. This happened twice.

I sent an email off to the blood glucose company letting them know that I feel the machine is playing up.

I also have rang mum and asked if I could borrow dad’s machine to check what that level it shows compared to mine.


My Week No:3

Another week over or about to start depending on how you think, it is a nice day not hot by any means but also not cold at all. Tim is at work and I am having a nice day doing a lot of nothing. What is a lot of nothing you wonder, it is sorting out medication, vacuuming out, sorting out a couple of boxes of paperwork, shredding stuff and making food and eating it while watching TV.

I watched the first part of the Chernobyl documentary and found it quite interesting.

Monday was spent doing nothing much, it was raining on and off all day, so I was glad Tim took the car to work. I asked Tasha if she would come get the clothes off the clothes hoist

Tuesday was much warmer, I opened both sliding doors to allow the breeze through the house. Today I did 2 loads of washing and had to get the washing off the hoist before I could hang it out, Tasha didn’t get around to doing it.

Wednesday morning Both Leo and myself had doctors appointments, nothing wrong with Leo just needed a ongoing referral for Dr Murry.

I asked about a few things such a new medication for my depression and my back pain as well as my curling toes and fat lip. I have to have a ct scan of my back.

Tim also had a Dr appointment to get the results of his colonoscopy.

Friday was another bloody cold day, Jessica sent me a text letting me know that she is unable to meet me at the square. So Natasha is going to stay with me.

Saturday morning when Kathy arrived I was dressed except for my socks, so I asked her if she could put them on for me.

Well she carried on so much that Summer went to get Tasha. Tasha could hear Kathy going off so when she walked in she snapped at Kathy telling her to get over it, it’s only feet and that when she was a baby I did everything for her, this pissed Kathy off.

Kathy thought Natasha had a hide saying that. Kathy went on and on about Natasha while she drove me to the Xray place. I felt like crying all this over my socks.

Kathy said she doesn’t ever want to see or speak to Natasha again. This is distressing for me.

When I was having blood taken I was shaking so much that one lady had to try and hold the hand still while the other lady drew blood.

So all in all my Saturday sucked.

My Week No:2

Well another week that was is posted so time too start the next one.

Today the girls came for lunch for Jessica’s birthday, Leo was unmedicated so was a hand full but that meant he ate. I was glad to see them all leave.

I offered to make a potato bake for Tasha but it did hurt my back.

Jessica asked if I would go to Kmart with her tomorrow, Leo needs new school shoes.

Monday morning I slept in till 8.40am after I got up and dressed with Tasha’s help. I had two eggs for breakfast then I rang Glendale shopping centre and booked a scooter for 11am. I then rang Jessica, she had forgotten about going Kmart.

However, we still went Tasha drove me to Jessica’s in my car and she was in a mood about it.

I am worried about Natasha she is run off her feet taking care of Colin. I am worried they are taking advantage of her.

Jessica drove my car home and will bring it back tomorrow.

Tuesday I was up at 6.30am another cold morning, Natasha came and helped me get dress.

Jessica arrived around 9.15am with the car, I have asked Tasha if she would take her home.

However, at 10.45 she decided to walk home because she thought I was in a snappy mood. She was wrong I was fine.

This was because she spilt her drink over papers I had on the table, as well as over the medication containers. I got up to clean it up while she did nothing.

Then a man came to the door with Natasha on his phone, I told Jess to talk to her and she yells and say what, try hello. Natasha was out and he needed to get into her house. Jess took him up and let him in, he took a photo of the broken item and left.

Leo is here tonight.

At 4.15am on Wednesday morning, Leo came in wanting more night time medication, heard Papa telling him no as he will need to get up in a few hours.

When I got up he was awake but by 6.45 he was asleep again. I had to wake him at 7.50am.

Jessica called in to pick up Leo’s stuff.

I slept in Thursday morning to 8.04am I woke at 4.04am with a headache, I applied Vicks to my forehead and went back to sleep. The headache was still there when my alarm went off a 6am.

Tim home early from work, had him ring Rankin Park Day Hospital about the bars in the bathroom. Sara will ring me on Monday.

Leo here tonight.

Friday morning Tasha & I went to get mum & Dawson but when we arrived Sue was there and we ended up taking Dawson and Sue drove mum.

Jessica rang at 7am and said she didn’t know when or if she would be able to meet me at Charlie.

Thankfully she was able to meet me.

I had a bad start to the day I was shaking so bad that I had to have a smoke before I went to Charlie.

Jessica brought me more cookies.

Saturday now and a pretty average day, Tim is off. Natasha brought down sheets for me to wash as well as a doona which Tim put on the line instead of in the dryer.

This afternoon Tim at last cut my hair.

My week

Another week over another week starting. Today aka Sunday was spent answering letters 5 in total and then I had to do the weekly medications. Jessica and Leo called in to pick Leo’s medication for the next week, she wasn’t feeling good and was somewhat snappy with me.

Monday morning started out cold with a temperature of 11°c so I didn’t go to aqua because the cold water really makes my knees sting with pain. Tim took the car to work.

Tuesday is cold and wet it was only 6°c when I got up this morning, Tim took the car to work again.

We have had very strong winds on and off all day, so Tasha got the boys out of school a little early, didn’t bother me as I was having a nap when Leo arrived.

Wednesday morning was cold and wet still, I made Leo change his school pants this morning.

I had to go back to bed at 9.30am, I slept for 90 minutes and felt better when I woke up.

Thursday is another cold but dry day, at around 7.15am I rang Jessica to see where they were and she said Tasha was going to pick Leo up from here house on her way to the school. I said it would be nice if someone told me.

Tim off today he had doctor’s appointment at Belmont hospital, just to get the results of his colonoscopy, all is good but he will need to have another in 3yrs time.

Today is also Jessica’s 30th birthday she was born at 4.15am so Tim & I took her out for lunch at the Eastern Tiger restaurant.

Friday I had to go shopping alone as Jessica had a doctors appointment to get a flu shot. However she was given a script to get it and neither of the two chemist she went to had it in stock.

Friday night Jessica & Leo were invited out for tea along with her friend Kim who she works with and her son, to the home of one of the children they drive to from school. I thought I might have Leo for the night as Jessica thought he may not want to go and she wasn’t going to force him.

Saturday now, I didn’t have Leo last night as he went with his mum to the dinner and had a good time, as Kim’s son also went and Leo is good friends with her son.

We did have Leo all day today while Jessica was at work he spent a lot of time out the backyard playing with dirt/mud. He is never any trouble when he is here.

Sunday at last, having the girls and grandchildren here for lunch for Jessica’s birthday. When I went to get dressed this morning my left knee gave out and I ended up on the floor but thankfully the house phone was on the bed and I was able to ring Tasha for help.