Life and an Award

I would like to thank Wendy for nominating me for” The Liebster Award she can be found over at thank you Wendy I will do a post using the questions you asked during the next few weeks………………..

I was also given the same award the The Liebster Award by

I could follow the rules but I don’t feel like it so instead I will just tell you I appreciate the award as I do all awards I get.  Moving onto till todays post what should I write about let me think…………..ok I will go with this: Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together

So do you think that is true,  that when good things fall about better things happen or when good things fall apart nothing better happens  it is just the end of something good………………

Me I am on the fence I guess as I do think sometimes better things follow after something good crumbles but often it is not the case after the good crumbles everything just falls apart and nothing better seems to come along. I then have to find a way to pick myself up and dust myself off and continue on the path of life even if that path seems rough and jagged and full of potholes causing me to just keep stumbling over and falling down leaving me feeling battered and sore. Life is often not easy but sometimes I wonder why it has to be so hard…………well sometimes it feels so hard and the road feels like it is all uphill full of potholes with rough uneven surface………………..







Trick or Treat

As everyone should know I am Australian and in Australia and until about 15yrs ago you never heard anything to do with Halloween and as such I do not celebrate Halloween although many in this country do now days.  I feel that it was introduced by stores trying to make more money, anyway today while I was out shopping with my daughter Kathy-Lee I notice in neighbouring suburb the shopping area had a trick or treat event on with nearly all the stores and business having signs up saying “trick or treat here” and there were so many kids everywhere all dressed in costumes and I wished I had my camera with me to take some photos but of course I didn’t and I didn’t even think about using my phone so no photos. I did think it was awesome that the business area had done this as many families do not celebrate Halloween so it gave the local children a chance to go around trick or treating and dress up in awesome costumes and have a great time…………

My Fascination With Hitler & World War 11

Do you have something you have a weird fascination with?

I do it would have to be Hitler and the second world war, if there is a documentary on about Hitler or world war two I have to watch it, in fact one of my favourite channels is the History channel and in fact I am watching something called History’s Verdict and this episode is about Hitler………………….

I don’t know what it is about Hitler and the Second World War that fascinates me but it does, maybe it is because I can’t get my head around why he hated the Jews so much or if he really thought he could create a new race…………..come on was the man delusional or what…………….

I am also fascinated about Australia’s role in the Second World War and love watching documentaries about Australia and the Second World War. I wish I knew more about my grandfather and his service during the war, but it was not something he would talk about and in fact I know very little.

I do love history in general and love watching shows about Australia’s history but do not thing there are enough around although I have watched many shows since getting the History channel on here in the last few years………….

It’s Bloody Hot Here

Damn it’s hot here today have the air conditioner going and have only ventured outside a couple of times to peg the washing on the line. Tim wants me to clean up the yard but it is too hot for me to do anything outside, pegging the washing out was enough for me till I have to go out and get it in again later this afternoon.

Tomorrow our daughter Natasha asked us to watch Blain which she is working in fact she is working today and tomorrow, Kathy is watching him tonight and we will have him tomorrow night she is doing bus marshalling again but Jessica wasn’t lucky enough to get work this time around. I am looking forward to having Blain here this will be the second weekend in a row he has been here, he stayed last Saturday night after we had dad’s party…………….

I was going to go out this morning to do some clothes shopping but after getting up and finding how hot it is I just lost interest so haven’t done much at all.

When it’s stinking hot what do you like to do, go out or stay home? How do you cope when it is hot? Do you ever suffer from heatstroke?

Speaking of heatstroke I remember when my girls were younger before we had air conditioning our girls would often suffer from heatstroke and in fact there was a few times when the girls came home from school sick because of the heat, back then the class rooms didn’t have air conditioning in them. I remember myself also getting ill at school due to the heat.

TV’s How They Have Changed

How many television sets do you have in your home?

As a child we had one television it was in the lounge room and we would gather as a family in the evening to watch it, now days most families/ homes have more than one in fact many families will have one in the lounge room and one in each bedroom and often one in the kitchen as well.

Can you remember when colour televisions came out, how long did it take your family to purchase a colour set? My parents were the first people in our street to get a colour telly, my dad also liked to get new things pretty soon after they came out.

We only had one telly up until 1980 when I bought my own telly but I didn’t have it in my bedroom I put it out in the kitchen and my parents have had a set in the kitchen ever since. They have never had a television in their bedroom, although my nephew Dawson has a set in his room.

Me and Tim had a telly in our bedroom for a while but not anymore I use to go the bedroom to watch telly when the girls where younger but now I only watch the lounge room telly and Tim has a set in his room/office which he watches all the time.

Everyone now and again I will see on different tv shows about families going without a tv and if that is what  they want to do then that is great but me I like my tv, we don’t go out to the movies or anything and for me it is my main source of entertainment.

The look of a television has certainly changed over the years they use to be large and bulky and heavy with small screens and now they are large and lightweight with larger screens and of course they have gone from being black and white to colour. The first tv’s didn’t have remote controls we had to get off our bums to change the channel…………….lol



About My Husband Tim

Tim use to be a lot more carefree and he enjoyed life more when he was younger now days he is so uptight and stresses over so many things and this bothers me, I loved the young Tim so much more in some ways then I do the man he is now.

I don’t know why he is so uptight or why he lets things get to him as much as he does, if I ask him why he is stressing over something he often will not be able to give an answer because he really has no idea why his stressing over something.

I have often said to him does it really matter, will it matter tomorrow or a week from now if the answer is NO then why are you stressing over it or worrying about it……………………

I think this is part of the reason he can be narcissistic at times, he doesn’t think he is he just doesn’t see it. In fact he things he is the opposite and that he is very generous which he can be at times very generous but he can also be narcissistic and I wish he would just see himself how others see him.

I love him always have always will but sometimes he is a right pain and so bloody difficult to live with but then I guess the same could be said about me………………….lol


My Dad’s 70th Birthday Party

Yesterday we had my dad’s 70th birthday party it was a good day, dad seemed to have a good time and loved seeing so many of his grandchildren there along with some good friends and of course his children and one of his siblings turned up Aunty Pat who always comes to our family events. Aunty Pat is the same age as my mum so she is his big sister……………lol However I think dad looks younger then Aunty Pat…………

There was plenty of food we love to have plenty of food, in fact my mum always says it is better to have too much food then not enough, and on Friday my brother said the same thing to me…………

The cake was yummy and everyone said to me they enjoyed it and wanted to know where I got it and some were surprised when they found out that I got it from Woolworths (local supermarket).

Here are a few photos of the day…………..

Friday Breakfast and Shopping

What a day I have had shopping yes just shopping and not for fun things like clothes or shoes but food and birthday presents for my dad but not presents for me to give him, don’t be silly of course I was buying for my sisters to give him……………why you ask because if I didn’t then they wouldn’t get him anything…………….lol

So my back is killing me and I am so tired and exhausted it’s just not funny, I still have things to do here at home but had to sit for a while and just rest if you call sitting at the computer resting………………

Today being Friday meant Friday breakfast at the local shopping centre with my family and this morning we had 12 adults and 5 children there and I can tell you it was great and my dad loved it he loves when the family get together, we started the Friday breakfast at the shopping centre a few years back and it really caught on and grown. Yes there are some weeks when there is only 4 of us but more and more we are having a big turn out and everyone knows if you want to catch up turn up to Friday breakie…………lol

Sso he should love tomorrow as we are having a surprise party for  him for his 70th……………..most of his grandchildren will be there although none of Sue’s kids can make it as it is also my niece’s birthday so Heather is having a party for her and they will be attending that…………it is a shame as it would have been nice to have all but one of his grandchildren there. He has one granddaughter Kirsty who lives in Queensland (another state) so naturally she wouldn’t be able to attend…………..

I am adding a couple of photos of this mornings breakfast………………..

Hurtful Words…………

Has you ever told your mum you hate her?

Do you wonder how you would feel if your own child said they hated you?

Now many young children will say in anger that they hate their parent and as a mother I can tell you that my girls have said it to me when they were little and yes it hurt but they were children and I knew they didn’t mean it, they were just angry with me because they couldn’t get their own way…………

However I can tell you that when my adult daughter, a mother herself said it to me it hurt all the more, now when she says things like that while angry I can deal with it as I know it is the anger talking and I always thought she doesn’t really mean it she is just pissed off with me at the moment.

However a while back she said it to me when she wasn’t angry at all, we were talking and I said to her “you really don’t hate me” and she replied “yes mum I do” and she was serious…………….she went on to say that sometimes she really does hate me…………..this hurt and it still hurts and you know what she has no idea why it hurts so much……………..and I hope she never understands the hurt because the only way she is going to understand it is if her daughter says it to her as an adult and not in anger…………..if that makes any sense……………..

It’s 000 not 888

This is funny but  for many Australians it is just so true…………………now if I was in a situtation where there was an emergency what would I do well I have no bloody idea maybe run around in circles not knowing what to do………….yes I am not that level headed well I don’t think I am…………

I remember when my youngest rode a pee wee 50 into a fence and split her head open and there was a lot of blood I was told to ring 000 and what did I do I tried ringing 888 yeah couldn’t even get 000 right……………….lol

How about you do you have a level head?

Do you keep your cool in an emergency?