76 and going strong

It was on this day way back in the year of 1940 that an amazing woman was born, in the town of Parkes in the state of New South Wales. She was the first child of Florence Muriel Torrens and Mervyn James Townsend, she has a brother Ronnie and had a sister Dianne.

Her parents separated when she was about 4 and later divorced, after they separated she went to live with her grandmother in the town of Byabarra which is a small country town near Wauchope in New South Wales. She lived with her grandmother till around the age of 14, when her grandmother died.

When she was about 10 her mum remarried, her step father was Ronald Francis James, who for most of her life she thought of as just her dad, she lost contact with her father Mervyn when she as about 14. However, on the 24th May 1997 she met her father Mervyn again after around 50 years, he was living in Blayney in New South Wales she was lucky she didn’t wait any longer to track him down as he died in October 1997.

For most of her life she has been called Mae, spelt with an e not a y she would say I am not a month, Mae is also the middle name of her youngest daughter and it is also the middle name of that daughters eldest daughter along with my granddaughter who is Sydney-May with a Y but that is ok.

To celebrate her birthday all her children popped over for lunch, we bought fish and chips and I bought a cake from Coles just a $5 sponge cake and mum opened a bottle of wine the wine I like so I had two glasses of wine but I didn’t have to drive so all good there.

Now even though mum is now 76 that doesn’t mean she will not be driving children to day care, or school and such, nope no rest for mum, she even has Landon this afternoon/evening while my brother and sister in-law went I think fishing but not really sure about that.

Ok that is it for this post I want to sit back and watch some telly.


Boring Thursday Just Saying

Well hello everyone on this somewhat sticky Thursday afternoon, this morning mum and I went to see nanna, we took Denni with us this was the first time we have taken Denni. She is only 3 and such a quiet little one not like her big sister Temika who is a right little chatter box. Nan was about the same sleeping mostly, saying most stuff we can’t make out with the odd word here and there like “Ron” “Jo” and sometimes “Mavis” although I think when she says Mavis she is thinking of her sister not her daughter.

Well the boys and Sydney-May have gone back to school today when I picked up the boys I asked them if they had a good day who is their new teacher you know the usual stuff Blain said he doesn’t go into a new class till Monday and Leo said he had a so so day, he has a male teacher but couldn’t remember his name.

Last night when I was talking to mum about how I do not understand a child wanting to miss the first day of the school year, this is the day you find out your class and who your teacher is and when in high school you get your time table for either the term or the year. I think if you miss the first day you are kind of lost.

Speaking of mum made me remember she got a phone call on Tuesday telling her that Dawson would not be going back today he goes back tomorrow, Dawson was a bit worried he asked her is it just me or everyone in my class that goes back tomorrow. Mum reassured him that it would be all the class not just him, she is worried about how he is going to do at this new school as he doesn’t handle change very well at all.

On Tuesday when we all went to mum & dad’s for breakfast mum heard him telling Leo and Blain not to swear, you do not swear at that house and you do not swear around his little sister and cousin. Now when Dawson was little he went through a stage when he tried swearing but his nanna (my mum) told him it is rude and that her and pop do not use that type of language and neither should he. He would hear his mum and poppy Robert yelling and swearing at each other and thought it was normal, his nan & pop soon taught him that it is not normal and it’s not polite to swear and he stopped didn’t happen over night but after a few months of being told not to swear he got it. Yes he may still swear when he is talking to his mum or maybe school mates and that is fine as long as he knows not to do it around young children and older people.

This morning Natasha said she thought Dawson was a bit old for Lego, Dawson loves his Lego and it doesn’t take him long to put them together, any way I tried to explain to Natasha that doing Lego is Dawson’s hobby, some people read, some collect stuff Dawson does Lego. I am not sure if she got it.

Happy Birthday To The Love Of My Life


On this day back in 1961 it was a Thursday I believe a baby boy was born at 11.20am he weighed 6lb 3oz and was 17.5inches long. He was born at Parramatta the second child of Ron & Betty, he has one older brother and two younger brothers and a younger sister, around the age of 17 his parents divorced and his father moved to Newcastle and took up with another woman Denise and had 3 more children with her, two girls and a boy.

I wish I could tell you that he had a great childhood but often I get the impression he didn’t, he has told me that his father blamed him for everything and would belt him so bad he left marks on his legs and bottom.

He left school at 14 & 9 months of age getting his first job in nursery think plants not babies, just saying he had that job I think for 18 months then he got another job with company that made annexes for caravans, tarps for trucks, and those types of things, he was a cutter and fitter.

At the age of 21 he moved from Sydney to Newcastle where he got another job with canvas company and became a canvas machinist, he was very good at this type of work, he worked for that company for only a short period of time before getting another job with the same type of company a job he had for either 10 or 12yrs.

While he was on long service leave from that job he tried his hand at driving high cars this was a job he had for about 4yrs, then he decide he wanted to drive buses which he did for 4yrs then he decided he would become a truck driver this he did for about 4yrs then he went back to driving buses, this job he still has, and for the most part he loves his job.

He told me that from a pretty young age he knew the woman for him was not in Sydney and in fact about 12-18 months after moving to Newcastle he met me, after only 3 months together he decided to arrange our engagement party, no he had not asked me to marry him, he says he just knew I would.

So this morning we went over to my parents place for breakfast, his mother in-law likes to make a fuss over him, since just before we married he took to calling my parents mum & dad and still does.

So if you haven’t already guessed I am of course talking about Tim, the love of my life, my pain in he neck, the man I want to grow old with. I was going to do this post in Tim’s favourite colour but he doesn’t have one, when we first met it was brown but now days he doesn’t have a favourite colour

Another Monday that isn’t that much of a Funday

Hello Monday is it a fun day Monday, well I guess that would depend on the person. It is pretty fun for Blain and Leo they are outside playing handball at the moment, in fact this morning Blain rang and asked if Leo could come over to play for a while.

I overslept this morning it was 8am when I woke up, so didn’t go for a walk as I just couldn’t get motivated to do so, although my arms got a bit of work out. Why you wonder well I did a load of washing and when I went to get it out of the machine and peg it out on the line it was all covered in white fluff, looks like someone left a tissue in a pocket. So that meant I had to shake the clothes out as I was hanging them up.

This is the last week of school holidays here, school goes back on Thursday so there is only two days of school this week, first time is for 10 weeks, for those who do not know our school year runs from January to December and there are 4 school terms a year each for around 10 weeks.

Natasha has gone to work, the boys and in the bedroom playing Xbox and soon Tim will be going out the back to continue to work a project he started yesterday I will show photos of it when he is finished.

Just cooked a home-made pizza I do not know if the boys will eat it but we will see, I used puff pastry for the base and just tomato paste not pizza sauce.

Sunday’s Dribble

Hello world, it is now Sunday afternoon here, we had the girls over for lunch thought we were having silverside with veggies, but when we cut the meat it wasn’t silverside (corn beef) it was roast beef must have been a pot roast, not that I buy pot roast but must have done. The girls all asked what was written on the package, I don’t know it was in the bin and not the laundry bin but the outside bin, so no bloody way I was going looking for it.

Yesterday afternoon Tim sent me a message saying if the boys (Blain & Leo) would like a bus ride with papa and they did, so nanna walked them to the bus stop so we had an hour & half without and children here just me and Natasha who was asleep on the lounge.

Ok I started this post about 3 hours ago, yeah 3 bloody hours ago but had to stop for one thing after another. Anyway Tim and I went out to Bunnings (hardware store) to get some wood Tim is going to construct some kind of bed for Leo to sleep on when he is here. I went along as I wanted to go to Kmart to get school pants for the boys, cost me $65 for 4 pairs of long pants 2 for each boy, shorts for Leo and shoes for Leo. I had already bought school socks for both boys at a cost of $12.

It is now 3pm and Jessica and Leo have just left and only because when Tim and I got home Natasha was annoyed because he wanted her to move her car in order to get the wood out of the boot and in her little temper tantrum she managed to break off one of the hooks I have for key near the front door which made me have a little temper tantrum so Jessica decided it was time to go home. Of course both me and Natasha are over it we spat the dummy and then moved on.

Tim is now on a mission to get the bed made while he is off work for a couple of days, he doesn’t go back till Wednesday now, as Tuesday is a public holiday being that it is Australia Day and also Tim’s 55th birthday.

I am sitting here eating a Tim Tam and thinking what should I write about and you know I am coming up with nothing but the Tim Tam is nice I am right into them at the moment, If you don’t know a Tim Tam is a chocolate biscuit but not just a chocolate biscuit it is the best damn chocolate biscuit. There a many types of Tim Tam’s but I prefer the original it is the best I think. http://www.arnotts.com.au/products/tim-tam/

So because I can’t think of anything to write about I am just going to post this dribble

It’s Tuesday so a bit of history

It's Tuesday

Good morning world, it is going to be another bloody hot day here although at the moment it is nice I, however, have woken up feeling like shit, I ache all over and I have a terrible headache so I went for a small walk this morning it was bad enough walking from the bedroom to the lounge room. I walk out to the lounge room and Natasha isn’t here she isn’t in her room or in Tim’s office in fact she is no where to be seen so I am guessing she has gone for her walk this morning.

I am sitting here thinking and looking at the Christmas Cards on the wall in front of me and thinking I really should take them down and toss them in the bin but not right now as I can’t be bothered to do anything with them, it just seems to be to much work to do so that is how terrible I am feeling.

You know I am wearing shorts at the moment and it is cool but I guess that will change soon enough.

Today I want to answer the small pile of letters I have here there is 9 letters to answer so that is on the to do list for today.


Did you know that the first recorded handwritten letter was by the Persian Queen Atossa around 500BC, and the stamped letter we know today came about during the time of Queen Victoria around the year of 1840. I think we all know that before that letters didn’t have stamps or even envelopes, letters were folded and sealed by wax and usually the receiver had to pay for it when it arrived.

Of course letters are usually thought of as a more personal form of communication than emails or text messaging. Although there are many different types of letters there are personal letters which include not only letters but Christmas cards and letters which can be in a relaxed chatting type tone. Then there are business letters and for a long time bills, often for many people they would feel the only “person” to write to them would be “Bill” asking for money.

Now of course we usually get bills via email, in fact many companies will charge you extra if they send a paper bill in the mail, this I think is wrong as there are people who do not have email. My parents fall into this category even though both of them have email accounts, dad will check his emails but often he will delete stuff without bothering to read it and mum she doesn’t check hers as she doesn’t have a computer or tablet and doesn’t know how to check her email she would like to be able to check her emails. So I think a company shouldn’t charge extra to send a paper bill if the receiver doesn’t have email.

Now did you know that in the 1800’s it was believed that excellent letter writing was a sign of good breeding, and strict rules had to be observed when writing a letter, these include the following.

  • Have neat handwriting

  • Use elegant words

  • Know how to fold a letter

  • Sign your name to every letter

  • Use an acceptable ink colour (not sure what that colour would be)

Of course there were no no’s when writing a letter such as

  • Including a postscript

  • Crossed out or erased misspelled words, you were expected to start over again

  • Underlined or abbreviate words

So how would you go following those rules I don’t think I would do ok at all as I am not sure what elegant words are and what the hell are acceptable ink colours, would the purple or pink that I often use be considered acceptable I don’t think so.

Now let’s move onto the cost of sending a letter, did you know that the first prepaid stamp for a nationwide postal service was introduced by Great Britain in May 1940 with the Penny Black stamp for letters under half an ounce and the Twopenny Blue for stamps for heavier letters.


The United States introduced a limited postal service in August 1942 followed by a uniformed 5 cents charge in 1845 and standardised stamps in 1847.

In Australia, we have used postmarks from as early as 1812 but it wasn’t till around 1850 that a system was introduced where the person sending the letter paid for the postage, this is how postage stamps began, by around 1860 every state or colony in Australia had stamps.

Fun Day Monday, Ok Not So Fun, Kind Of Boring

Great week

Hi everyone, it is now Monday and I have hardly looked at the computer since Thursday just been one thing after another.

Anyway here I am today I spent the morning reading some blogs as well as taking Natasha to Charlie to hand in forms to the Dept. of Housing, she has reapplied for public housing we got to the office just after 9am and left around 10.30am most of the time was spent waiting. After giving up the place she had in Windale the client service officer sent out new forms along with a hand written not that said that Natasha would be treated as high priority as she left under duress.

Now I am home alone for a few hours as Natasha and Tim are both at work and Blain is at his dad’s place so all good, as everyone knows how I like to be home alone.

My weekend was spent mostly at home doing nothing much, this is mostly due to the weather as it rained pretty much the whole weekend. I did go out to return some pants to Kmart and looked for another pair of black leggings which thankfully I found at Target for only $8. I find that Friday’s are too busy with things like going to the chemist and going to Woolworths and Coles doing food type shopping so any other shopping I want to do I now do on Saturday morning.

On Sunday Kathy and Summer along with Jessica and Leo came over for lunch but it wasn’t a good day as Natasha was annoyed with Kathy about something and when Natasha is annoyed she has this tone. Well Kathy didn’t like Natasha talking to her with that tone and they ended up getting into it and then Kathy and Summer left and yes Kathy was really pissed off with her sister.

I, however, didn’t want to get involved, I understood why Natasha was annoyed and I understood why Kathy was upset with the tone that Natasha took with her, but all in all I didn’t want to get involved. That said I was upset and I was unable to eat much as I was upset about the girls fighting.