Five things Friday


Hello Friday the end of the working and school week and the start of the weekend, this weekend I have told the girls I want a quiet one so no visitors over the weekend please. Anyway here is this weeks five things for Friday.

Stinking hot one day

Cool and wet the next

Debbie causing a lot of destruction in Queensland

Followed by torrential rain in not just Qld but in NSW as well

Tim so exhausted he isn’t well, so called in sick today, he needs to rest

For all those who are interested I have increased my daily workout to 1hr 15mins each morning, getting up at 4.30am now and I also added 15 mins at around lunch time to take my daily workout up to 1hr 30 mins each day. The morning workout is all yoga, I have increased the sets of each exercise from2 to 3 sets each, the lunch time workout is different I am doing what is called a bike ride but is just walking on the spot over an course that takes around 6 mins at the moment as I went back to the beginners course and I can tell you that 6 mins takes a lot out of me. In time though I hope that changes and increases.


Bony Necks, give me the creeps


What is it with news readers and other female television presenters with long skinny bony necks, I find looking at them makes me feel uncomfortable and they all wear tops and dresses that do nothing to hide their necks.

Nat Be

I guess such necks creep me out like some people (my daughters) get freaked out by feet, I also do not like looking into someone’s eyes, when my girls were little if they got something in their eye it was ask your dad to look at it I couldn’t and still cannot.


How about other people what creeps you out?


A post two days in the making but really about nothing much

Ok as most people know I watch Sunrise of a morning but you know what annoys me is when on days like today they have a special broadcast and repeat the same news over and over again I get it Cyclone Debbie is big news she will be destructive and will affect the lives of many people but it is still somewhat annoying.

It is now 315pm and I am at last getting back to the computer, this morning I had to go to the chemist to get Leo’s Webster pack for school and of course take it to the school for him, I also bought more ice cream for him and this afternoon Tim went mad because I let him have ice cream this morning after his cereal, whatever Tim I don’t care what you think about this I said it was ok and I am the one here with him.

When I got home a few minutes ago I got distracted and nearly reversed the car into the house,and of course Tim went off but I said didn’t hit anything, didn’t do and damage so get over it, I was listening to Blain and his friends and not taking any notice of what I was doing.

Blain just walked in his mum rang him and told him he has to be here when she gets here,she annoyed or angry about something and wants to talk to him face to face.

Leo had his school photos done today and said he isn’t in the class photo as he wouldn’t behave or something. I hope that isn’t the case as his mum paid $40 for the school photos.

Ok started this yesterday morning, came back to it yesterday afternoon and now it is Wednesday morning and I am back at it, just got distracted yesterday afternoon and didn’t get it finished, this morning there is more news about Debbie but at least there is other stuff on Sunrise and not just Debbie, people are being told to stay home and not go out if they don’t need to. Debbie lasted all day yesterday and into last night, it is being reported as one of the worst cyclones to hit Queensland in a bloody long time because it lasted for so long, thankfully none of my family live in the affected areas. At the same time they say it wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be it was only because it lasted so long that it is considered so bad.

Of course they are saying that the price of tomatoes and bananas and sugar will rise because of the cyclone.

I have increased my exercise workout of a morning from 60 minutes to this morning 80minutes and of course I am doing them 7 days a week.

Mum saw the specialist about her hip replacement yesterday she is now on the waiting list for the surgery the doctor said the wait should be around 9 months which is what both her and I thought it would be. She also said when he was examining her that he hurt her a lot she was nearly in tears as was my sister Sue who took her to the hospital, Sandra was unable to go with her due to the time of the appointment it was in the afternoon and Sandra had her daughter she had to get from school.

There is a plan to pay people to adopt children the reports are that people could be paid up to $35,000 per year now this is new for Australia but it is something that has been around in other counties for a while well that is what they said on the news.

Well now I am going to post this rambling post this morning at long last.

Good Morning all, it is still morning here,just

Good morning all here we are at another Monday another start to the working or school week I am up dressed and exercised and now waiting for the boys to arrive yes boys both Blain and Leo will be here and I hope I do not have a repeat of last Monday.

Didn’t do much in the way of blogging over the weekend as Tim wanted to use his computer and who am I to tell him he can’t did manage to read some blogs each day around maybe 20-25 blogs but didn’t get back here to read comments nor write anything but I guess that is life.

This morning after I take the boys to school I have to go and do a few things for mum as I do each pension day for her,banking money into Dawson’s account for her to pay for his Chrisco which for those who don’t know is a Christmas Hamper company. He orders gifts for his parents and grandparents and since he doesn’t get pocket money mum is ok giving him the money for this.

Dawson is for the most part a good kid well he isn’t actually a kid any more he will be 18 in a few days on the 1st April. There will be family party for him next weekend at his dad’s house which I will be attending.

Many may have heard of Cyclone Debbie just for those who do not know it will be no where near me it is in the top end of the country in a different state but it is suppose to be a very destructive cyclone and I hope it doesn’t do as much damage as they are predicting.

Ok have taken the boys to school and now I am hoping to get this finished and posted it is now 11.30 and I started this at 7.30. The boys were well behaved this morning although when the school rang at 10am I was oh no what’s happened but all good just rang to tell me Leo needs more medication by Wednesday so I rang the chemist and arranged that will have to pick it up tomorrow and take it to the school.

I went to the GP and asked about weight loss surgery she has referred me to a guy in Gosford about 45 minutes away I think anyway the GP told me the surgery will be between $6,000 and $8,000 my sister said her sister in-law and a couple of other people she knows have had it and thought it was about $7,000.

So on Saturday night Tim went online and enquired about health cover and joined a health fund which was going to cost him $57 a week and I would have to wait a year to have the surgery. So I worked out he would be paying around $3,000 in premiums and our out of pocket would still be around $3,500 according to the doctors website so we would only be saving between $500 and $1,500. I told Tim I thought it made more sense to just save the money and have the surgery in a years time, so he will ring up and cancel the health cover in the next week or so you have a month to cancel if you change your mind.

Well that is it for this morning

On Sunrise this morning

This morning on Sunrise I saw and heard the following stories.

More women are dying of heart attack then men because women don’t generally get the “Hollywood” style of heart attack where there is a lot of chest pain, women are more likely to feel nausea and back pain or stomach pains. It seems that women are 50% more likely to die of a heart attack then a man,not only do we have different symptoms but we ignore the symptoms for longer and just carry on because we don’t get that terrible chest pain you see in the movies and tv shows. There have been many times when I have had chest pain but always assume it is just ingestion and do nothing other then take a Mylanta tablet and hope it goes away. Does this come as a surpise to me……….Nope

There is a lot of salt in bread and some breads have more salt then a packet of potato chips,and it isn’t just white bread but wholemeal and some flat breads as well, also doesn’t come as a surprise to me.

Yesterday afternoon there was what reported as a seize in Tights Hill which is in town about 15-20minutes from where I live, a guy who the day before stabbed three people unknown to him and robbed a store was on the roof of an apartment complex he was on the damn roof for 17 hours he came down around 5am this morning, this hard ass bitch doesn’t get why they had to spend so long negotiating with fella but I get you can’t shoot the dickhead because that would be wrong. The residents living around the area had a terrible night as they had to leave their home and wasn’t allowed back till around 6am that would have pissed me off.

Seems that people prefer a good old book with pages over Ebooks this also doesn’t come as a surprise I prefer a normal book over and Ebook you don’t have to charge book and you can carry it everywhere.

Days after a mid-air emergency that saw a propeller fly off a Rex plane bound for Sydney, the airline has taken action and grounded five similar model aircraft. The propeller was found close to homes yesterday not were they thought it would be, it had to be winched out as it was 150kgs in weight and some were surprised it was found so quickly.

That is about all I have for today’s post, more to come tomorrow.

Lazy Day and My Weight

Good afternoon, well here we are at the end of another day here in Newie been a pretty warm/hot day again. This afternoon while watching telly with Tim I commented that I was really tired and Tim said why didn’t I go have a nap, so I did, I slept for over an hour then it was time to get ready and go and get Leo from school this afternoon.

Been a pretty lazy day for me not doing much at all no appointments, no laundry to do,only the usual housework that needs to be done day in and day out.

Leo said he had a better day at school not great but better, also when he got home he asked for a toasted ham & cheese sandwich, also had a not from the school to order ham & cheese toasted sandwiches next Tuesday and he said he wanted me to order 2 for him, I will order 1 I think as he doesn’t eat much at school.

I am still feeling stiff and sore but I am still working out each morning.

On Sunday when Tim and I returning from going to my parents place he had something he wanted to do with the caravan and the we went to the shops, well on the way from mum & dad’s place to Warners Bay Plaza he started again about my weight and how much I eat and that he wants me to have weight loss surgery and wants me to as the doctor about it when I see her on Wednesday. I ended up snapping and telling him I get it and to give it a rest, he said he just wanted to make his point, I said point made, now you are just making me mad.

I know he loves me and worries about my health but nagging me about my weight only gets me pissed off. He said the exercisers are not working this is all because I am stiff and sore and can barely move at times, I said it takes time for the exercisers to pay off but I think he expects to see a change in a weeks time but I know it takes longer.

I have never been interested in having weight loss surgery but I have agreed to speak to the doctor about it which I will do tomorrow when I go to the doctors for my yearly care plan.

My morning

Well here we are at another day, can’t say the day started off that great well the getting up and exercising was find and I even managed to put my knee high stocking on without much trouble but around 8am things went south.

The boys (Blain & Leo) got into a punch up which was annoying and frustrating and made me yell but what really made me see red and lose it with Blain was when Leo had fallen to the floor and Blain started kicking him in the ribs. As far as I am concerned kicking a person when they are down is a cowardly thing to do, as Jessica said when I told her if they were drunk it would be understandable or if one was frightened and fighting for their life kicking someone would be understandable but this was two little boys fighting over nothing really so such an action was uncalled for.

When I dropped Leo off at school he said he was sorry that he upset me and told me he loved me, and could never hate me, the hate me bit was because as we were leaving this morning I stopped at the top of the driveway and asked if one of the boys would get out and get the catalogues off the letter boxes and neither would so in a huff I got out and said sometimes it is as if you hate me. I was just in a mood.

After taking the boys to school I went and had my mammogram done and on the way home I rang and spoke to Natasha and explained to her while I lost it with Blain even though she was on the phone to Blain while all this fighting went down. I wanted to explain things in a calm manner she said she will be speaking to Blain about kicking when she gets him from school this afternoon as she also agreed you do not kick someone when they are on the ground.

She also said that Blain will not be going to is mates place after school today because of his behaviour this morning.

Natasha said she is having a lot of attitude from Blain on Friday mornings and Mondays after he gets back from his dad’s place the problem on Fridays is because he doesn’t want to go to his dads and he often returns in a right mood as well.

I think the fact that Blain knows his dad doesn’t like Steve and thinks Natasha is being stupid for supporting him has something to do with why Blain doesn’t want to be with his dad, Blain like most children want to see his mum happy. Also Jono is very strict and Blain has to do chores and homework and and can’t get away with stuff like he does when he is with his mum.


I was nominated for the Sunshine award by Diane at if you don’t already follow her go and check her out, here are the questions she gave me to answer along of course with my answers. I don’t nominate people though 

What’s your life philosophy or motto?

Life’s to short to be miserable you’d like.

Have you ever seen a ghost?

No but have felt a spirit with me, while laying in bed there have been times when I have felt someone sit next to me and touch me but there is no one there.

How do you relax after a long day?

Have a hot bubble bath

Do you have a favorite book or movie?

No not really at different times in my life there have been movies I really enjoyed and watched a number of times but no over all favourtie

What’s your worst habit?

Eating too much

Are you a morning person?

Hell yes, I get up at 5am and exercise and blog and if I have to have an appointment I prefer a morning one, straight after I take Leo to school works best for me

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

What comes to mind is the things I did with dad, like running power to the garage or wallpapering the kitchen

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I don’t do crazy

What do you get really, really excited about?

Christmas and holidays

What is something you’ve done recently that is worth remembering?

Damn I can’t think of a single thing

If you had the power to change anything about the country you live in, what 3 things would you change? Be as serious as you’d like.

The cost of domestic airfares, they are ridiculously high cheaper to fly overseas sometimes then to fly anywhere in the country.

Our internet speed it is too damn slow in some parts of the country and too damn expensive

How much we pay those who serve in the military and police force and such they deserve more money for willing putting themselves in hams way to protect the rest of us.

Good Morning

Good morning all I am up dressed and stiff and sore, my back the last couple of days has been giving me a lot of trouble, why you wonder, well each morning when I exercise I do 30-35 minutes of yoga type exercises to help strengthen my back and give me more movement aka flexibility in my back and legs at the moment I have very little so at the moment I am stiff and sore and movement hurts but in the long run these exercises should improve my movement in the short term there is pain and stiffness.

The above was written yesterday Friday morning this morning Saturday morning I am not as stiff and sore and have increased my yoga workout to 45 minutes by adding two extra exercises so this morning I did 70 minutes of exercise up 10minutes on the usual.

It is still wet here but I don’t need to go out at all so that’s good, Leo will be here hopefully around lunch time and not before as his mum is working this afternoon/night. There is some event on at the Hope Estate Winery called the Hot Dub Machine no idea what that is though but for Jessica it means work and work means money so she is happy and Leo has no problem staying with Nanna & Papa, although Papa will be at work all day today.

Since I started this I have read around 30 blogs and had breakfast and watched a bit of telly and now I generally feel like my head is going to fall off it is heavy and kinda stuffed up and I keep sneezing and coughing and part of me just wants to go back to bed as I am feeling pretty tied but Leo will be here soon so that isn’t going to happen.

Five things Friday


Hello Friday and this Friday I can post could have posted last Friday if I had thought to use Tim’s computer like I am now doing and have been doing all week, oh well sometimes we are a little slow to realise things, this Friday like all Fridays will be long and busy as it is the main day I go shopping.

Anyway without further ado here is this weeks five things.

Stiff and sore



Wet and warm/hot

Feeling Good