Another in my life

Awake at 7am but didn’t get up till closer to 7.30am another cold start to the day but not as cold as yesterday. Tasha put warm socks on me.

Blain came down when he got home for food. His mum has borrowed the small TV in Papa’s room for Blain to use as his has packed it in she hopes to be able replace it in a few weeks time.

My garbage bins blew over and I didn’t realise till I Tasha & Blain pick them up and move them to the carport.

I woke around 5.30 when Tim was going to work but stayed in bed till the alarm went off, another coldish day well coldish f or me but bloody cold for normal people.

Jess has a later start today.

Leo took a tub of custard with him to take his medication with at school, so I rang the school to let them know.

Tasha came down to show me a text from Jono about Blain’s christening no he isn’t christened but one was planned back in 2006 but didn’t happen. Well Jono’s grandmother a really nice lady showed him an invitation from back then and he wanted to know what the fuck. Tasha & I talked about that time I cried remembering the time and she will talk to Jono and remind him about that time way back when.

A cold wet day, Tasha was suppose to meet Leo but forgot, lucky Jess was already here and meat him.

Another cold and wet morning, I woke at 4.40am to pee but when I went back to bed I found it difficult to get back to sleep so I just laid there in the quite and dark till the alarm went off.

Tim on a split shift so home for 4hrs today.

This afternoon I went to get Leo at 2.30 but at 2.45 I came home and went back at 3.30 and he was dropped off at 3.40pm. His school finished at 2.20 which is why his driver thought he would be here by 2.40 but Leo and other transport kids had to hang around to 3.20.

Leo is here tonight

Mum wasn’t sounding good when I spoke to her she was croaky and in pain with her lower back and shoulder.

I woke at around 5.20 but got up at 5.50am to visit the loo and decided to stay up. Tim got up at 6.30am and left for work at 7.15am.

Another cold but dry morning.

I rode down and posted letters

Been restless all day

Mum sounded much better today.

Not that cold today

Another early day for me awake around 5.30 laid there for a while before getting up to pee turned out to be 5.45 and I decided to stay up.

On Friday I rang the chemist and arranged for Leo’s school meds to be made up in a Webster pack. I told Jess about it on Saturday and she forgot and when I mentioned it this morning, she told me it was my fault for not reminding her.

Tasha came down and gave me a shower at lunch time and it felt good to have a nice hot shower.

Leo here tonight.

I m in a lot of pain with my right arm, I can barely use it.

Awake again before the alarm but not by much a cold start to the day.

I am in a lot of pain with my right arm, I can barely move it.

Did a load of washing and hung it out to dry as it was easier then tossing it in the dryer, for me.

The pain is so bad I can’t concentrate and have decided to go have a lay down, and use my hand massage machine.

I feel that bad I will go to bed when Leo gets here.

Awake and up at 7am left Tim sleeping, he got up at 8am. Had to call Tasha to help me dress, got dressed in the bathroom with the heater on.

Kathy & Summer came out and Kathy shaved my legs and under my arms. Summer opened my mail that Tim collected from post office box, there was 14 letters, 13 from pen pals and 1 junk mail.

Tasha & Tim picked up shopping for me, Tasha brought down a small homemade pizza for my lunch.

She shown us a photo of Jono’s car the front passenger side window exploded on its own, Blain was sitting in the seat when it happened. No one was hurt there was only Jon, Blain & Freya in the car.

When I mentioned it to mum she reminded me of when the same thing happened with one of their cars when I was in my teens. The back window exploded mum said it was very loud, dad thought someone had shot out the window but no it exploded on its own.

The pain is so bad I just want to cry


FDM Part 6

CLINICAL FEATURESA number of clinical characteristics are associated with FMDs

●Abrupt onset

●History of a precipitating event

●Fast progression to maximum symptom severity and disability

●Movement abnormality that is incongruent with organic disease (eg, bizarre, multiple, or difficult to classify)

●Inconsistency over time with variable amplitude, frequency, or distribution of the movement

●Ability to trigger or relieve the movement with unusual or nonphysiologic intervention (eg, trigger points on the body, application of a tuning fork)

●Decreased movement of the affected body part with distraction

●Increased movement of the affected body part during observation or examination

●Entrainment of movement (eg, tremor) to the frequency of repetitive movements

●Coactivation sign of antagonist muscles

●Deliberate slowness of movement

●Association with false (or “give-way”) weakness, sensory loss, and pain

●Functional disability out of proportion to exam findings

●Unresponsiveness to drugs for organic movement disorders

●Responsiveness to placebo drugs and suggestion

The main FMD syndromes are functional tremor, functional dystonia, functional gait, functional myoclonus, and functional parkinsonism. These are reviewed in the sections below.

More of My Life

Awake and up at 7am, Tim was already up and helped me get dressed.

Tim gave me a Flawless Razor for my face to replace the one lost at Christmas.

Well this morning Tasha mentioned that hers is also purple I said I didn’t know she had one, she said I gave it to her for Christmas, no I didn’t. Hence the missing gift, found.

Kathy and the girls came over she didn’t have a gift for me, she said she had no idea what to get me.

Jess & Leo turned up not long after Kathy they gave me a handmade card and a nice long jacket.

Leo and the girls had fun playing together as children do.

All in all had a good day

Up with the alarm as usual, dressed myself and yet again I couldn’t use the Wii so annoying.

Jess dropped Leo off at around 7am.

Took Leo up to meet his driver who didn’t turn up, Tasha rang him and he said that someone sent him a text saying Leo wasn’t going. I am somewhat pissed off, Tasha drove Leo to school.

Short chat to Mum as Sandra arrived 25 minutes into our chat.

Leo was dropped off by his driver this afternoon and he said sorry about this morning which made me happy.

Up and dressed with the alarm, in front of a heater, yes I do have a small 2 bar one in the bedroom. I also have a small fan heater in the loungeroom.

Jess dropped off Leo at 6.45am.

Been a good day answered some letters and cleaned the bath and loo.

Rang mum she was good she said she Jeannie went to see her with Sam and Lilly she was pleased to see them.

A new day, rose with the alarm as per usual dressed myself and after some struggle and tears of frustration I managed to get my socks on.

After Leo left I went down and posted off letters that took like 3 minutes.

Tasha asked me if I could help her get something out from under her bed. I had to lay flat on the floor to get the box out but I did it.

Jess rang to let me know that Leo has an appointment with Dr Murray on Friday and that it will be a phone appointment.

I got up with the alarm as I do each morning before I got dressed Leo arrived he told me he walked here because his mum broke down, like I believed that…..he was dropped at the top of the driveway.

Around 1ish it pissed down rain and continued for most of the afternoon. Around the same time I started to feel off with a headache and a tight chest, I also feel very tired.

Tim home at 1.45pm an early day for him so he went up to meet Leo this afternoon.

I am going to bed at 4ish I am just that worn out.

Another cold morning, had a restless night but still dragged myself out of bed at 6.15 when the alarm went off. Leo helped me get my socks and pants on.

Jess arrived around 9ish and has been annoying since she is hungry and because she is in work van she cannot go to Macca’s.

Leo is having the day off school as he has a doctors appointment with Dr Murray thankfully it is a phone appointment.

The appointment went well she talked to Leo & Jess the whole time.

Mum was good, Dave asked her if she wanted to go over to his place as Dawson has gone to a mates place for a couple of nights.

Dawson is concerned about her being alone, however, because of the cold wet weather she didn’t want to leave her nice warm house.

Slept in this morning, I woke at 7.20 but laid there cuddle up to Tim till 7.50 when we both got up.

I had to have toast for breakfast as no banana bread, followed by a bowl of grapes.

Cold and wet morning.

I had a moment before lunch as I was shaking so bloody much and it was getting to me.

Had all the girls here for lunch we had KFC and it was great we all sat around the table and laughed and chatted while we ate.

Kathy & family gave me a Bluetooth speaker I will try it out when I go to bed.

Short chat to mum this afternoon as Tasha turned up to give me a shower.

Last week’s short takes

A cold day

Leo gets out of school at 2.20pm

Leo didn’t get out till 3.20

Tim off

A cool to warm day

Jess won’t be here till 4.30pm

Leo here tonight

Warmish Day

Split shift

Nice Day

Saw Mum today

Saw Dave’s Camper-van

All the girls came over for Mother’s Day

A lovely day

Just another week in the life of………………

I had a little sleep in getting up at 7.15, it is another cold morning.

Tim at work, he had an early start so he will be home early.

Been a ok day didn’t do much, didn’t even answer any letters just watched some telly and read some blogs.

Up at 6.15 with the alarm, Jess & Leo arrived around 7.15am as she didn’t need to drive to East Maitland.

Bloody cold this morning, Tim had an early start so will be home around 2pm.

It has warmed up a bit but still cold outside.

Rang the school to find out what time gets out, they said 2.20pm every day till otherwise stated.

Spoke to mum she told me she had a stumble on Sunday night around 6ish she didn’t fall she managed to catch herself by grabbing the entertainment unit. She was shaken and wanted to ring me but decided against it.

Up with the alarm as per usual, it is cold definitely time for warm pants and heaters although I don’t have a room heater, just a small bar heater for the bedroom and a small fan heater for the lounge room.

Tim off today he had an appointment at the hospital with the ENT specialist, only to find when he got over there that they had changed it to a video appointment. However, because he was there he was seen anyway. The doctor, is continuing with his treatment but increased the dosage.

This afternoon Tim rode the scooter up to get Leo at 2.20 but no Leo turned up, so he rang the school and even though school gets out at 2.20, because Leo is in a special ed class he still has to wait till 3.20 to get picked up by his driver. Talk about annoying.

Mum forward me the letter Leigh wrote to the DoH about Mum staying in the house she has been in since May 1980

Up and dressed with the alarm, I let Leo sleep till 7.30am he got up and ready straight away.

Another cool to warmish day, I cleaned out two drawers in the kitchen as well a load of washing and naturally I had to unpack the dishwasher and I am the main person to vacuum the lounge.

Tim home early from work at 2pm, he looked at the old microwave and found a blown fuse.

Mum not feeling great, runny nose, cough and headache.

Tasha told me she has agree to let a friend stay at her place for a couple of weeks, this is ok with me she can do what she likes.

Up and dressed with the alarm as was Tim, Leo arrived at 6.50am Jess didn’t come in she just dropped Leo off and left.

I am annoyed as I couldn’t get the Wii Fit remote to work.

I rode down and posted some letters.

Mum was upset when I spoke as both Sandy & Dave had been yelling at her about her idea to use the medication she has in the drawer and not get the Webster pack till they where finished. They don’t want her to do that.

Spoke to Kathy she was good no longer sick and the girls are both good.

Up and dressed with the alarm, Leo helped me get my feet through my pants legs as my feet get caught.

A warmish day, Tim home at 9am for a few hours, he has a split shift.

Jess is going to help me get ready for bed as Tasha is taking Blain to his dad’s where he is staying till the 20th.

I didn’t get to say goodbye to Blain before he left for his dads.

Jess arrived here at 3.20 just as I was going to get Leo, so we both went to meet him.

Up at 8am, it was nice to have a sleep in, Tim was up already. Tasha came down early and helped me get dressed.

Last night Jess forgot turn on the camera and close the back doors, much to Tim’s annoyance.

Kathy & the girls came over for a visit and it was great to see them.

Went with Tim over to Mum’s it was fantastic seeing Mum we hugged and I kissed her check and yes we are not suppose to do that but we did and what’s done is done, so there.

Tasha coming down to give me a good scrub down in the shower, I am looking forward to that, I don’t have enough strength to give myself a good scrub.

Wanted takeaway for lunch but the shops where to crowded so I said not to bother.

I have been in a foul mood since.