Short takes

No aqua pool is closed

Leo saw Dr about his ear

Jess has no work

Leo at school

Blain is home

Sydney-May & Summer at schoolc

Leo at school

I am worried about Tim

Leo has finished school for the term

Had a bad day

A cold wet day

Leo here all day

Tim did shopping

Mum is sick.

Tim is off work

Tim’s foot still sore


Facts & Informationabout FMD

Underlying psychiatric disorders

—Conversion disorder is probably the most common psychiatric diagnosis among patients with a FMD. Coexisting personality disorders may predispose to FMD. Other psychiatric disorders and diagnoses among patients with FMD may include factitious disorder, anxiety disorders, and depression [43]. Malingering, though not a psychiatric disorder, is probably an uncommon cause of FMD. An awareness of these conditions is important for the clinician caring for a patient with suspected FMD.

●Conversion disorder (functional neurologic symptom disorder) is characterized by neurologic symptoms (eg, weakness, abnormal movements, or nonepileptic seizures) that are inconsistent with a neurologic disease, but nevertheless cause distress and/or psychosocial impairment (table 1). While a psychological factor is often associated with conversion disorder, it is not necessary; a psychological factor is not always readily apparent in patients with nonphysiologic neurologic symptoms. There is no age restriction for onset.

●The commonly used terms “somatization,” “multiple somatizations,” or “somatoform disorders” are used to describe a syndrome of physical symptoms that cannot be explained by a known medical disease and are associated with substantial psychosocial impairment. However, the term “somatization” is not used in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) [43]. For patients with prominent somatic symptoms that cause distress and impair psychosocial functioning, DSM-5 has replaced the category of somatoform disorders with a category called somatic symptom and related disorders. The different terms and diagnoses used to describe somatization can be confusing (table 2), a problem discussed in detail separately.

●While factitious disorder and malingering are both intentionally feigned or deliberately induced, they are distinguished by motivation.

•Factitious disorder (also known as Munchausen syndrome) refers to intentionally feigned or deliberately induced physical or psychological symptoms in order to assume the sick role in the absence of external rewards. That is, the motivation for factitious disorders is attention for illness.

Frustation & Motivation

Hello Friday, what a week its been, I for some reason have had zero motivation to do nothing much at all. The weather here is all over the place in the last 7 days it has been cold, wet and hot, hot enough for the air con which is on again today.

The empty shelves in the supermarkets is distressing for many older people and annoying to others. I have not been to the shops since last Friday, as I usually only go out once a week but this week I am confined to the house.

Yesterday Tasha had to go to 3 different supermarkets to get my groceries as well as having to go back this morning to get a couple of things but not toilet paper, thankfully I still have some.

Tim has been told to keep at least 1.5metres from passengers on his bus this is a little difficult to do also they are not suppose to handle cash but most still are.

I am not sure if I will be going to aqua on Monday, will see what happens.

Another week in my life gone

Up at 7.30am dressed and ready for the day. A cool day here, I was busy with vacuuming done it twice, did a load of washing and ironed Tim’s work shirts and a top of mine.

Mum said that Dawson had a good a good time at the show yesterday one of his friends paid for him to get in.

Up at 6.15 when my alarm went off, Tim got up at the same time.

At 7.30 I received a phone call from someone telling me that they they are coming to see about doing the modifications to the house that I need.

So no aqua today.

Men turned up at 9am and started work removing the lattice work at the front door.

They didn’t put in a ramp but instead a large step and I am now unable to get the scooter in or out of the house. I should have realised but didn’t I feel like such a dill.

So now Tasha and Tim will have to make phone calls to see if it can be changed into a ramp.

The handrails in the bathroom are good.

A horrible start to the day, didn’t make it to the loo in time and had to have a shower in order to feel clean.

Then I thought I would have to use wheelchair to take Leo up but Tasha came down and lifted the scooter over the door so I could take it outside.

After Leo left I left the scooter outside till after he gets home this aftternoon.

Jess turned up after work wanting soft boiled eggs but I didn’t have bread till Tasha got here. When Tash arrived she also wanted soft boiled eggs too. So I did eggs for both of them.

Jess made fun of her sister not being able to cut her egg’s top off.

Having them here bickering lifted my spirits

This afternoon Leo managed to bring the scooter inside on his own.

Awake before the alarm but laid in bed till it went off.

Had to wake Leo this morning, he looks like he may have conjunctivitis but I am unsure. He went to school as per usual.

Leo & Tasha took the scooter outside for me this morning.

Workmen came back and installed another hand rail in the bathroom.

Tim went and bought a piece of wood and placed it inside the door making it easier for me to get in and out.

Leo’s eyes are ok now turned out to be a small pimple on the bottom of his eye.

Up and dressed with the alarm this morning, Jess & Leo didn’t get here till 7.30am she said she had a late start.

I wasn’t sure I would be able to get the scooter out because Jess is parked on the lawn. However, Leo managed to get it out and slowly explained to me how to get back inside.

We were half way up the driveway when Leo remembered he wasn’t wearing socks and ran back to get some on.

I was awake at 4am, I could hear Tim saying goodbye to Leo when I went to the loo by the time I went back to bed I could hear Tim drive off. Anyway I was unable to get back to sleep.

Saw Kelli and Freya at Charlie and they came back here for a while. It was great to see them.

Blain not going to his dad this weekend because he has been sick and his dad doesn’t want risk his 2 other children Daemon & Freya) getting sick which I understand.

Leo’s new driver started today while Brian is off for a week.

Tasha is sick but still running around after other people.

Had a shocking night because I forgot to take my night time meds. I was awake on and off all night.

It is Kelli’s birthday today, I sent her a birthday text.

Jess is working and Leo is here for the day.

Tim & I went and put in my passport renewal then we went to Lake Fair and we took the scooter and I was able to get around great.

We get home and Kathy turns up with my shopping, running in and out saying she was super busy and couldn’t stop.

Leo had his hair cut as Jess found that he had head lice again, it is pretty short but it will grow back.

Been bloody cold today and wet, rained most of the day.

More about Funtional Movement Disorder


FMDs require attention to generate the movements, given that distraction leads to decreased movement of the affected body part, while observation or examination leads to increased movement of the affected body part . However, affected individuals lack a sense that the abnormal movements are under voluntary control. While the mechanisms that cause or contribute to FMDs are an area of uncertainty and controversy , an evolving hypothesis is that FMDs result from a combination of predisposing factors including:

Abnormal self-directed attention

Abnormal beliefs and expectations

Abnormal sense of agency (ie, a subjective sense of control) for self-generated movements

Alexithymia (impaired emotional processing with difficulty identifying and verbalizing internal emotional states)

These processes may lead to an FMD when abnormal predictions regarding movement are triggered by abnormal self-directed attention, leading to movement produced without a subjective, normal sense of voluntary control. In patients with alexithymia, emotional or autonomic symptoms that occur with a triggering event may be misinterpreted as being caused by a physical illness. FMDs represent the complex interaction of psychological and physical expression.

Subtle structural and functional differences between individuals with FMD and controls have been demonstrated using advanced imaging techniques. For example, a voxel-based morphometry analysis showed increased gray matter volume in left amygdala, left striatum, left cerebellum, left fusiform gyrus, and bilateral thalamus among patients with FMD and decreased volume of left sensorimotor cortex. Similar work demonstrated impaired self-agency using functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Did you know

Do not knock

In Australia door- to- door salespeople must give you a 10 day “cooling off” period to cancel the contract if you vhange your mind.

If you do not want salespeople visiting your  house you can display a Do Not Knock sticker next to the door or on the front gatepost of your  house. Salespeople can be fined if they refuse to leave you home if you aske them to, or if they ifnore the Do Not Knock sticker.

To f ind out how you can get a sticker or to make a complaint go to.

Another week done and not dusted, as I don’t dust

No alarm this morning so it was around 7ish when I got up and dressed. After a slice off banana bread I threw in a load of laundry and vacuumed out.

Watched Leo while Jess went to get Blain and after they got back Jess hung around to 2.30pm.

It has been another hot day, needed the air con on.

Up and dressed at 6.15 as per usual, a cool start to the day.

Jess rang at 8.47am to let me know she would be late as there had been an accident, she was not in an accident, someone else was.

Jess arrived at 9.30 and we went to Kmart and I was able to get 4 new tops 3 for home and a nice black on for going out.

It is another stinking hot day, temp around 37 degrees.

Will finish Mutiny on the Bounty tonight.

Up and dressed at 6.15 when the alarm went off. A much cooler day.

Tasha had to get me some more chocolate milk as Tim drank it all also asked her to get normal milk.

I downloaded another book to listen to as I finished Mutiny on the Bounty last night.

Some rain today.

Up and dressed at 6.15, it is raining and very cool.

I felt so tired at 9.30 that I had to go back to bed for 2hrs.

Stopped raining around 10ish but still cool.

Mum told me Michelle asked if her and Landon could stay with her & Dawson and both Dawson and Dave told her no.

Michelle also asked if she could leave her dogs at mum’s and she said no.

She also said that the DoH rang and said they had a place for her at Edgeworth of course mum said nope not interested but for the lady rang and spoke to Sandy at mum’s request and they said that they had another place at Windale which mum and Sandy checked out but mum still said no not interested. Mum said the bathroom wasn’t big enough.

I got dressed in the bath room this morning I then had a fright, I couldn’t find Leo looked everywhere only to realise he isn’t here because he spent last night at his house. I felt like a dill.

A wet day had to get Tasha to take Leo to meet Brian (his driver). She will have to get him this afternoon if it is raining.

Brian drove Leo down, he didn’t see Tasha standing under a carport out of the rain. So she said what was the point of being there in pissing rain.

Awake and up before my alarm this morning, as Leo came in at 5.30 because he had a bad dream about one of his bunnies “Oppie”

This morning I had to ring Leo’s driver as it was 8.30am and he hadn’t turned up when I spoke to him he said he thought I had rang and said Leo was sick and not going. He had already dropped kids off at the school. He did come back to get Leo and apologised saying it is the first time in 6yrs he has forgot a student.

I was annoyed but what’s the point didn’t change anything.

Mum rang to let me know that Dad’s headstone is now in place.

Wasn’t able to get toilet paper anywhere. Dave said if some comes in he will put some aside for us. I hope he can get some.

Dave was able to get me & Jess some toilet paper, I am relieved.

Jess helping me get ready for bed tonight.

I woke at 7.45am at 7.46 I received a text to tell me my grocery delivery would be arriving next. I went to the loo and then into get dressed and could see the delivery truck pull up. I said so and Tim jumped up saying what all ready. He wanted a sleep in but he didn’t go back to bed.

I was short 3 items so will have to get Tasha to get them for me today or tomorrow.

Jess & Leo have gone to the show they took Katja with them. Tasha also went with some friends. Mum said Dawson went as well.

I had to ring mum at 4pm she forgot about me, that is a good thing as it means she was preoccupied and not feeling lonely.

Tim bought a security camera for inside the house, I don’t know why. He has set it up in the lounge-room.

A week at mine

I haven’t posted since Tuesday for different reasons such as my body being in pain and my concentration being bloody awful and then there is the internet dropping out.

I hope things go better this week

Awake at 7am, but didn’t get up till 7.30am when Tim got up for work, got dressed and opened the house up. I also put the clean clothes away I also put the clean clothes away

I then tidy the lounge-room and kitchen before putting the dishwasher on and throwing a load in to the washing machine. I then vacuumed out.

After blogging for a bit I hung the washing up to dry then mum rang and we talked for an hour which is normal.

I was up when the rooster crowed, not a real one but the sound of one on my phone waking me up.

Had a quick shower and got ready for aqua, Tasha doesn’t like me going she worries it is too much for me.

Tim is on afternoons this week.

Walking down the drive for some unknown reason Leo’s thumb started hurting.

Laminated a bunch of birth certificates and filled away.

His thumb hurt for about half a hour till he got distracted.

Up with the alarm, opened the house up then went and got dressed for the day.

Leo arrived around 7am he was in a good mood, however, he has misplaced his ipad charger.’

Had the injection in my knee, hope it works well, only time will tell.

Leo had a bad day at school, saying he isn’t sure if he wants to go back tomorrow. Jess rang and spoke to Leo. He ended up hanging up on her. She will email the school.

Tasha has written about it in his communication book.

I hope he is better tomorrow

It has turned out hot,

I am so fed up with my right arm aching,

Up and dressed as usual with the roosters crow found myself drenched in sweat as I got dressed. So the air con went on early.

Woke at 3am for the loo but when I went back to bed I could not sleep, I laid there till 4.30am which was the last time before I dropped off. I also a a very bad headache.

Tim put scooter on to charge so I had to ask Tasha to get Leo this afternoon.

Started pissing down at 3pm, so I am glad Tasha is getting Leo.

Had to go and lay down with a Kool & Soothe on my forehead, after Tim left for work. I laid down for 2hrs

Mum told me that Ed was bitten four times by a snake, mum said it was a red belly brown snake which I have never heard of, he is home and ok. Sandy had to ring the ambos and he was taken to the hospital.

Up and dressed at 6.15, I was still opening the house when Jess & Leo arrived at 6.30.

A much cooler start to the day, hope it stays cool

Did 2 loads of laundry and vacuumed out twice and looks like it needs it again.

This afternoons after I was laying down listening to my book Tasha & Leo got into a spat. All she wanted was for Leo to open his door and speak to her, he didn’t want to and this cause a conflict and when he did open it he had his hoody on hiding his face and couldn’t understand when he had to show his face.

I really enjoy listening to a book before I go to sleep.

Up with my alarm and got dressed in the lounge-room so not to disturb Tim.

Had a good morning shopping with Jessica and I didn’t run into anything or over anyone.

It has been a warm day with a nice breeze through the house.

Mum was telling me that Ed was told by his dad that he has another brother named Mick who he wants Ed to meet, which he is suppose to do this weekend.

Told Jessica that I would be ok tonight and she didn’t need to stay so she got me changed and left at 4.45pm.

Up at 9.30am, I didn’t settled down till 8.30pm last night but slept well although my left shoulder is sore this morning got Tasha to rub ice gel into it.

Bought a couple of pizza’s for lunch. I paid for them.

Been very tired this afternoon, fell asleep while I was talking to mum. So an early night for me.