Another week done and not dusted, as I don’t dust

No alarm this morning so it was around 7ish when I got up and dressed. After a slice off banana bread I threw in a load of laundry and vacuumed out.

Watched Leo while Jess went to get Blain and after they got back Jess hung around to 2.30pm.

It has been another hot day, needed the air con on.

Up and dressed at 6.15 as per usual, a cool start to the day.

Jess rang at 8.47am to let me know she would be late as there had been an accident, she was not in an accident, someone else was.

Jess arrived at 9.30 and we went to Kmart and I was able to get 4 new tops 3 for home and a nice black on for going out.

It is another stinking hot day, temp around 37 degrees.

Will finish Mutiny on the Bounty tonight.

Up and dressed at 6.15 when the alarm went off. A much cooler day.

Tasha had to get me some more chocolate milk as Tim drank it all also asked her to get normal milk.

I downloaded another book to listen to as I finished Mutiny on the Bounty last night.

Some rain today.

Up and dressed at 6.15, it is raining and very cool.

I felt so tired at 9.30 that I had to go back to bed for 2hrs.

Stopped raining around 10ish but still cool.

Mum told me Michelle asked if her and Landon could stay with her & Dawson and both Dawson and Dave told her no.

Michelle also asked if she could leave her dogs at mum’s and she said no.

She also said that the DoH rang and said they had a place for her at Edgeworth of course mum said nope not interested but for the lady rang and spoke to Sandy at mum’s request and they said that they had another place at Windale which mum and Sandy checked out but mum still said no not interested. Mum said the bathroom wasn’t big enough.

I got dressed in the bath room this morning I then had a fright, I couldn’t find Leo looked everywhere only to realise he isn’t here because he spent last night at his house. I felt like a dill.

A wet day had to get Tasha to take Leo to meet Brian (his driver). She will have to get him this afternoon if it is raining.

Brian drove Leo down, he didn’t see Tasha standing under a carport out of the rain. So she said what was the point of being there in pissing rain.

Awake and up before my alarm this morning, as Leo came in at 5.30 because he had a bad dream about one of his bunnies “Oppie”

This morning I had to ring Leo’s driver as it was 8.30am and he hadn’t turned up when I spoke to him he said he thought I had rang and said Leo was sick and not going. He had already dropped kids off at the school. He did come back to get Leo and apologised saying it is the first time in 6yrs he has forgot a student.

I was annoyed but what’s the point didn’t change anything.

Mum rang to let me know that Dad’s headstone is now in place.

Wasn’t able to get toilet paper anywhere. Dave said if some comes in he will put some aside for us. I hope he can get some.

Dave was able to get me & Jess some toilet paper, I am relieved.

Jess helping me get ready for bed tonight.

I woke at 7.45am at 7.46 I received a text to tell me my grocery delivery would be arriving next. I went to the loo and then into get dressed and could see the delivery truck pull up. I said so and Tim jumped up saying what all ready. He wanted a sleep in but he didn’t go back to bed.

I was short 3 items so will have to get Tasha to get them for me today or tomorrow.

Jess & Leo have gone to the show they took Katja with them. Tasha also went with some friends. Mum said Dawson went as well.

I had to ring mum at 4pm she forgot about me, that is a good thing as it means she was preoccupied and not feeling lonely.

Tim bought a security camera for inside the house, I don’t know why. He has set it up in the lounge-room.


2 thoughts on “Another week done and not dusted, as I don’t dust

  1. Jo, what did you think of Mutiny on the Bounty ? Which version were you watching ? I think my favourite is the 1935 version with Charles Laughton and Clark Gable but also believe there is a place for the newer ones.

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