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Goodbye 2012 been good knowing ya


2012 is coming to a close and looking back it has been a great year for my family we had 3 babies born during the year which is always great, who doesn’t love babies they are so cute and adorable.

I have seen of Facebook some people saying that it wasn’t a great year but you know I can’t remember any of the lows of the year, I don’t know what that says about me and guess what I don’t care……………lol

How is everyone going to see the New Year in? Me I will be in bed early………….lol

My days of seeing the New Year in are long gone…………………lol

For the second year there are no fireworks held locally for us, there used to be fireworks at 9.30pm done on the foreshore which we could watch from our back yard which I loved doing.

I am having a can of scotch and coke this afternoon while I am writing this and I am going to ask/tell Tim I want to get pizza for tea tonight but we will have to get it delivered since I am having something to drink.

Tomorrow I have told the girls that I am having a baked lunch here and both Jessica & Kathy have said they will be here but I haven’t heard from Natasha so I just sent her a text asking if she would be here. I do not expect her to be her because I know my daughter and she rarely she comes to lunch. Jessica just rang and said that my niece Kelli and her son Daemon will also be here for lunch.

I will be telling Tim that he has to go down and get them, well he will drive down and Tim will drive Jessica’s car back here and she will drive our car back. Her car is still playing up we have been told that it needs a new starter motor and it is booked in to have that replaced on Wednesday so she is leaving her car here for me to take to the auto electrician on Wednesday.

My parents have picked up their motorhome and have left now for their holiday they will be back by the end of January as mum’s birthday is on the 30th and school goes back the same day so mum wants to be back by then. 


Christmas Day

Aus Card

Well here in Australia it is Boxing day aka the day after Christmas Day, don’t ask me why the 26th is called Boxing Day I don’t know it just is……………..lol

How was everyone’s Christmas, mine was wonderful I got some nice presents and spent the day with my family as I do every year. We have cold meat and salad with hot baked potatoes I bought a 2kg bag of washed potatoes and cooked all of them I cut them into small slices to get the most out of them and there was only 5 left over after lunch.  Anyway I wasn’t going to peel them and was just going to cut them up and cook them but Tim came into the kitchen and was like you’re not peeling them and I said nope if you want them peeled you can do it but I am not……………….so he peeled them…………..lol

Christmas Day

Moving on we got to my parents place around 10am where we opened more presents in fact it is a little crazy at mums place with lots of people exchanging gifts and what not………………..lol

Jessica and Leo had turned up at my place around 8.30am and opened presents here before we went to my parents place. They spent Christmas Eve over at Jono & Kelli’s place.

The only drama of the day was when my brother in-law Ed cut his finger while slicing the ham, Ed is a big help on Christmas Day he slices all the meat for mum most of it is done using the meat slicer mum has but the ham he was doing with a knife. He had only just sharpened the knife moments before cutting his finger; I was talking to him when he did it.

This year it was a wet Christmas Day so we couldn’t set the tables up in the carport, which to be honest didn’t bother me at all I prefer to eat in the lounge room it feels more like Christmas even if it is a bit crowded…………..lol

Me  & Tim

There were only 12 adults and 5 children there this year for lunch but before lunch there were 19 adults and 8 children some didn’t stay for lunch. Jeannie has lunch with her boyfriend Peter and his family and my sister in-law Leigh goes over to her mums for Christmas lunch and my brother Dave joins her there after lunch.

I had a few drinks while at mums but nothing else when I got home didn’t feel like having any more grog, I am not much of a drinker.

Today I am home alone as Tim is working in Sydney he will be home late around 10 or 11pm me I will be in bed by the time he gets home.

Lunch table


A Wonderful Merry Christmas


I received this via email this morning from the very talented Starry Dawn and want to share it with others. http://www.thanksforthegiftoflife.blogspot.com.au/

Have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with your dear family and loved ones!

May you pause for a while to fill the love from our Heavenly Father within your heart.

Jesus was born, so our lives would change. Our Lord promised an everlasting life,

so we won’t be the same. We shall live again! Praise the Lord!

Let the water of life overflow like a waterfall!

Let there be peace to every storm you face, whatever seems impossible,

let there be possible, and excel your achievements!

God may always touch your lives with many blessings.


Chrismas Cards and More


Christmas cards do you send them to people or isn’t that you maybe you’re not a Christian and that is fine too not everyone is and that is fine with me. If you do send Christmas card do you send many or only a few do you have a list or play it by ear.

I have a list but have misplaced it so some people may end up with 2 cards this year………..lol this morning I did my ecards also well most of them there are still a few I have to send buy I have to find my address book first……………lol

Each year I get some personalised cards made up with photos of my family on the cover, and I also send normal Christmas cards to some people and I have even had cards printed up for my parents and my sister as well.

I have a bunch of cards hanging on my wall but I expect to get more during the week, oh yeah I also like to buy special cards for my parents and daughters and usually for Tim as well.

After I take Jessica & Leo home I will have to sort through the presents I bought on Friday and Saturday so I am hoping she doesn’t take forever to get up and yes I know it is already 10.20am but hell me and Leo have been up since around 6.30am. I have done a couple of loads of washing and sorted out the weekends washing and put those clothes away and made a phone call to Hamper King was on hold waiting 40minutes for them to answer………..

Both me and Tim are looking forward to having a night without any grandkids here we had Blain Friday night and Leo Saturday & Sunday nights. I love them but it is nice to have quiet nights. We also had Blain here yesterday from around 12.30pm till 3.30pm when his mum picked him up and by the time she got here they had done my head in a lot of fighting about nothing like boys/kids do………

Sometimes Thank You Doesn’t Seem Enough

036171828735220070820171849I had to share this here as well as on my other blog I don’t usually do the same post on both blogs but this touched me so much that I am doing that now…………….

Awesome gift (2)

What do you say when Thank You doesn’t seem enough, this is how I feel about the birthday gift I received in the mail by my wonderful blog friend Bethany: http://projectwhitespace.com this is a couple of photos but they are not the best but anyway not to worry.

Awesome gift (5)

The gift was a gift certificate from Indulgences Beauty Therapy: http://www.indulgences.com.au now I knew she was getting me a gift ceritifcate but I was only expecting it to be maybe $20 or $30 and what do I get a $100 voucher damn when I saw it I felt like crying.

Awesome gift (1)

I have since told everyone about the gift certificate I am so bloody excited and there is no way I can ever thank Bethany enough for her generosity all I can do is say a big thank you. I am one lucky woman………………

Awesome gift (3)

Just Another Day………………..

Jono dog boys water

Another day another……………………..what I have no idea but I guess it would be another something or other……………….lol

Anyway this morning well midnight to be precise I woke up to go to the toilet and notice Little Leo in bed with me and Tim and when I walked into the hall way I noticed Jessica sitting in the lounge room I asked her why she was here and she said she had been out at Kelli’s place (her cousin) and couldn’t be bothered to go all the way home to Swansea so came here to crash for the night.

Family fun

When Tim got home this afternoon he asked my when did Leo and Jessica arrive last night, all I could remember was that she said something like around 10.30pm but since then Jessica has told me he was still up when they got her e but he doesn’t remember that.

Jessica said that she and Leo will be back here again tonight as they have been out with Jono, Kelli & their boys “My Blain” and Daemon. Those of you who do not know the ins and outs of my family “My Blain” is my grandson, Daemon is his brother, Jono is his dad and Kelli is my niece Jono’s partner and Daemon’s mum.  To add confusion to this Leo has a habit of calling Jono “dad” even though he isn’t his father and Leo knows this he will tell you that “dad” is really Blain’s dad not his.

Blain Leo water

It is Blain’s 7th birthday today and it has been a beautiful day which is one of the reasons they decided to take the boys to the beach.

It is only 7.40pm and Tim is asleep in his armchair in fact he has been asleep for about 20 minutes. I do not understand why he doesn’t go to bed instead of falling asleep in his armchair, if I was to do that he would be at me to go to bed…………………I just leave him and when I go to bed I will leave him where he is……….

I just sent Jessica a message telling her if she wants Leo to sleep in my bed tonight then she has to make sure he has had a bath since I only changed the sheets today. Kelli Daemon

Flying and getting seasick not at the same time…………..lol

Airport (1)

As everyone knows I recently went on a holiday to New Zealand and had an awesome time while there, here are a few photos taken while on holiday. Well these ones were taken while flying either to or from New Zealand not sure which but we were flying that much I know………………………..lol

Flight Home (5)

I do enjoy flying ok never been in a plane that has had turbulence so may not like that………lol I guess it is the same as being on the water I was fine when we went on our cruise and I am fine when the water isn’t choppy or rough………….but seasick when it is………….did I mention that I throw up when we went on a tour of White Island we had to get there by boat and I got seasick going over well it happen just as we arrived and I threw up.

Flight Home (7)

On the trip back from the island I got knocked off my feet and hit my head hard and was told I should had gone to hospital but of course I didn’t want to instead we just went to our motel and Tim kept an eye on me for the rest of the evening.

Flight Home (1)

New Zealand


Airport (1)

Ok everyone I have returned from my holiday to New Zealand and what an awesome holiday it was, I had a great time and I am pretty sure Tim also had a great time. We flew out on the 24th and returned home yesterday the 2nd, the flight over and the flight home was smooth and I loved it but I love flying. That said it was a bloody long day on the first and the last day of our holiday, the first day it was because the travel agent gave us the wrong address to our first motel and we spent over 3 hours driving around looking for our motel. On our last day it was because it took us as long to get from Sydney to Newcastle as it took to fly from Wellington to Sydney………………lol

Rainbow Kiwi Park (2)Volcano (35)There was a lot of travelling involved on the holiday and some double backing on ourselves but that was the way the travel agent planned the holiday, Tim has agree to allow me to plan the next holiday and I am looking forward to that.

Most of the motels we stayed in where pretty good the last one smelt a bit and was the worse one we stayed at and I would not recommend it to anyone, however that said it did have a good size bath and great internet connection so not all bad………………lol

Tim told me this evening he is pleased that we did not go silly with souvenir buying but also managed to get gifts for everyone along as for ourselves. This made me happy as I did try not to go nuts but it wasn’t easy…………

Rainbow Kiwi Park (197)