Did you know No: 10

1000 facts

Hello blogland people, here I just after eating lunch writing today’s post. I went to my aqua class this morning and made a few phone calls after getting home now to write today’s did you know facts. But first I have to say I am somewhat nervous because this afternoon Leo is catching a bus with his friend Daniel back to Daniels house after school it is the first time he has done this and I can’t help but feel nervous.

The Pacific Ocean is very nearly as big as all the other oceans put together, it is home to the deepest places in the world.

The loneliest, most remote place in the world is in the Pacific Ocean at 47°30′ South – 120° West, this point is 2,575 kilometres from the nearest land.

Australian Ben Carlin is the only person to really drive around the world. His car turned into a boat and he completed the drive, including the Atlantic Ocean and all the other wet bits in 1958.

Approximately one in every ten people who ever lived are alive today

The most accurate clock in the world is made by Hewlett Packard in the U S A, it is accurate to within one second every 1.6 million years


Wet and Unwell and in Pain

Good morning world, yes it is morning here, be it a coolish, wet morning but still morning. My state has had some extremes weather wise, we had fires and then floods.

Many streets around here have been flooded which is the norm, certain suburbs such as Wallsend and Cardiff and of course Warners Bay are prone to flooding and flood they have. The school my niece goes to in Wallsend sent students home yesterday afternoon due to flooding.

The rain was so bad yesterday afternoon that I had Natasha pick Leo up from school so I could let Tim take the car to work, I didn’t want him to ride the motorbike in such bad weather. Although she was somewhat pissed off as they had her walking all over the school looking for him and ended up drenched, when she got back here she took her wet clothes off and tossed them into the dryer.

My special girl aka Jessica was in hospital all day yesterday she rang us at 3am and her dad drove her over to the hospital she was in a great deal of pain, after blood tests, chest Xray and an ultrasound she was told it was a flare up of pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas, which can be either acute or chronic. Treatment options include fasting until the inflammation subsides, removing gallstones, abstaining from alcohol, medications and surgery.

Jessica had her gallbladder removed in 2015, so they are trying to find out what had caused this flare up, she needs to have an MRI done as well. She thought she was going to spend last night in the hospital but they sent her home at 6pm.

We didn’t tell Leo about her being at the hospital he would have worried and wanted to see her to see that she was ok, so we told him that she was having a long day at work and when she got home she just wanted to have a bath and go to bed, which was why he had to stay here last night.

I hope today isn’t as wet and Jessica isn’t in pain……………………………

Indestructible Creatures/Ocean Quahog

ocean quahog

Well it is Tuesday a much cooler day at last which is nice, being Tuesday means it is indestructible creatures day and today’s creature it the Ocean Quahog, heard of it………….me neither………………..

This creature lives for a bloody long time longer then elephants or blue whales or even giant tortoises. In 2006 scientists collected an ocean quahog from the seabed near Iceland and named it Ming. To keep it fresh for studying they froze it, and it died. Later when they studied it, Ming turned out to be one of the oldest creatures ever known, Oops……………………

When it’s alive an Ocean Quahog has two shells with a hinge and a squishy mollusc living inside, it has growth rings a bit like the rings in a tree that can reveal how old they are. To count the markings properly, scientists have to cut through the shell and look at the patterns inside.

Their first attempt revealed that Ming was 405 years older, later on in 2013 using new methods it was revealed that Ming’s true age was 507, now that is old.

So it could live for over 500 years but couldn’t survive being frozen.

It was called Ming after the Ming dynasty which was between 1368-1644, which was when it would have been born.

ocean quahog1

Did you know No:9

Here I am on a Monday afternoon writing a post it is a warm day but not as hot as it has been over the weekend which saw really stinking hot days and nights.

Being Monday means it is did you know day so here are this weeks did you know facts.

The song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” has different words in different countries, in France the gifts include Four Pigs’ Trotters and in Scotland, an Arabian Baboon……weird or what

In one of the most unusual military manoeuvres ever, King Richard the Lionheart captured the fortress of Acre and because the inhabitants were barricaded inside he instructed his soldiers to throw 100 beehives over the walls forcing those inside to surrender immediately.

Geese have been know to fly higher than five miles up in the air.

The character of Cinderella dates back to an ancient folk tale from China, really………..I don’t know

The tin can was invented in 1810, the tin opener was not invented until 45 years later

Five Things Friday No 5

Here I am on Friday afternoon been another hot day, last night was pretty warm the weather feels more like Summer then Autumn it is going to be a hot weekend with temps in the high 30’s.

Anyway being Friday means it is Five Things Friday, so here are this weeks five things.

Falling bridge

Crushed cars

Many dead

Prayers said

Such sadness

This and That Thursday

Hello Thursday, hope you are nice to me.

Do you ever wonder about your dreams, do you remember your dreams, do you wake up thinking what the hell was that all about?

Last night I dreamt about murder, someone was murdered and the murderer was hiding in plain sight under a different name around people I knew.

I also dreamt about looking for a toilet and asking a weird person where one was and being shown one that was in a machine like a dishwasher, what the hell was with that.

I often dream about going to the toilet and finding the toilet has no doors or doors that will not lock and having people watching me. I don’t know what such dreams mean if anything but they are weird.

I just took 3 soluble aspirins these I take for headaches and I dissolve them in Pepsi Max as weird as that sounds, I used to dissolve them in water like normal people but a year or so ago I accidentally poured Pepsi Max into the glass and found it tasted better so have used it since. I find soluble aspirins work better for headaches then paracetamol.

Now I have to take Leo to school, home again and when I parked I noticed that the curtain was pulled across and thought that Natasha was still here as I walked in Blain jumped out and scared me making me yell, this made Blain happy.

Yesterday was my niece’s birthday she turned 24 in a few months she will have her second child this time it is a girl. This niece is the one I call my sweetheart, she is my sister Susan’s youngest daughter.

Indestructible Creatures/ Starfish


Hello everyone here I am on this Tuesday morning it is a nice morning not too hot nor too cold kinda just nice. Been up since 6am when Leo arrived, I was wondering why he was so quite and when I walked down to check and he was asleep on his bed but he is awake now as I can hear him. It is nearly time to take him to school.

Anyway here is this weeks indestructible creature, the Starfish yep the Starfish we have all heard of a Starfish but did you know that like the Flatworm the Starfish are good at regenerating and can often regrow a lost arm. Because when a hungry ocean hunter tries to crap a Starfish they end up with just an arm, as their arm can easily come off when they are attacked. Although it isn’t a fast thing and can take months for the new arm to grow.

In some species an arm that has been cut off can grow into a whole new Starfish, to regenerate animals need special cells called stem cells, which can change to form any type of body part. Flatworms and Starfish have lots of them and can use them as needed.

Humans also have a few stem cells and we can regenerate some bod parts such as fingertips that have been cut off (never heard of that). We can also regrow our liver if part of it is removed, that I did know.

starfish walkinjg

Did you know Monday No:8

1000 facts

Good morning Monday going to be a pretty warm Monday temp around 28°c, other then my aqua class I have no plans for the day, but let’s be honest here I rarely have plans for the day, I will take Leo to school go to be aqua class then home to do nothing for the rest of the day.

Anyway since it is Monday that means it is did you know day.

There is an estimated ten billions tons of gold in the oceans, however, the ratio is one part gold to over 83 million parts water, so it is quite difficult to collect.

In Spain the word for hot is “caliente” in France it is “chaud” and in Italy it’s “caldo” thus the hot water taps are marked it a “C”. This might be confusing for some foreigners.

King Henry V once held a Christmas feast that included carps’ tongues, flowers in jelly and roasted dolphin. Talk about yuck…………….

One person in five alive today is Chinese

The readers of “Batman Comic” were once given the chance to vote on whether Robin survived being blown up by The Joker. The vote was close but the hard-hearted readers voted to kill off the Boy Wonder.

Make Up Q & A

Ok yesterday I came across these questions on someone’s’ blog but forgot to copy the link of whose blog anyway since I am more a girly girl I thought I would use them for a post.

1. Eyelash Curler Yes or No?

Nope never used one

2. Favourite Nail Shade?

When I was younger I wore red

3. Favourite Lipstick Shade?

Depends on what colour clothes I am wearing, but I do like red if I am not worried about matching my clothes

4. Blow Dry or Air Dry your hair?

Air dry

5. Artificial Nails: Yes or No?


6. Foundation: Yes or No?

Yes, I like Avon in nude or ivory

7. Hair Up or Hair Down?

I have short hair have done since my 20’s

8. Bar Soap or Body Wash?

Body wash for sure- I like to switch my scents up!

9. Bath or Shower?

Bath always only have showers if we are on holiday and there is no bath

10. Favourite Body Lotion?

Not into body lotion much , only use it when it is given as a gift

11. Do you wear perfume? Is so, favourite scent?

Yes I like Avon’s Night Magic or Imari but wear different ones if given as a gift
12. Do you shave your legs everyday?

Nope too lazy

13. Favourite Lip Balm?

Don’t use it

14. How old were you when you first started wearing make-up?

Around the age of 20 but I don’t wear it every day only when I am going out shopping or for a meal or when I am on holiday