Did you know Monday

1000 facts

Here we are at another Monday so that means it is did you know Monday.

Every year the moon moves 3.82cm further away from the earth which is about the length of a matchstick.

Blonds have more hair then dark haired people

Every day the number of living things on earth increases, it is believed that there is over 10 million species of living things on earth.

Bees may have a true sixth sense, one that people probably do not have: they have magnetic crystals in their abdomens with witch they may feel direction relative to the earth’s magnetic field.

Diamonds are flammable



Well as we all know the Christmas period is over, same with the New Year and I saw on another blog this questions “when do you take down your holiday decorations”, so I decided to write a post about this for today’s post.

I put my Christmas decorations up around the middle of November and leave them up till the 1st of January. The type of decorations I use mostly now days are the ones you just stick on a wall, I find that they are easy to do and in all the time I have been using these type of decorations I have only had the paint come off while removing them a couple of times. Although when Kathy-Lee was removing them last week she removed some paint because she didn’t remove the decoration slowly trying to rip it off fast.

Even my Christmas tree now days is a small tinsel tree that sits on the dining room table, I also like decorations that I can sit on top of the television and other things. I do have a larger Christmas tree I just don’t have the room to put it up.

The only time I decorate the house is at Christmas time, I know in other countries people decorate at other times but here in Australia and mostly my family it is only done at Christmas time.

Indestructible Creatures No: 1

jumping spider

Well here we are at the first Indestructible Creatures post for 2018, this will be a regular Tuesday post this year.

Have you heard of the Himalayan Jumping Spider, they are just 1cm big and live way up on Mount Everest. They are thought to live higher up than an other animal, it is covered in thick hair and can manage for days without food and jumps from one wind-blasted icy rock to another as sure-footed as a mountain goat.

Even though spiders are meat eaters there are no other animals this high up, so they feed on dead insects such as flies and springtails that have blown up the mountainside in the wind.

Like most spiders the Himalayan Jumping Spider has eight legs and eight eyes but only six of their eyes face forward, they have two eyes on the side of their head that allow them to see behind them, what the hell.

Did you know No:1

1000 facts

Here I am with the first “did you know” Monday of the year, more trivial facts that you may know or may not know, that may or may not interest you but my life isn’t that interesting and I like to share not only my life but other things as well.

So here we go with did you know.

In 1996 Martina Hingis became the youngest ever Wimbledon Champion, winning the Ladies doubles with Helena Sukova at the age of 15.

In 1985 Boris Becker was the youngest male to win the men’s singles aged 17 & 227days old, however, in 1989 Michael Chang, won the French Open when he was17 years & 110 days).

It is said that people born on Christmas Day are lucky in life and will never drown or be hanged also they are unable to see ghosts, really?????????????

Speaking of ghosts they appear in four Shakespearian plays, Julius Caesar, Richard 111, Hamlet & Macbeth.

The “Curse of Macbeth” is the misfortune that happens during the production of the play.

The theory goes that Shakespeare included actual black magic spells in the incantations of the weird sisters. Those who appear in the play or those who mention the play’s name within the confines of a theatre risk having these evils brought down on their heads.

Home Again

Well we are home, drove all day Wednesday to get home and it didn’t all go smoothly, we had a flat tyre and Tim didn’t want to put the spare on so we called into a tyre place at Grafton to have it repaired, after stopping three times for Tim to put more air in the tyre anyway we had it repaired and it only lasted to Coffs Harbour where Tim had to suck it up and put the spare on. He was none too happy about the fact that he paid $27.50 to ave the tyre repaired for nothing.

It was 8pm by the time we got home, it was Jessica and Leo who wanted to drive all the way home and it was Jessica and Leo who complained about how long it was taking to get home but at the end of the drive we were home and able to sleep in one’s own bed and we didn’t have to get up early on Thursday morning.

After we got up Thursday we took the caravan back to my parents and then went and got to new tyres for the car and did some food shopping then home for the rest of the day.

Yesterday was Friday so that meant doing more shopping and picking up scripts the morning and getting the mail before coming home and doing nothing else for the rest of the day, I am glad to be home and to be able to sleep in air conditioned comfort at night.

Tim was suppose to go back to work tomorrow but he was called into work today.

I have read all the comments on the last few posts but didn’t respond to them all as to be honest I am still exhausted and this morning I woke up feeling unwell, in fact Tim came in at 9.40am to see if I was ok as I was still asleep, I got up but really didn’t feel like doing so.