Hello world today marks two years sine the first case of Covid here in Aussie land.

Well it’s Tuesday and that means extreme creature day and this week have the Peregrine Falcon, the fastest animal in the world.

It coasts high above the ground until it spots something it wants it then folds its wings flat against its body and drops into a dive reaching speeds of more than 300 km/h. Wham within seconds this powerful bird has plucked up its prey with its large strong talons.

They have a special pair of eyelids that helps protect its eyes and vision as it dives through the air. They have a wingspan of 70-120cm’s.

The Peregrine Falcon is found in most habitats, from rainforests to the arid zone, and at most altitudes, from the coast to alpine areas. It requires abundant prey and secure nest sites, and prefers coastal and inland cliffs or open woodlands near water, and may even be found nesting on high city buildings.

Peregrine falcons are solitary, territorial, top predators. … Non-migratory peregrines, such as those in Pittsburgh, stay on territory alone or as a mated pair. No other peregrines are allowed in the territory, not even their own offspring. Peregrines have no long-lasting “love” for their young.


Hello Monday here I sit drenched in sweat and not that hot either, here are this weeks facts………….

The phrase “rule of thumb” is derived from an old English law which stated that you could not beat your wife with anything wider then your thumb.

The colder the room you sleep in the more likely you will have bad dreams.

In 1987, a 1,000cc motorbike travelled one mile at the Illawarra mini bike club here in New South Wales, Australia. It was carrying 46 passengers.

Italy once had a campaign for Schweppes Tonic Water that translated the name into “Schweppes Toilet Water”.

November translated literally means the ninth month, even though now days it is the eleventh month.

WEEK 3 OF 2022

Woke at 5am got up washed and rang Tasha, no answer, I got dressed rang again, no answer. I started my breakfast and rang again, no answer. I was starting to worry. She then arrived in a mood, why well apparently she told me she wanted Sunday morning off. I do not remember her telling me that. She took over getting breaky ready even though I said I was fine. I felt like shit.

Tim back at work and of course he feels sick this morning.

Tasha apologise for how she was this morning. She has quit smoking and is short tempered.


Slept in till 5.15am after a somewhat painful night with my arms hurting.

The book I was listening to last night had me laughing, not easy to do with a Cpap mask on.

Managed to write some letters, empty the dishwasher and put the clothes away, before pain got to bad.

Another hot day spent sweating.


A new day has arrived after a decent enough night, awake at 5.15 which was a surprise as at 4.15 I looked at the time and thought just 30 more minutes, then it was an hour later.

Another hot and muggy day, also a somewhat restless day for me.

Many years ago my mum was given a Grandmother record book in which she could write about her life but didn’t. I came across the book after her death, so I am using it. I of course can not handwrite in it but I can type up and print out the information and paste the information in the book. In fact I think I will do four copies one for each grandchild.


Woke to the sound of rain at 4.10am found I couldn’t settle again so got up at 4.30am.

The ice pack I was using for my back has fallen apart and been binned. Now when I put my feet up my back aches after only 10-15 minutes.

Have appointment for cortisone injection into left shoulder tomorrow at 10am. Kelli is taking me.

Looks like we are getting new neighbours a young couple with a young son.


Another day more rain, also have a cool breeze. I was awake and up at 4.20am.

Went and had injection all good and Kelli even came here after she dropped me off and picked up mail to be posted and posted them for me.

Been pain free for most of the day.

I am going to miss Kelli when they move.


Woke up at 3.30 got up to pee and found I couldn’t settle back down also had a headache.

My BGL was 18.1 and took some insulin, I know this is because of the cortisone injection.

Damn I have a lot of back pain. My arm still has some pain.

Jess can’t put me to bed as her arm is swollen and sore, due to having tattoo work done yesterday. So Jono asked Tasha to do it which she will but in a mood.



Had a damn good night sleep once I fell asleep, even managed to get up and go to the loo without drama. Got up at 5.10am and Kathy arrived an hour later. I am now fed, showered and have a cleaner house.

Looks like our washing machine is stuffed, it will not spin.

Dave brought over genealogy folder.



I’m Sorry

© Rebecca H.

Published: July 2015

Sometimes I wonder what my world would be like
If I didn’t have someone like you in my life.

I come back to reality only to see
That I wouldn’t be myself without you and me.

I am looking forward to the future, hoping you’ll be with me,
Growing old together and being happy as can be.

I want to spend the rest of my life making it up to you.
I know all of the hell I’ve been putting you through.

I am so sorry, and I can’t say that enough,
But I hope that’s the last time it will ever be rough.

I love you completely, with all of my heart,
I will love you forever, ’til death do us part.



Tuesday now and that means extreme creatures day, this week it is the Stout Infantfish, this is the smallest Australian fish and the second smallest fish in the world.

It grows to a maximum of only 8 millimetres in length which is pretty small. If you had a kilo of them you would have one million of them. . The stout infantfish is also the lightest vertebrate, weighing just one milligram

It is transparent without pigmentation, except for its eyes, and lacks teeth, scales and certain characteristics typical of other fishes. Scientists note that the stout infantfish’s unusual appearance corresponds with its extremely short lifespan, which is believed to be approximately two months.


Good morning world and hello all, well Monday is here and after a week trying to rest my arm I am back and still in pain of course. Anyway here are this weeks facts.

Chickens that lay brown eggs have red ear lobe there is a genetic link between the two.

A pregnant goldfish is called a twit

The word’s worse earthquake occurred in 1556 in China, killing approximately 830,000 people.

In its entire lifetime a worker bee will produce only a teaspoon of honey.

The first city to have a population of one million people was Rome in 133BC.



Had a rough night woke a number of times shaking and when I woke at 5am I tried to just lay there but was shaking too much so got up.

Kathy arrived at 6.30 by which time I had cut my fruit and had a shower.

Pain still bad


Woke to rain but I don’t have to go out so all good. Tim working today then off for the rest of the week.

Managed to answer 3 letters so my pile is done till tomorrow when someone checks the post office box.

Pain is sitting at a 7 with moderate amount of movement.


Had a decent night, awake and up at 4.40am, drenched in sweat by 5.15am.

I am not with it today, had to have a nap as I was falling asleep, slept for an hour.

My left arm is so bad I can barely type.

Tim told me he has bought a new vacuum cleaner, don’t know when it will get here. The floor is a mess.


A later start 5.10 when I woke up, gonna be another hot one.

Spoke to the doc my right arm has nothing seriously wrong with it just bursitis & tendonitis. I now have to have an Xray and ultrasound done on my left arm. I expect the same is wrong with it.

Saw podiatrist my feet are good as expected.

Decided to not do blog posts this week to rest my arm.


Wake and up at 4.30am not hot yet but expecting it to get hot again.

Booked me into have ultrasound and Xray of left arm tomorrow morning. Kelli will take me as Tim has Dr appointment and Tash has shopping, Jess may have work.

Jess has gotten quite a bit of work as a traffic controller at Covid testing sites.

Tim decided on a whim to sell the box trailer, he advertised it and it sold straight away within 2hrs. In time he may get another trailer.

Still no vacuum cleaner and the floor is a mess.


This new day saw me awake and up by 4.20am, I cleaned the kitchen before Tash got here so I wouldn’t have to hear her complain.

Had Xray and scan done and was told I have a small fracture, what the hell.

Kelli brought over some caramel slice and brownies for me made by her with ingredients supplied by Sue. They are yummy.


Another day has arrived with me waking at 4.48am, Tash arrived while I was brushing my teeth.

Another day sweating a bloody lot but it is summer, so to be expected.

Daemon came over with his mum’s vacuum and ran it over the lounge and kitchen floor.

Our new vacuum cleaner arrived it is on charge now will try it out in a day or so.

Tim also ordered a small hand held vacuum for cleaning the car for us to give Tasha for her birthday next month, this also arrived to do.


Saturday at last and hot again as well, I was up at 4.55am, Kathy and girls arrived around 6.15. She shower me and emptied bins and unpacked the shopping order. Both girls need to be Covid tested as there was a positive case at their vacation care.

Sandy came over to drop off my Big W order and left with a bag of food stuff we didn’t want. She also took Jeannie’s Christmas present.

Tasha has bought security camera for out the front of her place as she is having problems with a neighbour. Tim is fitting them for her.



Woke at 4.36 up shortly afterwards washed myself but had to wake Tim to dress me.

At around 9.30 Kelli and kids came over so she could wash up a couple of things using my bottle brushes. She also brought her vacuum and ran it over the floor for me.

Tim bought KFC for lunch, after lunch he went out on the motorbike to get Jess a handheld 2way radio.


Had a decent nights sleep awake at 4.20 up at 4.45 due to shaking so much.

Kathy here at 6am without the girls. She did a few little jobs for me before she left.

Have bugga all motivation and concentration.


Slept well but woke during the night with my left arm stuck behind my head and had to wake Tim to move it.

When I got up I had bugga all movement in my right arm and when I did use it there was a great deal of pain. My left arm is only a tad better.

Been a hardish day.


Had a not so good night, was restless and unsettled ended up getting up having a glass of milk and part of a sleeping tablet, that had once been Mum’s, which did the trick. I slept in till 5.40am.

Had to have a nap at 11.30 till 12.30.

Tim complaining there is no food in the house, as in nothing he felt like. So he went shopping for bread and salad stuff.


Had a better night, Tasha this morning was rushing around, I don’t know why but her mood had me forget to ask her to rub cream into my arms.

It is another hard day shaking a bloody lot and my arms are very sore. So sore I am in tears.


Slept in till 5.36 which was a surprise and I did sleep well. Tasha was already here waiting for me to wake up.

Pain still bad but I did manage to take down Chrissy decorations and pack them away.

Tim took car into Klosters about the reversing buzzer and wipers, it is going to cost over $2000 to fix the wipers. This car is costing us a bloody lot of money.


Had another decent nights sleep woke at 4.45am struggled to get out bed but of course managed it.

Tim took me to have CT scan done on my right arm.

My left arm is also very sore again with limited movement.

Unable to do grocery shop the Coles page will not load which is very frustrating.

I am in a bad way this afternoon.