Yesterday’s poem

A Poem For Mom

© Champagne S. Baker

Published: February 2006

You are the sunlight in my day.
You are the moon I see far away.

You are the tree I lean upon.
You are the one that makes troubles be gone.

You are the one who taught me about life,
How not to fight and what is right.

You are the words inside my song.
You are my love, my life, my mom.

You are the one who cares for me.
You are the eyes that help me see.

You are the one who knows me best,
When it’s time to have fun and time to rest.

You are the one who has helped me to dream.
You hear my heart and you hear my screams.

Afraid of life but looking for love.
I’m blessed, for God sent you from above.

You are my friend, my heart, and my soul.
You are the greatest friend I know.

You are the words inside my song.
You are my love, my life, my mom.


More Facts

Damn just remember it’s Monday and people want some facts so here they are……………………….

The female spider is generally bigger and stronger than the male, and mating she will often eat her boyfriend as a snack.

Male spiders wanting to avoid this generally approach females with a nice juicy fly wrapped up in silk as a present.

The shortest was in history was between Zanzibar and England in 1806, Zanzibar surrendered after 38 minutes

In 1992 Frank Perkins of LA made an attempt on the world record for sitting on top of a flagpole, however, suffering from the flu he came down 8 hours short of the 400 day record to find his sponsor had gone bust, his girlfriend had left him and his phone and power had been cut off.

The first airmail service carried letters only 20 kilometres, taking off on the 9th September 1911, it flew mail from one side of London to the other.

Last week of April

Didn’t get home till after 11 last night. It was a good night, Tim picked me up and stayed for a bit before we left. Yes I was somewhat intoxicated.

I slept in till 9am and Tasha came down to dress me and make my breakfast.

Kathy coming over tomorrow.

I woke at 6.30am and tried to ring Tasha but the bathroom phone wouldn’t connect with her phone and had to ring from mobile.

Kathy came over around lunch time and gave me a shower and ironed Tim’s shirts.

I have a lot of pain in my left knee.

Woke at 5.25 thought I would lay there till 6am but no I was up at 5.45am. Tasha arrived 10 mins later.

Tim took car to have the dent in the boot repaired cost to us $800 which is the excess. The quote to fix it was $2500.

Sandy rang to tell me how the meeting with the Dept of Housing went.

His mother was there trying to take over the house but was told no not going to happen. Which is good I do not want her living there. So she cracked the shits and stormed out.

Dawson had to fill in some forms to be relocated and to nominate people to speak on his behave. He picked his Dad & Leigh or Aunty Sandy, not his mother.

It could take up to six months but also could be as soon as a month.

So now next week we will start packing stuff up, that will be a big job.

Sandy said the DoH Rep said we could just leave the large items and they would dispose of it.

However, Tasha said 2 different friends were also told that but one got a bill and the other had $250 added their account and was told to pay extra rent to pay it off. They tried to appeal and failed.

I woke at 5.25 again and got up around 6am as usual.

At around 8am the power went out and then I remembered about the power being out all day, I was rung and told about it a couple of weeks back.

The power come on at 2pm

Awake at 5.35 up not long afterwards and Tasha was here shortly afterwards.

Dave, Leigh & Dawson came and picked up the trailer.

Managed to write a few letters still have a lot to answer.

Another early start being awake at 5.25am, I got up at 5.45 and rang Tasha.

I have a lot of pain in my left knee. Had Tim apply Deep Heat which helped a tad.

By 2pm I was so tired I put my feet up laid my recliner right back and closed my eyes for and chilled for an hour.

Had another restless night waking often for a few minutes before going back to sleep.

I am shaking a bloody lot.

Kathy came over and gave me a shower and offered me a chest of drawers for my bedroom.

Tim went to Officeworks and bought me a new desk chair, it is a lot better,more comfortable.


No Charge

© Brian A. Bendall More By Brian A. Bendall

Published: May 8, 2019

I’ve tried to write so many times,
But it’s been hard to say in rhymes.
I’ll try once more and hope you’ll see
Just what your love has meant to me.

Thank you for your pain at birth
That brought me to my life on Earth.
Thanks for all the time you spent
For cuddles and your nourishment.

Thank you for the stories read
As I lay cozy in my bed.
Thanks for your enlightenment
To solve new mysteries life had sent.

Thank you for the cures and care
When sickness caught me unaware.
Thanks for tucking me in tight
And kisses on my head, “Good night.”

Thanks for comfort when I cried
And tissues used for tears you dried.
Thanks for courage to go on,
To see from night, a day will dawn.

Thanks for freedom that you gave
To go outside, the world to brave.
Thank you for the friends I’d meet
That helped with friendships I’d repeat.

Thank you for your help with school
And teaching me the Golden Rule.
Thanks for praise when I prevailed
And understanding when I failed.

Thanks for parties that you gave
And birthday cards I tried to save.
Thanks for meals I loved so much
And baking skills that few could touch!

Thank you for your help to write
My stories you helped bring to light.
Thanks for helping talents surface
That made me see my life had purpose.

Thanks for tears when I left home,
So I could make it on my own.
Thanks for tears when I returned
For visits that you long had yearned.

But now…

Your life I loved has run its course,
For time will take us all by force.
Your love for me, not kept inside,
And no conditions were applied.

So, thanks for all things, small and large,
Your love saw fit to do … no charge.



Hello world, here we are at another Monday and this week things are returning to a new normal for me. Well here are some facts.

Jeremy Bentham, a British philosopher who died in 1832, left his entire estate to the London Hospital provided that his body be allowed to preside over its board meetings.

His skeleton was clothed and fitted with a wax mask of his face, it was present at the meeting for 92 years.

Strawberries have more vitamin C in them than oranges.

Ketchup is excellent for cleaning brass.

The first police force was established in Paris in 1667

A HArd Week

I woke at 6.30am as did Tim as he is working all day. It is a cold day as well, have to wear socks as my feet are cold.

Saw Kelli & kids when she dropped Blain off.

I keep thinking of things I want to tell Mum.

I have the start of a headache at 3pm.

Remembered that Dave rang last night and sent him a text. I was shocked that he rang only 5 minutes after I went to bed.

I sent Leigh an email with info about Mum.

Cathy & Mrs Haigh dropped by to pay their condolences and they gave me some lovely flowers.

I keep thinking today is Sunday.

Woke before the alarm at 5.30 and got up at 5.45.

First day of term 2 at school.

Finely got motivated to answer some mail only to run out of ink and the stuff Sandy gave me I can’t get in. Just ended up with black ink on my fingers.

Up at 6am as usual but not your average day today we bury Mum.

There was a good turnout some people I did not know. I managed to speak, with Sandy & Sue beside me for support.

Natasha spoke on behave of her Dad threw tears.

At the graveside Jono pushed me in the wheelchair over grass not an easy task.

At Mum’s later I felt left out, or out of place, without Mum I had no one to chat to. My siblings were busy and had their own friends to talk to.

At one point I needed to escape to pull myself together it was Tash, Kelli & Jono who came to my aid.

I did speak to a couple of people, one woman I don’t know who she was told me I had a lovely and attentive son, referring to Jono.

I got through the day with hugs from Tim and the girls including Kelli and Jono.

When I was leaving I got the best hugs from Sandy & Dave.

The day after the funeral saw Tasha leave a comment on siblings group chat about how I felt yesterday, without me knowing. She later recorded and posted me talking to her about how I feel.

Dave & Leigh have arranged a BBQ at their place tomorrow afternoon. I am looking forward to it.

I am behind in doing stuff but the printer is working.

Another day with a cold start, socks needed to keep feet warm.

Tasha came down at midday and gave me a shower ready to go to Dave’s this afternoon.

Jess driving me over after work this afternoon.

A Poem


Pablo NerudaBy Pablo Neruda More Pablo Neruda

Because of you, in gardens of blossoming
Flowers I ache from the perfumes of spring.
I have forgotten your face, I no longer
Remember your hands; how did your lips
Feel on mine?

Because of you, I love the white statues
Drowsing in the parks, the white statues that
Have neither voice nor sight.

I have forgotten your voice, your happy voice;
I have forgotten your eyes.

Like a flower to its perfume, I am bound to
My vague memory of you. I live with pain
That is like a wound; if you touch me, you will
Make to me an irreperable harm.

Your caresses enfold me, like climbing
Vines on melancholy walls.

I have forgotten your love, yet I seem to
Glimpse you in every window.

Because of you, the heady perfumes of
Summer pain me; because of you, I again
Seek out the signs that precipitate desires:
Shooting stars, falling objects.


Sympathy or Condolence Cards

 Condolence Cards can be sent to any of the following

Jo-Anne & Tim 

P O Box 253

Warners Bay

NSW  2282


Sandy & Ed Crawford

1 Hallvert Close


NSW  2290

David & Leigh

31 Robert St


NSW  2287

Jeannie Evans & Peter Hobson

6 Dalwood Street


NSW  2322

Sue Jenkins

3/6 Ida Street


NSW  2290

My week

Up at 6.30 feeling sick in the gut, made my own breakfast but had trouble eating it.

Kathy came and showered me.

Sandy said Michelle, Alan, Landon & Skyler caught the train up or down one or the other to see Mum.

Woke at 4.30 to pee without issue and managed 2 more hours of sleep before getting up.

Tim is back at work today

Been a cool day.

I am still coughing to I sound like I am going to throw up but of course I don’t.

So not allowed to see mum, who is still hanging in there.

Up at 6 again, did wake at 3.30 to pee and managed to go back to sleep without problem.

A much colder morning, I am in long pants.

At 9.45 Sandra rang to let me know Mum passed away.

April is a bitch of a month.

Slept straight through the night and woke at 6am. Tasha told me that last night Tim rang Sandra about Mum’s house and he felt like he was being spoken down too and felt disrespected. This pissed off Natasha so much she wrote and I sent a text to Sandy saying how we feel.

Had the meeting at the funeral home Mum will be buried on the 21st at Belmont.

Sandra made no comment about the text when I saw her.

Had a sleep in waking at 7am after sleeping through the night. It is suppose to be warm but not as yet.

Sandra picked me up at 9 something, and took me to Mum’s place to find clothes for her to be buried in.

All went good till Tasha arrived to get me and Dave had a go at her about posting Mum’s death on Facebook and not removing it till his daughter was told.

Tasha has as thing about step parents & children, often saying that they are not related and mean nothing to each other. Which is so wrong in my opinion.

Tasha is super pissed with me as I didn’t interfere because I love them both and didn’t want to be involved.

A new day, this morning I had to see the neurologist, he said my MRI was normal and he will refer me to a movement disorder doc in Sydney. Felt like it was a pointless appointment.

Daemon told me I am one of the best aunties that made me feel good.

Today has felt like a short day again been like that all week.

Woke at 6.30 after another good night.

We all went to Mum’s to meet the celebrant and talk about her service. I felt more included this time.

Sandy came over to get paperwork I printed concerning the headstone. She filled it in and I scanned it and emailed it to Sandy who sent it on to the council.

I forgot to do the shopping, will sort it out tomorrow.

Woke at 6.30 again a cold morning with some rain.

Kathy turned up is a mood so no shower this morning, she said she would be back this arvo

Kathy arrive around 2pm and gave me a shower, along with Tasha she changed my sheets.

A cold day