Five things Friday No:6

Here I am this Friday afternoon doing a quick five things Friday………….


Pain relief

Awesome family members

Being told I look nice

The end of a long ass day



Well hello everyone, how is everyone on this Thursday morning or whatever day or time it is as you read this. I had a sleep in this morning didn’t get up and dressed till 7am.

So let’s talk about sleep, do you have trouble sleeping, when you go to bed do you fall asleep fast or do you toss and turn. Do you need a lot of sleep or not so much, I am one of those people who need around 10 hours a night, Tim however needs only around 6-7 hours of sleep a night.

I sleep on my side usually my left side but there are times when I wake up on my back but when I sleep on my back I end up with a backache which is not good.

Tim has to take phenergan each night to help him get to sleep, this he has been doing for 15yrs. I generally have no trouble getting to sleep at night and don’t need to take anything to help me get to sleep.

Have you heard of: Nicolas Alkemade

Nicolas Alkemade

Here we are at Wednesday and Wednesday means it is aqua class and have you heard of day, this week I am asking have you heard of: Nicholas Alkemade? No me either.

During World War11 Nicolas was a pilot who’s plane was shot down in an air raid over Germany, forcing him to bail out from more than three miles up, without a parachute………..

As he fell his speed accelerated to an estimated 120 miles per hour, he landed in a snow covered pine forest and was completely injured. Bloody hell…………

He was born on the 10th December 1922 and died on the 22nd June 1987 , his rank was Flight Sergeant , he was a rear gunner in the Royal Air Force Avro Lancaster heavy bombers.

On the night of 24 March 1944, 21-year-old Nicolas was one of seven crew members in Avro Lancaster he was returning from a 300 bomber raid on Berlin, when attacked by a German night fighter,

Because his parachute had gone up in flames and thus was unserviceable, he jumped from the aircraft without one, preferring to die by impact rather than burn to death.

His fall was broken by pine trees and a soft snow over the ground. He was able to move his arms and legs and suffered only a sprained leg. The Lancaster crashed in flames, killing pilot Jack Newman and three other members of the crew. They are buried in the CWGC’S Hanover War Cemetery.

He was subsequently captured and interviewed by the Gestapo, who were initially suspicious of his claim to have fallen without a parachute until the wreckage of the aircraft was examined. (Reportedly, the Germans gave him a certificate testifying to the fact.).

He was a celebrated prisoner of War, before being repatriated in May 1945.

Indestructible Creatures/Giant Squid


Good morning and hello Tuesday, this morning when my alarm went off I got up and went to the toilet but I was still feeling tired so laid back down for only 20 minutes as my brain was awake so I got up and dressed. I am one of those people who generally like to get dressed as soon as I get up, it helps me feel ready for the day.

Being Tuesday means it is Indestructible Creatures day so today I am talking about the Giant Squid, throughout history sailors have told tales of huge sea monsters with many tentacles big enough to wrap themselves around a ship and guess what they exist.

In the last few decades people have caught on camera the real live giant squid, it’s long arms and tentacles are lined with hundreds of suckers, each surrounded by razor sharp teeth. They grab and lock onto the squid’s prey, such as a fish or smaller squids, which is then hauled towards the squid’s terrifying beak which slices it up and gobbles it down.

How giant is a giant squid well its arms and tentacles can measure as much a 12 metres or 40 feet long which his the length of an average bus. In 2004 scientists used a bait on a long line to study a giant squid, the squid got entangled and left behind a tentacle before it was able to escape. On deck the tentacle continued to move around and suckered itself to one of the scientists. How weird……

These giant squids have an even bigger enemy, the sperm whale, these fierce whales attack and eat the giant squid but the squid do fight back and sperm whales are often found with scares and bites on their bodies left by the giant squid suckers and beaks.

giant squid

Did you know No: 12

1000 facts

Hello Monday, no school today but I was still awake at 5.50am as per usual so I am up and writing a post, still in my nightie as I won’t get my swimmers on till it is time to leave and go to my aqua class this morning.

Anyway being Monday means it is Did you know day, so here are this weeks useless facts.

The loudest sound ever recorded from an animal was produced by a Blue Whale, it is thought that whales can hear each other as far as a hundred miles apart.

If you could stack up all the copies of the Guinness Book of World Records made just in the year 1985, your pile would reach into outer space, it would be 1,006 miles high, what the hell…………

If we add up all the time we spend blinking, we spend about half an hour a day or around five years of life with our eyes shut while awake.

Americans use enough toilet paper in one day to wrap around the world nine times, if it were on a giant roll they would be unrolling it at the rate of 7,600 miles per hour, roughly mach 10 or ten times the speed of sound.

A supernova is the most energetic single event know in the universe, material is exploded into space at a speed of about 10,000 kilometres per second.

Have you heard of: Thomas Edison


Ok today is Thursday for some reason I thought yesterday was, thought that all day and into the evening but I was wrong.

Today is the first posting of a new series called “have you heard of” in this series I will talk briefly of different well known or famous people.

We will kick it off with Thomas Alva Edison, heard of him, I an sure you have. He was born 11th February 1847 in Ohio, USA, he died on the 18th October 1931.

He was an inventor an in total held patents for 1093 different inventions, including the microphone, the film projector and the light bulb. He developed some of the first working batteries and power stations and he worked on the telephone with Alexander Graham Bell. He also made the first film with sound and invented the record player, who knew, not me.


Some of his inventions changed the world, including the phonograph, the motion picture camera and of course the electric light bulb.

He set up his first lab in his parent’s basement at the age of 10.

He was partially deaf and his first invention was an electric vote recorder.

A Thursday post

Good morning everyone, been up since 6.30am but awake since 5.30am when Tim went to work, Leo, however, has been awake and up since 5.30am. He heard the motorbike this morning and rushed out to say goodbye to Papa and decided he was awake and so not going back to bed.

Why oh why do I have to ask Leo over and over to get dressed for school been asking for the last hour for him to get dressed for school, his lunch is packed and his communication is written in and in his bag. I write in the book each morning the teacher writes in it when he thinks about it which is somewhat annoying. This communication book was the school’s idea.

At the end of the school term the school has what is called “soaring high day” which an award for students who have been well behaved at school all term. Well Leo didn’t qualify and was told to write an letter to appeal but he said he didn’t care and wasn’t interested in going to soaring high day, this term it was a trip into King Edward Park which is a big park in town (Newcastle) and a trip to Newcastle beach.

My sister Sandra has been having car trouble as in her car will not start, she was jump starting it for a few days but even that stopped working so she has had to borrow her step-son’s car to get her girls to school and I picked Denni yesterday and I will get her today as well and if needed tomorrow and Friday afternoons.