Cheques yes or no

Do you write cheques?

Do you have a chequering account?

Are cheques common place where you live, or not so much, years ago I remember my parents having a cheque account with a cheque book and for a while even Tim had a cheque book but not anymore. Now days for us at least cheques seem old fashion, everything is done via online banking or via direct debt when it comes to paying bills.

If we need to get a cheque to pay something we get what I guess would be called a bank cheque by that I mean we have a cheque issued from our bank account. Now days the tax department don’t issue tax refund cheques, you refund is deposited straight into your bank account.

How do you spell cheque/check?


Were Your Children Picky Eaters

I have three daughters and every one of them was a picky eater, the worse was Kathy-Lee who really didn’t like so much of the food I would make for her. In fact when she was around the age of 12 she went for 3 days without eating because I refused to get her Macca’s, Tim kept telling me that she would eat when she was hungry but I ended up giving in and getting her a cheeseburger.

When the girls where little I would make them egg flips for those who do not know what an egg flip is it is a milkshake with eggs in it, I would also add either ice cream or yogurt to it and that way I felt that they were getting all the goodness of eggs and milk and yogurt.

There were many times when the girls both me and Tim would get into a tiss over what the girls would or not eat and meal times would become very stressful. Now as a grandmother I am far less likely to stress out over what is or isn’t eaten by my grandkids.


How do you feel about tattoos are you for them or against them or do you feel it depends on the tattoo, do you look at or treat people with tattoos differently. Maybe you think one or two tattoos are ok but if a person has a lot of them they there is something dangerous about the person. Tattoos have become more fashionable over the last decade or so, I even have a tattoo at this stage only one but I would like to get more I would like something for my youngest daughter and something for my grandkids and I would at some point like to get a tattoo of a train for my dad, maybe that will happen after he passes so hopefully not for many years if that is the case.

The above photo is of my youngest daughter and some of her tattoos she has around 11 tattoos so as said this is of only some of hers, the below photo is off mine and Tim’s tattoos

Both my other daughters have tattoos as well Natasha has more than Kathy-Lee so all of my family have them, out of my sisters I think they all have at least one tattoo, although our parents do not have any of them but who knows one day they might surprise us…………………….but I doubt it…………………lol

Kathy-Lee’s tattoos

If you were to get a tattoo, what and where would it be?

My Dad’s Health

First up sorry to those who have read this over at my other blog but since I have mostly different reader on each blog I thought I would post this here as well.

On Friday morning mum rang me to tell me that my dad was not good, he was confused, unbalance kind of like off with the pixies when he spoke he was speaking gibberish and didn’t appear to hear those around him. This really concerned me and I wanted mum to take him to the hospital, in fact all us kids wanted that, however, after he went back to bed for a while he seemed better although he was still breathing terrible and coughing bad and mum was concerned he had phenomena or at least a bad chest infection.

She did take him to the doctor on Friday afternoon, who sent him straight to the hospital which is what me and my siblings said would happen, the doctor said he thought dad might have a collapsed lung. He doesn’t have collapsed lung thankfully was to go back to the GP today, when mum rang the surgery on Saturday to arrange and appointment the receptionist said she doesn’t make appointments, which left mum wondering why on earth she was there at all, ok she knew it was take money from the patients but still it was annoying.

I am still concerned he might have had another mini stroke as all those symptoms can be the sign of a mini stroke, mum of course didn’t mention all the confusion and being unbalanced and talking gibberish to the GP when they say him on Friday.

Personality not racism



We all know racism is a bad thing and wrong in so many ways but this isn’t about racism it is about personality.

Sometimes I get the impression that you can’t say you don’t like someone who is of a different race to your own without someone thinking you are a racist. Sometimes it is not about a persons race it is about who they are or how they act, and how they treat you and those around them. There are so many idiots and dickheads in the world and guess what some of them are a different race from us.

If you don’t like your neighbour because your neighbour is a dick can you say so if the neighbour is a different race from you without someone saying it is racism.

To me a persons race doesn’t matter I don’t care where you are from, or the colour of your skin I care about what type of person you are and if you are a dick then you’re a dick and I may not like you because you’re a dick.

What does other’s think has it become harder to not like someone without being considered a racist.


Renewing Vows



Last weekend was the wedding of my beautiful niece Heather to here long time partner Paul, the wedding was held in their back yard with only grandparents, siblings and selected aunts and uncles invited. I went by myself as Tim had to work.

When I attend weddings it makes me think of my own wedding way back when, my wedding was lovely and everything a wedding should be, however, it wasn’t everything I wanted. By this I mean back then I didn’t have my own voice, I was only just shy of 22yrs old at the time.

Also my parents paid for pretty much everything so I kind of just went with the flow and let things be done more the way mum wanted it, as I said I didn’t have my voice. Let me explain more, the wedding cake was a traditional fruit cake, I don’t eat fruit cake never have I just do not like it my dress was my aunts dress and it was a nice dress but not really what I wanted when I look at my wedding photos now I think it was a big old fashioned. We also had a church wedding but what I had really wanted was a wedding held in either a park or at my parents place.

So lately as in the last few years I have thought about renewing our vows but Tim is not interested in doing so, ok let’s be honest here it is not the ceremony I want to do again as much as it is the reception thing, ok I want a nice chocolate wedding cake. I know how that sounds but what the hell it is how I feel.

So how does others feel about renewing wedding vows?

Did my married friends have the wedding they really wanted? 

Emergency Plans


emergency Plan

Ok does anyone really have an emergency plan? I know we don’t have one, if the house caught fire while we are in it I have no idea how I would react maybe I would just freak out and run around in panic…………………….lol

Thankfully the are we live in do not have things like Tsunami’s or Tornados or cyclones we have had a earthquake way back in 1989 though. When the earthquake happened it wasn’t that bad here at my house, I do remember running out of the house in my bra without a top on……lol.

There have been times when I have been watching these disasters on telly and have said to Tim I have no idea how I would be if it happened here, and how we don’t have any kind of emergency plan in case of fire or flood, he just shrugs and says we will worry about it when it happens.

So do other people have emergency plans? If your house caught fire while you were in it would you know what to do or would you be like me and just panic…………..Do you  live in are area where natural disasters happen? If so are you prepared for one?

If only people could do this



Sounds simple doesn’t it accept and respect that all people are different, so why is it so hard for so many people to do. There are so many judgemental people in the world, I try very hard not to judge others. I may not agree with someone’s actions or how they chose to live their life but I am able to take a deep breathe and tell myself it is their life not mine and they are allowed to make choices that are different from mine.

Hubby will get all bent out of shape about people being gay, me I don’t care he will go on that it is not what God wants, me I say well if that is the case they are the ones who will have to answer to God when the time comes. As far as I am concerned if a person treat me right then I will in turn teat them the same.

It is not for us mere humans to go around judging people on their life choices, or their religion I don’t care what religion a person is as long as they are not a nut case who wants to go around killing people in the so called name of their religion.

Far to often the minority are seen to represent the whole it is like saying I was mugged by a purple alien so all purple aliens must be bad, what a load of rot……………..

Each and every person is just that a person, some are good, some not so much, some are evil it has nothing to do with the colour of their skin, or their religion it is who they are, good, bad or whatever. Take each person as you find them and stop painting everyone with the same brush.

Aging……………no not me…………………..



Ok I am not a fan of cat in the hat, even when my girls where little I was not one for Dr Seuss books just so everyone knows but this by the cat in the hat well it is pretty spot on but does it apply to me…………………..well yes and no……………ok more yes then no……………

That said even though I am 50yrs old and that means my life is about half over, I do not feel old most of the time. I have no problem saying how old I am I am proud of my age I don’t think I look like an old 50yr old more like a youngish 50yr old, if that makes any sense.

However my eyesight isn’t what it use to be, can’t read a damn thing without my glasses, and can’t eat steak without my teeth in and I need my hearing aids more and more but at least I have my health………………..Ok my health isn’t 100% either but I am dead yet……

So I am 50 I have reached the top of the mountain and I intend to hang around here a while before I start the long road down leading to a coffin and heaven and I intended it to be a long, road. I have no intention of dying any time soon,

So am I aging yeah maybe my body is but my heart and soul is still young