Another week gone

I got up at 6.10am after a somewhat restless night and the first thing I did was get dressed and open the doors except the front door would not open.

I then decided to vacuum out

Washed all the floor mats twice to get them clean.

Also did a load of washing.

Been a good day.

Up at 6am and tidy kitchen and took medication then used the Wii Fit for the first time in 690 days going to start using it first thing again at the moment all I could manage was body test where it checks your weight and BMI but it is a start.

I had to go back to bed at 7am but only laid there for 15 minutes. I had to get Tasha to help me get ready for aqua.

After aqua I had a shower and afterwards Jess helped me get dressed.

She received a letter from her GP something about Leo on the bottom there was a note saying he had an appointment at Wallsend at 3pm since she didn’t know anything about it we rang and asked about they knew nothing about any appointment. So a good thing we rang and just didn’t turn up.

Tim had a CT scan on his nose and they found something like liquid blocking his nostrils. So there is a problem.

I woke at 6.30am after another restless night, had another dream in which Tim didn’t love me although on the plus side in the dream I was walking normal without pain.

Tasha drove me to the doctors he appointment went well got my script and he checked the mole it is nothing to worry about . He has referred me to the Royal to see someone about my incontinence.

After that I went to see Karen Burns about my feet. After I explained how much my feet sweat and having them suddenly start sweating she got why I prefer to go barefoot. She could see how my feet could slip and slide in my shoes.

Asked Tasha to come down at 6pm to put me to bed.

I got up at 6.30 and got dressed and used the Wii Fit but not for long.

Jess dropped off Leo at 10am, she had to go into work to get her run sheet for the year.

Kelli is going to help her clean her house, Leo would be under foot

It has been a stinking hot day

She arrived at 3pm to get Leo and left again at around 4.30pm to head home

Up at 6am again, got dressed straight away then used the Wii Fit before Sandy rang to tell me that Mum had a bad night and that she stayed the night with Mum.

Mum rang me around 9am and told me all Sandy told me earlier but at least hearing her I could tell she was sick but not too bad.

When Tim g ot up I had him cut off a pair of my leggings to wear them as shorts to check wear tomorrow.

It is a very hot day, Tasha rang to on me and told me to drink water between drinks of Pepsi,

Jessica picked up my scripts for me and after she left I attempted to hem the pants I had Tim cut off this morning. I failed at first but kept at it and at last succeed.

At 2.30pm the air con in the kitchen started blowing hot air, it does this because of how hot it was around 42 degrees Celsius outside and the air con had been on since 7am.

Up at 6am to find it still about 29 degrees I turned the air con on at 6.30am and it was working fine.

Jess took me shopping while Leo went to work with Papa. Mum didn’t go shopping as she is still not well.

At lunch time it is still 28 degrees, Tim and Leo here, Tim will be going back to work at 4.15pm finishing 8.45pm.

Cool enough to turn the air con off according to Tim I would have left it on a little longer.

Tasha said she would be down by 5.30 but went out and it is now 6 and she is still not home.

Going to be another hot night.

I had a sleep in till 7.30, woke up in pain, it was around my tailbone sprayed some ice spray on it.

Kathy-Lee arrived around 10ish with the shopping, I was planning a birthday lunch for Tim. However, yet again it didn’t go to plan, Jess & Leo arrived around 10.30 but she tells me that at 11.30 they had to go out but would be back by 12.30 for lunch. Then Kelli rang and asked if she could watch Daemon & Freya for a bit which was ok not a problem.

Jess rings and said that their appointment had been pushed back and she will now be here around 1.15-30.

Tasha went out to help a friend when I asked if she would be here for lunch all she said was “ok be home soon” the last time she would be home soon she arrived 4hrs later.

I am feeling let down again, this the third year in a row this type of thing has happen on Tim’s birthday.

I feel like why do I bother.

Tasha arrived at 1 and Jess at 1.25.

Kathy left at 1.50.

I said sorry to my girls via text message and all three forgot to help the bed.

Tasha came down at 5pm to help me but I said it was too early as I want to have a shower at 6 before going to bed. She was going out and will not be back for a while.

Tim got his sewing machine out and fiddle with it in order to get it to work. He has taken up Leo’s school pants. Then the machine started playing up again.

I had a shower and Tim helped me get ready for bed.


FMD Part 2


The precise incidence and prevalence of FMDs are unknown, as population-based studies are unavailable. Estimates of the prevalence of FMD among adults and children with movement disorders vary between 2 to 4 percent. Women are affected more often than men.

A retrospective chart review of our centre in Toronto Canada yielded 206 patients with a diagnosis of FMD out of 7624 records, for a prevalence of 3 percent. Of note, our center receives referral from both primary care physicians and from other academic movement disorders centers. The prevalence of FMD among patients who present with dystonia and fixed, contracted joints may be even higher. As an example, one study of 41 such patients with prospective data reported that criteria for functional dystonia were fulfilled in 15 (37 percent). A review of patients assessed by a movement disorders program found that of 321 new patients, 10 percent were diagnosed with a functional movement disorder.

In most reports of adults and children with FMD, functional tremor is the most frequent type of involuntary movement, followed by functional dystonia. Among our cohort of 206 patients with FMD, the most common functional involuntary movements were tremor (33 percent), dystonia (25 percent), myoclonus (25 percent), gait disorders (11 percent), and parkinsonism (6 percent). Women comprised 77 percent of the total cohort. Although our population is culturally diverse, a formal study of transcultural differences that compared patients with FMD from the United States and Spain revealed similar frequencies of movement types, gender, anatomic distribution, and disability across ethnic groups.

My Health Update

I am slowly learning to live and accept my limitations there are more and more things that I have trouble doing. I have things that help me cope, as in not get as upset and depressed when things are not working and it’s just not easy.

There are days when I struggle to prepare food to eat, some days I just like someone else to either prepare the even a simple sandwich at times is hard. I haven’t tried to eat cereal in a long time and ya know I have been feeling like corn flakes lately. Last winter I tried having soup, that ended in tears and frustration.

I have taken to using a bath board when I shower as I find the heat of a shower causes me to become light headed and lose my balance. I prefer to have a bath but with water restrictions I think a shower is better as I use less water.

Getting dressed takes me ages three times as long as having someone assist me, this is because I break into a sweat often during the day and no it’s not menopause that I went through 14yrs ago. So often I am all clammy and sticky, also this causes me to stink more. Some may think have a cool shower but I can do that and be sitting on the bed drying off and break into a sweat again.

I have to use a walker when I go out but only if I have a small amount of walking to do, if I have a lot of walking to do I need a wheelchair, or a motorised scooter.

I cannot drive so have to rely on someone to get me from point a to point b and home again, I have had a few episodes of confusion and loss of balance. So the girls do not want me to go shopping alone and honestly I think often they are right.

I used to love to read but find it hard to concentrate and can only manage a couple of pages at a time, it is so frustrating.

Then there are my bladder problems which is horrible and embarrassing but something I have to deal with.

Is it any wonder I feel depressed and like crying.

FMD Part 1

Functional movement disorders (FMDs) are clinical syndromes defined by the occurrence of abnormal involuntary movements that are incongruent with a known neurological cause and are significantly improved on neurological exam with distraction or non-physiologic maneuvers. This definition replaces the previous one that considered FMDs to be “psychogenic movement disorders” and attributed the occurrence of the abnormal movements to a psychiatric cause. FMDs were first described in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and have been the subject of great interest and puzzlement ever since.

In addition to “psychogenic,” alternative terms for FMDs include “hysterical” or “nonorganic” movement disorders and “medically unexplained” motor symptoms. In modern times, awareness of FMDs has increased in the movement disorder literature.

However, the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of FMDs are not fully understood, and debate continues as to whether “functional” or “psychogenic” is the better term for these movement disorders

The dangers of FMDs are manifold: excessive, unnecessary, and costly investigations of FMD resulting in reinforcing the sick role, misdiagnosing organic illness as psychogenic misdiagnosing FMD as organic, and failure to recognise a kernel of organic illness embedded in the symptoms of an FMD. The prevalence, poor prognosis, and intensive health care utilisation of FMDs present a problem that has been likened to a crisis in neurology. In order to offer the best chance for remission and to use scarce resources wisely, rapid and accurate diagnosis of FMDs is essential.

Birthday Wishes


Temika above

Hello all, 10 years ago three beautiful babies came into our family starting with Temika and then 9 days later Liarna so today is Liarna’s birthday and I am wishing them a happy birthday.

Enjoy all the love and affection that comes your way today

You deserve it……………….


Liarna above

My Life Week 2

Here we are at 10.30 am on Sunday morning and it is time for my diary post..

I got up at 6.30am, Tim got up just afterwards and got ready for work. Kathy-Lee and the girls picked me up and drove me to Mum’s.

While there her phone was on the table and there was a strong wind so I went to move the paper plates and somehow managed to knock her phone off the table and her screen smashed. I feel awful.

Kathy-Lee left before me so Kelli drove me home when I was ready.

Dave had to feed me the ice cream cake, due t o the shaking causing me to drop it between the plate and my mouth.

It isn’t as hot today.

I was up at 6am and had a shower before getting dressed.

It is a much cooler day with some rain as well, just not enough.

I dropped and broke my Christmas cup.

This afternoon Tim cut my hair so much better. I do not like longish hair.

This morning if woke to go to the toilet at what I thought was 4.20am, however, I must have been wrong as Tim was still in bed and didn’t get up for work. He did get up and go to work at 4.30 but it was hours after my trip to the loo. At 5.10 I woke up again, went to the loo again and tried going back to bed but I just laid there so I got up at 6ish.

Tim home at 9.45am to 1.30pm, I had a lay down at 12ish till Jess rang. She had received an email saying her Big W order had been delivered but only half of the order is here. The other half should be delivered either this afternoon or in the morning.

Mum told me that Micheal wants Dawson to get a Centrelink loan for her, $900 I hope he doesn’t make that mistake again.

Leo’s birthday he is 12 now, I sent him a birthday message.

I am not feeling well today.

The bike Jessica ordered for Leo arrived just before Papa got home for work and he said he would put it together but there was a problem with it and she had to return it to Big W and had to get a different one. Which Papa did put together it is blue.

Up at 7am after a horrible nights sleep, woke up confused but after a while I was ok.

Tim rang at 7.45 to tell me he left his wallet in his shorts and that Tasha was going to come get it and take it to the bus stop near Pring St

Mum told me that Dawson told his mum he is sick of her abusive and wants nothing with her till she grows up.

I have been dripping in sweat all day and it’s a coolish day.

Up at 6.30am again, Tim up at the same time. I had a shower and Tim helped me get dressed.

Kathy sent me a message telling me that it will cost $320 to fix her phone. She is blaming mum/nana.

Of course mum doesn’t feel like she did anything and blames it on the wind.

Tim & I are joining Jess & Leo for a trip to the army museum at Singleton.

Kelli, Daemon & Freya joined us and it was great having them with us.

We offered to take Blain with us but he was in a mood as he had stayed up all night.

I woke up at 6am with a headache, so tried going back to bed but was up by 6.30 am still with a bad headache.

A much cooler day, I have opened the doors and windows to let the breeze through.

Jessica has work taking people to the Elton John concert tonight and again tomorrow night. So we have Leo for the weekend.

He has been inside most of the time as Georgia is at her grandparents and he is avoiding her.