Let’s talk about friends, are you a social butterfly?

Do you have close friends or would you say you have acquaintances instead?

Do you consider your online friends to be the same as in the flesh friends?

How about pen friends, do you have any of those?

I am not in any way shape or form a social butterfly, I do not have any in the flesh friends, however, I do have a lot of online friends and a lot of pen pals. I have never been good at forming friendships and have pretty much been a loner my whole life.

My best friend is my mum along with my husband and I am lucky that I am part of a large close knit family. Some people have friends others have family, I have family.



Who performs the most random acts of kindness out of everyone you know?

Or do you not know people who perform random acts of kindness.

Maybe you are the one who does random kind things for others.

I myself try to do kind things and I try to help others and think about other people.

My mother says I am a giver not a taker and that I am always thinking of others just like her mother did, being compared to my nanna makes me feel good, as nan was an amazing woman.


What’s in a name, do you like your name?

Were you named after someone special?

Do you know how your parents decided on your name, have you always felt like you do now about your name.

I was named by my dad and nanna when I was only hours old, dad knew that mum liked the name Jo-Anne and that her grandmother was named Mary Anne and she was very close to her grandmother she lived with her till she was 14 when her grandmother died. Mum was also close to her Aunty Nita so I was named Jo-Anne Nita in honour of her grandmother and aunt.

I was christened in the hospital when I was only hours old as they didn’t think I would live. My mum didn’t get to see me for a few days after I was born.

I have three daughters the oldest is Kathy-Lee when I was expecting her Tim wanted to name her after Jamie Lee Curtis I didn’t like the name Jamie Lee but I didn’t mind the name Lee so after talking for a bit we decided to name her Kathy-Lee, Kathy had to be spelt with a K nor a C.

I don’t remember how we came up with Natasha’s name or Jessica’s name I know we decided that Natasha’s middle name Nicolle had to have 2 l”s so he had 7 letters and Jessica’s middle name is Mae the same as my sister Sandra’s middle name.

My mum’s name is Mavis and she has been called Mae for as long as I can remember and before I can remember. The name Mae is popular in our family it is Sandra’s daughters middle name and my granddaughter Sydney-May is named May spelt differently but still its Mae/May. In total 6 people have the name in the family.

When my sister Jeannie had her second child she a decided to take my middle name Nita and mix it up and called her daughter Tina, her next child got the middle name Joe also after me.

Both Tim & Blain have the same middle name of William.

Birth order

Where do you come in the birth order of you and your siblings?

Do you think it plays any part in who you are?

I am the oldest of five children and as the oldest I have always been in charge, and have taken responsibility of my younger sibling. I would always make sure they had presents for our parents on special occasions such as birthdays & Christmas.

I am more responsible then my younger siblings, I am not saying they are irresponsible because they are not but I am a tad more responsible. I also am more organised then the rest of them,I don’t know if that is part of being the eldest or not.

What do others think?

Cards for dad

Ok here is the thing, as everyone should know last year we had a big party for my dad aka poppy’s 75th birthday at that time we didn’t know that he would get so sick. Next month he will be 76 and we have been told that it will most likely be his last birthday, in fact we have been told that he may not even make his next birthday but none of us want to think of that happening.

So I am asking all those who love him so much and who’s life he has enriched by being part of it and who will fill a void when he is no longer with us, to this year spend a little money and by a nice birthday card for him and either send it to him or take it and give it to him next month for his 76th birthday.

Do this not just for him but also for mum/nanna who after he is gone can look at the cards and be reminded of how much he meant to people. It is a little thing that could mean to much to both dad & mum.

Dad is so proud of his family, he has lived for them and when he was struggling with cancer his family was the reason he kept fighting.

I cannot make anyone do this and if you think it is a silly idea then do not bother with it but if you think like me it might bring some joy to his and mums life please take part.


Good afternoon everyone here I am on a Monday afternoon writing a post been a normal Monday I went to my aqua class this morning haven’t been in a few weeks and it was good to go again. I do enjoy the class.

It is also my precious first born daughters birthday she is 33 today and we had a birthday lunch for her on Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday Tim dragged me out of bed at 8am because he wanted to go shopping for a new lounge and of course when we got to the store it was closed and didn’t open till 10am because of the sale so we ended up going home and not looking for a lounge.

I don’t think we need a new lounge but for some reason Tim does although after the girls told him the same thing he might change his mind but who knows.

Blain came home from school yet again he is supposed to be sick this goes on day after day and his mum is getting fed up with him.

Tour Guide/Kevin


After taking the bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai we were met by another tour guide this time it was a man named Kevin he was nice he took my small suitcase for me as we headed to the bus. The following day we headed for a canal tour but we were told that we had a short walk from the bus to the boat maybe 10 minutes.

Well silly me thought I would be ok to walk that far, well was I wrong I got about half way there and couldn’t go any further, I sat down and started to cry from the pain and feeling useless. I told Tim to go ahead and I would make my way back to the bus but of course Tim would not leave me. We slowly made our way back to the bus and when everyone else turned up Tim had a talk to Kevin and yes Tim was mad because he doesn’t like to see me upset.

After talking to Tim, Kevin said he would arrange for a wheelchair to be on the bus for me for the next two days, it cost us $20 for each day but it made it so much easier for me.

We learnt over time that Kevin was married with a daughter and he drove a Ford and that he was 40yrs old.