Another week in the life of Jo-Anne

I woke when Tim got up but laid in bed till 7.15.

Kathy arrived at 8.45to give me a shower, before driving Tasha down to Coles while gone Tasha had a mini breakdown snapping at Kathy.

After Kathy left Tasha came down and broke down crying everything is getting to her. She needs a fridge,washing machine, new bed and now her car is cactus. Of course she has no money

I woke up at 5 something and got up at 5.30am,a bloody cold day at that. Jess dropped Leo off at 7.40am and he left for school at 8.10 as per usual

This afternoon I had no idea what time Leo got out I went up at 2.20 in case he was out at 1.50 but he wasn’t so I thought he might get out at 2.20 but no at 3pmi came home for a while went back at .3.35. he use to get him by 3.40 but last week and yesterday it was 3.45 before he arrived.

It was bloody cold waiting for Leo , Jess wanted him to stay tonight instead of tomorrow night but he didn’t want to do so.

I have felt stuffed up in the head all day, sitting outside in the cold didn’t help.

Jess arrived at 7.40 this morning with Leo she hung out with Tash for a while and was able to wait with Leo this morning. She even went and bought Macca’s for her and Tash. I didn’t want anything.

I reset my afternoon alarm to 3.40 to go meet Leo , today he arrived at 3.43pm so not much of a wait.

After a couple of days having trouble getting my audiobook to play I think it is now right I had to delete and reinstall a program/app.

I woke around 5.45 am could hear Leo in his room so I called him and he came in and put the heater on so the chill could be taken off the room.

Another bloody cold day here.

Man came and checked the smoke alarms he sprayed the smoke alarms with surface spray, since then it has been beeping. Ihope it stops soon. .

This afternoon I was late getting Leo again he was walking down when I was going up.

I woke at 4.30 but didn’t want to get up to visit the loo, instead I stayed in bed till 6am dozing on and off till 6am.

I thought I had a Dr’s appointment today but realised it is tomorrow and now Tasha says she can’t take me,she wants tome change the appointment but I don’t think I will be able to do that.

Tim has arranged to take tomorrow off so he can take me to my appointment.

Had problems with the internet for a few hours today very frustrating.

Tim home at 2pm

Leo here tonight

I woke at 4.30am but didn’t get up till the alarm went off,Leo was already awake and Tim got up about 45 minutes after me.

Tasha came down and helped me get dress and get my shoulder brace one and get my breakfast stuff ready.

I went to the appointment about my bladder and had the test down to see how I hold urine uncomfortable but not too bad. I will get the results when I go back to the hospital.

Tim bought two more fan heaters one for the bathroom and a spare.

He also went to the post office and the woman who served him stuffed up, he asked for 10 local stamps and 2 overseas stamps,she gave him 10 overseas stamps and he too three and attached to the local letters before he realised the mistake. I had to open those letters and I am able to reuse them for the overseas letters I have here to answer.

I am feeling very tired and frustrated this afternoon.

I woke at 4ambut managed to go back to sleep after a trip to the loo but woke again at 6am and laid there for a bit till I heard Tasha, in the laundry so I got up at 6ish.

Tasha helped me get dressed and got my breakfast stuff ready


Kathy came over at 9am and gave me a shower and shaved my legs for me.

Been a long ass day, Jess had work but Leo didn’t want to come here or at Kelli’s so he stayed home on his own.


Burden or not

We know we are not considered a burden by our families but sadly we often do, it is the sigh in your voice or see the roll of your eyes or just a look may come over your face. These things tell us you really don’t want to do something we have asked. So we feel we are asking too much and putting you out. Our feelings are real we can help feeling the way we are at that time

Just another night

Had a shocking nights sleep was ok till 11.30pm when I got up and went to the loo but found after I went back to bed I was unable to get back to sleep. I dozed on & off till I got up at 7.30am when Tim got up.

Kathy came over and gave me a shower and vacuumed out for me as well, Summer put my socks on for me.

Had a couple of boiled eggs for lunch.

Mum sounded a lot of happy today when we spoke, we had a good long chat.

I’m still in pain.

Ice cream for tea again that’s become a bit of a habit

Had a better nights sleep last night thankfully, woke up at 7.30am when Tim got up and h e was able to help me dress but he didn’t put my arm brace on.

Had a good chat to mum this afternoon about when her parents split up and when Enid left Tom.

Tasha h as been sick all day she feels very tired

Up and dressed with the alarm, Tim got up and left for work around the same time I got up.

Found a heap of socks in my sock basket this morning, Tasha brought them down for me, they were hers but she doesn’t like them so gave them to me.

I was late getting Leo in fact I was still at home when he walked in the door, I was surprised. I sent his driver a text apologising about not being there. He didn’t reply which I feel is rude.

I woke at 5.45am and got up before the alarm, I got dressed in the bathroom with the heater on. Tim got up at 6am for work. Jess & Leo arrived around 6ish.

Blain’s throat looks really inflamed so Tasha took him to see Dr Wabbas who sent him to have a Covid 19 test. Which he did, he said it wasn’t all that bad, they only swabbed up his nose.

He will get the results in a couple of days

Tasha is going to ring the after hours GP and see what they day.

Awake and up at 6am, Tasha came down to put the arm brace on me and she told me that the after hours GP came and said Blain has tonsillitis gave him a script.

A warmish morning but a wet and coolish afternoon, because of the rain I asked Tasha to meet Leo but of course she was late .

I am feeling like shit this afternoon

Had a good night sleep woke at 4 something when Tim was getting ready for work but managed to doze off again till the alarm went off. I got dressed in the bathroom with the heater on. Leo arrived at 7.35 an hour later then expected.

Mum told me that Michelle is going to call her daughter Skylar Alexandra

Tasha going to help me shower when she comes down to get me ready for bed.

Tim home at 2pm a short day kinda he did start at 5am.

Had a good nights sleep woke at 5 when Tim left for work to visit the loo, I then went back to bed till the alarm went off.

Found Leo laying on the floor outside the kitchen when I walked into the bathroom but when I came out he was gone,i thought he had gone back to bed but when I went to the laundry he jumped out and gave me a fright. He likes to scare his nana.

I rode the scooter down to post letters and I also took Tasha’s washing to her using the scooter.

Tim found his motorbike was leaking oil when he got to work, he took it to be repaired it could take 2 or 3 weeks to be repaired.

Tasha came down and told me that it looks like her car is cactus and she doesn’t know what to do.

I am in so much pain this afternoon.

Had a nice sleep in this morning got up at 7.20am, a nice day warmish.

Jess & Tasha have gone to check out cars, Leo stayed home mowing the lawn. He rang Papa to go over because he was lonely.

Around 2pm Papa and Leo returned here. Just as I was ringing mum, we talked about going shopping on Friday, like me she is nervous about going out after being stuck at home for 3 months.

Sent Kathy a text asking if she will come and help me shower tomorrow.

Thursday’s Words

A friend is a precious possession

whose value increases with years.

Someone who doesn’t forsake us

when a difficuilt moment appears.

and our road willl be smooth and untroubled

no matter what care life may send;

If we travel the pathway together,

and walk side by side with a friend.

BY: Henry Van Dyke

More Functional Stuff

Functional dystonia

True dystonia is defined as a movement disorder characterised by sustained or intermittent muscle contractions causing abnormal, often repetitive, movements, postures, or both. Dystonic movements are typically patterned, twisting, and may be tremulous. Dystonia is often initiated or worsened by voluntary action and associated with overflow muscle activation.

Functional dystonia may affect any part of the body or be generalised. Features that suggest a functional etiology include inconsistent dystonia movements over time, dystonia presenting as a fixed posture or a paroxysmal disorder (not due to a known paroxysmal movement disorder), the presence of incongruous dystonic movements and postures (eg, facial grimacing with pulling of the mouth to one side), excessive slowness, marked resistance to passive movements, and multiple somatizations.

While not necessarily pathognomonic, additional features suggesting functional dystonia include fixed foot dystonia in an adult, the presence of other atypical movements or postures such as a bizarre gait (not fitting the gait pattern of other movement disorders, including true dystonia), dystonia occurring when the affected body part is at rest, and pain as a prominent aspect.

Muscle atrophy or joint contractures may be present in longstanding functional dystonia due to disuse or prolonged maintenance of the tonic posture. Muscle hypertrophy may be present due to sustained contracture. Since true dystonia historically has been misdiagnosed as functional dystonia, the examiner should be aware of this diagnostic pitfall.

Last week in my life

I woke at 7ish but again I laid in bed till 7.30 when I got up and dressed except for my socks, which Tasha did an hour later.

Was able to make myself boiled eggs for breakfast. I have a reasonable amount of movement in the arm. Just have to remember not to over do it.

Been an nice day not too cold for me and my pain has been manageable all day.

I managed to iron Tim’s work shirts, girls didn’t change the sheets no surprise there.

Spoke to mum she was telling me about her sister and when she left home and about she patched things up when she first got sick. However, her tea arrived and we cut it short.

Awake with the alarm, got up and dressed in the bathroom with the heater on. Public holiday today, so no school today.

Kathy and Summer came over so Kathy could change the sheets on my bed.

Tasha made me pasta for tea, it was so so.

Been a good weather wise a bit of rain but not much.

I had a shocking night last night, mostly caused by pain in my right arm. I suspect iti s because yesterday I didn’t wear the arm brace.

I have it on today and will not go without it again for a while.

Tim home early at 1.45 so he was able to meet Leo instead of me.

The doctor rang at 3pm he said the tests showed I have bursitis in the shoulder that is what I expected.

Leo came home from school in a mood, we just let him go to his room he will explain when and if he feels like it. Although Tim sent Jess a message about his mood so she could ring him, as he is here tonight.

Had a better night last night been awake since 5.30 but stayed in bed till the alarm went off.

Tasha had to take Leo to meet his driver because of the rain.

Another cold and wet day, hasn’t stopped raining all day.

Tim home early again, asked him to go get Leo and had to explain he cannot take the scooter because it’s raining and not suppose to use scooter in rain. He didn’t agree and I ended up saying your money if it gets fucked up because of the rain. He walked up to get Leo.

Still in pain by the end of the day my arm is really sore and I am glad to remove the brace and lay down and listen to my book.

I woke when Tim left for work and wasn’t able to settle again so got up at 5.30. Tasha came down and put my shoulder brace on for me.

A foggy morning but at least it’s not raining.

Tim doing a split shift so home at 9.45 to around 1pm.

A not cold and dry day.

Both Tim and I got up with my alarm, Tim was able to assist me get dressed and put my arm brace on for me. Just after he left for work Tasha came down to do the arm brace.

Tasha took me down to have the injection into my shoulder I had to wait for ages in the room in a disposable gown.

Tasha picked up shopping from Woolies but it wasn’t my order, she rang and complained and someone came and brought my shopping and picked up the wrong order.

Blain sent home sick from school he has an inflamed throat, so not going to his dad’s this weekend .

A week full of pain

Had a pretty good nights sleep pain wise when I woke up I didn’t want to get up as that meant the pain would return and it did. I woke at around 7am but laid there till 7.20 when I got up.

At 10ish Tim left for work, he will be home around 8pm.

Didn’t speak to mum just not feeling up to it, as she hadn’t rang by 3.30 and I was feeling done in by then.

I woke with the alarm as usual just after I opened the front door Jess & Leo arrived. She was annoyed that just as they where leaving home she gets a call telling her the child she had to leave early for was being taken by their parents, if they had rung earlier she could have stayed in bed an extra hour.

I had to have a pelvic ultrasound one you need a full bladder for.

Well as it turned out I had to have an internal scan as my bladder leaked. After the scan while trying to get dressed I ended up in tears sobbing because the pain in my right arm was so bad I was unable to use it, so dressing was difficult and painful.

Didn’t talk to mum as I was in pain and unable to concentrate.

Up with the alarm as per usual, I decided to have a shower while I was deciding to do that I realised I didn’t have a hope in hell of doing so on my own.

So I sent Tash a text and as I sent I she was there standing outside the bathroom door. So she stayed and helped me shower.

After Leo left for school Tasha took me over to the doctors about my arm. Tomorrow I have to have an Xray and ultrasound on the arm.

A bit of rain today so Tim took the car.

The arm braze Tim ordered for me on Monday arrived and he put it on me, yes it seems to be helping.

Leo here tonight.

Awake before the alarm at 5.30am, I got up and dressed in the bathroom with the heater on.

Leo got up at 7am and put my socks on for me.

I went with Tasha to have an Xray & ultrasound done of my right arm, still in a lot of pain.

I can only use my left arm.

A very cold day top of 15 degrees

Up when my alarm went off, got dressed in the bathroom again.

My pain has reduced some I am not getting as many stabbing pains in the arm. I think the arm braze is helping

A cold day but not as cold as yesterday. Leo is concerned about my health and doesn’t want me out in the cold and wind.

I wore my pink dressing gown with the hoodie when I took Leo to meet his drive.

Tasha bought Macca’s for tea and got both myself and Leo a burger each.

Up with the alarm again, another cold day and Tim is off today.

It is much warmer today and my arm is much better thankfully. Tasha & Jess went shopping and bought a new heater for Jess. I chipped in $21.

I did the shopping yesterday and it was picked up by Tim & Tasha.

Tim helping me get ready for bed tonight so Jess can go home and eat instead of hanging around here.

I was hoping to have a late night but not going to happen.

I had a lay in this morning, I got up at 8.30 but I had been awake for a while like an hour or so.

Tasha was here and helped me get dressed but she was in a mood and made me cry but gave me a hug and said sorry.

It is Jessica’s birthday and I feel like I have failed her, as because I wasn’t able to go out and get her a present and because of my bung arm I am not able to do a lunch for her. I know that she will understand but it is how I feel.

Kathy gave me a shower while she was here it felt good and she did as good a job as Tasha does.

Had Macca’s for lunch, Tim had Chinese.

The pain in my arm isn’t as bad but I still have limited use of it.

Tasha, Jess & Leo have gone to the Black Lives Matter protest in town, they said if it is too crowded they will be staying in the car because of social distancing and the fact they all hate crowds.