Another week in my life gone

Up at 7.30am dressed and ready for the day. A cool day here, I was busy with vacuuming done it twice, did a load of washing and ironed Tim’s work shirts and a top of mine.

Mum said that Dawson had a good a good time at the show yesterday one of his friends paid for him to get in.

Up at 6.15 when my alarm went off, Tim got up at the same time.

At 7.30 I received a phone call from someone telling me that they they are coming to see about doing the modifications to the house that I need.

So no aqua today.

Men turned up at 9am and started work removing the lattice work at the front door.

They didn’t put in a ramp but instead a large step and I am now unable to get the scooter in or out of the house. I should have realised but didn’t I feel like such a dill.

So now Tasha and Tim will have to make phone calls to see if it can be changed into a ramp.

The handrails in the bathroom are good.

A horrible start to the day, didn’t make it to the loo in time and had to have a shower in order to feel clean.

Then I thought I would have to use wheelchair to take Leo up but Tasha came down and lifted the scooter over the door so I could take it outside.

After Leo left I left the scooter outside till after he gets home this aftternoon.

Jess turned up after work wanting soft boiled eggs but I didn’t have bread till Tasha got here. When Tash arrived she also wanted soft boiled eggs too. So I did eggs for both of them.

Jess made fun of her sister not being able to cut her egg’s top off.

Having them here bickering lifted my spirits

This afternoon Leo managed to bring the scooter inside on his own.

Awake before the alarm but laid in bed till it went off.

Had to wake Leo this morning, he looks like he may have conjunctivitis but I am unsure. He went to school as per usual.

Leo & Tasha took the scooter outside for me this morning.

Workmen came back and installed another hand rail in the bathroom.

Tim went and bought a piece of wood and placed it inside the door making it easier for me to get in and out.

Leo’s eyes are ok now turned out to be a small pimple on the bottom of his eye.

Up and dressed with the alarm this morning, Jess & Leo didn’t get here till 7.30am she said she had a late start.

I wasn’t sure I would be able to get the scooter out because Jess is parked on the lawn. However, Leo managed to get it out and slowly explained to me how to get back inside.

We were half way up the driveway when Leo remembered he wasn’t wearing socks and ran back to get some on.

I was awake at 4am, I could hear Tim saying goodbye to Leo when I went to the loo by the time I went back to bed I could hear Tim drive off. Anyway I was unable to get back to sleep.

Saw Kelli and Freya at Charlie and they came back here for a while. It was great to see them.

Blain not going to his dad this weekend because he has been sick and his dad doesn’t want risk his 2 other children Daemon & Freya) getting sick which I understand.

Leo’s new driver started today while Brian is off for a week.

Tasha is sick but still running around after other people.

Had a shocking night because I forgot to take my night time meds. I was awake on and off all night.

It is Kelli’s birthday today, I sent her a birthday text.

Jess is working and Leo is here for the day.

Tim & I went and put in my passport renewal then we went to Lake Fair and we took the scooter and I was able to get around great.

We get home and Kathy turns up with my shopping, running in and out saying she was super busy and couldn’t stop.

Leo had his hair cut as Jess found that he had head lice again, it is pretty short but it will grow back.

Been bloody cold today and wet, rained most of the day.


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