Life Choices


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Now this bit of advice seems so simple, but if it was truly that simple why do so many people keep making the same bad choices. Is it habit of is it something else, I try to make good choices I don’t know how often I succeed in doing so.

There have been times when I have heard this one or that one complain about how their life sucks and that keep making the same mistakes but they are the ones who keep making the same choices. If those choices are bad ones why are you still making them, pick better, do better.

I know there are those who think I have some kind of perfect life, it’s not perfect but it is mine and yes I have made bad choices but I accept that I did and try not to make the same mistake again. I put it behind me and move forward.

Life is full of choices we have to pick the best ones for us, sometimes it my not turn out to be the best choice if that happens accept you screwed up and move on and try not to go down that path again.

Some people I know have a habit of stalling or moving backwards and this is why they make the same bad choice again, they are not learning and they are not moving forward. Going forward on the same bad choice road is not going to get you anywhere you will find the road loops round on itself and you end up back where you started from.

So if you find yourself on a road full of bad choices and mistakes, stop, take a deep breath look around you and find the way off that road and move forward.


What you are


What You Are

We all know this to be true, so why is so hard for so many of us to accept it and to live with these thoughts in mind. I know that I find it very hard to accept that people love and care for me the way I am and that they don’t judge me on how I look or the size of my clothes. When a person can accept themselves and can look in a mirror and just see the good person they are then maybe they will be able to start living and enjoying life. I have come a long way I have more days when I do just see the loving, kind Jo-Anne and not the short, fat somewhat average looking woman that I have for many years seen in the mirror, however, it is not easy by any means.

It is hard because I do try to exercise and not eat to much rubbish food and still I keep getting fatter and fatter and I am told to hang in there it all takes time for the hard work to show, how long is does it take. Bloody hell I am 50 yrs old I have been doing all the right things most of my adult life and still I am overweight and in pain and I swear the next time a doctor tells me to lose weight I will go ape shit. I am so over hearing it tell me something I don’t know.

Life is hard but I do try, I get up every day whether I feel like it or not and no matter how much my back aches or my feet hurt I carry on because I am mum I do not have time to lounge around in bed. Although there are times that I feel like it life is to be lived and enjoyed and you can’t do that lounging around in bed all day, you have to put in an effort.

Me and My grandkids

Yesterday I spent most of the day home alone as hubby was at work all day but around 5pm I had to leave and go over to my precious first born’s house to watch my beautiful granddaughters Sydney-May & Summer while their parents went out for the night. I got there around 5.30pm and Kathy was just getting Sydney’s tea for her chicken and corn which she ate 95% off and me (nanna) was happy, I then gave her some pink milk.

After tea I gave both girls a bath then I made a bottle for Summer and while I was feeding her Sydney climbed up on the lounge and sat with me and by the time I had finished feeding Summer both girls were asleep. So I carried Summer to bed and settled her down then I carried Sydney into bed and settled her down……… about lucky………………the rest of the night past pretty quick.

I spent the time watching telly, free to air tv as they don’t have pay tv but that was fine Kathy and Michael arrived home around 10.30pm just as Summer was waking for another bottle so Kathy fed her and settled her down while I headed home.

After getting home I had a relaxing bath before heading off to bed, and of course this morning I slept in till 9am as it was close to midnight before I went to bed. Today I have done very little I did go down to Jessica’s place as Leo was upset because he left his stuff dog Basie and his toy dinosaur Harris here and wanted them back. He was so excited to see them when I arrived.

Tim has been busy outside today cleaning up some of the back yard and some of the front yard and have to say I can notice the difference to both yards.

It’s cold here…………how about there

Bloody hell it is cold here today, I am wearing two pairs of socks and long johns and track pants, as well as a singlet shirt and my nice warm dressing gown. I said to Tim that I am cold and what does he say “no it’s not” of course he wouldn’t think it’s cold, the man is strange anyway I also have another bloody headache I have been getting a lot of headaches lately and I am wondering if it has anything to do with how cold it has been.

Yesterday while I was at the doctors I asked what she would recommend for headaches and what does she tell me I am taking enough pain killers and I shouldn’t need to take anything else and that I should just lay down and rest when I get a headache. Also said I could try keeping the house warm but yeah like I am going to run up my electricity bill by doing that even if hubby would agree.

Yesterday I was so cold that I ended up having a hot bath to warm up and today it’s not much better, at least I do not have to go outside. It is also raining here today which is another reason I am glad I do not have to go outside.

I think I might make some chocolate muffins as I feel like chocolate but have none of course, earlier I had Kathy and her girls call in she asked me to watch Summer while she took Sydney-May to her swimming lesson which of course I did. While she was here of course she had to eat one of my Flake ice creams the girl reminds me of me……………..I like to go to my mums house and eat her food………….


How Demanding Are You

Have you been more demanding on yourself lately or less?


Do you think that’s a good trend?

These are difficult questions for me to answer, so you may be wondering why I am asking them anyway…………..well because I do not shy away from difficult questions……………who am I kidding of course I do………….lol

Anyway I don’t think if am very demanding of myself, I think others are more demanding of me and my time but I have never been good at saying NO, I try to say no but more often than I would like I end up saying yes.

I think it is good to be demanding of ourselves when it comes to exercise and diet and taking care of ourselves in this regard I am terrible I do try…………..well I have good intentions but I fail a lot not beating myself up over it is something I have learnt to do.

Should I be more demanding of myself, maybe, maybe not who really knows………………….what I do know I am happy with my life the way it is more or less……………

Tim’s Discovery

I wrote recently about Leo’s discovery of computer games on the Cartoon Network website, now I am going to tell you what papa (hubby) has discovered today “you tube” he has been in his room watching clip after clip on you tube and asked me why did it take him so long to find it and that he didn’t know there was so many funny clips on it……………..

At least he gets you tube, when he tried Facebook he couldn’t get it and didn’t understand why so many people had Facebook pages and didn’t understand what people did on it.

It is good though to hear him laughing from down the hallway sometimes he is too serious and doesn’t laugh enough. He has a Samsung Tablet for 6 months now and is only just starting to understand how to use it……………lol