Work for the dole, yay or nay

Well hello everyone, I spent the weekend and by weekend I mean from Thursday night at my brother’s house, I was house/dog sitting and came home yesterday have to tell you that I was glad to get home for some reason I had trouble sleeping at Dave’s don’t know why just did. Well the first two nights when I went to bed there was this smell it didn’t matter if I had my Cpap mask on or not it was still there, anyway after a few hours of not being able to sleep because the smell bothered me I sat up and thought what is that smell………..I than thought it smells like and old lady. That was when I thought of Aunty Joyce who use to own the house, the room I was sleeping in was her room so I said aloud to the room “Aunty Joyce if that is you causing that smell, please stop it, I know you are here but the smell is bothering me and I want to sleep” than I went to the toilet and when I came back the smell was gone.

Ok moving on to, “work for the dole” now we have had work for the dole here in Australia for a while but it was voluntary, now that are making it compulsory and I know many people are in favour of work for the dole, they like the thought of the unemployed getting out and doing something for their money.

However, did you know there was going to be a, however?

Well there is and this is it.

My sister did work for the dole, she was demeaned and treated like shit and made to feel like shit she was spoken to rudely and all she did for 8 hours was sort rags for a charity she was only allowed 2 minutes for a toilet break. My sister has a fragile mental health state and it pushed her to breaking point one day she was very sick and my mum rang to let them know she was unable to attend they reported that she didn’t show up and she had her payment stopped even though she had rang after that was sorted out she had another day she was a few minutes late and the women (boss) told her to leave and not come back and she again lost her payment this all pushed her closer to suicide so work for the dole sounds good and all but some employers just see it as free labour who can be pushed about and demeaned and for that reason I am not in favour of it.

Now my sister isn’t the only person I know of who has done work for the dole, my nephew did it also and he was also treated in a demeaning way, my niece has a friend who gave it a go and that friend was treated poorly as well. In fact I the people I know who have done it or know someone who has done have nothing good to say about it. The only people who think it is a really good idea are those who have had no experience with anyone doing it.

So here is my question of the day, do you have a work for the dole program where you live and if you do, do you think it works or is it something you have never given any thought about.


Playing outside, yes or no or only if you are watching.

Do you let your little ones play outside?

Are they allowed outside in an area that isn’t fenced in?

By little ones I am talking about 2, 3 or 4yr olds, this comes to mind as I sit here watching Daemon while his parents are out, they have started to look for a place of their own to rent and today went and bought a second hand bedroom suite and put it into storage. Anyway since it has cooled down here I opened the front door and let Daemon play outside on the front lawn and he has been pretty good in that he has been playing on the lawn and not wondering off. I of course have been keeping a close eye on him while he has been outside.

Now I remember when we first moved to this place way back in 1988 sounds like a long time ago doesn’t it, anyway the point I was going to make is that the first month we were here Kathy-Lee was out the front playing and she wondered off and no one could find her, Tim was supposed to be watching her. This made me very nervous about letting her out the front in future and in fact for a long time she was only allowed to play out the back yard.

I think it is normal to be nervous about little ones playing outside out of our sight, they can wonder off so easily you only have to take your eyes off them for a few moments and they are gone. Little Leo was a terrible one for wondering off and in fact you could not take your eyes off him at all, I had a few times when he was in the lounge room watching tv and I went to the toilet and when I came back he was gone. This in fact only happened a couple of months ago, and he is now 6yrs old.

In fact Leo is the one, who as a toddler was playing out in my backyard and when I went out there to check on him he was missing. I was calling for him and a man walking past the back fence picked him up and said “is this who you are looking for”? Yes he had managed to climb over the back fence, we had the back gate locked so he couldn’t open it and get out but he had climbed on the dog house and jumped the fence.

Kelli has allowed Daemon to play outside here a few times, but most of the time he plays in the house, in fact right now we have toys all over the place that he has been playing with but that is ok I don’t mind, I know that Kelli will clean up before he goes to bed tonight as she does every night.


Computers do ever feel like hitting it a hammer

Computers how did we ever get by without them, can you remember what life was like before we had computers?

Where you one of those who rushed out and bought a computer, as soon as they became available for home use?

Do you have a laptop or a desk computer, or maybe you have moved onto a notebook or and ipad or tablet.

If your computer isn’t working right how do you feel?

Do you take it in your stride or do you have a melt down?

These questions came to me yesterday, when I was having computer problems, the cause of my computer problems was either the Pepsi max that was spilt on it or the bashing it took from Summer & Daemon, ok it was most likely the Pepsi as once it dried out it started working normally again. The problem was the keys when I hit the “A” key a help page would open up and “f & n” would give me 6f & 8n talk about a pain, the biggest pain was the “a”.

I ended up using the on-screen keyboard to write comments on people’s blogs but didn’t know how long I would have the patience to do that as it takes longer to do it that way, but it was better than nothing, right………………………

Anyway in frustration I called a computer tech guy (Michael) and said my granddaughter stuffed up my computer, and to be honest at that stage I did think the bashing the keyboard did something. Anyway he comes and looks at it and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it other than the keys were sticking for some reason, I had forgotten about the Pepsi he ended up giving up and said if I wanted to back up everything he would take it home and work on it. However an hour later it was working normally again, and I did a happy dance.

Baby Showers

Yesterday I went to a baby shower for my niece Kirsty, it was held at her sister’s place and it was nice, there was a good turn out and I had a good time and everything.

However, this made me think about when I had my girls, not once did I have a baby shower, it just really wasn’t heard of much back then.

So I am asking everyone today when you were having your children did you have a baby shower?

Do you think it is something that has become more common in the last dozen years or so, do you like baby showers, do you go to many?

I go to everyone I have been invited too, but there are times when it is hard to know what to buy as a gift since at times I have very little amount of money to spend.




Facebook, love it, hate it, don’t understand it, come on do tell what are your thoughts about it.

Do you have a Facebook account? If so how often do you go onto it?

Do you play games on Facebook?

Now I have a Facebook account and I check in with Facebook once or twice a day but I do not play games on it because hell I have a life and do not have time to sit around playing games on the computer.

I think Facebook is great, and like it and I get it but I can also tell you that Tim tried it out, he had Jessica set up an account for him and he didn’t get it. He asked me what it was all about and what was the point.  My answer, there is no real point to it, it is a way to connect with family and friends who you may not see all the time but really in my opinion it is just a way for many young people to waste time.

My niece said she thinks of Facebook as a place where people either brag or vent and share photos of their family, which is pretty accurate.. I share a lot of photos of my family and Facebook and I steal a lot of photos of my family from other family members Facebook pages.

I do think people need to be careful when sharing things on Facebook, many young people are not careful and will post photos of themselves that really they shouldn’t be, photos that are not flattering and make them look, slutty, trashy, or really dumb.

Being Noticed


Stop Doing things

There are times when I wonder if anyone notices how much I do for others, and there are other times I know they notice and they appreciate how much I do more or less.

However I have had times when I have thought what if I just quietly vanished for a few days, would they notice, would they miss me.

I think many of us have times when we feel invisible, like we are just part of the furnishings. I know I do and yes there are times when I feel like I am being taken for granted. My girls often seem to expect me to just be there for them and that I shouldn’t be busy doing other things, I should be able to just drop things at a moments notice and do what they want.

Yes I know part of this is my fault because I so often do just that, drop what I am doing to help them out, or change my plans to accommodate them.

That said I do wonder if they realise how much I do for them, or how often I change my plans for them.

The think is though I don’t think I am going to change, I am a giver, meaning I like to do and give to my family and for the most part I do not expect much in return but that doesn’t change the fact that at times I get upset and let down like on my birthday when no one things to get me a cake. I know it is a silly thing but it does bother me and I can’t change that it is what it is.

So do you think you are noticed, does it bother you if you are not. 


Today’s word of the day is rambunctious.
It is an adjective that means noisy and lacking in restrain or discipline.

This post has been inspired by this fella who can be found here: anyway let’s get to the point of the post.

Rambunctious children, when I was a child and even when my girls were little the term rambunctious child was pretty common, now days if a child is rambunctious then often their parent will think there is something wrong with them. Yes some children are over the top and may have a problem but other children especially boys are just children loud, crazy, normal children.

To mean it seems at times that society does not want children to be loud and crazy; children are often not allowed to make a lot of noise because the parent is watching telly or using the computer and for some reason the child is not allowed outside were they can run around and make a lot of noise. Yesterday I had both my grandsons here along with Summer and Daemon and the house was loud and the boys spent most of the time running around like lunatics but they had fun, there were also running in and out of the house all day.

I know that when you go out you want your children to be well behaviour but when they are at home they need to be children and that means having times when they are a little crazy, they also need though to know that there are times when it is quiet time and they have to play quietly or sit and watch telly quietly. I believe children can be taught to know that there are times when they can be loud and rambunctious and there are times when they need to be quiet and peaceful.

Life Choices


a quote 2

Why is it so hard for some people to realise that the reason their life sucks is because of the choices they make.

Instead of complaining that your life isn’t going the way you want it to, try making some changes and yes I know it is not always easy to make changes and sometimes a person has to make the best out of the situation they are in.

However, it often seems to me that many people especially younger people seem to think that the world owes them something and things should just be handed to them and they don’t get that they have to work at making things go the way they would like.

I hear things like I don’t have any money because I don’t have a job but when asked if they are looking for work the answer is no or they don’t want to do certain jobs such as work in takeaway shop. Sometimes a person has to take whatever job they can get until they can find the job they want.

I remember when my sister was looking for a place to rent she would give up at times and couldn’t see the point in trying but when she least expected it she found a place, same thing happened for my daughter Jessica.

It is easy to give up and say it is all too hard and what’s the point but the answer is not to give up to keep trying to change things so you have the life you want to have.

I know many of my family would think it is easy for you to say that Jo-Anne you have a perfect life, but my life is not perfect but I am happy with my life and when I have not been happy I have changed things in order to be happy.

A happy, content life doesn’t just happen it takes work to make it happen