Just Another Week

Had a sleep in woke at 7am and got straight up, managed my own breakfast.

Kathy and Summer arrived around 9ish to shower me and do the ironing.

Gave Summer her birthday present a jewellery making kit. She loved it. Her birthday is tomorrow.

Been a nice day not hot nor cold.

Mum was telling me about when she meet Dad again, and how he wanted to pass first as he didn’t think he would cope without mum.

Woke at 6.30 and out of bed 10 mins later, Tim was up getting dressed for work.

Been a hot day, needed the A/C on, as I was drenched in sweat.

Gave Daemon his birthday card with a $10 gift card in it. It is his birthday tomorrow.

Mum was rambling a bit she sounded ok just rambling but I am ok with that.

Woke before the alarm at 6am when Tim’s alarm went off.

A workman came and asked if he could park his ute in our carport and I said he could. 10 minutes later Tim came home and was pissed that he couldn’t park there. I yelled out that I had said he could park there. Then he was pissed with me saying I shouldn’t had said yes, I said nothing.

I later told him I did not appreciate how he spoke to me.

He was ok when he left for work again.

Been hot enough for A/C

Woke at 5.59am just before Tim’s alarm went off, it was very dark outside and cold, also raining on and off. Still managed to go with Leo to meet his driver.

Tim home for a bit, he has a split shift.

Raining this afternoon so Tasha meet Leo.

Short chat to mum this afternoon as the lawn blokes turned up and it was hard to hear even though I had the doors shut.

Woke around 5ish and got up when Tim did at 5.30

Had a washed and opened the house then went to attempt to dress myself, managed underwear and had shorts half pulled up when Tasha arrived to help.

Yesterday afternoon Sandy asked me if I could print something and Zac picked up the papers this morning.

Mum went to the JHH to see a cardiologist and left thinking what was the point of that visit. She said she thought he was a bit slack.

Decided to change from listening to a book on my table to listening through the CD player via USB the tablet keeps freezing and taking ages to load and it was pissing me off.

Later start, 5.50 this morning, after another restless night. A warm day with me sweating as usual.

I ironed Jess’s work shirt just in case she works Saturday.

I changed the towels not the ones we use in the bathroom but the ones I use outside under the chair I sit in to watch the traffic and relax. As I sweat so much I need something to walk on so I don’t get dirt and grit on my feet.

Tasha came down at 2.30 to give me a shower.

Left at the usual time to meet Leo only to find him outside his house, what the hell………….

he must have left early.

Woke with the alarm, up washed and ready for the day.

Another warm day, Tim home for a bit he has a split shift.

Mum said she had a bad day yesterday as Michelle was going off about what Dawson buys from Chrisco. However, who wants to spend money on someone who opens a present looks at it says “nice, thanks” takes gift home were it sit on the floor untouched for months. Also Dawson is turning 22 in 2 months.

Leo said this afternoon he doesn’t like school I hope it was just that he had a bad day.


What Jo-Anne Thinks

Hello everyone, it is Friday again so let’s talk about what Jo-Anne thinks,……….

This morning I am thinking about depression…………….

I suffer from depression have done for many years, but when my eldest was a teenager she started hurting herself and I took her to see a counsellor after a few months the decision was made to try her on medication.

My daughter saw someone, so did I and the lady I saw explained that my daughter had a chemical imbalance in the brain which could take years to fix or she may have it for the rest of her life.

My depression crept up on my over time and like my daughter I had counselling for years before I was prescribed anti-depression medication. I have been on medication since 2007.

Medication is wonderful, but not for everyone.

First comes counselling, then if that doesn’t help maybe medication will help.

Going on medication doesn’t have to mean it is forever, my husband took anti-depression medication for only 2 years and is fine now.

Nothing can or will be done unless you admit to yourself that all is not right, you know in yourself that you are not just sad, or that you have become too emotional and you feel like everyone is plotting against you part of you knows something is wrong.

Depression isn’t something you can just snap out of………..

It takes time, patience, work and maybe medication…………

It’s poem day

Seeing Ourselves Clearly

© Lauren Bowman More By Lauren Bowman

Published: November 15, 2020

It’s difficult to take in the entirety of something
when you are standing inside of it.
Valleys are best seen from peaks.
Mountains from their bases.
The ocean from the shore.
Perhaps this is why we rely on other’s eyes
to see ourselves clearly.
Perhaps this is why we struggle to wholly view
who we are.

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/seeing-ourselves-clearly

Indestructible Stuff

Good morning, good afternoon or good whatever time it is for you. Here we are at another Tuesday.

Let’s talk about a nuclear bunker after the invention of the nuclear bomb many people were afraid of a nuclear war.

So nuclear bunkers were invented, these were underground shelters, encased in concrete and covered in a deep layer of soil.

Nuclear bombs release explosive energy for splitting atoms apart. After the explosion harmful radioactive fallout can spread over a wide area.

This means people don’t just need to avoid the blast, they need to stay underground and in a bunker for months or years.

Today, we are less worried about a nuclear war, and yes some of these bunkers are still ready for us others have been turned into tourist attractions.

Facts Monday

Hello Monday, hello facts and hello world……………..

The South Pole is colder than the North Pole

M & M;s are said to have been invented so that soldiers could eat chocolate without getting sticky fingers.

In the remote island on St Kilda, Scotland letters were once placed in hollowed-out driftwood attached to an inflated sheep’s bladder. These were set adrift in the north Atlantic, where current, wind and luck carried the mail ashore to the mainland.

Cranberries where once tested for ripeness by bouncing them, a fully ripened cranberry will bounce like a ball.

The Earth has in its history been hit by at least one million meteors.

Another Week In My Life

Woke at 6ama, had to pee so got up. Found the washing machine going so Tasha had been.

I get my own breakfast on Saturdays as it is Tasha’s morning off.

Tim had a phone call last night from his supervisor telling him that his drivers authority has been cancelled. What the hell….

Tim has gone to Service NSW they think the medical form got lost in cyberspace.

He will have to contact the transport people on Monday but he cannot work till it is sorted out.

It has rained most of the day.

I woke at 6.40 so a bit of a sleep in.

It is Tasha’s birthday she knows what I ordered and understands that it hasn’t arrived.

Tim is shortening some of my long pants, turning them into shorts, with me sweating so much I wear knee length or ¾ length pants all the time now. Also I often find it difficult to get shorts the right length and size.

I woke with the alarm this morning, a cool dry day so far. Tim rang up about his DA and it should be all sorted in a day or so.

He has taken a Dr’s certificate for 2 days off work due to a flare up of gout.

Jess needs to return the new vacuum cleaner as it was smoking when Leo went to use it.

Tasha said it is ok just smells new to her, Tim said the same but she can do what she likes.

Woke at 6am got up and opened the house up then Tasha arrived. Raining this morning but I still managed to go with Leo to meet driver.

Tree remove people turned up remove o r trim trees in the park area. 3 or 4 large trucks with equipment.

One [oece of equipment got bogged and they had to get a big ass truck into remove it.

Woman in unit 114 was outside watching and taking photos.

Mum asked me if I would like to go with her & Sandy to see Jeannie and her house, we haven’t seen her house sine she moved into it.

I am excited about going.

Tim goes back to work tomorrow

Woke at 5.25am tried to lay there till 6am but I really needed to pee so got up.

Opened the house and as getting thing ready in the kitchen when Tash arrived in a mood. She said I should had rang her when I got up but I do not want to do that.

Sandy picked me up and we went to Jeannie’s, she has a nice house, I liked it, there is a nice back yard as well.

Tim back at work this afternoon.

Woke at 5.40am and got up as needed to pee. Opened the house and sent Tasha a text letting her know.

A bit of rain around mid morning, heavy at timed.

Tim left for work an hour earlier then needed.

Mum was ok today, rambling a bit but of.

Awake at 4.30, managed to doze a bit till 5.30 when I decided to get up . Sent Tasha a text letting her know I was up at around 6ish.

I had opened the house and started getting thing out ready to prepare breakfast.

Had a heavy down pour at 7am and again at 9/30. I was able to take Leo this morning.

Tim picked up his bike, he is pleased with it more or less.

Ordered new school boots for Leo

What Jo-Anne Thinks

Hello everyone on this some what wet morning here in my part of Newie…………

So it’s Friday and that means it is what Jo-Anne thinks day and today I am thinking about, happiness…………

Happiness is more then a state of mind, it is linked to our whole body when we are in pain all the bloody time it can have a negative effect oh how happy we feel.

I do believe that we can choose to have a positive happy inspiring thoughts over negative thought and to a degree we can choose to be happy. Yes I know it’s not that simple but I feel it is harder to be happy when you find unhappy thought trying to take over.

Happiness is different for each different person, some people find their happiness has a lot to do with their work. Others it has a lot to do with their friends and then there are people like me who find happiness is linked to family.

I choose to see the good in people and things, this does not mean that I am always happy and cheerful, being happy & cheerful do not have to go hand in hand. They just often do……………

Sadly for some being happy & cheerful are a mask to hide sadness and unhappiness. Worse still it can be a mask for depression. Depression will be a different post.