Off to China

Just a quick post today, yesterday was spent packing and such and today will be spent travelling same for tomorrow.

Tim & I are going to China for a holiday, it is a 10 day guided tour cost us $1998 for the two of us that includes air fare, accommodation, tours and some meals, so a pretty good price.

I will not be posting much while away but when I get back there will be heaps of post trip posts.

Leo dragged out a large suit case and asked if we could pack him in it and take him with us…………..

When asked what he wanted me to bring him back from China he said Papa safe……………….


Thank you Sue

Hello everyone it is a cold and wet morning here in Newie although it looks like it might become fine at some point.

I am waiting for someone to come and do a housing maintenance walk through too document anything that needs repairing in the house. They are suppose to be here by 11am but we will see.

Mum said her and dad are doing much better, so much so that my sister Sue who has been staying with them for the last six weeks has spent the last few nights at her own flat, when she told dad that she was going back to her flat on Friday night he said NO you can’t go I need you here. She talked to him and said she had to go home at some point and he said NO you have to move back in here. That said he coped fine without here and she spent a few nights in her own flat and still went and got him up in the morning.

Mum has told me often that Sue has been fantastic and she doesn’t know how they would have coped without her there.

I have been so thankful to Sue as well, it has been a weight off my mind knowing she was there with them.

You do it or let some else do it

What’s one thing you’d rather pay someone to do than do yourself?

One thing? How about many things such as house work and lawn care when I was younger I was fine doing these things well not the lawn care I have never done lawn care, Tim always took care of the outside of the house. Now days he prefers to pay our next door neighbour to do the lawn he is in his 60’s, Tim who is 57 finds it too much hard work.

Even though I would prefer to pay someone else to do my housework I still do 90% of the housework such as the laundry and the vacuuming and the dishes because that is just the way it is.

So what about you?

A new fridge and a right mess

Good afternoon, here I am on this Monday afternoon finally getting around to doing a post,it has been one of those days that has gone by without me really knowing what has happen, it feels like I only just got up and now the day is coming to a close.

On Saturday Tim & I with Leo in tow went and bought a new fridge/freezer it is a side by side one with a non plumber needed ice maker and water dispenser. It is the same as the one my parents bought 18mths ago, we got it on interest free terms and it was suppose to be delivered between 1-4pm today, it is now 4.30pm and of course we are still waiting. Tim rang at 4pm to find what was happening and was told they should be here by 5pm.

tash stuff

At the moment this is what my dinning area looks like, it is full of Tasha’s stuff the reason she is moving, she is going to swap houses with the woman in unit 7 of the complex I live in, this has made her really happy. There is more of her stuff in other areas of the house.

Ok the delivery guys arrived dead on 5pm and it was a struggle to get it in the house but is done now at 5.30pm we will turn it on.

Stupid things No:2

Hello all here is this weeks stupid things

Kids to wear sunglasses at school while in the play ground

Kids should be made to do sport at school, why do I think that is stupid well none of my girls had an interest in sport and Leo has zero interest and the school know this and know trying to make him take part will not end well. Some people love sport some do not stop trying to force it on people.

Underwater graves, how would one visit their departed if their grave is underwater, sorry not for me

A mother wanting to change her 4yr olds name as there is 2 other little girls in her class with the same name, what the hell, talk about stupid. When I was in year 6 at school there was 6 girls with the name Jo-Anne but only one who spelt it my way.

President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been destroyed,according to witnesses, a man removed a pick axe from a guitar case about 3am local time and smashed the red marble marker bearing the president’s name on Hollywood Boulevard. This is stupid because it doesn’t effect the man he isn’t going to be the one paying to have it repaired.

As we move towards a cashless society, buskers’ incomes have been sent plummeting… until now!

Online payment company Alipay has now come up with a solution, issuing 20 Melbourne street performers with portable payment devices!

Have you heard of: Margarethae Zelle


Do you know the name Margarethae Zelle?

Maybe you know her better as Mata Hari…………

She was born on the 7th August 1876 the daughter of a shop owner, she died on the 15th October 1917, she was an exotic dancer and courtesan who was convicted of being a spy for Germany during World War 1 and executed by firing squad in France.

She was always a extraordinary woman from early in her life till the end of her life, in 1889 her father is believed to have ran off with another woman and her mother died. She was a spoiled and very sexual girl who at around the age of 15 was sent away to learn to be a teacher but was expelled for having an affair with a married headmaster.

So she moved to The Hague, a city full of colonial officials who had returned from service in the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia). It was there as a bored 18yr old she meet and married one such official Capt. Rudolf MacLeod with who she had 2 children.

The marriage was not what she hoped and didn’t last and afterwards she headed to Paris were she reinvented herself as a startling new exotic dancer called Mata Hari. In 1905 Mata Hari was a Malay term for “sunrise” or the “eye of the day” she broke onto the social scene with a performance at an art museum in Paris. Hundreds of the capital’s wealthy elite were invited and Mata Hari presented utterly novel dances in transparent, revealing outfits with a jewelled bra and an extraordinary headpiece.

Under any other circumstances, she could have been arrested for indecency, but she had very carefully thought through her position. At each performance, she took the time to explain carefully that these were sacred temple dances from the Indies. Mata Hari was sensuous, beautiful, erotic, and emotional; she told tales of lust, jealousy, passion, and vengeance through her dancing, and the public lapped it up.

Indestructible Creatures/Giant Tube Worm

giant tube worm

Here we are at Tuesday and also the first day of term three of the school year so I had to take Leo to school this morning and he was happy to be going back to school. On the way to school I had to call in at my parents place to pick up some money mum wanted me to bank for her and Leo ran in to get the money and he told my mum he was happy to see her sitting in her chair in the kitchen and not in hospital.

This weeks indestructible creature is the Giant Tube Worm, heard of it? Nope, me either……..

It can be found around 1500metres or 5000ft under the sea, at that depth hydrothermal vents bubble with boiling chemical filled water, its pitch black and the water pressure is great enough to squash a human flat. This is not a great place to live but the giant tube worm is happy there.

Each worm lives in its own tube anchored to the seabed and can grow to more than 2.4metres long that is 8ft just so you know. Hundreds of tube worms cluster together in their deep sea vent home.

Most animals need to eat other living things to stay alive but the giant tube worm don’t eat food at all, as they have no mouth and no stomach. Instead their body has lots of bacteria living inside it, the worm’s red plume collects minerals dissolved in the vent water and the bacteria inside its body feed on these and turn them into food chemicals that feed the worm from the inside.

giant tube worm1