Jessica's house after storm (5)

Ok I have some news to share, my daughter Jessica was operated on yesterday afternoon, she is recovering ok still has drainage tube in her stomach but is off the pain-relieving drip but still not feeling that great, she doesn’t know when she will be home as yet. However, that is probably a good thing as this is what her front lawn looks like and her street is without electricity and the street is still cornered off due to fallen trees. Leo of course is here and he is fine not distressed in any way about his mum not being here and being in hospital.

Jessica's house after storm (14)

In other news some may have heard about the elderly lady who was killed in Maitland due to her car being swept away in flood waters. Well it turns out the woman is my sister in-laws grandmother, so her family are shocked and sadden by this, they were worried yesterday about her when they saw the car on the news and realised it looked like her car, so they tried to ring her and were unable to contact her.


Jessica's house after storm (4)

This is a photo from Facebook of Sydney harbour bridge, thought it was a wow photo so sharing it as well.

Sydney harbour bridge

Natasha is working five nights a week at her new cleaning job and either me or Jono have Blain while she is at work,he is suppose to be picked up by his dad this afternoon sometime I don’t know when though I was told between 4-5pm but it is now 5.10pm and he still isn’t here.

Jessica's house after storm (8)

Blain will be off school till Monday while they continue to clean up the school after the storm, Leo went back to school today but there are a number of school still closed till Monday.

Jessica's house after storm (11)

Wet, Windy, Cold and in hospital


Here I am on a very wet, windy and cold Tuesday afternoon at last writing a post for the day, and what a day has it been, some of you might here on the news about the terrible storm that has it the Hunter Valley today and yes I live in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle is part of the Hunter Valley it is the lower part of the Hunter Valley.

Now let’s go back to last night, that is when the bad weather started and my daughter Jessica was yet again in a great deal of pain and I had no car so was unable to go to her, it got that bad that she managed to drive herself here, yes she had rung the ambo’s but the paramedic told her it was stress and muscle pain and did nothing. Well after about an hour my niece Kelli turned up to drop Blain off for the night while Tasha was at work, and because Jessica was in so much pain screaming and crying she decided to take her to the John Hunter Hospital (our main hospital).

This morning I woke up to a note from Kelli that said Jessica had been admitted to the hospital and would tell me more later. Seems Jessica has pancreatitis and will need her gallbladder removed, that hopefully will happen tomorrow. More about that later.

Power lines

Back to the weather it has been very bad here, Tasha went to Jessica’s place to meet some guy who was suppose to be picking up the work van, (he never turned up) and while there the tree next to the van was uprooted and the power lines came down. The tree missed Natasha by centimetres and gave her a terrible fright, all she could thing was that if it had hit her it would have killed her, she managed to get her car out of the driveway and came back here very shaken up and crying.

When Kelli went back to pick up some clothes for Jessica the road was closed and the SES would not let her pass.

Jes tree

Tim rode the motorbike to work this morning silly man, and wanted me to go and get him at 7.30 tonight but at 4pm he walked in the door, another driver drove him home as all the buses had been pulled off the road. I will have to drive him to work in the morning and he is hoping that by the time he knocks off it will be ok and he will be able to ride the bike home safely.

road closed

Albert Jacka, have you heard of him? No, didn’t think so


Today I am going to tell you a bit about a fella names Albert Jacka, let me guess you have no idea who he is well I also had no idea who he was till he was mentioned on a tv program I was watching recently.

Albert Jacka, VC, MC & Bar, was born on the 10th January 1893 and was the first Australian to be awarded the Victoria Cross during the first world war, the highest the highest decoration for gallantry “in the face of the enemy” that can be awarded to members of the British and Commonwealtharmed forces.

He received the medal for his actions during the Gallipoli Campaign. He later served on the Western Front and was twice further decorated for his bravery.

He was to receive his VC for his actions at Courtney’s Post, on the 19th May 1915 the Turks launched an assault against the Anzac line, capturing a section of the trench on end of which was guarded by Jacka for several minutes he fired warning shots into the trench wall until reinforcements arrived. He then attempted to enter the trench with three others; all but Jacka were either wounded or pinned.

It was then decided that while a feint attack was made from the same end, Jacka would attack from the rear. The party then proceeded to engage the Turks with rifle fire, throwing in two bombs as Jacka skirted around to attack from the flank. He climbed out onto “no man’s land“, entering the trench via theparapet. In the resulting conflict, Jacka shot five Turkish soldiers and bayoneted two others, forcing the remainder to flee the trench; he then held the trench alone for the remainder of the night. Jacka’s platoon commander, Lieutenant Crabbe, informed him the following morning that he would be recommended for his bravery.

Upon the conclusion of the war, Jacka returned to Australia and entered business; establishing the electrical goods importing and exporting business Roxburgh, Jacka & Co. Pty Ltd. He was later elected to the local council, where he became the mayor of the City of St Kilda. Jacka never fully recovered from the multiple wounds he sustained during his war service, and died at the age of 39.


Hey hey it’s Saturday, with Five things Friday and my grandchildren


Hey hey it’s Saturday yes it is now Saturday morning around 11.15 in my part of the world and have to say yesterday was one hectic day. I did the usual Friday stuff but for some reason I forgot to get tomatoes and onions and frozen pizza for Tim this of course pissed him off, but you know what pissed me off, it was him saying that I never think of him ever. Yeah Tim that’s right I never think about you what a load of shit.

Anyway around 2pm Tasha dropped off Blain and Leo and around 3pm Michael dropped off Sydney-May and Summer, yes I had all four grandchildren last night and this morning. Although Natasha picked Blain up early around 8ish and Jessica is here now but Kathy will not be here to get the girls till around 1.30pm.


Well are you wondering what my five things for Friday would have been, no, to bad going to tell you anyway.





Chaotic house

Oh yeah before I go I will tell you that at 10pm last night I had to ring Kathy-Lee as Summer started to cry at 9.30pm and would not settle down she was working herself into a right state so I ended up ringing Kathy and Michael came straight out and picked her up and took her home, he brought her back this morning around 8.30ish.

All the little ones were pretty well behaved and this morning Sydney-May has been outside playing with the neighbours children and Summer has been going outside and coming back inside and out again watching telly on and off.

I will soon see if I can get Summer to have a nap.

My Family

Tablet taking


Medication, how do you like to take it, do you prefer tablets or medicine?

If you are taking a heap of tablets such as between 10-20 tablets at a time do you like to take them one at a time or do you split them up into 3 or 4 at a time, or maybe you just split the amount in half or do you take all of them in one go.

Last week my sister Sandra was giving her daughter Temika a small 10mg phenergan tablet well poor Temika drank three glasses of water trying to get the tablet to go down and after each drink Sandy would say is it gone and Temika would poke her tongue out and the tablet was still there. After the third glass of water Sandy cracked up and said “that’s ok Jo” Temika replied “I’m not Aunty Jo” Sandy told her I know sweetheart but when Aunty Jo was little like you she was unable to swallow a little blue tablet either and just like has happened to you the tablet would dissolve on her tongue.

This is true I was unable to swallow tablets for many years I was in my late teens when I was able to swallow tablets without much drama, nowadays, however, I can throw back 15-20 tablets and swallow them in one go.


I have said jokingly that if I was to want to overdose on tablets I would be able to do it pretty easy as I have no trouble swallowing a heap of tablets and lets be honest here if I had a bottle of sleeping tablets and wanted to overdose on them I would just take the whole lot in one go. Don’t worry I have no interest in doing that, I also don’t take sleeping pills in fact my doctor wouldn’t give them to me even if I asked.

Leo takes his medication by us dissolving the tablet in a small amount of water, he is good at taking his medication thankfully.

Tim takes only 4 tablets a night and has to take them one by one, damn I would just take the whole lot in one go, I take a total of 20 tablets at night a mixture of prescribed medication and vitamin tablets and I take 10 at a time, I could take them all in one go but don’t like to take a few of the tablets too early as they make me very sleepy. Thankfully I only take between 8-10 tablets of a morning and I take all them in one go.

Oskar Schindler

oskar schindler

Many of us have seen or heard of the movie Schindler’s List which was based on the book Schindler’s Ark written by Thomas Keneally who for those who don’t know is an Australian author.

Anyway Oskar Schindler was a real person granted not a good looking as Liam Neeson played him in the movie but a real person none the less. There is a website about the man here:

http://www.oskarschindler.com/ However, I will tell you a little about the man here just because I can.

He was born in 1908 and grew up in Zwittau, Moravia wherever that is, I Goggled it and it is the Czech Republic. In 1936 he joined the Abwehr aka intelligence service of Nazi Germany and in 1939 he joined the Nazi Party. He was an industrialist a spy and in time a man who cared enough to save around 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust.

In 1938 he was arrested for espionage by the Czech government but was released under the terms of the Munich Agreement, although he continued to collect information for the Nazis in Poland in 1939.

Gas Chambers

It was in 1939 that he obtained an enamelware factory in Poland which employed around 1,750 workers about a thousand of those were Jews, his Abwehr connections helped him protect his Jewish workers from deportation and death in the Nazi concentration camps.

He started out wanting to make money this was his main goal but in later years he became more interested in shielding his workers without regard for the cost involved. As time went on he had to give Nazi officials larger and larger bribes and luxury gifts obtained on the black market to keep his workers safe.

His factories were located in occupied Poland and the Czech Republic by 1944 Germany was losing the war and the SS began closing down the easternmost concentration camps and evacuating the remaining prisoners westward. Schindler convinced SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Amon Goth commandant of the nearby Krakow-Plaszow concentration camp, to allow him to move his factory to Brunnlitz, thus sparing his workers from certain death in the gas chambers.

Corpses stacked outside the Mauthausen barracks

Using names provided by Jewish Ghetto Police officer Marcel Goldberg, Göth’s secretary Mietek Pemper compiled and typed the list of 1,200 Jews who travelled to Brünnlitz in October 1944. Schindler continued to bribe SS officials to prevent the execution of his workers until the end of World War II in Europe in May 1945, by which time he had spent his entire fortune on bribes and black-market purchases of supplies for his workers.

On 15 October 1944 a train carrying 700 men on Schindler’s list was initially sent to the concentration camp at Gross-Rosen, where the men spent about a week before being re-routed to the factory in Brünnlitz. Three hundred female Schindlerjuden were similarly sent to Auschwitz, where they were in imminent danger of being sent to the gas chambers. Schindler’s usual connections and bribes failed to obtain their release. Finally after he sent his secretary, Hilde Albrecht, with bribes of black market goods, food and diamonds, the women were sent to Brünnlitz after several harrowing weeks in Auschwitz.


In addition to workers, Schindler moved 250 wagon loads of machinery and raw materials to the new factory. Few if any useful artillery shells were produced at the plant. When officials from the Armaments Ministry questioned the factory’s low output, Schindler bought finished goods on the black market and resold them as his own. The rations provided by the SS were insufficient to meet the needs of the workers, so Schindler spent most of his time in Kraków, obtaining food, armaments, and other materials. His wife Emilie remained in Brünnlitz, surreptitiously obtaining additional rations and caring for the workers’ health and other basic needs. Schindler also arranged for the transfer of as many as 3,000 Jewish women out of Auschwitz to small textiles plants in the Sudetenland in an effort to increase their chances of surviving the war.

In January 1945 a trainload of 250 Jews who had been rejected as workers at a mine in Goleschau in Poland arrived at Brünnlitz. The boxcars were frozen shut when they arrived, and Emilie Schindler waited while an engineer from the factory opened the cars using a soldering iron. Twelve people were dead in the cars, and the remainder were too ill and feeble to work. Emilie took the survivors into the factory and cared for them in a makeshift hospital until the end of the war. Schindler continued to bribe SS officials to prevent the slaughter of his workers as the Red Army approached On 7 May 1945 he and his workers gathered on the factory floor to listen to British Prime Minister, announce on the radio Germany’s surrender.

GAs chambers1

Schindler moved to West Germany after the war, where he was supported by assistance payments from Jewish relief organisations. After receiving a partial reimbursement for his wartime expenses, he moved with his wife to Argentina, where they took up farming. When he went bankrupt in 1958, Schindler left his wife and returned to Germany, where he failed at several business ventures and relied on financial support from Schindlerjuden (“Schindler Jews”) – the people whose lives he had saved during the war. He was named Righteous Among the Nations by the Israeli government in 1963.

He died on 4 October 1974 in Hildesheim, Germany, and was buried in Jerusalem on Mount Zion, the only member of the Nazi party to be honoured in this way.

Sunday at my place


Do you wear an apron?

I do usually on the weekend when I am cooking for the family, I think many people nowadays don’t but I may be wrong about that so I am putting the question out there and we will see what others say.

How about paper on the kitchen sink or bench, on which you place rubbish to be wrapped before thrown in the bin.

I do, I remember my great aunt Joyce use to have paper on the kitchen bench and now I do.

When you peel vegetables do you peel them onto paper, or into the sink or maybe you peel them straight into the bin? I prefer to peel them onto paper or into the bin my mum likes to peel them in the sink under running water that I find annoying.

The girls were here early and as such we had an early lunch more like brunch, this was because I said tell me when to cook lunch and they said now please so I did, now I wonder how much longer they will stay here, not that I am bothered by them being here, although if I knew they would be here so early I wouldn’t have had breakfast oh well I will not eat again till late this afternoon.

Now they are having an argument about parenting styles and giving me a headache., trying to change the topic didn’t help. Now though they are all leaving and I will have a quiet house and it is only 12.15pm.

Hey Hey it’s Saturday


Hey Hey it’s Saturday, now I am starting this at 7.40am and will write about my day during the day and let’s see how we go, first thing I just took my morning tablets and for some reason they wouldn’t go down and I had to spit them out now I have a terrible taste in my mouth. So I have popped in a fresh mint to get rid of the taste. I am busy reading blogs as I do each morning, well I try to spend a couple of hours reading blogs of a morning, some days of course I don’t have the time.

Just had to go down and bank some Avon money and pick Tim up some money bags, he has only been asking me to get them for a month.

I don’t have much planned for the day, Kathy just rang and said she would be over this afternoon to talk to her dad about something.

I spent a bit of time researching my grandfathers RAAF service recorded during WW11took a while but found something, he was a leading aircraftman and enlisted by lying about his age which on one site has it listed as the 4th October 1924 but on another it says 10 April 1924, this is the one we all know he used so not sure where the 4th October date came from.

Anyway it is now 3.20pm I just had a lay down for about an hour, didn’t sleep just laid in a dark room but when I heard Tim’s motorbike I got up and decided to finish this off and post it, not much happened today but that is ok we all need nice quiet nothing happening days don’t we. Tomorrow the girls and grandchildren will be here for lunch I have already taken the steak out of the freezer, yeah I am doing steak and veggies for lunch.

Five things Friday

pink and blue

Well here we at Friday, some weeks seem to go by pretty fast, well here are this weeks five things for Friday

Coolish to quiet warm and back to cool and wet

When one chemist doesn’t want to sell you what you want go somewhere else and lie

Going grey, no more dying my hair


Cold feet