A week of life

Up at 6am again, had a shower after Tim & Leo left for the toy bike run. It was overcast and wet when they left.

I am still sore and have a lot of pain.

Kelli called into to ask me where she can get a replacement for Freya’s Christmas decoration. I told her I will have it by Friday.

Mum said she will ask Sue if she can pick up the bath board for me from Alan.

Tim said Leo had a fantastic time on the toy bike run.

I woke at I was laying down so I just laid there for about halfa then I dealt with the pain and got up.

Jessica took me Kmart at Glendale and afterwards bought me lunch from Henny Penny, I got a fillet burger but it wasn’t that nice, I ate ½ of it.

Awake at 6am again, up and dressed as per usual, was saying to mum last night how getting dressed first thing of a morning makes me feel ready for the day. Staying in my night time clothes is just not me, it also wasn’t dad he used to get up and dressed pretty much every day of his life.

It was a cool start to the day but by lunch time I had to turn the air con on.

Leo is here tonight.

I woke at 5.45 but laid in bed till 6am it is a cool start to the day but should heat up.

Turned on the air con around midday due to the heat.

Had to have a shower at 2.20pm as I had an accident when going to the toilet.

Jessica took Leo over to Whitebridge for a tour, she said he didn’t like how big it is. He has to go back next week on Monday & Tuesday.

I was up at 6.30 am, although I was awake at 6ish..

Mum rang at 8am to let me know she has been pretty sick. Hearing that mum is sick makes me nervous.

Natasha has been run of her feet today.

Did even more Christmas card, so far I have done 62 cards and still more to do.

Natasha bought Blain’s Birthday/Christmas present and she is storing it at Jessica’s place.

Awake at 5.45am and up minutes later.

I dressed myself and applied my own make up, although Tasha didn’t think it looked good so she “fixed” it,

Jessica didn’t go shopping with me as she doesn’t like the crowds. I understand how she feels but I really missed her.

Been another stinking hot day.

At 5pm Blain walked in he didn’t go to his dad’s because both Jono & Kelli are pretty sick. Tasha was annoyed they didn’t give her enough notice.

Awake at 5.45am and up minutes later.

I dressed myself and applied my own make up, although Tasha didn’t think it looked good so she “fixed” it,

Jessica didn’t go shopping with me as she doesn’t like the crowds. I understand how she feels but I really missed her.

Been another stinking hot day.

At 5pm Blain walked in he didn’t go to his dad’s because both Jono & Kelli are pretty sick. Tasha was annoyed they didn’t give her enough notice.

Awake and up by 6am again I was surprised when Tim walked out a few minutes later.

Around 9ish Tim went out and he arrived home around 10ish with Leo. At 10.30 I had to go for a lay down for an hour. While I was laying down Kathy arrived with the shopping.

Kathy was here till 1pm and Jess also turned up at around midday and left for work at 1.30.

Leo is here for the night.

Tim went and helped Tasha fit the new air con in Blain’s bedroom.

At around 7.30 Tim was outside hosing the car down when one of our neighbours came out and took photos of him and went on about the water restrictions. Tim said because it was after 4pm and the car was on the lawn he was allowed to do it. I am not so sure.

Oh My Knees

Up at 6am and straight into the bath, it was raining when I got up.

At around midday Tim arrived home there was an issue at work, he was stand by at a train station with two other drivers who left for some unknown reason, they went back to their depot. Anyway Tim had to do a run which he did following his run sheet, however, he didn’t go to a certain station as he didn’t know he had to it wasn’t on the run sheet. So his supervisor rang him and told him to pack up and go home.

Around 2pm I started to feel unwell so went for a lay down but when I got up around 3.30 I felt worse.

Woke at 6am slept through the night and felt much better when I got up. Nice and cool this morning.

No aqua today as Natasha has a 8.15 dental appointment to have two teeth removed.

Found out that Natasha didn’t go to the dentist because her teeth are no longer hurting, silly girl.

Jessica drove me to Officeworks and helped me find what I needed.

We then bought Macca’s for breakfast and brought it home to eat, before going to get bunny food, we dropped it off at her place and I picked up her work clothes to wash.

Up at 6am again, first thing I did was have a bath, I had to get Tasha to come and help me get dressed.

Tim doing a split shift so he was home at 9.20 he then took me to have my blood test done.

We took the Pepsi back to Coles, when I did I was told that you cannot return items I had to ring customer care and get a credit, thankfully she did take them back and I was able to get the Pepsi Max.

It has been a stinking hot day I have had the air con on since 11am, this afternoon it has been raining. Thankfully Tim took the car.

Leo is here tonight.

I was up at 6.15am this morning, Tim was just leaving for work, he woke Leo before he left.

Had some frustration with the printer not printing but it started again after a while.

This afternoon while in the kitchen I suddenly started to pee, no warning just started and by the time I got to the bathroom I had well and truly wet myself. I rang Tasha who came and helped me clean myself up.

Mum told me that Sandy is going to pay for her cleaner. I will pay the arrears on Friday.

Up at 5.50am and had a bath first up. I am going to Glendale Tasha will drop me off and Jess will meet me there.

I couldn’t go shopping as Leo was too sick for school, Tasha had to go and get him and bring him here.

Leo has been sick all day and is here for the night.

I was up at 6.20 Leo was asleep next to me because of how sick he was last night we allowed him to sleep with me and Papa slept on his lounge chair.

This morning Leo said he felt fine and was going to school. Thankfully I had a spare pair of shoes for him to wear.

It has been another stinking hot day had the air con on for most of the day.

I had a sleep in this morning getting up at 7am.

Kathy brought over the shopping but couldn’t stay to help be get clothes off the line or unpack the dishwasher. Why do I bother asking.

Tim & I went to Warners Bay Plaza so I could go to Hot Bargain & the chemist. While I was getting stuff into the car I took a step back and lost my balance and feel over heavily hurting my left knee and right foot.

Had to be picked up by a couple of strong men.

I am in a lot of pain, I had a one hour lay down then I spoke to mum for a bit over and hour.

Really all I want to do is go back to bed.

Aussie Facts

Hello everyone, as most everyone knows I am Australian so I am going to make Monday’s Aussie facts day……………

90% of Australians live on the coast

Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest eco-system in the world

Australia has over 60 separate wine regions

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world.

Another Week Done

Up at 6am again, Tim got up at 7.25 complaining he was late when I checked the roster it said he started at 7.45, so yeah he was running late.

Been another hot day, I am dripping in sweat.

Spent ages doing Chrisco orders but I will need to ring them tomorrow as the headstart didn’t roll over.

Jess dropped off her work clothes this afternoon.

Another early start to the day up at 6am again although I was awake at 5am when Tim got up.

I went to aqua before I went to the doctors for a care plan review. Tim drove me to the doctors.

While at Mount Hutton I went to Millers for mum.

I have lost 16.5kilos in 4 months according to the doctor, although according to my scales I have lost 19 kilos.

Mum didn’t ring me so at 5pm I rang her, she was upset because David hid Dawson’s ipad and Mum & Dawson couldn’t find it, it was in Sue’s room under a pillow. He hid it because Dawson ate what David considered his biscuits. Mum said she felt that Dave & Sandy were acting like children.

Awake and up at 5.30am just before Tim, it is suppose to be another hot day.

Had the air con on from 10am.

Jess took forms back to Whitebridge High.

Mum & Dad’s wedding anniversary.

Leo here tonight.

Up at 5.50am this morning Leo was already awake.

Chrisco came at 9am for all of us, Natasha came and collected hers and stored some things in my freezer.

I had a lay down but I didn’t sleep.

Mum said she has felt sad all day, I said it may be because yesterday was her wedding anniversary, she said that could be the reason.

I woke at 1am feeling sick in the gut and I ended up throwing up.

I dragged myself out of bed at 6.30am I managed to get dressed. However, I still not feeling good.

Had a moment when Tasha had to come down and make me some toast with honey.

Had a bath and had to call Tasha and get her help get dressed.

Leo is here tonight of course.

Up at 5.45am this morning, it is nice getting up so early.

Going to be another hot day temps in the 30’s.

I turned the air con in the kitchen on before I left home, when I got home I found the air cons in the bedrooms were on. I think Blain turned them on.

I am fed up with my right arm and body shaking so bloody much. This afternoon I am just over it.

Awake at 5.45am up at 6am and by 6.15 I was dressed for the day and dripping in sweat but it is not hot it is lovely and there is a slight breeze.

I thought the running hot and cold was over but I was wrong during the last month it has returned.

Tim went and bought us all Macca’s for breakfast.

Kathy and the girls came over with shopping and while here Summer helped me put up some Christmas decorations.

Tim drove Leo home this afternoon.

Well I guess it is time to post this

Another year older another week done

Again I was up at 6am, becoming the norm.

When Kelli dropped off Blain she took Leo home to his mum’s.

Kathy-Lee and her girls came over and did some housework for me. She washed the kitchen floor which was very dirty and she made a comment about it. She also partly washed the bathroom floor.

Sydney-May & Summer took turns vacuumed the lounge and hall way.

Kathy also ironed her dad’s work shirts.

I had a low BGL moment this afternoon when I was on the phone to mum, Blain came when I sent him a text. Tasha was out when I texted her but she came down when she got home. I made some toast after Blain gave me some honey.

While I wasn’t good I went to sit on Tim’s chair but slide off onto the floor.

This morning I slept in to 7.30am what the hell is with that.

Tim drove me to the podiatrist who cut my toenails.

He is on afternoons this week.

Tasha is in a great deal of pain, it looks like she has an abscess so she rang the after hours GP. They prescribed antibiotics and she sees the dentist tomorrow.

This morning I was up at 5.40am, the first thing I did was check to see if Leo’s school was open and it was. Sandra rang mum and told her she saw that it was closed, so Tasha rang the school to check.

Leo is here tonight, although Tasha didn’t have to get him from school as Jess did that.

Around 5.30ish Leo and Blain got into a spat which saw Leo grab a weapon a metal stick and he hit Blain with it. I tried to explain that using a weapon is a big NO NO. He didn’t get it.

Leo was crying and saying Blain was a bully and hated him and Blain feels the same.

I felt stuck in the middle as I love all my grandchildren the same but I feel closer to Leo than Blain.

Leo said he wants to ask Papa drive him to school.

I am very upset about the whole thing.

This morning Leo asked Papa to drive him to school as he doesn’t want to go with Tasha. Papa said he would.

Sandra rang and asked if Tim would pay for Dad’s headstone I said I didn’t think so, so she came over and spoke to Tim and he did say he couldn’t that he didn’t have the money.

Kathy rang and let me know that Summer has a virus which has given her a rash.

Been a lot cooler today just had the doors open no need for the air con.

Up at 6am again, going to be a warm day again. I have a headache and feel like shit.

Had to have a nap as I felt so tired, only laid down for an hour.

When Leo went to make his noodles the kettle didn’t work, so I will need a new one.

I was awake at 5am, but managed to lay in bed till 5.30, then I got up and had a bath and I also put Tim’s work clothes on to wash. I was able to hang it out before I went shopping.

It has been another hot day here, I turned the air con when Tim left for work.

Speaking to Mum this afternoon and she told me about her & Dad’s first date.

It was on the 4th July 1958 Dad asked her to the movies and he rang his Aunty Joyce and asked her if she could bring him a clean pair of trousers and she did. Side note, Aunty Joyce never drove and had to catch a bus into Newcastle and another one back to Walllsend a distance of 12k’s as the crow flies. Aunty Joyce didn’t think Mum was good enough for Dad.

It was Mum who took care of Aunty Joyce in her old age.

Tasha had wanted to take our car to drop Blain off because of the heat but she didn’t because Tim carried on about it.

Jess asked him why he is suddenly so possessive with the car, he said he didn’t know. He did go on a bit about it being his car and he should be able to use it when he wants, no one disagrees but the way he carries on annoys me.

It should be our car not his.

I woke at 4.30 to go to the loo and wasn’t able to get back to sleep so I got up at 6am again.

While alone I got the clothes off the line and checked my emails

Tim gave me a $60 gift card from Kmart.

Jessica & Leo gave me new clothes.

Natasha & Blain gave me a new watch.

Kathy & Family gave me new clothes & earrings.

Had Kathy, Summer, Jessica & Leo her for lunch Tim bought pizza.

After lunch Kathy filled out the forms for Whitebridge High, the way her and Jess acted had me laughing.

I did have a little cry missing Dad.

Been another bloody hotish day.

Spent some time updating my address file and printed them ready to do my Christmas cards.

As I am no longer able hand-write stuff I have to print the to and from parts and paste them in the card.