Father’s Day is coming and I am feeling better

Hello blogland, here I am at last doing a post this week still not 100% but getting there, managed to drag my body out of bed at 4.30am and do 61 minutes of exercise before Leo wanted my attention in the kitchen so I packed it in.

Yesterday I managed to write 6 letters to penpals and have a 7th half written which I hope to finish today.

It’s the Father’s Day stall at Leo’s school today so found $10 for him to take to get something for whoever he wants to buy for, usually he buys for his mum or papa or Jono who he calls “dad” but he knows Jono isn’t his dad he is Blain’s dad but in many way is a father figure to Leo.

Father’s Day Tim and I are going over to my parents place for lunch, be it an early lunch this year as my brother and his family are going to the footy so he wants an early lunch. We are having fish and chips because it is cheaper then KFC which cost us $100 on Mother’s Day, fish & chips should cost us around $40-50, yeah even fish & chips costs a pretty penny when there are a lot of people.

Asked Tim last night for $60 to get his Father’s Day present from me, he wanted to know what I was getting that cost so much, wouldn’t tell him all I would say is I saw something I thought he would like and wanted money to get it.

A few years back Tim was complaining one Father’s Day that I hadn’t got him much and my mum said to him well how much did you give her to get you a present his answer nothing, so mum said if you don’t give her money how is she suppose to get you something unless you give her money to buy something. At times he forgets that I have no money of my own, all I have is what he gives me.


Five things Friday/aches and pains

Hello Friday, well it is after midday so the day is half over and before I know it I have to go and get Leo from school.

I bought myself a chicken fillet burger and chips from KFC, I am glad Tim was at work so I didn’t have to listen to him go on about me having it.

Well here is this weeks five things for Friday…………………….

It’s bloody cold today

Arthritis in both knees

Ankle healing at last

Sore feet

Aching back

This is me

I was told last night that I have let myself go because of how big I am. If it was easy to stop eating and if I could walk I would do so but these things are easier said then done, just because you don’t see me trying doesn’t mean I am not doing the best I am able to do, feeling bad about how I look doesn’t help when it comes to weight loss because when one is depressed and feel that nothing they do works one feels why am I bothering but still I try and still I get up and spend 60-70 minutes each morning exercising does anyone thing I want to be a short fat woman who struggles to do things.

Do you think I like all the muscle strain and pain and not being able to move my legs and arms without pain. I may be big but I am trying to like who I am and learn to deal with it while still trying to lose weight and be slimmer. I try to dress nicely…………….Being told you have let yourself go doesn’t help and people cannot tell me what to do that will help, because what I am doing isn’t working so I have no bloody idea what else to do.

This is me, this is who I am at this stage in my life, I am still the same person just in a bigger package, telling me I look fat doesn’t help, try telling me I look nice and help me feel loved and needed and not like a failure. Because I often feel like I am a failure, in case you didn’t know………………

My weekend

Hi all it is a cold Monday here in Newie, I got up at 4.30am and did 70 minutes of exercise and have taken Leo to school come home had food and now write this. I read around 40 blogs this morning and now I am here writing this morning dribble.

Yesterday we had Leo during the day while Jessica studied and worked on assignments for Tafe, Tim and I went over to my parents with Leo of course and I hung some photos on the walls for mum and Tim did stuff with the van before we came home. Then Tim took Leo for a motorbike ride which made Leo really happy he loves going for a bike ride with papa.

Last night Tim cut my hair for me so it is nice and short again I am happy with it, I prefer short hair, last week Tim also cut his hair again so he has short hair also.

The last couple of weekends I have skipped exercising as by Friday afternoon my ankle and calf is so very sore so I wanted to rest it over the weekend.

I have the heater on this morning as it is just so cold here.

Actions match words or not

Do your actions match your words?

Saw this question on some blogs last week and thought I can use that as a post, so here is that post…………….

Do my actions match my words, yes I think generally speaking they do, not always of course because like most people I will say I am ok, nothing is wrong but my actions such as slamming cupboards, snapping at people have a look on my face that shows all is not ok and something is wrong. I have been pissed off………….

As the old saying goes actions speak louder the words and that is so true, I know people who say things like I will be there for you but when you do need them they are too busy to help. They say I love to spend time with you but never have the time to spend with you.

So many people say one thing but really mean something else and it is their actions that show us that they don’t mean what they have said.

A Wednesday Post it’s been 40 years

Hello Wednesday afternoon, been a warmish day, I did bugga all other than taking Leo to school and picking him up from school this afternoon, for the second time this week he had me drive a friend home but first they went to the take away shop to get food before I dropped the other boy home and Leo and I came home.

Leo has been spending a lot of time playing out the back yard with toys and stuff but doesn’t get why I will not let him play out the front after dark but not going to happen once it gets dark I prefer him to be either inside or at least out the back.

I am still getting bad headaches and if I take strong pain relief it makes me tired and all I want to do is sleep but I don’t have the time during the day to have a nap, well I do but I don’t like to unless Tim is here I am worried I will oversleep and be late getting Leo from school. Although some days I close my eyes while I am waiting for him to get out.

On the plus side my leg is much better and for the most part I am walking normally without pain or a limp, so that is good. I am hoping on Friday I will not need the wheelchair while out shopping.

It has been 40 years since the King of Rock & Roll died aka Elvis damn the time has flown, I remember as a teenager watching his movies on a weekend and listening to his music, yes I was a fan.

Indestructible Things

Ok here we are at another indestructible things post, today I am writing about the Giant Silkworm Moth Caterpillar, when you think of an assassin I bet you don’t think of a caterpillar. How can a small wriggling, plant munching caterpillar really kill you but yes this one can, what the hell……………

This caterpillar has a deadly way of defending itself, it has incredibly long sharp spikes all over it, so you can’t get close to the caterpillars soft body without the needles getting you first. If you touch them even accidentally they break off and pump deadly venom into the skin, while the caterpillar makes its escape.

The venom stops blood from clotting, causing bruising and bleeding, out of every 100 people who touch the spines 2 or 3 die from the venom. Although strangling the caterpillars deadly effects have only been reported since the 1980’s, since then it has killed hundreds of people.

MRI Results

Hello everyone, didn’t do a post yesterday as I was feeling terrible with pains in the tummy and a touch of the runs and just not myself. After I spoke to mum last night I went to bed and this morning I woke feeling like myself so all good.

Went to the doctors this morning and the MRI showed no signs of MS which will put Kathy’s worry to rest. However, there is signs of borderline ventriculomegaly, yeah something I have never heard of. Dr Google tells me this about it:

Ventriculomegaly is a brain condition that occurs when the lateral ventricles become dilated. In fetuses, the most common definition uses a width of the atrium of the lateral ventricle of greater than 10mm. When the measurement is greater than 15mm, the ventriculomegaly may be classified as more severe. Enlargement of the ventricles may occur for a number of reasons, such as loss of brain volume (perhaps due to infection or infarction), or impaired outflow or absorption of cerebrospinal fluid from the ventricles. Often, however, there is no identifiable cause. The interventricular foramen may be congenitally malformed, or may have become obstructed by infection,haemorrhage , or rarely tumour, which may impair the drainage of cerebrospinal fluid, and thus accumulation in the ventricles.

Does that help, no, didn’t help me either……………..

Anyway I have to back and see the neurologist, referral has been sent off now I just have to wait for an appointment. I got the impression it isn’t anything to worry about at this stage but it may explain why I get so many headaches.

My Monday

Hello here we are at the end of another Monday and the start of another week, it has been a busy day for me. I was up at 4.30am did my workout with the “Healing Yoga” program followed by 1hr and 10 mins with the Wii Fit.

Then Leo arrived and I took him to school before going to have blood taken, then I came home met Kathy & Summer and we all went to my Dr’s appointment then I came home for a bit before going to get Leo from school to take him to see his paediatrician.

Now he didn’t want to go and see her, told me so this morning when I mentioned to him that he had the appointment and when I go to get him out of class he said he didn’t want to go but I was able to get him to agree without much drama.

He has had his medication upped a bit and will have to go back in a few months again.

On the way home I asked him if he wanted Maccas for tea as a reward for his good behaviour even though he didn’t want to go to the doctors, of course they stuffed up the order and I didn’t realise till after we got home. Leo was good saying to me that I didn’t have to go back he could live without fries, so I rang them and they said they will send me out a voucher, if I don’t get it by Friday I will be going back and complaining in person.

Now I am going to go get changed into my jammies

Oh yeah dad went home this afternoon from the hospital, Dave went and picked him up.