This weeks random thoughts

Well it is Monday and I am starting another week of random thoughts………………………….

298 emails to sort through to my hotmail email account, this is what happens when I don’t check them between Friday and Monday……………….

Only 26 emails in my gmail account……………..

Waking up tired and not having any motivation to do anything………….

Still dragging my tired body to the aqua class………………………….

Leo’s school yearly show, they do one a year like many schools, but it is a long day/night for the kids and this nanna as well……………..

Barely able to drag my body out of bed the next day but I did and of course I will go to my aqua class again but didn’t do other exercisers due to feeling more asleep then awake this morning but Leo was up so I got up…………

Monday I was in so much pain I could barely move, Tuesday I get injection into the knee, Wednesday I have hardly any pain at all………………….

Damn some people piss me off, complaining about things I have no control over…………………

Car insurance payments being reduce, that is a good thing, I guess………………………..

Friday saw me in pain again with my leg/knee and feeling unwell around 5pm, so unwell I went to bed early at 5.30pm, Saturday (today) I am feeling much better and the pain in my leg is only so so.


I have little pain and it feels good

Hello Thursday, a lovely day here today, I went to find clothes this morning being that it is warm day I wanted shorts or ¾ pants and found that I only have one pair of ¾ pants and only two pairs of good shorts not what I call everyday shorts so I going to have to buy more before the hot weather arrives day in and day out.

Had the cortisone injection into my right knee on Tuesday morning and it has made a big difference to my pain and ability to move, cortisone injections can offer fast-acting relief of inflamed muscles, joints, tendons and bursa.

Cortisone is corticosteroids which is also called steroids and is used to treat inflammation, when injected into or around a painful area such has a joint or muscle they can reduce the in the area, this then relives the pain and reduces tissues swelling thus improving function and mobility. Depending on the condition they can offer relief for several weeks up to a few months. I am hoping to get a few months of relief.

Corticosteroids mimic natural hormones produced by the body — specifically by the adrenal glands, which sit atop the kidneys. Corticosteroids should not be confused with male and the steroid hormones, which are sometimes misused by athletes and body builders.

Steroid injections can effectively treat the joint inflammation that is seen in people with rheumatoid arthritis. They can also be used to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis the most common form of arthritis and gout.

The injection can be done by your GP in his office but are often done at a Xray place with the aid of either a CT scan or and ultrasound, mine was done with the aid of a CT scan.

Indestructible Things Desert Ant


Ok here I am on Tuesday morning doing a post about the Sahara Desert Ant, heard of this ant, nope me neither but it is one indestructible creature. You can find this ant in the Sahara Desert which is one of the hottest places in the world.

Most desert animals stay in their burrows during the day and come out at night when it’s cooler, not desert ants. They wait until it’s stinking bloody hot then dash out of their nests to look for food, which is less tough insects that have been frazzled to death in the heat.

These ants can really survive, their bodies reach more then 50°c or 122°f and can run over sand as hot as 70°c or 158°f bloody hell.

Because of how hot the desert sand is they natural run across the sand and can move pretty damn fast. Desert ants have long skinny legs to lift them up of the sizzling ground and they zip around at a high speed. Every few seconds each ant checks the position of the Sun, so they can remember the way back to the nest. As soon as it finds a meal it grabs it and runs back to the nest..

Random Thoughts No: 1

Here are this weeks first random thoughts and things, I will be doing this type of post most weeks.

Ever had a moment when you are trying to cut a sandwich in half and are finding it difficult and then you realise you have the knife upside down and felt like a dill………………….

Some days I eat too much…………………..

Mostly I am happy…………………..

Taking your shirt and singlet off in pubic because you’re stating to feel warm and no longer want the singlet on…………..

Seems even 28% of Muslims find women in a full burqa makes them feel uncomfortable……………..

Seems that the 2017 flu is the worst on record here in Australia………………………………

I write a lot of letters………………………….

This is the warmest August we have had in years……………………………….

But still there are some bloody cold days and nights……………………………..

I like banana and choc chip bread, thinly sliced and toasted under the grill……………………….

Been a few days I am not quite right

Haven’t posted here since Friday because I don’t do much over the weekend on the computer and the last couple of days haven’t felt like doing much, Monday felt busy with my morning exercises followed by taking Leo to school then off to my aqua class.

When I got home Jessica and Kelli were here with Blain who was laying in Leo’s bed, he was sent home sick from school. Kelli hung around so she could talk to Natasha about him being “sick” like me she thought it was an act, every Monday for the last 5 or 6 weeks he is “sick” he tried to say that it is the drive from Cessnock to Warners Bay causes him to be sick but if that was the case he would also get sick on the drive from Warners Bay to Cessnock on Friday afternoon. When she got here Natasha stormed into the house and down the hall saying “are you really sick” “this is beyond a joke” every bloody week you pull this shit.

Then just as Jessica and Kelli were leaving Jessica received a phone call from the school about Leo, another student had pushed him and got in his face so Leo shoved the kid back and he Leo is getting a suspension warning, how unfair, he was defending himself and gets into trouble the teachers say he should have walked away and found a teacher but really not that simple.

Speaking of Jessica on Saturday night she had me have Leo while she went to see Kelli and hang out for a while and what happened she broke down on the freeway, cost her $400 to join the NRMA and get the car towed to her mechanics and at this stage she doesn’t know how much it is going to cost to fix, looks like a large water leak at the back of the engine. So at the moment she is without a car and getting a lift to and from Tafe with a friend from Tafe.

This morning I woke up at 5.55am and thought what the hell, I have no memory of the alarm going off at 4.30am but it must have. I didn’t do an exercises this morning just didn’t feel like it.

I don’t feel sick but I also don’t feel great just not really right and yes I know many may think that I am never quite right, I get that, it is kinda hard to explain how I am feeling just not 100% me.

Going to be another very warm to hot day here in Newie with temp of 30°c again and no we are not in Summer yet that is still a few months away for us Aussies.

Another Five things Friday

Here we are at Friday yet again, some weeks Friday seem to come around pretty fast, well this Friday it is a nice warmish day.

Here are this Friday’s five things for Friday……………………….

First week of aqua aerobics done

Leo loves to scare his nanna

Sometimes I am not scared I just fake it

Leo has a big rip in his school pants at the knee, he doesn’t care, most of his pants are torn at the knee, just one knee

Telling the boy over and over to do stuff, is frustrating, but he is just a normal child, all children need to be told over and over to do stuff.

Indestructible Things/Ironclad Beetle

Here we are at this weeks indestructible things post, today I am going to tell you about the Ironclad Beetle, now all insects have an exoskeleton, a tough skin or shell on the outside of their, instead of bones on the inside. But still, most of them are easily squashed but not the ironclad beetle, it has one of the toughest hardest exoskeletons of any insect.

Museums keep dead insects pinned to special trays as a record of all the different species but it’s almost impossible to bin the ironclad beetle. Instead they have to make a hole through it with a drill.

There are reports of ironclad beetles being trodden on, trapped in doors and even run over by cars, then getting up and walking away without a care in the world. Of course, if you ever meet one, please don’t attempt to squash it just to see what happens.

Because their tough shells are so thick and heavy ironclad beetles move slow and can’t fly at allA.