Have you heard of: Percy Spencer

Percy Spencer

Well here I am on Wednesday afternoon, it is a cool and overcast afternoon, feels like it is going to rain again. It rained this morning when I dropped Leo off at school and went to my aqua class but it fined up b around 10am.

This week I am asking if you have heard of Percy Spencer, if not you are not alone as I haven’t heard of him till I Googled who invented the microwave oven.

His invention was an accident, that I had heard before, worked for a company named Raytheon, developing microwave radar transmitters during World War II. When one day in 1945, he noticed that a candy bar he had in his pocket was starting to melt. He was not the first to notice this phenomenon, but he was the first to investigate it.

He decided to experiment using food, including popping corn kernels, which became the world’s first microwaved popcorn. In another experiment, an egg was placed in a tea kettle, and the magnetron was placed directly above it. The result was the egg exploding in the face of one of his co-workers, who was looking in the kettle to observe.

Spencer then created the first true microwave oven by attaching a high density electromagnetic field generator to an enclosed metal box. The magnetron emitted microwaves into the metal box blocking any escape, allowing for controlled and safe experimentation. He then placed various food items in the box, while observing effects and monitoring temperatures.

The first commercially produced microwave oven was about 6 feet tall, weighed about 750 lbs, and cost about $5,000 US.

After the war he used radar technology developed during the war to invent the microwave oven, it was named the “Radarange” and was first sold in 1946, the company Raytheon later licensed its patents for a home-use microwave oven that was first introduced in 1955, but these units were still too large and expensive for general home use. The bench top microwave oven was first introduced in 1967, and their use has spread into commercial and residential kitchens around the world. In addition to their use in cooking food, types of microwave ovens are used for heating in many industrial processes.

He was born in Maine 18 months later, Spencer’s father died, and his mother soon left him in the care of his aunt and uncle. His uncle then died when Spencer was just seven years old. Spencer subsequently left school to earn money to support himself and his aunt. From the ages of twelve to sixteen, he worked from sunrise to sunset at a spool mill. At 16 he discovered that a local paper mill was soon to begin using electricity, a concept little known in his rural home region, and he accordingly began learning as much as possible about the phenomenon.

So when he applied to work at the mill, he was one of three people hired to install electricity in the plant, despite never having received any formal training or even finishing


At the age of 18, Spencer decided to join the U S Navy, he had become interested in wireless communications, while in the navy, he made himself an expert on radio technology: “I just got hold of a lot of textbooks and taught myself while I was standing watch at night.” he is reported to have said, he then taught himself trigonometry, calculus. Chemistry. Physics and metallurgy among other subjects.

By 1939 Spencer became one of the world’s leading experts in radar tube design.

For his invention, Spencer received no royalties, but he was paid a one-time $2.00 gratuity from Raytheon, the same token payment the company made to all inventors on its payroll at that time for company patents.


Deadly creatures

box jellyfish

I decided to change Tuesday’s post from indestructible creatures to deadly creatures kicking off with the Box Jellyfish. It’s scientific name is,Chironex fleckeri

They are called box jellyfish because their bell at the top of the jellyfish it has four corners, as well as clusters of trailing, stinging tentacles that can stretch more than two metres (6.4 feet). Wow that is long.

Human encounters occur most often when the box jellyfish comes close to shore to breed in estuaries. “That type of water is muddy, so you can’t always see them and they can’t see you,” he added. If you’re in the murky water and brush against one, you can easily be stung.

While box jellyfish are found in warm coastal waters around the world, the lethal varieties are found primarily in the Indo-Pacific region and northern Australia. This includes the Australian box jellyfish, which is considered the most venomous marine animal.

A box jellyfish sting can be unbelievably painful,the venom is designed to paralyse fish, so it immobilises your nerves and affects breathing and movement. A large dose can cause cardiac arrest and death within minutes.

In North Queensland the big box jellyfish are the most common jellyfish seen during ‘stinger season’. It is so venomous it will kill you within two minutes if you receive two metres or more tentacle contact. If a tentacle touches the skin it results in a very painful sting.

So how do you treat a sting, rinse the area with vinegar, carefully pluck visible tentacles with fine tweezers and soak the skin in hot water, use water that’s 43-45c or 110-113f

An ‘immortal’ jellyfish is swarming through the world’s oceans, according to scientists. This jellyfish is able to revert back to a juvenile form once it mates after becoming sexually mature. Marine biologists say the jellyfish numbers are rocketing because they need not die.

Did you know No: 17


Hello Monday and world it is another nice day here in Newie, not too hot nor too cold, went to my aqua class now I am home for a while till the time comes to go get Leo from school. Anyway Monday means it is did you know day, so here are this weeks facts.

When inventor James Hetherington first wore his new invention, the top hat in London in 1797, it caused quite a stir, so much that he was immediately arrested and thrown in jail because he appeared on the public highway wearing upon his head a tall structure of shining lustre and calculated to disturb timid people.

In the 15th century a man was given the title “official uncorker of bottles” by Queen Elizabeth1. A law was passed that stated all bottles found washed up on beaches had to be opened by this man and no one else, in case they contained sensitive military messages. The penalty for anone else opening a bottle was death.

Crocodiles are completely colour blind, how do people know that

A cat has 32 muscles in each ear

Forest fires move faster uphill than downhill

Photo Thursday

Hello everyone, here we at this lovely Thursday, didn’t do a post yesterday, why you wonder, well I went to my aqua class as usual but I was that tired that at one stage I nearly fell over that said I stuck it out.

After the class I came home and got changed before going and getting fuel for the car and then down to the shops to get a loaf of bread and more crumpets.

Around 1.50pm Jessica rang me to tell me that she didn’t have an afternoon run as all the children she drives got sent home sick, so she was able to get Leo from school, if I could have I would have done a happy dance.

All that said, it is not the reason for no post yesterday, the reason is, I forgot, simple as that…………..

So anyway today is Thursday and that means it is photo day so here is this weeks photo

Tim and Jess

A bad start to the day

33076851_10156375653051873_5157820616539111424_n (1)

Hello everyone, what a start to the day, driving Leo to school this morning I misjudge distance and hit something and did this damage to the car. Leo was worried that papa (Tim) would go mad at me and kept telling me it was just an accident and the car can be fixed and not to get upset about it. I took photos and sent them to Tim, who said he is worried about my driving as in 18 months I have had three incidents of misjudgement and yes at times I am also concerned but overall there is not much wrong with my driving.


Tim is now home and checking out the car and the dashcam to see what happened but at least he isn’t angry and has taken the rest of the day off work, I am still upset.

Did you know No:16


Well I hope everyone is having or had a good weekend as I can say I did. This morning I went to my aqua aerobics and then to the shops to get another packet of Golden Crumpets has to be Golden Crumpets no other brand are as nice, just saying.

Anyway here is this weeks did you know facts.


During WW11 it cost the Allies about £150,000 to kill each enemy soldier

Around 75% of people who play the radio or other music in the car sing along to the music.

A stack of £1 notes stacked one mile high would be worth about £14 million

All the people on earth weigh about 420 million tons

There are around 25,000 people in the world age at least 100 years old

Photo Thursday


Hello everyone this Thursday, it is a cool day here after I dropped Leo of at school I had a doctors appointment just to get some scripts now I am home with nothing else to do till I have to go and get Leo from school this afternoon.

Being Thursday that means it is photo day and this is here this weeks photo………………………

Have you heard of: Garrett Morgan


How is everyone this Wednesday it is a nice day not to cold but I have a lot of pain in my left ankle today so sitting and doing nothing is on the cards today. Being Wednesday it is have you heard of day so have you heard of: Garrett Morgan?

Garrett Augustus Morgan was an award-winning American inventor and community leader of African-American descent, he was born on the 4th March 1877.

So what did he invent that people might have heard of or use well he invented an early version of a gas mask called a smoke hood but no that isn’t the thing that is used today, that would be the traffic light.

He created the first traffic light that included a third “warning” position which is standard today, he also developed a chemical that was used in hair-straightening products.

He was born in Claysville his parents were former slaves his father being owned by Confederate Colonel John H Morgan of Morgan’s Raiders fame, his mother was also half native American, he had one brother Frank.

He had a sixth-grade education from Branch Elementary School and at age 16 he moved to Cincinnati inn search of employment. He spent most of his teenage years working as a handyman and was lucky enough to hire a tutor and continue his studies while working.

In 1895, he moved to Cleveland, Ohio,where he began repairing sewing machines for a clothing manufacturer. This experience with repairing sewing machines was the impetus for Morgan’s interest in how things work. His first invention, developed during this period, was a belt fastener for sewing machines. Throughout this period of time, before his first patent in 1912, he was slowly building his reputation in Cleveland for his skill at fixing things.

In 1907, Morgan with nearly a decade of experience with sewing machines, finally opened up his own sewing machine and shoe repair shop. In 1908, Morgan became more conscious of his heritage and helped found the Cleveland Association of Coloured Men. In 1909, he and his wife Mary Anne expanded their business ventures by opening a shop called Morgan’s Cut Rate Ladies Clothing Store. The shop had 32 employees, and made coats, suits, dresses, and other clothing. Around 1910 his interest in repairing other people’s inventions waned, and he became interested in developing some of his own.

He was the subject of a newspaper feature, for a heroic rescue in 1916 of workers trapped within a water intake tunnel, 50ft (15m) beneath Lake Erie. He performed his rescue using a hood fashioned to protect his eyes from smoke and featuring a series of air tubes that hung near the ground to draw clean air beneath the rising smoke. This enabled Morgan to lengthen his ability to endure the inhospitable conditions of a smoke-filled room. Morgan is also credited as the first African American in Cleveland to own a car.

The smoke hood was completed circa 1912. He received his patent for it that year as well. The successful invention of the smoke hood precipitated the launch of the National Safety Device Company in 1914. It is unknown if the smoke hood brought him any commercial success. In 1913 he incorporated hair care products into his growing list of patents and launched the G. A. Morgan Hair Refining Company, which sold hair care products, including his patented hair straightening cream, a hair colouring, and a hair straightening comb invented by Morgan.


The first American-made automobiles were introduced to consumers just before the turn of the twentieth century, and pedestrians, bicycles, animal-drawn wagons and motor vehicles all had to share the same roads. To deal with the growing problem of traffic accidents, a number of versions of traffic signalling devices began to be developed, starting around 1913.

After he had witnessed a serious accident at an intersection, and he filed a patent for traffic control device having a third “warning” position in 1922. The patent was granted in 1923,though this was not the first system with a warning, a three light system being invented in 1920 by William Potts and previous systems having audible warnings.

He sold the rights to General Electric for $40,000

Later in life he developed glaucoma and by 1943 was functionally blind. He had poor health the rest of his life, but continued to work on his inventions. One of his last was a self-extinguishing cigarette, which used a small plastic pellet filled with water placed just before the filter.

He died on July 27, 1963 aged 86 and is buried at Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland.

Indestructible Creatures/Giant Clam


Hello Tuesday, not as cold this morning, of course I am in track pants and socks on my feet, not thick songs and I only need a tee shirt. I have taken Leo to school now I am home and have no other plans for the day.

This weeks indestructible creature is the Giant Clam, in old stories and comics divers can meet with disaster when their foot is grabbed by a giant clam snapping shut but can a clam really do that………

Well giant clams do exist and they are really huge a normal size clam is about the size of a human hand but the giant clam can be bigger than a human, now that is huge.

They are thought to live up too 100yrs and can grow to 1.2 metres or 4ft across, their enormous thick shells have zigzag edges that fit together like teeth. Their shell is pretty indestructible but the clam inside does get eaten by other animals such as eels, fish and starfish. Humans hunt and eat giant clams as well and they are now in danger of dying out.

However, since they can’t chase you or even move at all because as adults they stay in one place stuck to the seabed and feed on passing plankton, there is no reason to fear them so they are not as tough as they look or as scary as in the old stories.

Did you know No:16

1000 facts

Hello all it is Monday afternoon here now it was another cold start to the day but it has warmed up no aqua class this morning went with Jessica to sort out her rent and then to the shops before home again.

So here is this weeks five did you know facts:

The thumb is such an important part of the human body that it has a special section, separate from the area that controls the fingers, reserved for it in the brain.

Liechtenstein used to have the world’s smallest army, there was one soldier, yes one. He served his country until his death at age 85.

Abraham Lincoln’s mother died from drinking milk from a cow which, when foraging in the woods had eaten some poisonous snake root.

In 1955 a borrowed book was returned to Cambridge University Library that was 288 years overdue

Cambridge University was established in the year 1209