Here we go again

Up at 7am, discovered Blain wasn’t here, at 7.30 Tasha rang to check in she told me that at 11pm last night Blain was unable to sleep so he went to his house to sleep in his own bed.

I am still not feeling good, I am very tired.

David brought me over some cake, it is nice.

Up at 6.30am and decided to go to aqua and sent Tasha a text to let her know.

Tim’s father in near the end of his life, so he is going to head out and see him in the next couple of days.

Leo left his school bag here.

Ron died at 1am, Tim has ridden the motorbike out to see Jenny and his Dad’s body. All the girls feel for their Dad.

Tim rang and said the funeral is on Friday so we will leave Thursday.

Leo is here tonight.

Tasha is in a lot of pain with a rotten tooth.

I woke at 6am and stayed up, had to wake Leo at 7.45am and was at him over and over to get ready for school.

It is a pretty warm day.

Tim arrived home at 1.30pm and was exhausted.

Jess rang to see if we wanted to go out for tea but I already had food prepared. Tim was trying to talk to her but she was unable to hear him and Tim got snappy. I do not know why. She just wanted to take her Dad out.

Up at 6am again we packed and left by 9am we arrived around 1pm and stopped at Jenny’s but they were not home so we went to the motel. I was able to have a nap before we went back to Jenny’s.

After spending an hour or so there we went for tea at the RSL club. Jenny came and ordered for us using her membership, while she was there she gets a phone call from her son saying he drove into the shed. No one was hurt not much damage thankfully.

We then returned to the motel for the night.

Had a horrible nights sleep very restless we went to Macca’s in Mudgee then headed to the funeral.

There was a good turnout I counted 30 people. Tim wiped his eyes a couple of times. I cried a bit because I was thinking of Dad & Pop.

Afterwards we went back to the RSL where we stayed for a couple of hours.

We arrived home at 5.30pm, Tim stopped and bought wine and pizza. After I ate I crashed I was so exhausted.

I woke up at 8am and have been busy all day, Jessica & Leo arrived at 9.30am and she asked if Leo could stay the night. I said of course.

It has been a stinking hot day had the air con going all day.

The wind is so strong it has partly blown over one of Tim’s sheds.

I asked Tasha to get me a bottle of Pepsi Max but I expect she will forget.

Well now is time to post this.


Just another week

Up at 7.30am a nice fine day here, Tim is at work today and I will bed doing laundry.

Had a good day till 3pm when Mum rang and Kathy rang at the same time. Kathy got pissy with me because I was talking to mum and I said I would ring Kathy back which I did in less then 5 minutes only to have her snap at me about not having time for her.

I have had a horrible day, texts from Kathy didn’t help she unfriended me from Facebook and then deleted her account.

Both Tasha & Jess sent her texts telling her she is in the wrong and treated me badly.

I will see what Tim says when he gets home.

Tasha took Blain to the doctors about his toenail but Dr Arun couldn’t do it and Blain will have to go back tomorrow and see Dr Wabbas.

I still feel like shit, Tasha came and made me a sandwich because I was having a moment with my BGL being low.

She is upset that I felt the need to say sorry to Kathy.

Tim was upset when I told him what happened with Kathy.

Last night Tim rang Kathy and because he can record every call I was able to listen to what she said.

She was really upset and crying a lot and admitted she made a mistake. Hearing her made me cry, so I went to sleep crying.

A really nice day, sunny and pretty damn hot.

Sandy rang me about going to the cemetery and afterwards to lunch.

Last night was stinking hot all night and at one time I woke up drenched in sweat.

At 11.15 Tasha drove me over to the cemetery I was there for 5 or 10 minutes before the rest turned up. We stayed there for about an hour before going over to the club for lunch. I had 2 drinks while out.

Been another very warm day but not as bad as yesterday.

Tim is home early today.

I had a blonde moment, couldn’t think how to turn the fan in Leo’s room off without the remote, that Leo has misplaced. He says it is on his bed, it’s not. Tim walked in and turned the light switch off………

Still sticky this morning, thankfully Tim didn’t turn the fan off when he went to bed.

A hot day had to turn the air con on as I was sitting in sweat.

Jess called in to drop off Leo’s computer, while here the school rang to say that Leo was in sick bay. So she went and got him at midday.

Tim home at 2pm, he started at 4.30am.

My alarm went off at 3am and I rang Tasha, she was already awake.

I walked up at 7.30 to wake Blain up. He left for school at 8.30am.

Kathy arrived just after I woke Blain, she help apply my make up and get my top on.

She was very helpful and I enjoyed my morning with her. Although she wasn’t happy and looked and sounded sad all morning. Although her mood improved as the morning wore on.

I have to put myself to bed as Natasha isn’t here. Blain is sleeping here while she is gone.

Up at 6.30am first thing I did was make a pasta bake, I have to do a potato bake but need some one to go and get cream for me.

Tim came to the party with me and had a good time, we stayed 3hrs. When I got home I went to have a nap. I slept till Mum rang but after talking to Mum I started to shake violently and Tim told me to go back to bed.

Well the time has come to post this

Another week in my life

Sunday morning and daylight savings has started so I was shocked when I got up and it was 8.30am after I turned the clocks forward an hour.

Been a nice day at home alone all day doing nothing have no motivation to do anything. I did manage to do a load of washing.

Monday and I thought it was late when I woke up, however, it turned out to be 7.30am so not that late at all.

Mum has rang me three times today she was complaining about Tasha she had wanted Tasha to go and get Dawson from Cardiff train station last night but she wouldn’t because Blain was sick.

Mum was also upset by the way Michelle treated Dawson while he was visiting her yesterday.

Another warm day.

Tuesday I was up at 6.30am very dark till 6.45am. Tim had an appointment at the Royal about his nose.

I had a bath and when I went to get dressed the first two pairs of shorts I tried on were to large for me.

Tim has a script he needs filling for two items one is prednisone he h as to go back in 6 weeks time. Said his sinuses need to be flushed out.

I had to go to see the counsellor again, what a waste of time, she doesn’t want to see me again as there is nothing she can do for me.

Mum rang me about her car insurance and I went online and got her insurance with NRMA saving her $24 a month she now pays $47 instead of $71 a month. However, I didn’t realise that you pay more with the NRMA if you pay monthly.

Tim took the car and had the roof racks he bought fitted to the car, they look good and Tim is happy.

Wednesday I was up at 7am this morning and hour and a bit before Tim got up. A much cooler day today.

Tim went to see how much it would cost to replace his speedo on the motorbike, it will be $200 for a second hand one or $400 for a new one.

I was hoping for a day out to Port Stephens but Tim said no because it was suppose to be cold and wet, however, it has been a lovely day.

Thursday now and I was up early again at 6.30 a coolish start to the day.

I went to refill something and dropped and broke it, I am upset.

Jessica came over with Leo & Katja they are staying with Tim while Jess & I go out for lunch. We went to Warners at the Bay for steak and chips.

Lunch was really nice.

Tim is re-screening a window and of course the screening roller is missing, so Tim went and bought a replacement one.

Leo is staying tonight.

Tim finally cut my hair, yes I am happy with it.

Friday now and last night wasn’t a good night, ok it went to pot around 4am when I woke to pee, from then I was unable to settle down again I had to pee again at 6.15.

I decided to get up at 7am, I look outside and it is dark and wet, not raining but it had been.

Jessica will take me shopping while Leo stays home with Papa.

Saw Cathy Haigh and her mum at Charlestown Square for a few minutes.

When Jess and I got home Papa & Leo had gone for a bike ride, so Jess had a lay down on my bed, but on Tim’s side whenever one of the girls lay down on our bed they lay on their dad’s side.

Papa & Leo arrived home and hour or so after we got home they had gone to Williamtown to watch the fighter jets take off and land. They were luck that just as they arrive there was four jets ready to take off.

When they got home couldn’t wait to tell us about his outing.

Blain didn’t go to his dad’s because Daemon is sick with tonsillitis.

Tasha is still going to hang out with Sam for a couple of house, Tim will keep an eye on Blain.

Woke up at 6am but it was dark and wet so went back to bed for a bit got up at 7.30am, still raining.

I am feeling sick headache with a headache and of course I am shaking from head to foot.

Michael brought the shopping over because Kathy is sick.

This afternoon Tasha came down and ended up going through my clothes. She ended up tossing out a lot of clothes that are too big for me.

She came across a heap of underwear that used to be too small for me but may now fit me.

She did toss out a pink top I really like and I am not sure how I feel about that.

Well I guess it is time to post this

Another week in my life

Another week ending or starting whichever way you look at it.

I woke at 7.30 to a ringing phone as I was getting dressed Kathy and the girls arrived, she came to clean the bath for me. However, she didn’t clean the sink or toilet.

A quiet day home alone.

Woke up at 6.35 at 7.30 I was falling asleep so laid down till 8.15. I feel so drained that I decided to give aqua a miss.

Tim took the car to work this morning he will be home at 11.30.

I went back to bed at 11.15 for a couple of hours, I felt alright when I got up.

I had a bath and got ready for bed without any problem.

Tuesday a new day, a new month, more life.

I was up at 7am it is coldish and wet a bit this morning.

Saw the Dr, he has referred me back to Tom Wellings, he explained that you can’t get a second opinion through Medicare so to see someone would cost a lot.

Sandy came and picked me up from the doctors as Tasha couldn’t and neither could Jess.

The rest of the day was spent blogging and watching telly.

Wednesday I was up at 6.30am dressed and ready for the day.

At 9.45am I had to go back to bed for a bit as I was feeling off colour.

However, I felt better after a lay down.

Thursday I was up at 6.30 again, woke Tim at 6.50 so he could go to work.

Jess & Leo came over and Leo asked if he could spend the night, I said he could.

Jess will be here around 8.30am to take me to Charlie in the morning.

I managed to have a bath and get dressed afterwards on my own.

Natasha didn’t turn up so I sent her a text at 6.55pm turned out she was sleep. I felt bad for waking her up.

Friday I woke at 5.30am went to the loo and back to bed for an hour. Leo was up at 6.30 as well.

Jess arrived at 8.25am and drove me to Charlie. Since Sandra wasn’t there to help mum she went to Woolies with Mum. Jess offered to drive Mum home but Sandra arrived in time to take Mum home.

Sandra had to take Denni to the JHH as she had hurt her arm and it was thought she had broken it again. This will be her third break in a couple of years. Yes it is broken.

Been a bloody hot day reached a high of 34 degrees.

Saturday I woke up at 7am and the house was really dark I didn’t think it was 7am so I had to check my phone. Also it has been raining.

Had a phone call from Kathy yesterday afternoon she was upset and crying. She feels like she is in a dead end job with no chance of learning more and going further. All I could do is listen and feel useless. I so hate hearing one of my girls cry.

Jessica dropped her licence and cashcard in the driveway as she was leaving for work. She wanted Tim to drive out and give them to her.

Leo is staying at Kelli’s for the day.

Tim wanted pizza so I ordered what I felt like it and made sure Tim knew I had paid for it.

Sunday morning and time to post.

Family Function

My sister is turning 50 and has arranged a party for herself, nothing wrong with that.

However, this has made me thing of my 50th which was not a big deal and neither was Tim’s for that matter. We did see all our girls and grandchildren but I was a little disappointment that no one arranged a party for me but that is life.

Tim said he didn’t want anything like a party but I do think he was a tad disappointed.

When we get to a certain age, we often think our children should plain a party for us, I don’t know why we think that but have been told that many people think that way.

I also been thinking how at times our children may be fighting or not talking at the time of a party usually over some minor thing and you hear if so and so is going I will not, this is distressing for a parent.

Thankfully in my family things are different and generally speaking everyone turns up to a family function.

As most people know I am part of a large family being the eldest of 5 children and even if my girls don’t feel like attending a function if they are invited or if it is for me or Tim they turn up if only for half an hour.

Dad used to say how nice it was that so many of his grandchildren would turn up to a party that we had for him.

So I hope my sister has a good turn out at her party, it will be an emotional time as it is the first birthday that we will have without dad. She does have 4 children and 7 grandchildren as well as all her siblings, she will need her children to help her cope with not having her dad there.