Another week done and dusted or maybe not dusted just done

Up and dressed by 6.45, Tim up at the same time and off to work..

Kathy & Michael came and borrowed the trailer, and Kathy brought it back on her own.

Jess picked Leo up at midday she was in a mood as Tasha wasn’t able to pick her up at Lakelands. Kathy was here getting the trailer so I asked her if she would do it and she snapped that she had too much to do.

Tasha helped me with the washing..

Been another warm day

Up and dressed for aqua, when I went up to wait for Brian it started raining thankfully it was only light until I got back inside.

By the time it was time to leave for aqua it was pissing down rain and I was sneezing and coughing, so didn’t go.

Been raining a lot, spoke to Tasha about her getting Leo this afternoon and she said not to stress she will deal with him

Leo was dropped at the door as no one was there to meet him.

Up and dressed before the alarm again, took Leo to meet his driver. I then had to go to the Dr’s got scripts and form for blood tests, also form for injection into my knee.

Been a hot day had to have the air con on, I went up and waited for Leo this afternoon.

Leo here tonight,

Up and dressed as soon as my alarm went off, found Leo asleep on the loungeroom floor. I tried to remain quiet till he woke up which he did at 7.15am.

Another hot day.

Leo was late arriving this afternoon it was 3.55 when he arrived. Jess arrived at 4.30 got Leo and left.

Up and dressed before the alarm again this morning. Printed up 2 name and address info and laminated them, I gave 1 to Leo’s driver.

Running late getting to up the to of the driveway.

Had to reschedule appointment for knee injection as Tasha couldn’t take me.

I now go on Tuesday at 1pm.

Had a hypo attack this afternoon.

Up at 6.15 got my bra and shorts on before doing anything else.

Summer’s seventh birthday.

I had a horrible morning at Charlie, I ran over Jess’s feet while on the scooter. Her feet are sore and one is bruised. I feel so bad but there is bugger all I can do.

Jess finished early and was able to meet Leo when he is dropped off. She hung around and helped me get ready for bed.

Up at 7.45 and dressed, Tim took me to have blood tests done.

Wrapped Summer’s birthday gift

Summer seemed to like her present.

I turned the air con on around midday had it on till 4.30pm


Another week

Up at 7am, woke to rain beautiful rain, heavy rain as well just like yesterday. Had a text from Jess saying that Leo is really sick it came through at 3.22am I replied this morning saying if he is no better to ring Dr to your door.

Received a text from Jess at 11.08 letting me that Leo is still coughing but says he feels better.

She took him to a Dr and he has a chest infection and will have tomorrow of school. She rang his driver and let him know.

Up and dressed by 6.30, Leo here for the day the antibiotics are working and he feels much better, he is still coughing a bit.

Stopped raining around 10ish and got really warm.

Had to turn the air con at 3pm as I am dripping sweat. Only had it on for 30 minutes

Leo asked to stay the night and of course we said he could.

Had a quick shower before bed

Up and dressed before my alarm went off a cool start to the day.

I went with Leo to meet his driver

Has warmed up nicely not hot enough for air con. Blain came home from school said he was throwing up.

Just as I was leaving to go up and get Leo the car with him in it turned up.

Leo here again tonight, at 5pm Tasha rang Jess to see why she hadn’t picked up Leo as I didn’t know he was staying the night.

Up and dressed before the alarm again, dry and warm.

Jess and Tasha came down and Jess took the scooter for a spin out the front.

Sandy asked me to order a photo of dad which I did straight away.

Mum rang early, to tell me what’s going on with Michelle & Landon.

I left at 3.20 to wait for Leo so I wouldn’t be late again, I would rather wait for 10 minutes then be late,

I have taken to listening to an audio book of an evening before going to sleep now I am up to chapter 5 of Mutiny on the Bounty.

Up and dressed as soon as the alarm went off Leo was dropped of at 7am.

I took Leo up to meet his driver and just after I got back it started to rain but only rained for a short while.

A very warm day.

I took my audio book to listen to it while waiting for Leo.

Tasha’s birthday she is 33 now, I sent her a text this morning wishing her Happy Birthday.

When I took Leo up to meet Brian I also took my bags and left them at Tasha’s.

Tasha & I picked up Mum & Dawson and drove them to Charlie.

Blain had the day off school as it is the swimming carnival.

Jessica got me ready for bed before her and Leo left.

Had a sleep in got up at 8am, felt good to have a sleep in.

Jess dropped Leo off at 9.15am and Tim drove her to pick up the van she has to use today.

Another warm day.

I managed to wet myself because I was too slow getting to the toilet.

Kathy came over and helped Tim change the sheets and vacuumed she also got the clothes of the line for me, she wasn’t in the best of moods.

Leo here tonight.

Week 6

Yet another stinking hot day, turned the air con on at 7.30am as soon as I got up.

Tim is replacing the air con in the kitchen, Jason Brown came and helped him took around 3hrs to do it.

He also finished the ramp for the front door.

Been extremely hot again around 41 degrees today.

Mum rang me around 10 and she was near tears, Michelle was being Michelle nagging and demanding. She wants to buy Dawson a TV and have him give the one he has which Mum bought him for Christmas to his Dad so she can have the old set which he gave to his Dad to have in his shed. She thinks because gave Dawson the old set 4yr ago that it’s hers so she should get it. When you give a gift it is no longer yours.

Tasha looks really drained today.

Up at 6.15 am, coolish enough to have the doors open.

Leo & Jess arrived around 6.40.

Leo is making a mess with the Styrofoam packing from the new air con.

I went to aqua and enjoyed it came home and had a shower.

Around 1pm the scooter arrived so I rang and told Tim, he is happy.

Leo walked in at 2.45pm didn’t realised it was his early day

Tim has assembled the scooter when he got home from work.

I love it……………………………..

Up at 6.15 and dressed by 6.25 when Jess & Leo arrived. Vacuumed the lounge room before doing anything else.

I rode the scooter when Leo went to meet his driver, I had no trouble getting in and out of the house.

Leo forgot to take his medication this morning, so I rang the school this morning.

I rode the scooter up to meet Leo this afternoon.

Up at 6.15 opened the house and got dressed, Jess & Leo arrived at 6.50 she was running late.

I took Leo to meet his “taxi” it is a good feeling to be able to do this.

Been a coolish day so no air con needed.

I have been unwell this afternoon low BGL Leo made me a ham & cheese toastie and I started to feel better.

Tasha had to meet the taxi as I was not good

Awake at 6am so I got up and dressed before alarm went off. Still cool this morning, I have opened the house up.

Leo’s school photos being taken today I had to find cash and put it in the envelope for him.

Tim home at 10 for a few hours.’

Mum rang late and she was annoyed that I had Blain & Leo around trying to talk to me.

Had a restless night, got up when the alarm went off and had a shower before getting ready.

Leo sounds terrible, he also had a bad night.

It is raining this morning and very humid.

Tasha walked Leo up and spoke to his driver and asked him if it is raining this afternoon would he be able to drive Leo down the driveway as I would have trouble getting up the driveway.

It has been raining all day so I was glad that I didn’t have to go and get him.

Tasha rang at 5.30 to say she wasn’t able to help me get ready for bed, as she was just leaving Kurri Kurri and to ring Jess. I am not ringing Jess, I will cope on my own.

Awake and up at 6.30 after a bad nights sleep I woke feeling sick mostly it’s a headache. I am suppose to be going to Dave’s for Mum’s birthday, but if I continue to feel like this I may not go.

Just had some banana bread and feel like I am going to throw up and the headache is getting worse.

Went back to bed for 1.5hrs after I got up I got dressed to go to Dave’s but Kathy & Tim thought I didn’t look well enough to go and talked me out of going.

It has been wet on & off all day.

I am up going back to bed as I am still not good.

Week 5

Had another late start as I slept in till 7.30ish I got up and dressed and did my daily weigh in. turned the air con on at 8am.

Tim’s birthday.

Blain home by 8.30am.

Kathy and Summer came over to see if Tasha can help with doing something to Summers hair.

Yesterday afternoon Leo went for a bike ride and decided to ride up and see his great-nana (my mum).

I am so proud of this boy he has so much compassion and empathy.

When I spoke to mum she told me about Leo’s visit, she was really happy to see him.

Up at 6.30 after another restless night to find Tim up and in his office at his computer he also had a restless night and had been up an hour. He has now gone to work.

It is cooler this morning but I am sitting in sweat. Turned the air con on at 1pm.

Blain came down a couple of times to check on me.

Jessica said that Leo rode his bike to his friend Kaja’s place she said he is becoming very independent.

Slept in till 7.30am still have pain in my hip and tailbone.

Tim has an appointment at the hospital about his nose.

Tim is off for the rest of the week.

He got another script for the stuff to wash out his nose maybe this time he will use it.

Tim has ordered new ink for our computers.

Up at 6.30am when the alarm went off I was in getting dressed Jess & Leo turned up.

Tim and I waited with Leo till the driver turned up, Tasha was rude to him it was her tone but she thinks she did nothing wrong.

Tim went to Jess’s with trailer and took a load of stuff she didn’t want to the tip. When he got to the tip he wasn’t allowed in because he was wearing thongs she had to come home and change them.

After the tip he took the cans and cashed them in he got $170 spilt between him and Leo.

Kathy has jury duty, she was at the court all day and has to go back next Tuesday

Leo had a good first day when he got home he made himself 2 ham & cheese toasties.

Up at 6.15am before the alarm went off opened the house up and got dressed. Got a text from Sandra saying not going to the club for lunch no one has any money. Both Tim and myself are disappointed.

Mum’s birthday she is 80 today we went to cemetery before going back to Mum’s for lunch, hot chips.

Leo is here for the night, it has been stinking bloody hot all day.

Awake at 5am but laid in bed till 6.30am, I got up when my alarm went off.

No make-up today just eye shadow, lippy and jewellery.

Tasha had to help have a smoke as I was in a bad way, I then had a lay down till mum rang.

Really stinking hot today, and when I got home from shopping Tim didn’t have the air con on.

Awake at 6am but didn’t get up till 7am.

Last night at 10.30 I thought I heard Jess crying in the lounge room so I jumped up came out to see what was the matter only to find Tim alone watching telly .and he said no one was crying in what he was watching.

Had a stressful morning, nothing I did was easy and it all felt too hard and not having any rollies to smoke didn’t help.

Tim took his compute over to Kathy’s for Michael to put in a hard drive for him.

He also took Sydney’s birthday present, which she loved.