Good Morning Friday

Good morning Friday and what a bloody cold Friday it is here this morning, been up since 4.30am as usual but only did a 50 minute workout. My achilles tendon is really painful and I am barely able to stand let alone walk but of course since it is Friday walking is what I have to do a lot of. The reason the ankle isn’t healing is two fold, first I am not resting it as much as I should but let’s be honest I can’t just sit around all day with my leg elevated and secondly it is an injury that takes a bloody long time to heal.

Anyway here is this weeks five things for Friday

Last day of school (for two weeks)

Mum unable to come shopping (she couldn’t get the scooter)

Loving my life

Leo doing well at school (according to his teacher)

Needing the heater on (it’s bloody cold)


My Morning

Good morning all, had a busy frantic morning, I was up as usual at 4.30am and did 1hr 21mins of exercises while I was exercising I noticed that one of Leo’s school shoes was missing from where I put them yesterday. After I finished exercising I moved the chair they were sitting on in fact I spent 30 minutes searching for it and ended up sending him to school in old odd shoes again. I ended finding it when I got home from taking him to school, outside in the garden I think it was caught up in Tim’s motorbike jacket and fell to the ground when he was walking to the carport.

Around 7.30am I had a phone call from mum, she rang because when Dawson was outside waiting for his taxi to take him to school he heard a rattling, crackling noise from the caravan, so I sent Tim a text and mum said she would tell dad when he got up and I said I would call in after I went to my doctors appointment this morning. Tim sent me a text saying he would go over and check the van after he finishes work today.

So yes I had a doctors appointment this morning nothing serious just needed a couple of scripts, I then went to mum & dad’s place to tell them Tim would be over this afternoon, when I got there Tim had already rang them and dad went and disconnected something in the van, don’t know what but dad knew what Tim wanted disconnected and Tim will go check it out after work.

I then came home and vacuumed out the house and it was when I was parking the car I noticed Leo’s missing shoe in the garden under his bedroom window.

Since being home I have another headache, I think the headache is caused by the cold, had one yesterday as well all day except when I was in the car with the heater on and in a hot bath in a room with the heater on as well. Tim doesn’t get the whole cold room thing he says if you’re cold wear something warmer but at times I feel the room needs to be warm as well and not just my body, if that makes any sense at all.

A bit about the tooth fairy

tooth fairy

Here we are at another Monday, this morning when I dropped Leo off at school he said he had a sore throat, I told him if he gets worse to tell his teacher who will ring mum to go get him and he was ok with that.

Saturday night we had Leo in fact we had him most of the day and all night as his mum was working again, last night he lost another tooth and when I asked him if the tooth fairy came he at first said no and I said I saw money on his desk so he said oh yeah I think nanny tooth fairy came (as in me). He said papa explained to him that the tooth fairy isn’t real, I asked why papa said that and he said I asked him and we had a discussion about it, yes he used the word discussion. His mum has explained to him that he isn’t to tell his younger cousins the tooth fairy isn’t real because that would ruin it for them and he said I understand that they will find out when it is right for them to find out.

My sister was us that on Thursday her daughter lost a tooth when she said something about the tooth fairy she said “Ok mum I know you’re the tooth fairy, so tell me are you and I going to keep making out I don’t know” she pretended not to hear her daughter who said it again and again in the end my sister ran out of the room as fast as she could hearing her daughter say I also know Santa is you and dad, she thinks what the hell girl you’re only 7. She than goes to her husband and said you’re been a parent longer then me you go and deal with this one……………..

He told her you just have to believe in the fairytale or you don’t get any money, so she says ok but the following morning she checked her mums purse to see if the $5 note was still there or not and it was so now she has to think about it a bit more…………………….lol

Dishwasher problems

As pretty much everyone knows I have a bad back and have had a lot of problems with my knees and achilles tendon on my right ankle these problems back standing for any length of time painful.

So yesterday my dishwasher packed it in and I had to hand wash all the dishes and take it from me that my back was aching so much when it was done. So when I said to Tim that we will need a new dishwasher he said in a tone that we have to pay for the caravans rego first, which I knew and I am ok with put it was his tone that pissed me off. The dishwasher is about 8 years old and has been playing up since sometime last year and I said we would use it till it died and it seems it has now died.

This morning I said to Tim that sometimes he may have to help with doing the dishes because of my back and that on the weekend if the girls come over for lunch they will have to help with the dishes he acted like he didn’t hear me and I had to repeat myself and all he said was yeah the girls will have to help. Totally by-stepping what I said about him helping.

Conversation with Leo


Hello everyone for a while this blog and my other blog had the same stuff on them but that is going to change sometimes both blogs will have the same stuff on them but not always.

Yesterday while driving Leo to school we saw a rainbow and Leo was talking about how he wish there was a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and how he would love to find a pot of gold and if he did he would give me some gold and some to papa but most would go to his mummy.

Than we had this conversation:

Leo: What’s at the end of rainbow

Me: A pot of gold

Leo: No

Me: What then

Leo: W

He than said I didn’t say what is at the end of a rainbow, but what is at the end of rainbow meaning the word not the thing. He didn’t have to explain it to me as I got it but it was cute the way he explained it to me.


About Rabaul

Today I am going to tell you a bit about Rabaul in Papua New Guinea this is a pretty large place the harbour is Simpson Harbour with a lot of history. During the Second World War up to a 100 Japanese ships including battleships, heavy cruisers, destroyers and merchant vessels were anchored in these waters.

It was from this harbour that the famous “Tokyo Express” raced south to re-supply Guadalcanal and other embattled Japanese bases in the Solomon Islands during WW11.

These waters have seen the worst violence man and nature can produce, man during WW11 and nature due to the active volcanoes in the area.

The Rabaul area was originally a German possession, however, in September of 1914 a small Australian force defeated the Germans near Kokopo ending German control of the area. In 1921 the League of Nations granted Australia a mandate to administer New Guinea as a trust territory and Rabaul became the capitol.

On the 23rs January 1942 the Japanese overwhelmed a small Australian garrison and realising the strategic value of the area established their most powerful base in the South-West Pacific at Rabaul. At its peak the fortress of Rabaul included 5 airfields, a seaplane and submarine base plus a huge naval anchorage with support facilities.

The Japanese garrison numbered around 200,000 personal at its peak, as the allied offensive surged towards Rabaul the installations came under relentless attacks and the Japanese decided to move underground, honeycombing the hills around Rabaul with hundreds of kilometres of tunnels these included hospitals, repair facilities and barracks.

Many allied POW’s and local inhabitants experienced extreme deprivations while digging these tunnels, you can visit the Japanese barge tunnel at Karavia Bay and the Kokopo War Museum and Bitapaka War Cemetery which I would have loved to have done but Tim didn’t like the cost.

The locals are Melanesian people with dark skin and fuzzy hair and are suppose to be very friendly they were so isolated from western influence for so long that the very first wheel ever seen was the propeller of an aircraft.

Everywhere you can hear the locals calling “ha-lo” to you which is “hello” there are no taxis in Rabaul there are a number of street vendors selling souvenirs but they are limited.

Did you know Monday

1000 facts

Hello Monday, how has everyone been, well and happy I hope, it is a lovely day here in Newie not too cold nor too hot well not hot at all a bit warm in the sun but that’s all.

I am home alone this afternoon and tonight as Jessica is finished with Tafe till after the school holidays which means no Leo here at night during the week, we will still have him on Friday night though.

Anyway my weekend was ok it rained pretty much the whole weekend, yesterday at 3.30am I woke with a headache what I call a mini migraine meaning a really bad headache, so bad that I spent most of the morning in bed. I did get up for a couple of hours and had breakfast but felt that bad I went back to bed and slept for three hours, then when I got up I felt fine no headache.

While I was laying down Kathy-Lee and Tim cleaned out the laundry cupboard and it does look a lot better and a lot tidier. Kathy has also moved a lot of stuff out of a kitchen cupboard into the laundry cupboard, not sure how I feel about that yet.

Anyway it is Monday so it is did you know day………………………..

So did you know that the longest running animated TV series is The Simpsons you must know that every man and his dog knows that.

How about the fact that the door to 10 Downing Street only opens from the inside, you know the home of the British Prime Minister.

Or that adult humans breathe about 23,000 times a day, do human children breathe more or less I wonder or about the same, if you know tell me because I am clueless.

Five things Friday

Hello Friday, how is everyone this Friday?

I have been up since 4.30am and did an hour 26 minutes of exercise before getting dressed to go shopping also had to go and get Leo from his mum so I could take him to school as per usual.

So here I am doing this weeks five things for Friday

Cold Feet


Back ache

Warm socks