Foot Prisons

Hi everyone, how is everyone the topic for today is foot prisons……………..

What the hell are foot prisons you ask…………………………..

They are shoes…………………………….

My niece Kelli calls  shoes foot prisons, she doesn’t like to wear shoes and  the older I get the more I agree with her. I really don’t like wearing  shoes lately when I am out shopping if I have stockings or socks on I like to take my shoes off while walking.

I never wear shoes at home just like my mum she never wears shoes either while at home.

So how do you feel about shoes are they foot prisons for  you also?


Shared Birthday but no bond

Hello everyone, how is everyone in blogland?

It is a fine day here in Newie, no rain but sunshine which is nice.

Last night while walking into the bathroom I lost my balance and had a bit of a fall hurting my wrist and giving myself a headache. Then I did something silly I posted on Facebook what happened and caused my family to be worried about me but I am fine.

Today is my dad’s birthday he is 76 today and on Saturday there is a party at his house for him as we have been told it is likely to be his last birthday. This is naturally distressing for the family so we want to make it a special birthday the same can be said about Christmas this year if he makes it to Christmas which is a big if as he is that sick.

Also today it is the 14th birthday of my great-niece Issabel, she is my niece Heather’s eldest daughter but mum & dad have never had much to do with Sue’s children and grandchildren, it is hard to have a bond/connection with someone you don’t see very often. Dad was pleased to have a great grandchild who shared his birthday but sadly because they didn’t see her to form a special bond.

When Sue’s children were young they lived 45 minutes away and rarely came to visit, not even coming at Christmas time most years. I know at the time mum & dad felt that their father didn’t like them mum and so they stayed away. When they did visit they were very shy and acted like they felt out of place which happens when you don’t go somewhere very often.

Tea Time

Lately we have adds on the telly about meal boxes such as Marley Spoon which can be found here: now this post has nothing to do with meal boxes as I have never used one and have no interest in them.

So why mention it well because on the add they talk about having the evening meal prepared and on the table by 7pm. This has had me thinking about what time people have their evening meal, on tv shows they make out that the only people who have an early evening meal are old people. That also annoys me as it is wrong.

I grew up having our evening meal (known as tea here in Aus by most people) between 4 & 5pm and when my girls were little I would have tea around 4-4.30pm most days as when they would get home from school they would be hungry and instead of letting them have junk food I would give them tea and then they could have junk food including ice cream.

Now that the girls have children of their own they have carried on the tradition of eating tea around 4.30pm because like me and my mum they feel it is better to give the child a proper meal when they are hungry before they have junk food.

So here is a question for you what time do you have your evening meal?

Do you call it dinner, supper, or tea?


Do you like pizza?

Do you buy pizza?

If you buy pizza do you get it ready made from a pizza joint or do you buy frozen or fresh made pizza from the supermarket.

Maybe you prefer to make your own pizza.

How do you feel about having pineapple on pizza?

Occasionally Tim & I will order pizza from Dominos because they are just down the road, we don’t get it delivered as that costs twice as much as picking it up.

Tim likes frozen pizza which he adds extra toppings to, sometimes I will buy a fresh pizza when I do my weekly shopping but not very often.

However, for me I prefer to make my own pizza, I buy the pizza base and make my own pizza, I would do that a lot when the girls were little.

Also I love pineapple on pizza, as does Tim

Christmas Shopping

Good morning world or good evening depending on where you are in the world, it is somewhat cool here this morning. My weekend was a good one, didn’t have Leo on Saturday as he went to Kelli’s for the day for a change. Although I ended up having him spending last night here because his mum was snappy and he thought they needed a break from each other.

The other day Kathy-Lee asked me if it was too soon to start buying Christmas presents, my answer no it isn’t I started months back, her partner Michael thinks it is too early but he is one to leave it till November or December to start thinking about Christmas.

So when do others start their Christmas shopping?

My great-aunty Joyce told my mum just after she married dad that she should start her Christmas shopping in June/July at the mid year sales which mum has always done except for this year, not being able to get out to the shops has meant she hasn’t been able to get a start on her Christmas shopping.

I think I need to introduce mum to sites like Wish and Ebay so she can do some shopping online for stocking fillers.