Hello everyone, how is everyone I am well it is a month today since dad died . So let’s chat about grief everyone grieves in their own way.

I haven’t cried as much as I thought I would for me I have felt numb. I think of dad every day, as I have a lot of photos of dad around my house.

Mum things of dad as being in hospital and she talks to him a lot and each night says goodnight to him before going to sleep, she reaches out and touches his side of the bed.

I am not sure how my siblings are coping, I know my brother has been to the cemetery most days, I have not for two reasons one I am unable to just jump in the car and go over also I just haven’t been able to drag myself there it hurts too much.

I know there is something called grief counselling but not something I know of anyone having.




Good morning a coolish day in my opinion although Natasha & Tim think it’s cold.

Do you eat lollies?

Do you have a favourite lolly?

I do both eat them and have a favourite, I like spearmint leaves and fruit sticks. However, the spearmint leaves I like are the ones you always bought years ago, many of the ones you buy now days are not as nice. In fact the only store that sell the ones I like is Woolworths.

musk sticks

Fruit sticks are like musk sticks but are in many different flavours they are hard to find, they are sold at Kmart & Target stores I rarely go to.


As a child I used to like fags and cobbers both of which you don’t see now days.


Then and Now

Hello world here I am on a fine but cool Monday weather wise, I was thinking the other day how Tim and I have changed when it comes to the weather.

In our younger days I would feel the cold more then Tim now in our 50’s it is the other way around I am often hot when Tim is complaining how cold it is.

When we first married Tim would usually sit up till between 12-1am and I would be in bed by 9.30pm. Now I am in bed by 7.30pm, Tim tries to stay up later but usually falls asleep in front of the TV. I don’t get that if you are starting to nod off get up and go to bed.

When I was younger I didn’t get people needing to have a nap, now days I have to have a lay down each afternoon because if I don’t I find myself feeling sick and shaking more then normal.


How do you blog?

Do you write in the morning, or during the day or maybe you write your post last thing before going to bed.

I try to write my posts in the morning.

Do you write your posts in advance and save them for later use or do you write on the day and post when done?

Or maybe you do a bit of both, which is what I do, generally I write and post on the same day but at times I will write a post and save it for use later on.

Do you post every day or every few days or maybe you only do a weekly post.

On this blog I post less often but on my other blog I post usual Monday to Thursday and of weekend I may read and comment on posts depending on what else I am doing.