A Better Week

Another week over another week started, let’s hope it is a better week.

Woke up feeling horrible and depressed.

Had a shocking day.

Tasha found me crying in the backyard because I felt like everything is too hard.

Monday morning I woke feeling a bit better then yesterday but still not great.

Spoke to mum around 2pm she was really upset and angry, her pension didn’t go in, it will go in on Wednesday.

I have asked mum if we could borrow her car for a few weeks, she said we can but only Tim can drive it.

Leo still here tonight, Jess should be home around 7pm.

I am pleased that Leo & Blain have been getting along.

Tuesday I woke feeling about 90% like myself.

Went with Jess to appointment with the child psychologists about Leo. They are going to go and observe him in class and then he will have to see him at the clinic.

Tim had a phone call from the Perm telling him that he has two credit cards we don’t know about it, one with Citibank and one with Latitude. Turned out one was the Coles Mastercard and the other was a Gem card we never received from an interest free loan.

Tim went and borrowed Mum’s car for a while she said that only him can drive it not Tasha.

Leo is at his house for a couple of nights.

Wednesday I was feeling a lot more like myself today thankfully. So I was able to clean the bath and do a couple of loads of washing.

Looks like Jess should have her car by Saturday.

Tim came home in a better mood.

Thursday morning now I slept most of the night, so woke up feeling good.

It started out nice but has been cold and wet since 2pm so I am glad Tim has a car.

Leo here tonight and he is getting along with Blain.

The Perm contacted Tim they want even more info for the loan. This is a joke.

Friday I was awake since 5.30am and it is wet and cold. I am glad Tim has a car to drive to work.

Jess isn’t getting the car now as the loan is taking too long to be approved.

She is disappointed.

I am in so much pain that I can’t sit or stand and Tasha isn’t here to help, I had a cry but I don’t know how much more I can take.

Saturday and it seems I had some people worried about me, due to my Facebook post yesterday. I woke up feeling a bit better.

Leo is here for the afternoon and night while Jess is working.

Tasha managed to get my Norspan patch at Guardian at Warners Bay.

So another week is done and dusted


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