Mammograms for women & men or just women

Yesterday afternoon I went and had my first mammogram it was about what I expected it to be not painful or not even that uncomfortable but it took a lot quicker than I thought it would.  I am not one who likes to have afternoon appointments if I can avoid it I much prefer to have a morning appointment, this also I get from mum she is the same. I know some people don’t care what time of the day their appointment is and there are even people who would prefer an afternoon appointment but not me. I don’t like going out in the afternoon if I don’t have to.


While I was there I had a thought breast cancer doesn’t just effect woman which I think everyone knows but what type screening test do men have………….none that I can think of…………..maybe men who have men boobs can have a mammogram but most men don’t have (Gynecomastia) so is there some kind of test they can have done.



8 thoughts on “Mammograms for women & men or just women

  1. they use the same machine on men! I am not ummm weighty in the boobular area so they really have to shove me into that machine! haha I like mornings too because you can’t wear deoderant and I still smell good in the morning!

  2. I’ve been putting off having my first mammogram for two years now. Technically, only a year, but putting it off nonetheless. You’ve made me rethink going. I probably won’t get up and dial the phone anytime soon, but your post made it a little less scary. How can I be scared of this crap when I’m 41, have had a colonoscopy, and numerous pap smears???

  3. As a breast cancer survivor I can tell you mammograms are important. I knew men can get breast cancer but I had no idea they use the same machine as we do. that should prove interesting! The mammogram is not as bad as most people make it out to be – please go it can save your life.

      1. That is something we should offer here free cancer screenings. So many are being diagnosed earlier I wish they would make it available to younger women too, but it is a start!

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