Banana Bread, Shopping and I did a bad thing………………lol


Ok yesterday each time I sat to write I ended up getting distracted by one thing or another, anyway yesterday was a good day I went to see nan and she was good she was up dressed and in the lounge area can’t say she was watching the tv as she is no longer able to do that she just lays in the princess chair and sleeps. When she has a visitor she will look at them and smile and even say  a few words, when she is like that we are over the moon.

Today I am off shopping with my eldest daughter Kathy-Lee she should be here in about an hour to pick me up to go shopping for clothes for my precious Sydney-May she has outgrown so many of her clothes.

Last week I saw on someones blog a reciepe for banana and walnut bread and thought that sounds nice so copied it and asked my daughter and my niece if one of them would bake it for me and yeah my niece made it for me. I am just having the last of it now for breakfast I do like my banana bread and yeah I know I can buy it and yeah I have bought it at times but homemade is much nicer then shop bought also when it is home made the loaf is much bigger then the shop bought loaves.

Speaking of banana bread how do you like it warmed in the microwave or toasted under the grill or toasted some other way, me I like it toasted under the grill. I don’t like anything like butter on it just toasted to a nice golden brown.

I asked last night if my niece would be able to make me some more banana bread this time I am hoping for banana and choc chip bread. I know I could make it myself but hell I am lazy and would rather have someone else make it for me…………

Oh yeah I got into trouble off Jessica for writing a blog post about her and Leo she had told me in the past not to write about her but I forgot, yeah she was pised off with me but she has gotten over it and has told me again not to write about her and Leo so I will try my best to not do so…………….well I won’t till I forget again and do it again………………….lol


We are at our Wits End


I am worried about my daughter Jessica she is at her wits end with my grandson Leo, she feels like she has failed him as a mother and is often very stressed and upset not knowing what to do. When she gets upset I get upset as there is nothing I can do to help her and when I do try to speak to her she gets angry with me and yells.

Leo started school this year and after his second day they reduced his hours to only 2hrs of a morning and even since doing that he has been sent home a couple of times for not liseten or throwing funiture or as happened one morning for kicking a teacher. That was when they reduced his hours.
Jessica feels like he never listens, never does what he is told, never eats anything she prepares for him unless she yells and screams and goes off her head at him. She feels like he doesn’t try or try to try he just says I can’t or I don’t want to and then tunes out until she yells at him.

She feels like no one wants to be around him except his grandparents and her and there are times she doesn’t want to be around him. Her sisters always say he is to hard to handle and don’t want to watch him for her not even for a short period of time.
She is convinced the school have given up on him and just send him home because it is the easy option and he will never attent school for more then a couple of hours. When she gets in these moods nothing I say helps she just gets angry with with me.
I have tried telling her that yelling will not help in the long run but she just gets angry with me and says nothing else works…………….I have tried to tell her there are no quick fixes it will all take time but as I said she just gets angry with me. I know she doesn’t mean to be angry with me she is just frustrated and at her wits end. I have also tried to tell her that I think getting angry and yelling is teaching him to get angry and yell but she says nothing else works and I don’t know what to say to her…………

She is convinced that I allow him to get away with everything and give him everything he wants and never get mad with him but that is not the case. I do get mad in fact while there were here yesterday I  had to go mad at him for going and gettting a small bottle of Coke without asking, I am tying to get him to ask first but there are times when he doesn’t. Anyway what did Jessica say…………..”see he does whatever he wants” and yes he does but even though I was mad with him I didn’t yell I spoke firmly and told him he knows he has to ask. His logic is that if he had asked the answer would be NO so he didn’t ask…………

She is often saying to me that she can’t do it anymore and that it is too hard and she has failed and I said yes I know that feeling and then you go to bed get up in the morning and do it all again because you have to………….there is no other option. This of course made her mad with me and she yelled at me. “I wake up not feeling like I can do it”

She has been prescribed anti depression medication but she will not take it and since she doesn’t live with me I can’t give it to her I said to her that if she wanted me to I could ring or text her each day to remind her but she got all pissy with me so I haven’t done that. To me it is like she just isn’t giving it all her best. When I talked to her about her depression medication she said to me that it didn’t work so there was no point in taking it, I said it doesn’t always work straight away and if she really felt it wasn’t working then she has to go back to the doctors and have another chat with them. I also said counselling may help but she was like I don’t want to go to counselling so I am also at my wits end about my daughter I just don’t know what to do to help her.

Thank Goodness it stopped raining


Today it has stopped raining which is great since me and Jessica went off to the Newcastle Show this morning, we left Leo here with Papa even though Tim was complaining a bit when we left. He was fine when we got home and said Leo had been pretty good while we were gone.

I had a good time I like the show love wondering around the exhibits and Jess like to play a few of the games and this year we went on the ghost train which of course was not scary except when the real live person  jumped out wearing a mask and this happened twice……… the second time after we passed him he touched the back of my head and that made me jump…………lol

We bought a number of show bags, one each for Blain, Leo & Sydney-May and Jessica also got Leo another something or other……….yeah I can’t remember what it was she got him………….we bought a few little stuff toys for Summer and Jess insisted that I get myself a show bag so I got a nut one………

After we got home Tim had a shower and got dressed for work and has now gone to work and Jessica and Leo have gone home so it is just me here for the rest of the day.
I have no other plans for the rest of the day except to chill and watch some telly.