Stairs or lift what do you prefer to use


Do you like to take the stairs, or do you prefer to use the escalator or maybe youalways use the lift/elevator. Up until the last year or so I would always take the stairs but I am trying to get back into use the stairs more, when I use the escalator I prefer to use them like stairs if no one is in front of me walking either up or down.

Do you get annoyed when you see a bunch of young fit people waiting for the lift and filling it up while the older more unfit have to wait or those with prams or trolleys also have to wait. I do I will often look a them and thing can’t you walk the short distance and use the escalator and leave the lift for those of us who can’t use the escalator.

I remember when my girls where little and I had a pram I would never take the pram on the escalator  I did it once or twice when I first had Kathy but didn’t feel comfortable doing it. I would see many people doing just that but I was always worried if I did it the escalator would stop while I was either half way up or down…………

Now days we also have what they call travelators which are moving walkways so instead of useing the lift when you have a pram or trolley you can use a travelator and yes I have used the ones at the Charlestown Square a lot even though it is a bit of a walk and the lift is often closer I take the time to walk around to the travelator and use it instead leaving the lift for those who are not able to walk as far.

I have also notice many shopping centres and other building don’t have stairs located in a place that is easy to find/see thus people who may prefer to use stairs don’t because they don’t know where the stairs are.


4 thoughts on “Stairs or lift what do you prefer to use

  1. I wrote a post not that long ago about this subject. I hate escalators and always took the stairs when I could. Today stairs are no longer an option for me, and are quickly disappearing from our stores around here leaving you only the elevator or the escalator. It’s a shame because people today need the exercise.

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