No News Just Rambling


Today started out wet and now it is quite warm maybe I could even say it’s hot, hot enough to have the air conditioner on.

I was up early again today at 6am with Little Leo this is the second day in a row I am not one who likes getting up early, that said I am able to do it when I have to do so without getting upset or edge because I had to wake early even if I have had a terrible night’s sleep.

I have just changed seats in the lounge room moved from my lounge chair to Tim’s so I can watch Leo who is out the front playing just so much easier as I can see outside from Tim’s chair. At the moment he is outside talking to Lisa I wonder if he is driving her crazy………as he is full of questions.

At the moment I am watching Murdoch Mysteries while keeping an eye on Leo he just came inside and asked if he could have “cheese ice cream” I had no idea what he was talking about be discovered he meant “cheesecake” I gave it to him and he tastes thinks and says yeah I like this and wonders off to the bedroom to eat his cheesecake and watch tv.

Yesterday afternoon I was in a right foul mood no reason for it I just was and it carried over till the night thankfully I am in a much better mood today although I have started yawning a bloody lot and that is annoying.

Oh well you can tell it is now 2.55pm and I am starting to feel tired but no chance of a nap while I have Leo here. Although he also just came and told me that he was feeling tired and when would mummy be back to take him home. When I told him I was also tired he said “well you can’t sleep till mummy gets back”

Oh yeah Lisa (neighbour) told me that she thinks he is quite a smart little boy and would make a good lawyer because of the way he states his case (her words)………….tell me something I don’t know……………lol


7 thoughts on “No News Just Rambling

  1. Thank you Jo-anne – It’s nice to see a picture of your beloved Leo and I can relate to how hard it is sometimes watching an energetic grandson.

    I feel sleepy and tired sometimes when our grandsons visit and I have to make myself shift gears. It takes me out of my element and the normal routines I’m used to. It’s good for me and I so love having that fresh energy around to recharge me.

      1. Me too Jo-anne – I’m right there with you! I wouldn’t trade those times with them for anything in the world knowing we only have a small window of time with them. 🙂

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