I’m Nanna not her


On Friday night while Leo was here he wanted an Iron Man toy which he didn’t have any way Tim decided to calm him by promising to take him shopping on Saturday to buy an Iron Man toy, so Saturday morning comes and of course Leo hadn’t forgotten he wanted to know when the shops would be open for papa to take him to get his Iron Man toy.  So anyway we did take him shopping and he did find the Iron Man toy he wanted, after he got his toy and we were coming home we called in at my parents place for me to pick something up and while we were there my sister Sue asked him if he (Leo) would give Daemon a hug from his nanna when he (Leo) went home. 


My niece Kelli and Jono along with Daemon are staying with Jess on and off while they look for another place to rent. Anyway not the point of this post, the point is that why Sue was talking to Leo I didn’t think Leo was taking much notice, however, yesterday afternoon he comes to me and asks if that lady was really Daemon’s nanna. I told him she was and that she was also my sister, he goes “your sister” yes my sister and Daemon’s nanna………..he then tells me she isn’t nanna, I am nanna and there is another nanna and another nanna when I asked him if the other nanna’s were the ladies in the photo on my wall he says yes they are nanna and you are nanna but that other girl isn’t nanna.


I explained again that she is Daemon’s nanna not his nanna I am his nanna but Sue is Daemon’s nanna and again he goes NO she is not nanna YOU are nanna not HER………….he would not have it that she was Daemon’s nanna…………………..s

8 thoughts on “I’m Nanna not her

  1. Things are so complicated for kids. When my daughter was little she heard me tell a friend that I loved her and my kid started crying and saying I thought you loved me!

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